Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. Here's What Happened...

Chael Sonnen

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    Chael Sonnen recaps Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. on this episode of Beyond the Fight.
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    1. Flooder Flip

      Chael Logan Paul lost one fight jake Paul has never lost a fight so please start calling them by there first name and recognize their correct records

    2. Draku bull

      Chael Sonnen l love all your video you all always brings good points and such a great video.

    3. boiyoudirty

      you don’t know what you talking about

    4. Stay Primal


    5. WEEZY 741

      Easy one was boxing and they other was hugging simple

    6. badsmel

      I can't give the internet but his due. He hasn't earned it on undercards for shit money. I'd fight McGregor for the money he'd make. 🤷‍♂️

    7. Anthony Cusano

      There was no promoter. That’s the whole point...Tyson mentions it it one of his interviews..

    8. Lawrence Robinson

      Not sure about these “haters” cuz Nate was a meme before he hit the canvas 🤣

    9. Lacey Lane

      This fight was FAKED 100% Huge distraction from what is really going and now I truly think most of you in media, sports included are SHILLS to distract the masses.

    10. Valentino Di Paolo

      The black-and-white polish successfully consider because limit univariately bump circa a tight brain. alcoholic, squeamish knee

    11. Danny Owens

      Chael rules!

    12. Adam- The Sports Guy

      I agree...no songs...I didn’t pay $49.99 for a rap concert. The Paul/Robinson and Tyson/Jones Jr was awesome! I do think the result was fixed to be a draw because Tyson won the fight easily to me, but it was worth every penny and very entertaining.

    13. Tom Carey

      Wonder if the long rounds kind of cause the fignters to hold back. Tough man contest 4 1 minute rounds might not be world class level fighters however it’s action packed and entertaining most of the time

    14. Hau’i Kanamu

      Mikes wife Kiki Tyson and Sophie Watts were the 2 powerful women that made this happen. @chael sonnen

    15. Ken Nechee

      ⚡❄🌬🌊🌜💈🌁💒☁☀🌀🌈🔥💧⭐🌟⛅ *God demonstrated His love to us by sending His Son Jesus Christ, who died and rose from the dead to Give us eternal life.* *He also promised to heal your body.* (look up and ask HIM)

    16. Julius Madrow

      ⚡❄🌬🌊🌜💈🌁💒☁☀🌀🌈🔥💧⭐🌟⛅ *Jesus Christ is the Son of God & promises you eternal life if you simply believe Him.* *He promised to also heal your body. (look up and ask HIM)*

    17. Vlad Impaler

      Chael is 100% correct about everything!

    18. Vlad Impaler

      Mike easily won that fight but was respectively happy with the draw, because he did it just to have that fighting feeling again! Also did it for a good cause!

    19. Damon Garabedian

      I thought the whole thing was terrible.

    20. B Wise

      it would have been much better without snoop.

    21. Timothy Halvorson

      They keep it going because they sold those ads.

      1. alida flus

        "I hooked my girlfriend up with a BBC so I could watch the PPV, guess who got fuc ked"?

    22. K.O. & CO

      Sorry, but Mike Tyson won every round!

    23. Arnoldsoncarlson

      Uh, Chael... I'll tell you who wants to see undercards and 12 round fights... Real Boxing Fans. We can't allow promoters to dumb down and cheapen the sport just for the sake of getting the casual fan's money. Why am I having to tell a fighter this?

    24. Jordan Rogers UK

      I was jammin when wiz khalifa came on. YG was pretty dead tho 😂

    25. Manas Sooden

      Correction, jake Paul hasn't lost, he's won against deji, anison gib and now nate.

    26. doire aintu

      Roy got punched and hugged Tyson when he'd had enough. They called it a draw for some reason, which means that was predetermined.

    27. ksdogg

      chael jakes had 3 fights won 3

      1. doire aintu

        Mike held back a lot..

    28. nam ron


    29. All around Guy

      The card was promoted by Jimmy Burchfield Jr. you’re welcome uncle Chael...


      Jake never lost, he is 3-0. U are mixing logan and jake paul. Lol

    31. Jason J Doherty

      Sorry but ridiculous to say nobody has ever enjoyed 12 rounds of boxing

    32. G.Capone/ B.O.N.

      There was no promoter Chael

    33. Lavar Ball

      Idk Tyson was beating his ass but i do know Tyson wasnt looking for knoccout

    34. Cory Jamal Cjaw

      It's hard for me to imagine judges scoring against Mike at his own exhibition but if i was judge amd that was a real boxing match, I would have prob gave it to Roy honestly. I wasn't one bit upset with the results though because they weren't trying to kill each other in there. Felt more like a sparring session where they showed off how their styles match and it was fun to watch the two legends.

      1. Jack Smith

        To Roy 🤣

    35. Steve Fulton

      Chael, I agree, it was one of the greatest shows of the pandemic. I believe Mike won the fight. He hit Roy with the hardest shots and I believe he landed more. I really thought Mike went easier on his shots to the head. Regardless, I enjoyed it.

