Civilization 6 - All Endings - All Victories and Defeat

Hippo Reddy

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    In this civilization 6 all endings video you will see the science ending , the score ending, the domination ending , the cultural ending and the religious ending as well as the defeat and victory .
    This is a civilization 6 all endings video. In some of the endings you can also see the achievements. I am not sure if there are multiple endings for defeat . So this civilization 6 all endings contains a total of 6 endings .
    All the endings are voiced by sean bean . Both the victory and defeat endings are voices by sean bean .
    Unfortunately diplomatic victory has not yet been introduced in civilization 6 .
    Hippo Reddy

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    1. Inquisitor Fuze Antatic

      Mhmh...the unification vwar ending...

    2. Tumblewall

      I expected Gandhi to win domination lol

    3. Mattias Birkehammar

      My beef with the culture victory: Starts with the hanging gardens wonder (alright good start) Then desert excavation (uh what? Do we get to see what they dug up? No? Then how is this inspiring?) Landscape and painting of that landscape (what is this shit? Landscapes are nice but doesn't say much about the culture of people living there. Damn legionnary vs samurai has more culture in it than this! ) This ending is 2/3 lame.

    4. Juliossz

      Gandhi, he has been Nuke happy since the beginning, and will always be Nuke Happy

    5. Boe Man

      0:09 Shows religious symbols in the stars with meaning 0:13 *water*

    6. TheNoob

      2:29 USSR

    7. Just another Authoritarian

      science ending best ending

    8. lurven141

      Score victory always makes me get a chill down my spine, I just love Sean Bean speaking there

    9. SaikoScout 555

      Romans having space technology is the weirdest thing I have ever heard of

    10. Mr blue

      Civilization ending?

    11. SCP 049

      How do you get culture victory

    12. General Logic

      I tought it was gonna say "Tough it face may change throughout the ages, war - war never changes"

    13. Robert Jethro Gallano

      Lets be reaaaal....95% of us won with domination XD

    14. Karakzanskruff

      its kinda funny when you realise that progress is made thanks to civilizations falling, as an established political body always leads to rot and stagnation while competition leads to progress but also disunity.

    15. alxjovan

      2:22 Gandhi dropping a nuke

    16. KillerPsycho101 & Games

      I was in the lead for domination. I had control of africa and Eurasia abd defeated rome. And took sone territory from America in America. I thought I was going to win becayse I conquered more capitols. Turns out you have to conquer all of them. Whelp time to rebuild my mighty empire

    17. The Maxalorian

      Where is the diplomat victory?

      1. The Maxalorian

        Thank you

      2. Hippo Reddy

        There was no diplomatic victory when game was released . They added it after 1 year

    18. akhat ten

      I need to say that the text of victory change when you have different language. As a french and english speaker I can tell you the military victory is far more fun in french

    19. Adrian

      Thanks to you I know that there are in fact more endings than just the defeat

    20. Charvi Ahola

      What about diplomatic victory?

      1. Hippo Reddy

        It wasn't available in the game at that time .

    21. That one eagle warrior

      Why do I only get the domination victory

    22. YourCoal

      Anyone know what the defeat song is? I've been trying to find if there's an audio-only source for the song but cannot find it for the life of me.

    23. Adastra

      These are amazing! Civ really captures how amazing humankind can be and what civilisations and cultures can achieve if they aspire for greatness. As a cultural optimist these videos, quotes and music really give me goosebumps. Simply an amazingly designed game - what a masterpiece! Thanks for uploading!

      1. Hippo Reddy

        You're Welcome

    24. Fat Nootz

      Im not watching this untill i get a victory or a defeat but I will when i do. Imma update soon

    25. oversnow

      *When you get a religious victory in America (A domination civ)* Domination players: *TRIGGERED*

    26. Shady Sam

      2:28 is this fucking N. korea???

    27. Muhammad Arjunanta Sitepu

      2:22 Gandhi Strike again!!

    28. Farbirb The III

      I like to think that there is a reason why you lose because of other victories. Why your civilization crumbles if someone reaches a victory condition: *Science:* The world is left irreparably damaged by the science Civ. No amount of carbon recapture can fix it. And then the Science civ just leaves everyone to die. *Culture:* Culture pressure makes others want to join the culture civ. And those who stay start vacationing on the other civ, giving it more money and making you lose population and productivity, until you collapse. *Religion:* The civ. that controls the world religion controls everything. You might not collapse but you are now in the grasp of someone else. You lose eeverything. *Domination:* Pretty self explanatory *Score:* The turn limit represents how much time you have until a catastrophic world wide scenario happens. The other victories are more like the requirements for your civ to survive and push through (except science you sorta just leave). With score victory, only the most adapted (represented by score) can survive.

