Nerd Pulls a Wife, Not a Gold Digger With 2021 Lamborghini! *PLOT TWIST*


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    I'M BACK 2021 BOYS!
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    1. P2istheName

      You guys miss me ? 🥺🥺

      1. MrDamnee


      2. JaylenFTWシ


      3. triple red


      4. dxced

        Ofc no homo tho

      5. CrAckyFN


    2. MobiletitanS Mobile legends

      Please listen to this link: It's a Quran recitation and it would mean a lot to à lot of muslims, btw loved the vid

    3. N.O. CentAJ

      Bro been out there with no mask for hours

    4. Christian Vlogs

      P2 make the bad ass videos

    5. Michael Garcia

      4:53 this man said I wanna join 😂😂🤣😅😭😆😆😭😭😭

    6. Obinna Obisike

      The guy is a pure nerd 🤓🤓😂😂😂

    7. James Avery

      Aye bro I cried for u Ik shit had to hurt 😭

    8. Norman Parks

      This girl was a str8 queen

    9. ItzJerry

      Whats the next vid gonna be catching a boy gold digger with Bhriss

    10. ItzJerry

      My guy fr sus

    11. Jahleal Boyd

      What the hell

    12. najma shaheen

      We missed you bro

    13. Tyler Eug

      Yoh P2, make more videos with Bhriss😂😂

    14. Kelechi Dubai

      Please you get to tech him more

    15. Carlos Santana

      Brhiss be the nigga to lean in for a kiss on the first day of talking

    16. XxXRazorRexHavocXx X


    17. Icy Jinx

      I hurt my toe 🥺🥺🥺

    18. XxXRazorRexHavocXx X

      “You can give me a bj” briss lol

    19. XxXRazorRexHavocXx X

      And u p2 before you even lived in this mansion

    20. XxXRazorRexHavocXx X

      I’ve been watching briss since 70k

    21. Swastik Mhaske


    22. lane norman

      Bro this video is soooooo cringy bro

    23. Blanca Botello


    24. MrBimBam

      Wait wait why this man trying to act like a smart nerd all he needs to do in act normal my mans Asian

    25. David Paredes

      Man really said 7 years it’s just 3 years you been on yt

    26. King Omwere

      Straight up playa but played it wrong

    27. Yvng Dave

      P2 tha 🐐

    28. Anila Bowen-Scott

      Your sus

    29. Cain_WANABE E

      He is the only one that knows the sus homies energy

    30. ii_thepotato

      One month ago: 100k Now: 3,75 million Me: ...ok now whaaaaaaa

    31. Natravion Peterson

      can he do a part 3

    32. Elyjah Ortega

      Brihss: you can slap my booty Me: WHAT THE FUCK DID HE JUST SAY!?!?

    33. Luis Delgado

      He bsin set a baddie 🤦🏽‍♂️

    34. Kelly Nwafor

      y is every one form maryland

    35. Sammy Joseph

      hes so sus and corny

    36. Brandon West

      Yes bro you are the best bro

    37. Hector S

      Why is that fool bhris wearing a backpack

      1. Hector S


    38. Vincent Warsaw (Student)

      This dude is too sus 🤦🏽‍♂️

    39. Dymir Peoples

      Yoooo that nerd god funny and sus😂😂😂😂😂

    40. Nasty King IX 11

      Brhiss is wierd

    41. Nasty King IX 11

      Miss u p2

    42. Gerard Mitchell


    43. slick gohan


    44. Caminight03

      Imagine she see's this.

    45. Alexxx

      whats her ig😭

    46. Rap Tunes


    47. slush puppy gaming

      check out gamer guide gaming channel

    48. guy


    49. ItsYahBoi Triśś

      here are tips for you guys who needs a girl 1. dont think all girls are the same and just wants you for the money 2. dont compliment them when you guys first met like "u fine asf" "u got a nice body" "u do beautiful" its better to say those things when you guys are in a good convo so they'll think your talking about they're personality & looks and not only looks 3. watch the video and watch the mistakes the guy made and learn from them not like you guys would listen to me just bc im some 12 yr old, i usually meet girls online then get they're discord and get to know them and get close and call, thats how i learn this stuff

    50. David Rocca

      Man sus

    51. David Rocca

      He sus

    52. Ploral

      Helo I’m Walter


      Dang bhriss you let a good girl gone that's tuff



    55. CeeseChake

      Damn that shi sad fr fr😥 lost a real wifey material.

    56. Caiden Brunelle

      kid is wayyyyyy too sus

    57. Charlene banks

      Love u p222 i love you and you vids

    58. Charlene banks

      He loe key gayyyyyyyyyyy

    59. ich heiße Coca Cola

      Can bhriss try to Catch a man for Money😂

    60. Philip Otis


    61. sotonye Brown

      bruhh why did he tell her to close her eyes, he got a surprise, thats what messed everything up

      1. sotonye Brown

        @Mardarius Simpson I swearrr😂

      2. Mardarius Simpson

        Was a Big ass turn off😂

    62. Elijah Steele

      🤣🤣🤣 Mann on god I would of got ha onnn maaa... datt dude geeked out omg um 💀 boy she was pass 10 😭 she was mos def wife material I swea 2 god 😩🤦🏾‍♂️ ik p2 would of got ha for sho is jus him 🤣🤣 he dnt kno how da talk man

    63. goat691 Omwere

      Oh nice

    64. goat691 Omwere


    65. Money Man

      Can I get a gift card

    66. Trace King


    67. [Chameleon art]

      Uhh no bro I could never simp like this😭😭😂😂

    68. Mj DOUBLE O BABY

      Look at this man head from da side 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    69. Phantomboi246 Yt

      Nice suicide doors my guy

    70. Rawand Hazza' Yousef Al Jamalia


    71. Wyndolyn Williams

      He is so sus

    72. Dgvz Rsps

      Yooo Sombody drop her Snapchat or Ig for me thoo

    73. Vee V

      Sorry p2 you're helping the wrong homie

    74. Pop Pip

      P2 funny

    75. Lee GG


    76. Matthew Peart


    77. Jacob Anaya

      My Guy wtf

    78. Jacob Anaya

      What did he sayyyyyy

    79. Jacob Anaya

      Bro wtf

    80. Jacob Anaya


    81. Kyree Green

      Bro I honestly wouldn’t use a Lamborghini to get that girl cause she was giving him a chance

    82. Mubiana Mutumba

      I wish their were more girls like her in the world

    83. Rodney King

      Yo how many ads in the video?

    84. HIDDEN

      That rx-8 look clean

    85. A _

      How did you get the thumbnail?

    86. Awalo Kath

      Look at him ... He doesn't know how to act . Stop acting too much Mr nerd he acts too much .. Yah u lost because you were still trying to flex

    87. Awalo Kath

      He actually sucks fr ....

    88. Awalo Kath

      He actually sucksssssss

    89. Awalo Kath

      He is actually a nerd.....stupid ass Love watching ur page but this nerd spoils it .

    90. pugzmanz

      nice staged vid loser

    91. Ewart Parham

      The is still in the back😂🤔

    92. Team Small pike

      You should tell every one to subscribe to Bhriss

    93. Yeboah collins

      Hahahah is so funny

    94. Spin Exe

      Ah real loyal wouldn't let you hit on the Firts night

    95. zyon hatter

      Male dominance

    96. zyon hatter

      I miss 2k 17

    97. mxsstaken

      Video starts at 15:50

    98. TrichsRUs

      Not being a gold digger doesn’t make you a “wife either.

    99. Omar Puente

      13:25Lol 😂😂

    100. Juan Guzman

      She has a pure soul that no other woman would have, Many are not like her.