$100,000 - Martin vs. Upshaw - Cherokee Lake Final

Scott Martin

140 миӊ. көрүүлөр15

    Somebody wins 100k fishing! Me and Andrew battle it out on Lake Cherokee in the FLW Tour! We both shook the “Grand FUNK” and made some BIG MOVES and some MONEY.
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    1. BamaEnthusiast

      Is anyone else trying to figure out why the videos are out of order or is it just my KGup being dumb.

    2. Mandy Burnette

      I love how he tells whoever is beside him everything he has caught

    3. Jesse Bowman

      Yessssss Andrew

    4. T Fish 24.7

      Still love you Scott. Better luck next time🐟🐟👍🏻

    5. Steve Hogan

      Cool, good on Andrew... woohoo

    6. chaz honaker

      As hard as those bass fight in the lake.. lol You should come fish the river with me. When they get in some current youll think a 1 lber is a 6.

    7. marc k

      I'm from Arizona the hottest state I can still handle temps around 20 to 40 degrees.

    8. Sledgefist1

      Yeah Scott! STOP SUCKING AND WIN!!! You’re my favorite fisherman I’m cheering you on! Already forgot about Jon B.

    9. Trucker King

      Congratulations Andrew I got tearing up on that win bud.

    10. T1NK gaming jb304dubv

      GG upshaw

    11. Jason McCoy


    12. Tom Stclair

      Way to go Upshaw👍👍🎣🎣 great job buddy.. Ok Scott and Tom its time to DO WORK BABY

    13. Darren Cook Fishing

      Well done Andrew, composure and humility.....you deserved every penny of that 100k. Congrats from Australia.

    14. Michael Jackson

      Way to go Upshaw he called it after the last tournament!

    15. Rough Country Outdoors

      That clip of b lat at the end was hilarious.

    16. Shane Lucas


    17. Cape Nelson

      Killer video! Man.. those Cherokee smallies FIGHT! You mentioned Co anglers to net. Wish they would have let us net for you all. As a Marshall I'm not sure how it would change the outcome.

    18. BassGeek

      Way to go Upshaw. Awesome win man.

    19. peter devit

      scott stop sucking and win

    20. Kim Jong Bong

      There needs to be a tournament at canyon lake az there are some toads there

    21. Chief

      Come on Brandon! Cant hear from upshaw after the win... huge moment let us hear his thoughts

    22. Frederick Westberry

      Congratulations Upshaw

    23. Devin Dobson

      Woot Andrew

    24. Chett Landry

      What kind of line do you have on your spinning reel?

    25. floridafishingo

      What costa frames are those?

    26. tommie holton

      I love your videos! I grew up watching Bill Dance, Jimmy Houston and some cat named Roland Martin ( you may have heard of him ) 😉. I stumbled upon your channel and really enjoyed the content, so I subscribed. Then to my surprise, I find your dad also has a channel. It brings back memories of my days fishing in Lake Okeechobee and canals around Ft. Pierce with my dad. Great stuff, keep it coming. I'd love to see you and your dad together on a boat. I bet it would be a blast.

    27. Wayne Lagarde

      U deserve that win Andrew, great tournament brother.

    28. Jolly Giant

      I believe that is three in a row for the house! Way to go Andrew!

    29. Jolly Giant

      Great Idea for a video, A day of just Brandon and all the behind the scenes of making a video. Billy could film him flying the drone, sitting around eating Cheetos trying to decide which cuts to put into the video ETC. Maybe even nap time.

    30. Zorbacci O

      The screaming sportscaster makes me never want to fish the Tour. What an obnoxious idiot.

    31. Chris McAllister

      Way to go Andrew! Good job buddy.

    32. Fish Daddy

      Must be some haters Scott beat , who would thumbs down this!!!

    33. BassCat

      That wasn't fast forward heading to upshaws first spot that was the actual speed of the BassCat haha

    34. IndyWhighams

      Dude, where did you get that foot throttle?