    29. Staypawsom3

      2:25 “Gandhi, can you explain this?”

    30. Unusual Stranger

      Is it too hard to ask a victory in every area ? .


      2:05 is domination

    32. Arab nationalist

      That’s what would’ve appeared if I didn’t start a war with scythia

    33. Sarah L

      Domination Victory---Civ6's only 'evil' ending. Then why is it so dang satisfying? xD

    34. Andy Bernard

      I love the music in the victories. ive only won culture and science in civ but man its a beautiful game

    35. Aaron imp

      Forget the diplomatic victory?

      1. Hippo Reddy

        it wasn't there when game was released .

    36. Kappa K

      How coincidental, I won a culture victory with Peter too.

    37. Empress Davrox

      The culture ending brings tears to my eyes

    38. Empress Davrox

      The Domination Victory quote only need to be four words. War, war never changes.

    39. Matej Faltys

      Domination victory cutscene is the best by far!

    40. MasterMuffles

      Gotta watch all these because I ACCIDENTALLY GET ONLY DIPLOMATIC VICTORIES.

    41. Octavio Iribe Meza

      What about diplomatic victory?

      1. Hippo Reddy

        diplomatic victor wasn't available at release time

    42. Octavio Iribe Meza

      like if you had not win yet due to the long time it takes and the fun it is to start a new game until the 1900's, i will try every civilization and then win :3

    43. narwals man

      Humankind IS better

    44. Microwave

      2:27 Can somebody explain to me why the chinese flag appears in that scene?

    45. Thomas Gonzales

      In Italian the domination victory sequence is far more interesting. The narrator starts to ask philosophical question about power, he then proceeds to say that they don't matter anymore as you yourself have made them useless through conquer and domination.

    46. Tom Young

      Is the voice Sean Bean?

      1. Hippo Reddy


    47. Stratos Mastrogiannidis

      Always go for culture victory with pericles and gorgo (and any other leader for that matter).

    48. Stupidhalp

      *Won a culture victory* Come on just let me win domination victory >:(

    49. Amirhossien

      0:27 true defeat ending

    50. Harr32xis

      2:46 the only end screen i ever get to see

    51. Seraph

      The song that plays during the science victory sounds similar to the one from the Beyond Earth trailer. Nice nod.

    52. Kiya Vas

      If you listen close enough you can hear Sean bean dying in each ending

    53. Nosacz z grupy etnicznej na Ż

      How boys wins: 2:05 How men wins: 1:07 How legends wins: 0:00

      1. Empress Davrox

        How gods win: 0:37

    54. polski kebab

      Gandhi always wins by nuking

    55. RiceBlox

      2:23 GHANDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    56. Serashie

      2:15 : *Vietnam War in a Nutshell*

      1. Bonjour Ça va ?

        When you are French with PTSD

      2. fuzzy apple pie

        When you tell a joke to a fellow marine in Vietnam and the bush laughs.

    57. Willyam Jordan

      What I wanted if I played this game: Religious Victory: United States Cultural Victory: Indonesia Science Victory: Germany Score Victory: China Domination Victory: Japan

    58. Mushab Gamer

      1:06 trajan enter to the space

    59. James K

      Civ 6 was worse than Civ 5.

    60. Pal From Steppe

      2:05 When Japanese Empire and Romans both want Uganda

      1. ShardTheDDon

        @a really chill guy to know de way *clicking*

      2. a really chill guy

        Why even they want small country?

