How to Catch a Bass on a Dropshot - Scott Martin

Scott Martin

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    Big Bass Love Dropshots! Scott Martin shows you the basics of HOW TO Catch a BASS on a dropshot.
    This How To Series is a easy to understand instructional video that will help choose the right lure, color, line and rod for your next fishing trip.
    Please share this video as we want to educate as many new fisherman as we can.
    Drop a comment and let us know what “How To’s” we should do next.
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    1. Scott Martin

      What is your favorite big bass bait?? Share this around to some of your friends to help them catch more bass!

      1. Punisher75

        Jig and pig baby

      2. Ralph Eastham

        4 inch plastic craw that moves like crazy.

      3. dylan luck


      4. KB fishing


      5. Chase Webb

        Definitely punching with a reaction innovations sweetbeaver!!

    2. William Jones

      The drop shot is my favorite finesse tactic. I find myself Texas rigging a senko a lot lately

    3. Preston Mire

      Awesome info

    4. Jimmy Cleveland

      Good Video! Thanks for sharing.

    5. Marvin Pippig

      Great video. Scott, can you catch fish off the shore with a drop shot.

    6. Pedro Lawson

      Can’t wait to check out some of your other videos. Good luck with growing your channel! Did you ever check smzeus . c o m?! You should use it, it will help you get the views that you deserve!!

    7. Jeremy Bowersock

      Would love to see a video on swim jig techniques

    8. Coon Valley Outdoors

      Thank you so much now we will see if I can catch some good ones

    9. Trailin Anglers Outdoors

      How about a fluke?

    10. Citykid Hunting and fishing

      I got my pb on a drop shot 🤛

    11. William Brown

      I don't have a favorite big bass bait. I've had a lot of luck with live bait but when I go to my lures haven't had much luck so I need more videos like this Scott. Thank you for all you do

    12. Paul Karnes

      Love all the videos Scott! Happy to see your family getting into the bizz! Moving down to the south GA area and excited to get back into the swamps catching them donkeys!

    13. Leslie Tincher

      I love the Googan baits. Never heard of you til I saw the squad interview with each of you debuting their bait. Awesome company. I love the passion you have for the sport.

    14. Tristen Pylican

      Have you ever fished in idaho anywhere?

    15. John Eberts

      Living in Tampa bay I had to just laugh Its so true here in Fl every throw it can be oz to lb when it comes to bass.and some times you hit that big soft shell turtle alway enjoy your videos thanks

    16. Joshua saar

      awesome video man, really liked the weedless style. never thought about doing that with the slim shake worm.

    17. Brian Rittenhouse

      I would like to see you do a video on fishing etiquette.

    18. Moejo jo

      That drag drop drop shot is what I've been fishing all summer been catching fish on the googan drag-and-drop. Can't get enough of it but it's all sold out in the stores around me

    19. 2 Churros

      Scott Martin: It just doesn't flow, it's just... ToNYD2WILD(ad): Your ball's will thank you!..🤣🤣

    20. joseph tucci

      I don't like using those "pin" style weights they end up cutting my P-line. So I take pliers and open that wire up to prevent that. I tie it on like a normal hook. Suggestions ?

    21. Jack Reed12

      Anything u want your the pro

    22. CS Fishing

      Could you do a chatterbait video? For some reason I can’t get it right, would be killer if you did!

    23. Rusty Scopano

      Scott do you have a garmin electronics setup video? I just recently bought 2 93svUHD's and I am trying to get them dialed in right. LOL....if you want to come to NC and fish shearon harris then you could show me what to look for.

    24. OzarkBassinTV

      Do a video on how to not catch fish! focus on basic things to not do. That would be good for begginers!

    25. tr5

      Just one long infomercial.

    26. Gingerbeardman_19

      I've learnt so much from watching all your tip thank you very much. If you ever want to come to South Africa let me know I have great local dams that have huge bass that I can take you to.

    27. Jonathan Dunstan

      Can you please do a video in South Africa

    28. BassGeek

      Good info especially on worm length for species.

    29. Kobs Elzea

      Drop shot. My favorite bait to throw honestly

    30. Dan Carvish

      If I weren't paying I would use Tungsten also. Hell I'd even have a Bass boat…..

