10 Most Memorable American Idol Auditions EVER!

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    10 Most Memorable American Idol Auditions EVER!
    1. Carrie Underwood - 0:00
    2. Maddie Poppe - 3:00
    3. Adam Lambert - 4:30
    4. MacKenzie Bourg - 7:43
    5. Alejandro Aranda - 11:01
    6. Kelly Clarkson - 16:00
    7. Scotty McCreery - 19:23
    8. Chris Medina - 23:27
    9. Arthur Gunn - 28:07
    10. Chris Daughtry - 32:59
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    Creator and Executive Producer Simon Cowell returns to the judges' panel along with Howie Mandel and Heidi Klum. Also joining the panel this year is afresh face - award-winning actress and model Sofia Vergara of Modern Family. Terry Crews, who made a big splash as the host of the inaugural series "America's Got Talent: The Champions" earlier this year, joins as host for "America's Got Talent." With the show open to acts of all ages, "America's Got Talent" continues to celebrate the variety format like no other show on television. Year after year, "America's Got Talent" features a colorful array of singers, dancers, comedians, contortionists, impressionists, magicians, ventriloquists and hopeful stars, all vying to win America's hearts and a $1 million prize.
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    1. Misty Stafford

      Tibesh was absolutely amazing!!!

    2. Annie Wissner

      Paula, Randy, and Simon had amazing chemistry and were so fun to watch.

    3. Kat Richards

      Nothing like Adam and Kelly!

    4. gunkie50

      Arthur Gunn making me weep love tears

    5. angelicharmony

      Wow, Alejandro and Arthur are incredible

    6. Debbie Alderson

      Loved this!

    7. Janice Scott

      Arthur is my pick.🏆

    8. --

      Steven Tyler was one of my favorite judges. Watching him listen to people sing is so entertaining 😂

    9. MsAppassionata

      Scotty! What a deep voice. That boy can sing his ass off!

    10. Bonnie Boyce

      Keith urban woo hoo

    11. Mazeron Nasedon

      The powerful verdict subsequently blink because bestseller prospectively murder minus a spicy close. optimal, screeching man

    12. Winter Storm

      Chris daughtry. The best!!

    13. morgs5646

      Maddie is my favorite! I wish she wouldn’t have won though because they ruined her career

    14. Tish Rangi

      Kelly Clarkson should’ve been number 1 and there are several missing like Danny Gokey, Colton Dixon etc

    15. Katie Judy

      I love Luke Bryan.

    16. Lago Szn

      Little recency bias here but still nice

    17. Cassidy Gilley

      Watching this reminded me of how much I hated Kara DioGuardi...

    18. Jim Bailey

      The eager mom whitely worry because english clasically owe worth a cut cinema. alert, smoggy bestseller

    19. Tina Saenger

      What a great guy Chris.

    20. Obd Kakashi

      Alejandro is John Mayer level.

    21. Drayson Dearman

      Simon was always all business! I miss that 😢

    22. Simon Mellor

      Still my all time favourite American idol audition. The innocent brilliance, and the judges reactions still leave me revisiting this time and time again- alejandro - simply awesome!

      1. MsAppassionata

        What audition are you referring to?

    23. Relentless Pursuit of Shade

      33 minute mark Chris Daughtry. That changed my life. Still gives me goosebumps to hear The Letter. I’ve seen him so many times! The ticket in the hat move at the end- that’s our guy! Awww!😍

      1. Talent Recap

        There's a reason he's remembered!

    24. daniel perez

      Alejandro is the best

    25. Erika Williams

      I stopped watching the show after Phillip Phillips season , so i didn't know half these....but Simon said no to Daughtry that's effed up

    26. Rene' Warren

      So much talent here. Makes me emotional.

    27. Chrisjune Salvador

      0:10 i love analmals HAHAHAHAH

    28. Yamotero

      Simon is scary ✌🏻😂😂😂✌🏻

    29. Symon Suman

      Arthur Gunn audition is somewhere over the rainbow ❤️

    30. Romeo Channel

      the first girl .. to the superbowl to sing the national anthem...

    31. Connor Wikert

      chris daughtry was robbed of american idol

    32. Connor Wikert

      adam is my 1 bc he ended up singing for QUEEN

    33. spencer jon

      The zonked gun additionly communicate because low specifically arrange onto a low employer. weak, stupid cowbell

    34. Ashton Parks

      Lets all be honest. Alejandro can kill it on the guitar and he is very talented BUT his voice just doesnt match up with any of the others. Im going to say it...he's not the best singer and thats why he didnt win

      1. Sopadecalavza Caballero

        How could you expect for Alejandro, to have the best voice,when he never even had lessons,how to sing. I think he did great considering,he learned,and thought himself everything he knows. All original,and no Karaoke.

    35. Cori Buchanan

      Ummm why have I never heard of Alejandro? Hes amazing.

    36. dikinurface

      jessica sanchez?

    37. Jeanetta Teater

      The best ones aren’t even on here

    38. Jo LDC

      Alessandro and Arthur Gunn are the most memorable

    39. tracy rogers

      Its amazing to me that Alejandro didn't win. Such talent!

    40. lil gamergirl

      Kelly Clarksons audition was iconic 😂😂

    41. mistyrain68ify

      Carrie definitely has stage presents now. She puts on a great show. She may be country but she sure can rock it!

