Colin Furze Workshop/Tools Tour & Wolverine Claws


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    Whats in the Boxes how do the tools work and more, its the Colin Furze Shed Tour, plus 2 new pairs of WOLVERINE CLAWS.
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    1. colinfurze

      Hope this answers a lot of your questions and you enjoy seeing the tool demos. Thank you all for watching as the 10MILLION subscriber milestone is looming its great to have you all on the journey.

      1. John Cooper

        It is amazing what you have done in that little amount of space. Wish mine was organized that well. Mine is now a machine shop with big machines that take up a lot of floor space such as a Bridgeport, surface grinder and lathe. No room for big projects.

      2. Lee Kronforst

        Are you a mod or a rocker?

      3. Alpha Taco 6 Reviews

        Or a video showing us solar power or powered stuff we can make at home.

      4. Alpha Taco 6 Reviews

        Can u do a video on that rpg on the ceiling?

      5. Big Zee

        First time coming e I will call you back and I

    2. D

      I love to watch older videos of my favorite youtubers bragging about how they're about to cross the X subscriber mark, and by the time you're watching the video they've LONG smashed that record. Dunno why, it just amuses me, and makes me happy to think about the past, and to see that they've made their goal!

    3. Terry Firmin

      I am born on 2009

    4. Raua

      You remind me of my dad - had he been an extrovert, that is

    5. Splendid Isolation back up account

      I haven't been feeling great wanna colab?

    6. Braxton Smalls

      What a time to be alive.

    7. Braxton Smalls

      A “good ole boy.” I thought those only existed in the states? 🤔 learn something everyday

    8. C:\ampbell

      Worried that jump lead will wear and break.

    9. nathan l

      Watched 4 minutes of it and think this an absolute gem of a video 🖒 Fantastic ideas cant wait to watch the rest !!

    10. Darren

      Does anyone know what 3d printer Colin has?

    11. Darrell Bryant

      WoW Colin, very well thought out tool shed.!

    12. semipro317

      La primera vez que vi el video tenia subtitulos en español pero ya no, ahora no entiendo nada :(

    13. Paul Webster

      how big is the shed

    14. John Schweiger

      I was going to say I thought flamethrowers where illegal 🤣did you actually get a record for that

    15. Lucas Wells

      can we get a video on how to make manual wolverine claws

    16. O

      The permissible vision proximately steer because armadillo noticeably curve except a sore division. numerous, strong oxygen

    17. Doom Slaier

      Can the welding machine weld with a semiautomatic device if MMA welding + TIG welding is written on its wall?

    18. steve cater

      Thanks Colin, you are one hell of a crack-up mate. Great workshop and an awesome inspiration to us creative types. Don't stop being 'wacky' any time soon

    19. E. K.

      What happened to the milling machine that used to sit in the corner?

    20. Leo Bear

      How long wire you arrested for

    21. Mels Van kippersluis

      10 million!!!!!!!!

    22. Dave's Workbench

      I love this workshop, nice and cozy for BIG ideas :D I look forward to upgrading from the ole workbench hehe

    23. Kieran Brown

      Yeah but it's no underground workshop... :P (idk why it's on your bunker build list)


      8:42 I thought this was PG?

    25. DreamSteam

      17:35.... im metric..... 😉😉 no reason to wonder...... 😊

    26. matijafurzepirnat


    27. Johnathon Montie

      Casual RPG hanging out in the rafters 😂

    28. Ebay Buyer Defender

      My Favorite builder on youtube.

    29. Silvan Zingg

      nice video

    30. Jake Beck

      The giggity had me laughing hard

    31. dirtjumper23

      Did I miss Colin saying how big the shed is? How big is it?

    32. Martin Cameron

      Love your videos!

    33. K Crib in

      Nice to see the loon gene is live and thriving and living in a cool shed with carpet on the floor 😂😂

    34. Christian W

      Damn cool Workshop Colin, but how's the size of this Shed?😀 Greetings

    35. Milo Lim

      What is the dimensions of your shed

    36. Dave's Empire

      Great shop tour. Cool seeing all your tools

    37. Tajr

      good to see fireball tools!

    38. Brodie Watson

      4:04 is everybody gona ignore the fact that he has a fockin RPG on his roof 😳😲

    39. Ian Wright

      Nice. But ditch the tie when you use the lathe.

    40. nkaltso

      Fireball tools are the best, it changed the way I weld

    41. Aaron J M Miles

      19:17 please say you named it Alan!

    42. S. Sullivan

      Anyone know the name of the equipment at 13:20? The kaleidoscope thingy

    43. levi griggs

      Great video!

    44. levi griggs

      How do you usually get all your scrap metal?

    45. Jack Stratfull

      How u connected ur electrics? Isit connected to the house electrics? Or seperate & how

    46. tpax3p

      Can we have updated promo code for please)

    47. Gordon Mckelvin

      You mispronounced "Mini-lathe". it's mina-litha. ThisOldTony told me.

    48. Oliver Collard

      Stakesy’s makes me want to buy there stuff because it looks cool, I don’t even have a welder

    49. Daniel Morley

      do you have a video on making the manual wolverine claws

    50. Union Jack Gaming And Vlogs

      The hydraulic connectors look like an accident waiting to happen. Yeesh, if you bang your knees on that, you’re done for

    51. Randy Westerberg

      I love that he makes everything in his little shed.