    31. Flint Brother Outdoors

      i would love a chatter bait how to video

    32. Living Life Outdoors TV

      Favorite big bass bait.... would have to be Texas rigged craw. No self-respecting bass will turn down a crawfish meal, especially big bass.

    33. edgar57639

      Oh and a hollow Body white frog, Favorite, Favorite rod , too funny Got too get that money

    34. Fisher Barnett

      You should try musky fishing

    35. Jeremy Earl

      Such a humble man scott Martin if ur ever in indiana in the Newton county area please get in touch would love to fish with a big angler like your self keep the vids coming man

    36. Kevin Wells

      How to catch a little bass... yeah, but I've watched you now for a while. You are having a lot of fun, and I am as well watching your videos. Thanks Scott. I appreciate the tutorial on the knots and placement of the hook in the lure. Everything is at least a refresher for me, and I'm glad I found your channel.

    37. Todd Kauffman

      Ned rig

    38. Otis James 51

      Lovin the info!! Thanks

    39. Chris W

      Re-grow the mullet!

    40. masterbaeten88

      Drop shot is my go to confidence rig. Whether it’s the hot or cold it ever fails to put at least one fish in the boat.

    41. Tou Yang

      Scott why are we not seeing u out there this year ??

    42. edp 455

      I use 50lb braid for my drop shot with no problems at all

    43. Backpacker365

      That slim shake reminds me of a zoom trick worm. Were those in a watermelon red flake color?

    44. Coach H

      Another great video! Really good stuff. U asked about what other styles should u go in depth on, I would love for you to do an in-depth jerk bait one. Thanks Scott!

    45. Keith Powell

      Hey brother, I love all of your videos but I’m really loving this series, lm hoping it’ll help get me out of my comfort zone with a lot of baits

    46. Johnny Fisher

      Thank you Scott for doing this video. I have never tried drop shot before because I was never really sure what to use or how to use it. Your video has now given me the confidence to start using the " Drop Shot " technique and have confidence in using it. Thank You.

    47. Jacob Stone

      Carolina Rig😤

    48. Robert Ellis

      Thanks for this!!!

    49. Joey s

      Fan of Googan Squad but their dropshot worms are too thick, struck out every time using them

      1. Ivan Castro

        Try them on a shaky head. Caught a 6lb that way

    50. alexgoebel961

      How heavy of a weight should be used

    51. RKB

      Scott my go to fishing guru! I watched this last night and decided to try it today on lunch break. I dropshat a black trick worm and caught a nice chunky LMB down in the south GA swamp.

    52. Piya Chetty

      Thanks Scott cool info love the video definitely sharing this im going to try this just not with googan baits there very costly can't afford them thanks again

    53. ctcooper87

      Scott, could you add one more part to this video series. New anglers will not know what the bite feels like on different baits. Could you you describe how the bite feels in these videos?

    54. jcgarciah22

      Love the advise and tips. 🙏 thank you

    55. caleb dean

      Next bait you should do is LiveTargets baitball or notorious pumpkin seed/ blue gill. The baitball i haven’t been able to get them on but the blue gill looks to real to not get bit. Would love to see a review and hear you thoughts. God Bless Scott!

    56. Double Down Fishing

      Yessir biggest smallmouth I've seen were all caught on a dropshot!

    57. Ziyaad Chand

      Scott I think it should be a sanko

    58. Russell L.

      I just replaced my old drop-shot rod with a GL and a Sustain. I never thought about casting long and the way the bait is close to the bottom. Great tip!

    59. Itz_Alec37 _

      I love the dropshot if you want dm on instagram anyone who sees this I’ll show them the bait that my freind makes instagram-a_l_e_c

    60. Crawford515

      Scott, you know out here in Southern California it's all about the drop shot. Yamamoto shade shape my go too.

    61. Gordon Lasseter

      Could you use an offset worm hook for the weedless drop shot?

      1. Scott Martin

        You can..better hook up ratio and more weedless with straight shank

    62. Braden Trocolli

      Never thought it was possible till I caught a 7.3 yesterday on a drop shot

      1. Scott Martin


    63. Outlandy Andy

      Thanks for doing these teaching videos. They are very helpful.

      1. Scott Martin

        Your welcome!!

    64. Jeffery Michael

      Another great video going to try the drop shot this weekend if I can go hope you have more videos like this I have actually started writing down your tips so I can keep them on the boat

      1. Scott Martin

        That’s awesome!!

