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    1. Slayer12 1

      She Got Stuck In The Washing Machine So He Had To Help Her Get OutThat Should My Job Not His SWEET HOME ALABAMA

    2. kiezzoPlayyZ Playyz

      “That should be my job not his” 😭😭😭😭

    3. Seth Glaster


    4. Keila Suarez

      The fact that you had to help her get out the washing machine that’s weird like wth In my opinion it sounds like they did something else instead of going to wash machine so he can go help her

    5. Sam Son


    6. Sam Son


    7. Kiddish

      It think he over reacted just a tinge and just wanted an excuse to tidye his friends shoes

    8. Clutch Nothing

      Bruh colty that’s not ur job that’s hers cause if you get stuck in a washing machine you are fatter than a hippo with 22 babies in it

    9. Patricia Stuermer


    10. Sanchira Vanity

      "I'm her stepbro It's my job not his" all I thought "What are you doing step bro"

    11. Julia Kelly


    12. Novaal Voluk

      Nigga said theses smoke bombs are hotter than my stepsis

    13. Liam Pettit

      Yo that's kinda sus she stuck in a washer that's thee times the size of her

    14. Pro Archit_Gamerz

      Get your step sister in one video

    15. Brooklynne Galvan

      This is what I did to my little bro cause he was talking to my best bff friend behind my back

    16. Jesus Sanchez

      You said stepsister 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

    17. Dominik Santos

      Your friend is a butch

      1. Dominik Santos

        I mean bitch

    18. cloud angel

      Uhh maybe they really like eachother maybe he is just a close friend maybe she likes him becuase he makes her happy jesus who else thinks colt is being a dick

    19. R.I.P Tupac and XXXTENTACION and Juice Wrld

      I don't think u want to help ur stepsis out the washer or something sus might happen

    20. Aleesya Delisha Christopher

      Let him be

    21. Kev 9

      what are you doing step bro 😩💦

    22. Asey 139

      Those the FedEx 3000’s

    23. Marielvis Cariel


    24. DoomGuy5672

      You guys at wish are fucking assholes

    25. Ilike Anime

      Ruh means are you home Atelast I thought but it actually mean are you h**ny

    26. PlanetEarthexe


    27. Izuku Midoriya

      How did- your step-sister get stuck in the washing machine?

    28. RedaKarani

      whenever i hear "step" i just feel guilty

    29. Popcorn Month

      Get to your step sis before he does

    30. moo bruh boy

      He obviously lives in Alabama

    31. the laginator

      I'm stuck in the washing machine help me step bro

    32. Heaven Douglas

      Him:“ This container hotter than my step sister” His step sister: Come on step bro i’m stuck in the washer you didn’t help me last time

    33. Exavy -

      What are you doing step bro

    34. Oscar Gardea

      Umm ur adopted🙂

    35. Dana West

      C7rni xxx s

    36. Dana West

      My phone not working by cfhysjaij

    37. Nasreen shaikh

      I didn't know u had a step sis

    38. Z e l t o

      If pornhub titles were a TV Series:

    39. King Cat x

      Cu46 stands for see you for sex

    40. Charrita z

      How to lose a friendship over a relationship that does not want to be known:

    41. Donnie Macc

      How do you get stuck in the washing machine

    42. e a

      Stop it stepsis

    43. Fatima Malaak Ali

      Wait how did she get stuck in the washer in the first place. 🤦‍♀️

    44. Dog Love

      Me: how do u even get stuck in the washer

    45. Insert username here

      Not the dialogue we needed, and definitely no the dialogue we wanted

    46. ZH

      You suck. You actually do

    47. Samantha Payne


    48. Bella Tuttle

      Who gets stuck in a washer ?

    49. mr_onebullet

      Where part 2

    50. Brandonn

      My man she not even your actual sister

    51. David Tuders

      Help me step brother I'm stuck get me out... The beginning of every pornhub video

      1. David Tuders

        Lol hahaha

    52. David Tuders

      Lol stuck in a washing machine pornhub greats

    53. Breathing Being

      Ayo that's a bit sus mate

    54. Mariana Melendrez


      1. Mariana Melendrez


    55. game addicted

      You're insane but anyways what's the music my friend likes it

    56. NonSkittles

      so nobody can date your stepsis What are you doing stepbrooooo

    57. Peter Barboza

      He said that should be my job

    58. Bladeluxe

      bruh he just wants a friend you’re obviously not good enough for him so he actually wants someone that doesn’t tie die his shoes without permission. this is probably staged anyway.

    59. MattheLord

      Why man not allowed to love yo step sis

    60. Ashley Day YT


    61. B Min

      Bro you can't shape love to me it seems your jealous

    62. Aj Recka

      No bro I think she asked him for help was the right choice at that point

    63. Aimee West

      You should’ve used his two least favorite colors

    64. Zzy Foster

      And that is why you don't date the homesis sis

    65. Gloria Comparan

      Thats the color of the Lakers 🏀🏀🏀

    66. Banna Lemmon


    67. Not Gay Ryan

      Okayyy? Obviously fake as cheap ass shoes you bought for him to stage this

    68. Nathan Jones

      Jeleous of him

    69. Artillery100gs


    70. Timothy Gordon


    71. First Comment Police Official

      “These bombs are hotter then my step sis” HOLD UP!?🤭🤫🥵🤡😈

    72. First Comment Police Official

      Step bro! I’m stuck!

    73. Kenshiro The Jesus Warrior

      Creepy step bro ya givin us all weird vibes

    74. jazmine bonesi

      U said ur jod is to help ur step sis out the wacher machine uhhhhhhh?

    75. Eduardo Marquez Hernandez

      Just let them be bro no serious

    76. Michelle Brown

      Smoke bombs are hotter then my step sis quoted by collty

    77. Weston Hennes

      "That should me my job." Real step-bro & step-sis vibes.

    78. X Nosis

      I want real content. Not be content. Step it up bro

    79. Peach 2.1

      Me :How do you get stuck in a washing machine? Step sis: Not yOur business ;)

    80. RFG Plasma

      You used this footage for 2 videos?

    81. Neto Martinez

      Oop D my bad

    82. Neto Martinez

      Gxlete u dirty minded

    83. Landon R

      This guy looks like Irwill

    84. Isaiah Jason Robert


    85. EthanPlaysOfficial

      That’s not cool bro tie dyeing someone sneakers that’s to far

    86. mackenzie Burroughs

      He literally did nothing to you. You idiot

    87. SpringShroom

      "What r u doing stepsister"

    88. Wolf Gang

      I hope we all know dis fake

    89. Bruh K

      Coltyy: “like she was stuck in the washer that’s my job as a step-Bro” Bish what?!??

    90. happy loser02

      What did he sayyyy

    91. Victoria Unsworth

      Porn reference? Gen z loves a little incest don't they

    92. Finess_Scope

      This mans mega sus "She got stuck in the washer its my job to help her not his" 😳

    93. alex poggers yt

      Among us sus

    94. MorganBennett

      Dude give her some fucking privacy so what if shes your step sister she is still her own person.

    95. Cryo

      What are you doing step-bro

    96. RabbitGoGamer


    97. ZXC

      Fortnite vs real life

    98. Emiliano Castañeda

      Wow aight that a step a step far "STEPBRO" 🙄😳😳

    99. Jay langlois

      "That should be my job" LMFAOOOOOO

    100. Dabi

      Did he say the container is hotter then his step sis oh no I feel it 🎵 sweet home Alabama 🎵