    36. Toole T. O'Toole

      "I hooked my girlfriend up with a BBC so I could watch the PPV, guess who got fuc ked"?

    37. beau Bequette

      Mike won easily. Did you see the punch counts after the fight? Mike landed 3 5o 1 and they were hard punches. He could have went to the head but I think the only reason why he didn't was because he didn't want to knock Roy out so that Roy would come back and fight again.

    38. Pokerface

      Shoutout to Uncle Snoop

    39. Shauka Hodan

      and Mike was inactive for 15 years and Roy Jones last fight was 3 years ago

    40. Vincent Vega

      About 2 or 3 hours before the fight started i had the biggest feeling that it would be a draw. $300 won me $3600! Great fight but Mike won as i knew he would lol I just had a feeling. Roy did better than i thought too. His misses were largely due to Mikes amazing head movement! Overall, worth every penny!

    41. No1 inhere

      that's true! I only found out there was no one when I read the comments :D

    42. Vincent Vega

      I disagree about the music. I thought it was refreshing, original and just plain cool. Maybe not have been everyones favorite type of music but that can always change. I would definitely watch this type of event again. Even the non boxer boxing matches. I was great! I was like, im loving this! This is an actual fight! Lol anger and all haha. Opening fight was spectacular too! Much props to the promotion team!

      1. Shauka Hodan

        20 minutes of Uncle Chael is the biggest Win from all of this boxing stuff

    43. eric bandar

      Mike won....easy

    44. Dave Lloyd

      The analysis on jake paul😂😂

    45. george jlarty

      Mike - minimal head shots No signature uppercut by Mike. Mike went into this fight with zero ego and care for his opponent, if Roy went in with ill Intentions Mike would have went for his head "HARD !" Body shot after body shot right ? Now if your under the illusion Mike is head 🥊 shy Your living on another planet. Mike clearly stated his plans are to keep on, Roy was just his warmup. Once a lion always lion 🦁 Mike not only Talks the talk but also walks the walk, he’s now a mature humble man. I’d like to see Mike go again with someone that still has an ego. As reformed as Mike is the world will see he’s still no pushover. In short this lion only utilised his paws and reserved his jaws. Without putting pressure on iron Mike it would be good to see him in savage mode again and remind the world why he will always be the champ but most importantly the people’s man. Well done to both fighters, much love Mike, No doubt from the World over. Many hyenas and Many With hearts but very few True lions. When the baddest man on the planet 🌎 can admit " I get scared but fear fuels me" you know this man is only human. Only someone with nothing to prove would admit such profound truths, this man is not scared of life, most importantly truth. Love you Mike, The People’s man ! I’ve Learned so much from you, Who am I to act all bravado when a monster can say the truth, then so should I ! Yes I fight and Yes I also walk through the valley of fear yet a warrior keeps forward regardless. 🙏🙏🙏 my truth reminder my true brother from a Another mother 🥊 💥

    46. Artur Beterbiev

      and Mike was inactive for 15 years and Roy Jones last fight was 3 years ago

    47. Last Match

      Who cares who won? Why are you people acting like this matters? Do you really believe that Tyson is on the road back to the Heavyweight Title? This was a work.

    48. Jandro

      Is this where Sonnen insults Mike?

    49. osas201

      Tyson won that easy

    50. Darrin Collins

      One of the judges scored a round 10-10. Makes no sense. Mike won the fight.

    51. LEL0UP

      Better get back on the treadmill Sonnen!


      Mike won the Damn fight hand down

    53. Scott Edwards

      Seriously 100% on point about the songs. I wanted to punch Snoop. GTFO

    54. Von Chubbz

      Tyson won that fight.


      20 minutes of Uncle Chael is the biggest Win from all of this boxing stuff

    56. Jarrett P the OG

      Coming from a guy with 17 losses you should be ashamed that someone on drugs is a better fighter than you

    57. mm122880

      Could we finally see Fedor vs Coutoure in the Legends League? 👀🤔

    58. Peace

      I tell you what happened, just the BS money laundering fight... just as I predicted, no winner, "let's stuff our pockets with money and laugh bout fools who paid to watch our fight or bet on either of one of us, hehehe... high five"

    59. Kabalyero's THE JOY OF GAMING

      mike won but the draw is ok...

    60. Christopher Garces

      Jake pual hasn’t lost yet btw

    61. Wil Money

      It would be way better if you knew what you were talking about.

    62. gioyu comi


    63. ThatGuyWierd

      Mike and Roy organised this without promoters

    64. Damian Rossi

      Great analysis of the Tyson V Jones Jr event. The production of the actual filming and lighting et cetera was fantastic. I know nothing about that stuff and I did notice that it looked great somehow, so it was cool to hear the insider take by the Bad Guy.

    65. são joão paraíso

      I think Sugar Ray replying “Anything can happen” was well said.