    65. 6 inches of beautifulness... giggity

    66. Matt Reck

      How about lipless crankbaits.

    67. Andrew Phoa

      Love your new educational series! Thanks Scott!!!

    68. jimmy walton

      awesome series scotty mar....

    69. Jaden Courtney

      I like using a chartruce lipless crank. That’s what works best for me at my ponds. I also like using

    70. Chris Morgan

      6lb vicious green box. more bites on straight 6 lb Floro direct..

    71. Reid Castellanos

      Can we get a what’s in my boat

    72. Todd Thorne

      Thanks for the vid. I like the spin shot over the drop shot . Thoughts?

    73. fish1648

      caught my pb on a drop shot 9.8

    74. Brian Patrick

      Awesome drop shot tutorial! I will try it next week on St Clair!

    75. Joseph Key

      Awesome video Scott. Nice fish

    76. D.J. Nassar

      Wow Scott, SONNNNNNNNNNNNNN, Lollllll. You and You're Dad are the best. That was a Hog Sonnnn. Smiling here. I appreciate Your tutorials Sir.

    77. Clayton Rockett

      Do a how to catch a bass on a Tokyo rig

    78. Luis Guzman

      you’re my favorite fisherman, you got me into fishing!!

    79. CRACKED tEEth-fishing

      Lets put him back *BLOOP*


      Have you ever tried the VMC spin shot hooks for drop shot? I have found I like them the best cause they don’t twist my line at all.

      1. Larry Stolzman

        I like them for a number of reasons. Mostly I’m a terrible knot tier! They work well, but are a little pricey.

    81. Benjamin Hsu

      You’re right in that fishing is hugely popular right now. Please do a video on fishing rod and don’ts and how not to be an ass. I can not even explain how many times new anglers have ruined the bite, the waters and other peoples gear because they just don’t know. Love this series!! Thank you.

    82. Brian Hoffman

      going to Kentucky lake at the end of September would a drop shot be good to use

    83. QB1

      God bless all If u think I'm doing this for likes then especially God bless YOU!

    84. Bluegill Mcgillacutty

      So so Scott who’s getting more views on how to use the baits correctly, you or your pops. Cause I follow both of y’all

      1. Leslie Tincher

        @Bluegill Mcgillacutty I loved seeing Rolands boat collection. Awesome channel. A legend.

      2. Bluegill Mcgillacutty

        Devin Metz the one and only. Mr Roland Martin. Should check out his channel

      3. Devin Metz

        Who’s his dad? I want more information lol. Wish these guys fished Canada too.

    85. regie hayes

      Do a rat next

    86. Roger Young

      great teaching and education. Keep it coming! Do you ever use a swivel to reduce the line twist you get with a spinning reel?

      1. Scott Martin

        I don’t but you can.

    87. jessica nixon

      Vid was lit Scott keep up the work

    88. jessica nixon

      Have not watch vid but I know is gonna be lit

    89. adam ward

      Crank baits from shore lol would be nice

    90. Koll Messer

      I cant beleive your still with favorite the screwed the squad

      1. Koll Messer

        You should go with lews

    91. Koll Messer

      You forgot a ball style weight

    92. Henry Rosener

      How to fish big swimbaits and glidebaits

      1. Scott Martin

        That would be a good one!

    93. Kody Mackie

      So when are you switching to mercury? And don’t say your not, that’s the only choice now!!!!! Love the vids.

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks and I’ll be letting you know soon hopefully!

    94. Emily Shehan

      what are things you would suggest throwing on Florida lakes

    95. Pierre-luc bedard

      My best bass bait is a fat slammer from x zone the black one....hard to find in montreal

    96. VA Bass Fisherman

      Do u prefer smallmouth or largemouth for me def smallmouth

    97. Bassin With Bartlett

      Given everything that has gone on this year do you still think you made the right call to not fish FLW at all? A lot of the places they have been would of set up well for you to make some money.

    98. Pierre-luc bedard

      Im totally addict To drop shot...thank you scott To share your tricks...for the next vidéo maybe To show me how To walk a frog....i like how you explane your fois teatcher


      Just caught a 7 pounder new pb

    100. Yak Zona

      You look like you lost like 20lbs.