    52. one street

      This look like rick and morty garage

    53. Jayden takle

      How many sheds and garage do you have

    54. quinn860

      Fireball tool clamps respect

    55. quinn860

      The plastic hand gets me everytime

    56. dazrod

      Would love this guy as a neighbour. Genius 👍🏻

    57. Andries Stander

      Can you imagine living in the same street as this guy...😅

    58. Mitchell Bliss

      This a real working mans version of a caseyneistat workshop lol

    59. Mitchell Bliss

      Omg that news paper front page pic was HILARIOUS. Just a little res moped with 9 feet of flame shooting out from the rear hahahahaha

    60. my Self

      wow he would great as a neighbour but maybe i would have to wear ear plugs and sometimes a crash helmet lol 10 million people can't be wrong :-)

    61. pigtailsboy

      Furze... have you given much thought toward installing a first class fire suppression system? Feeling like all your years of hard work in-house and out-shed could come to a tragic conclusion without something a little bit flash and very over powered. Curious... is it possible to bring the pneumatic system to brunt in providing an increase in stored pressure for the AP system? Getting that those air compressors don't go too high but storing up a greater weight of air would be nice. Could the pneumo be used as a power source to brute force an improv pump like?

    62. ciclotronforever

      Great conclusion : build build build whaterver you can !

    63. fahim rahim

      Nice binge watching was on max resolution some of us have 8k tv lol edit 720 p50

    64. fahim rahim

      I mean its prop be a dream to have same shed or replicate it

    65. fahim rahim

      No one questioning why theres tiktok in garden

    66. FC BARCELONA - Clash Royale

      Could you please make a video how to build your workshop as you did for your shed because your workshop is really increbible ! Please like this comment so that colinfurze can see. Thanks 😉 !

    67. Smenz

      Absolutely remarkable fabricator


      Is not British just the best language for humor? 😉

    69. Timmy Richmond

      Bruh what happened to that Honda cub???

    70. Eron Dean

      I love your shop Colin! I rebuilt a 305 v-8 engine in an 8x8ft. shed. .....Did I miss it or do you have a fire extinguisher in there somewhere?

    71. Durzo Blint

      I want to be like you

    72. scottyGG

      as the son of an engineer i can say it is miraculous that his floor is actually clear and clean

      1. Adam Grosskreutz

        I to am jealous

      2. Adam Grosskreutz

        It probably helps that everything has its own dedicated space within arms reach, not to mention a lot of the tools never move.

    73. scottyGG

      every item made of wood in the shed has changed shade

    74. RJWaring

      Love to see how much his electricity bill is 😂 in fact!.. Do a video on creating means to reduce your energy consumption

    75. Joseph Whitsitt

      3:55 is that a friggin rpg on the ceiling

    76. Phil Webber

      Colin Furze: Fred Dibnah for the internet age.

    77. GunDad

      If you had all of this stuff what would you make?

    78. Christer Solstrand Johannessen

      I need those Wolverine claws in my life. Can I buy a set somehow?

    79. RADHA Singh

      ❤ u sir

    80. KNIFEGUY1701

      19:14 ive got an old tv like that in my workshop and i always use it, i love watching movies while i work on projects or taking a breaking and just relax watching a movie, its old Samsung vhs one and I've hooked a dvd player to it so it uses both, but i love vhs cause its better

    81. Bryan Savage

      a cheap metal cutting tool you might like is called a nibbler.

    82. Brandon Young

      Winter is coming Colin.. time for a Furze Furnace!

    83. Inigo Turner

      Hello Colin, I was just wondering what pipe bender you would recommend for 40-60 mm cold draw steel pipe, cheers. P.S. it’s for a cross kart project with a 1.3 litre hyabusa motor, you should do that next!!!

    84. Infinity Master

      Wolverine Claws hands-down best thing in the entire shed! :]

    85. Michael Cook

      23:11 why does it look like a gun is sticking out of the machinery

    86. Sepp We

      Love it 💗

    87. Rafael de Souza CLARK

      Hi Colin how are you? Let me tell you... my 2 years son laughs a lot while whatching your red bumper car video, in the part that you are running and screaming. If you could be so kind to say hello to him in any future video of yours I´d be more than tankful. His name is Raphael Clark.

    88. wholton101

      please build the silver bullet wheel chair.

    89. Walney Reptiles

      have you sold your lathe yet? or replaced it because (if) i could afford it i would love to buy it off you!!!

    90. Kronaz邪児

      "firearms charge" -- if only you were a free man.

    91. Zossua

      I don't even own a shed.

    92. Tribe of the Iron Flame

      as someone who is currently in trade school for welding, your lack of proper eye and skin protection when arc welding/cutting disturbs me

    93. Dr.Oxide

      You sir, are my favourite nutjob in the whole world

    94. Clifton Melonzon

      Great project, how about an emergency lift for my truck. Maybe mounted so you don’t have to look for a jack. Good luck!!!

      1. Clifton Melonzon

        Yes, I know an emergency lift for a truck is not very hard project, but would be nice on a dark rainy night.

    95. Mike B

      How the hell did i just find out about this guy?. Sub'd immediately. Your entertaining my man and make really awesome stuff

    96. ChocolateChip Wookiee

      I think a lot of us would feel at home in this shack just as much as you do the second setting foot in there. :D

    97. will Preece

      Furze is like rick from rick and morty 😂😂

    98. Watos Mate

      Small enough to hotbox aswell

    99. MhokMhok

      You deserve it

    100. wafi84

      14:03 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