      3. IDontLikeRome

        Fountain of youth in there

      4. Pal From Steppe

        Egg T bird that on the flag

    61. mahathir mahathir

      I believe civ series need more realistic victory condition... 1) military power- you have advanced and can manage large number 2) economy power - you have powerful current and national reserve. You control world market. 3) Religious supremacy - organize church in your nation and other nation with religious leader like pope, holy place for pilgrimage like mecca fuel your tourism. 4) Leadership rating- how popular your country is, help defend other countries during war, help other countries with charity nature disaster, war, refugees, help other nation plague and quaratine. Foreign policy, internal happiness, Sport and mercantile, united nation, apac. Technology from industrial, research, engineering, software and Cultural from fashion, architecture, entertainment, literature and art... I think this will be more realistic to the end tourism it boost you leader rating and economy power, if tourism on holy intention than boost your religion supremacy too... need to more sports training policies, nation own currency system, commodity marketing fluctuating price depending how much in market, import & eksport, resources which replenish and depleted resources.. plaque and nature desaster, private sector, refugees and immigrant. Then the political system election, succession, revolt government overthrow if happiness, order and basic need not meet-- then treat like terrorism, piracy, corruption, syndicate and cartel.

    62. Áron Szabó

      2:22 The world when Gandhi ends up with 50% of the worlds uranium

    63. The second Apollo

      I miss the old voice

    64. Seth Leoric


    65. El Presidente

      1:20 *CIV Beyond Earth vibes*

    66. Mushab Gamer

      Can trajan going to mars?

    67. Mushab Gamer

      2:05 Japan Samurai killing roman legion

    68. Mushab Gamer

      0:36 kultur menang

    69. Ethan Vo

      Why Detroit tho-

    70. Rokkfel

      Sounds like the narrator was disappointed with war victory Edit: thanks hippo what ya think about all the endings?

    71. Kevon Spacue

      score ending: india Gandhi: i didnt use any nukes.

    72. gab perron

      my domination ending had different text than yours weird

      1. Hippo Reddy

        Might be new update

    73. Jessica Van Dam

      2:40 this happend to me

      1. Jessica Van Dam

        but TOO EARLY

    74. Jake Sandland

      Hippo Reddy, Will you fall to the same as the real rome... Or will you change history.

    75. JonatasMonte

      0:00 I'm confused, is this confucio's victory?

    76. Dr. Anderson

      How the fuck did you get religous victory with America?

    77. Jake Sandland

      Religious ending made me cry.... prey for god and like if you believe in god himself.

    78. belqis momeni


    79. Delionze

      The narrator dies if you know you know

    80. Junior

      It would be awesome if we could settle on the moon and mars

    81. Remlap Was Taken

      I find it hilariously ironic that not only is America one of the best religious civs, but it was the first victory I earned with them, and yours too lol

      1. Hippo Reddy


    82. Cammy Smith

      I think science victory is the most impactful.

    83. MS4YT

      1:42 wtf? Oh score victory...

    84. world landmarks

      I love all endings, they are interesting

    85. Drew T

      the only one i got is defeat

    86. K Pounder

      Diplomatic Victory is here!

      1. K Pounder

        Through the Gathering Storm Expansion which came out in late 2018/January 2019

    87. Luo Watson

      Ok but I think it will be more epic if the line “But the winter is coming.” was added at the end of each clip.

    88. Dementio223 !

      I got the culture victory when I was going for the science victory...

    89. Shmuel A.

      I hate that there is only one defeat ending, first time it didn't make any sense because I wasn't at war with anyone Russian just got cultural victory and I was super confused, I think it would be cool if there were more that one defeat movie like for culture empty museums or for religion a lot of people fighting on the street dressed as 2 different factions I dunno just throwing it out

    90. Fajar Adi

      Never won a religious victory meself. Thanks for the video tho.

      1. Hippo Reddy

        Thanks for watching .

    91. Anime foxy

      Tfw Ghandi nukes everyone

    92. TheOriginalElkstone

      Understanding cosmos Religious ending Not even remotely

    93. Csúb - Az Űrmedve

      The defeat quote sounds like from Dark Souls.

    94. Zenron

      When you lose to Ghandi in a domination victory... what..,. What the fu-

    95. Xmodgamer 26

      2:22 When you put the fork in the microwave

      1. Shane Angus

        "Hey man you need to take your baked potato out of the tinfoil before you put it in-"

    96. Anonymous K

      2:22 THEN, GANDHI

    97. Jade Imingan

      The Ending was Savage

    98. J Chea

      Fun fact: Sean Bean is the narrator. Funnier fact: he didn't die in the game.

      1. Full Life 3

        He died in the intro. He got shot while he was in a dogfight.

    99. Elemental

      2:22 The toilet after I ate from taco bell last night.

    100. Twitching Bouse

      Bring back the awesome civ 3 ending cinematics please! That space ending in civ 3 still sticks with me, and i'd like to see more cherries on top like that ending in the next civ.