    35. John Pettyjohn

      You jumped seven spots from Grand to Cherokee to be in 2nd for AOY, congratulations Scott! And wow! Congratulations Andrew!

    36. Mason Burns

      The emotions that had to be running through Upshaw is probably indescribable

    37. LiveEachDay

      WOW, BLat then Andrew... Scott you're next!

    38. Terry Ducote

      Where you using Googan line on your spinning set-up?

    39. lyndeen

      Really enjoy the videos you produce!

    40. Joey Borden

      WTG!!!!!! Andrew Congrats.......

    41. Brayden Hamilton

      Hey Scott, do you remember Tim Johnson? I went fishing with on Monday and he told me about how y’all are friends.

      1. Brayden Hamilton

        Try to convince him to be in a video👍🏻

      2. Brayden Hamilton

        Scott Martin yes he is, he’s been giving me lots of tips

      3. Scott Martin

        Yes, he is a great guy!

    42. 11B Bassin

      Well done Scott. Btw what chest mount do you use for your camera?

      1. Scott Martin

        Standard go pro chesty mount

    43. bobfishnut

      Scott, say out loud MY TURN all week. Good luck brother!

    44. Hank Xiong

      The best MC in all of bass fishing pro series

    45. walldog

      Nicely done Andrew, If hang with Winners you are a winner..hopefully allis well.Thanks for the vids..

    46. Devin Henson

      Hell yeah upshaw!

    47. Jamie Brown

      This has really gotten me back into the flw tour you guys are rocking and I'm glad you're helping and supporting each other great team!!!

    48. doug Fresh1980

      congrats Andrew!!!!!

    49. mohunter68

      Way to Go Andrew!!!!..................Yeeeeee Haaaahhhh! Great Job Buddy!

    50. John Thao

      Ned rig for days!

    51. datruth hurts

      Love it...great to see the true energy of the last day.great fishing Upshaw.gotta say I would love it if all professional fishing tours banned nets though.I truly believe landing a fish is a greater skill than catching them sometimes!keep up the great fishing and content scott martin.wish you made top ten brutha.b&b cracking me up as usual lol

    52. princejeff

      Would love to see Scott fish against Vandam, Reese, Evers, etc. Scott is great for the sport!!

    53. DJ Spears

      Congrats Andrew

    54. Austin Day

      upshaw's such a good dude. glad he won he works hard

    55. Alex Paige

      Upshaw is such a good guy i swear man

    56. Lil m Pagenkopp

      "Stop suck'n and win" - Billy LOL!!! Good luck on the next one Scott. Congrats to Upshaw!

    57. mncalexander1

      Most intense video yet. Love it!!!!

    58. Jerred Wayne

      Way to go upshaw!

    59. BaitTheHook

      I was so pissed that Scott left and didn’t tell us why! But I loved billy closing out the video!!! He’s worth every penny!

    60. Senla Yang

      Billy said Scott stop sucking and win 😂

    61. ShockeyUSA

      Billy didn't have to wake y'all up?

    62. Bass Raider

      Congrats Andrew! How great is this channel right now!?! Scott you are next!

    63. Josh Rodriguez

      We need some content of Brandon and Billy while they are working the SMC booths during the tournament.

    64. George J.

      Congrats Andrew!!!!

    65. VZN GH0ST

      Scott you go man Good Stuff

    66. Money King

      Finally admits there needs to be coanglers :D

    67. Bassin time

      Lol "theres Brian walking his baby"

    68. Fritz Bucher

      Congrats Andrew! Way to go wire to wire!

    69. Howabouthetruth

      CONGRATS ANDREW!!! GREAT JOB.....AND YOU DESERVE IT!!!........Strong finish Scott, good job on your part as well.....you guys have a really strong "travelin' team" going this year!!! Great video and I really enjoyed it. God Bless you all and your families.

    70. GcRHiuFfin

      Does it smell like upshaw in hear What’s upshaw Not much how ‘bout you

    71. Luke J

      Anyone else just wish they could be as good as Scott Martin

    72. Samuel Phillips

      Congrats Andrew!! You deserve it!! Humble guy!!