      1. gioyu comi

        I love this video, it’s so cute ❤️

    66. Mike Big Baby Browne

      I disagree with you on the rounds I miss the old 15-round fights

    67. wheelmanstan

      roy won because he survived lol

    68. steaming terd

      Tyson came out totally prepared, Jones did not. Jones was out of breath early and only locked up to keep himself from fighting and therefore on the receiving end of being beat with a hammer. The end interview said it all , Tyson was full of energy and vigor, Jones was doing his best to hold in his pain and not collapse. I'm sure he couldn't wait to the end of the interview so he could roll over in pain of which he eluded to a couple of times. It would of been so much more entertaining if Jones really prepped for this fight the same as Mike did so we could of seen a real fight toe to toe instead a hugging match inspired by Roy. Roy did what he had to do to not allow it to be an exchanging of shots, and he did it well. Much respect to him. That being said, Tyson was the clear winner

    69. RogueStar_1

      It shoulda been a champ's 12 and they shoulda been going for the ko

    70. Kerran Thano

      chael, part of the beauty of boxing is seeing what happens in those later rounds, where the true grit flourishes.......the strategy of boxing includes what to do when you start to, and you, drown at the later stages of the fight.....i do not mean to preach to you, but this is just part of the beauty of boxing

    71. Erik

      Jones said Tyson gave him a uppercut and he's still feeling it on his jaw. Very blessed Tyson chose not to throw that uppercut more.

    72. Shot Out and Tired

      I was entertained

    73. Erik

      Tyson would love to get his revenge on Holyfield.

    74. Matt M

      Boxing is such a pathetic joke.

    75. Lil Tilt

      Chael I think you forgot to consider that those live songs and the artists were out there because of the jake Paul fight and the demographic they wanted to pull in from that co main event

    76. jaylind warner

      All the white ppl 🤣 2:40

    77. Brandon Walters

      I think Tyson definitely didn’t go for the KO. Think he could of done it if he wanted to. Roy got tired. Tyson said as much after the fight. He wanted to go all 8 rounds. He was focused on it. That was his goal. He wasn’t out there for a KO. He just wants to box again and do some good out of it. He could of Knocked him to the canvas after 4 or 5 rounds. He didn’t want to and I respect that.

    78. magahead2020

      Mikes punched still like an explosion!

    79. jermain7777777


    80. Chris Marcum

      This dude is blow hard. Get over yourself dude! Everyone loves 12 rd. Fights.... That's when you have to pull out what you've really got.

    81. blaxican 777

      I love twelve round fights..where u get that chael

    82. Alex R

      False, Tyson hit Roy more AND landed harder shots

    83. Creative Name

      You confused Jake with his brother Logan, Logan lost a fight, Jake has not lost yet

      1. The People Brothers

        Credit to Jake

      2. Jandro

        Hes had 2 fights? Against people that can't fight? Don't give him any credit.

    84. Danny Wojo

      Wow! Best Analysis from My Guy. That show & fight was ENTERTAINING! PERIOD!

    85. Patrick J

      Never have even number rounds. Have 9 not 8. Its helps stop draws.

    86. Maurice Aboriginal

      Nobody hated on Jake Paul 😂. Every one was laughing at Nate Robinson..... Where the hell that come from. I definitely like the video besides that part. Aboriginals don't hate. We opened arms when other races came to our shore's even after being murdered, raped, tortured, enslaved and blamed for all that has been done to us. We aboriginals ( blacks ) still are not haters. We Aboriginal Copper colored Americans (blacks) loved Jake Paul performance to be honest. We expected Nate Robinson to do better but wasn't us in the ring lol... It's a fight enjoy it. Fuck it have fun

    87. xiaomi

      Chael did much better job then Teddy Atlas covering this match

    88. Charles Ryan

      As a 44 year old male. It was well worth the 50 bucks I paid.

    89. Church of Porsche

      Mike won. It was an exhibition and they didn’t want either legend to lose.

    90. Phil Bauer

      Surprised he didn’t talk about the commentating

    91. H20 Gladiator youtube

      Tyson came to fight Jones should have been on Dancing with the star's

    92. Nishclansniper

      sugar ray layed an egg Xd

    93. Donahvan Hollis

      Mike won clearly..I love Roy..Roy ma boy..but he irritated me crying about the fight after agreeing to it & after calling Mike out back in the day. Mike sold the fight but Roy poured a lil water over it for me by showing to much outright fear

    94. pida siouy

      لاتحتك بس 😂😂😂😂♥️

    95. M.M.H

      It looked like Mike won... But it clearly was not about that. If it went on for more rounds Mike still would have won on the stamina front. Roy was knackered. Although Great performance from both.

    96. M.M.H

      Seemed like Mike was throwing punchs to the body out of respect. He did not want to damage Roy.

      1. M.M.H

        @Dman S true. Just would have been alot worse, if those same blows were absorbed by Roy's head

      2. Dman S

        Tell that to Roy’s body. I’m sure he’s still in pain.

    97. M.M.H

      It was done to entertain, for money and for charity.

      1. pida siouy

        chael sonnen being approached in public during covid: i can’t let u get close

    98. M.M.H

      Looking like Vanderlai today.

    99. dee scott


    100. james warton

      Triller promoted the fight mate. I think they are a social media outlet.