    73. johnny riley

      Andrew ain't playing. He went and got the biggest net he could find and I dont blame him. Great win! Congrats Andrew!

    74. Eli Taube

      Dam those are some pretty smallies

    75. Matt S

      Hi Scott. It seems like spinning reel setups were used more in this event than others I've seen. Why were spinning reel setups used so much?

      1. Matt S

        Cape Nelson thanks for insight

      2. Cape Nelson

        I live right down the road from Cherokee. The water is pretty clear and the lake is great for finesse fishing. Need to be able to cast light stuff a long way. Spinning gets it done.

    76. Slayer T-rav

      Lettttttsssssss gooooo andrew good shiiutfff brother. I didnt wanna have to be bleeped. Congrats brotha

    77. Guy Shamblin

      Chuckle, Scott has everyone saying biggun as soon as they set the hook.

    78. Wesley Mitchell

      Time for you and Tom to win one. I LOVE how you guys are doing this. Great job Brandon!!! You and billy are killing it!!!

    79. Mid Valley Mercenaries

      So stoked Andrew won this tournament! Was rooting for him hard. Glad you did well too Scott

    80. Rusty Wells

      Nice outro!

    81. Eddie Mook

      Alright Scott it’s your turn for the “W”, you guys are blowing it up great times. Trying Pline TCB 8 braid not happy with some others I’ve been using. Happy with pline fluorocarbon. God Bless and peace

    82. Randy Bryant


    83. Rusty Wells

      I've been checking every day to see if this video has been uploaded and now it's here hell yeah let's go Andrew!👍🏻🇺🇸👍🏻 Next is Tom then Scott you know he knows how to catch them small mouths!

    84. Maser Lowery

      Congrats Andrew man means so much to see how much Scott Martin supports his fellow roommates when they win that's amazing congrats Andrew

    85. SalDesignMan

      Love the way u put those videos together Scott and how u cheer everyone on!!! Ur awesome man!!!

    86. Richard Quigley

      Scott you rock brother

    87. Suellen Gonçalves - Pesca Esportiva

      _Good video._ 👍🎣 _Congratulations, this place is incredible._ _Hug and good fishing!_

    88. Pickleville

      Great video. Y’all are really knocking it out of the park lately. The real MVP of the SMC is Brandon. Seriously great job guys.

    89. Ant Man

      “Stop sucking and win!!” 😂😂😂

      1. Scott Martin


    90. Drew Hunt

      How do you know its not a released fish?

      1. Scott Martin

        No hook marks

    91. Maser Lowery

      Has drag set loose " why can't I get him over here " it's a small mouth that weighs 3LB 4 OZ it's basically a tank

    92. Wayne Heath

      Was pulling for Upshaw that entire day. Knew when live went off he needed to cull a couple. Great job sir. Congrats on the kickers.

    93. Shawn Robertson

      Someone has to tell the music guy to CUT it once they place their bag down

    94. Ultimate Extreme Outdoors

      Scott what happened with the V2 live well vents? Was looking in to buying them and wondered if they worked as they say they do? I see you didn't put them on your new boat.

      1. Scott Martin

        They work great..have to install them on this boat

    95. Joey Bradley

      Awesome group of guys. You all deserve what you have!!

    96. Dakota Calhoun

      Idk if he was crying but I shed a tear for him so proud for him great job Andrew your turn Scott put one in the win column pretty sure this is the first time I've cried watching one of your vids and I've watched them all now for about 2 years lol good luck in my tour.

      1. Scott Martin


    97. xBridgemanx

      "WOOOOOOOOOOOOWWW!" hahaha, Congats Upshaw!!! 100g's baby!!


      Great job Andrew, you had my heart pumping just because I heard Scott say that you where in 2nd place.

    99. Kyle Alexander

      What’s the release fish area?

    100. m3tthew423

      "WoWooowWoWOWOWW!!" lmao @ his voice