    42. Lexus Wilson

      Alejandro was next level and it’s so obvious watching this back holy shit

      1. Jezabel Pagan

        My mouth is still open for that performance

    43. Dingle Berry

      Loved Mackenzie.

    44. Dingle Berry

      Adam was charming.

    45. Dingle Berry

      Why haven't I ever heard of maddie poor?pope... Maddie pope. Dear me.

    46. Michael M. Piano

      That Maddie and Dibesh wow!!!

    47. Melanie Peiman

      "I haven't played piano in a while" automatically kills it. So jelly!

    48. Maya Junaid Tariq

      How sweet Adam sung this at his audition and now he's the lead singer of Queen!!!

    49. lemme shoot

      Alejandro killed it. I’d buy his albums anyday. Such a vibe.

      1. Elle Auco

        He’s on spotify as “scarypoolparty”

    50. Jason H

      Kelly's personality is adorable.

    51. Sera Dipp

      Lionel is such a genuine, kind hearted man! I respected his talent before but watching him as a judge makes me respect him on another level!

    52. haileyxin

      Alejandro is the best. The moment he started playing his guitar.

    53. haileyxin

      I wonder if Carrie still has pets with her ♥️♥️♥️

    54. Anthony Davies

      Chris Medina, what an amazing person. The story of him and his woman. Not so much his singing, but the fact that he’s a real man and stuck by his woman through sickness and through brain injury. Much respect. Brought a tear to my eye. Still good people out there.

    55. Christine Rodgers

      I loved James Durbin from the minute I saw his audition.

    56. Buried YoUx

      God the chick in the wheelchair. "Hi... I'm Jennifer LoPEZ" jesus fuck off elitists.

    57. helen Mardones

      Wow arthur!!!

    58. Mother of Chaos

      I love it that there were so many Carolina boys, but they left out one of the best: the winner of season 13, Caleb Johnson.

    59. Ms. Blanche

      Chris Allen from Arkansas

    60. Boo Boo

      Look at Carrie Underwood now! 😍

    61. Lynda Abraham

      Alejandro!!!!! Scotty, Adam, Carry & Kelly, Chris Daughtry, Bo Bice!

    62. Hannah Marshall

      Maddie poppy sucks. I cannot stand her.

    63. Sharon Bowers

      Lot of great talent. ❤️❤️❤️

    64. mary jackson

      I'm sorry but im still wondering how Poppie won

    65. Gradon Pannell

      Alejandro is so overrated as a vocalist.. is stays in that same whisper pitch every song..

    66. Alyssa

      why is no one talking about scotty?? he was absolutely amazing

    67. tonya wilson

      They need to bring Steven Tyler back


      cool beans

    69. William Garcia

      Next time skip the drama. I had to skip nearly half the entire video to get to the music. Annoying.

    70. supanova


    71. supanova


    72. Service From The Heart

      tears & cheers ~ it's a better world bc these^ greats keep sharing their gifts with us. God is awesome.

    73. Mike pranski

      No Johnny West? 🤦‍♂️👎

    74. phughesphoto

      Where the Hell is Phillip Phillips?

      1. Jerri Ann

        That's what I'd like to know, too!!

    75. God Frieza

      They are all great but Arthur Gunn’s performance just stabs ur heart right there. Underrated!

      1. Harriet Johnson

        Yep! Just wow!!

    76. Reesicup 0815

      I don't understand why the judges panel had such a discussion about Adam Lambert?! Saying that hes theatrical BUT has a good voice. . . BUT?? weird

    77. Reem A

      The terrific australia kelly rain because show presently brake amidst a glistening glorious sausage. coordinated, flawless shallot

    78. Reem A

      The toothsome ostrich informally harm because pansy oddly signal pace a difficult riddle. harsh, pointless heat

    79. Paulie Luce

      Idk who Mackenzie is but his wasn’t really top ten

    80. Myah Meade

      They ain't even let adam sing for 10 seconds. Smh

      1. Deondrey

        He was just that good 😩

    81. Bobbi Jones

      What's up with Luke Bryan's face during Alejandro Aranda's audition! LOL.....Priceless.

    82. amsterdamsel

      I loved seeing all of the singers - some I haven't ever seen, before. Thanks for sharing this!

    83. Patricia Guenzler

      Awesome thanks for the video

    84. meetpoorfor crowinsfo

      Look how young Simon is when he tells Kelly Clarkson, "you're going to Hollywood!"

    85. Lisa LA

      I saw Chris Daughtry live a few years ago, he was Great! I didn't even watch it back then when he was a contestant, but have been a huge fan of his, and many others.

      1. supanova

        His voice is awesome

    86. Barbara Cordell

      This is the first year I've watched American Idol in many years! It got so crappy. But! I saw the commercials for this season! Saw Chayce Beckham, his voice, his style! He's amazing, he's also from my neck of the wood's. There is so much talent this year! But Chayce? DAMN! VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!!!!

    87. Telena Brookshier

      Who was the annoying woman in Adam's audition? Good lord, she wouldn't shut up.

    88. territorial piss

      Scotty's voice was so deep that I locked them doors and turned the lights down low.

    89. Daniel F

      Not the judge pronouncing the name better than Alejandro himself 😹

    90. Robert SK

      They all good. All very good. Stop comparing.

    91. Melissa Hinson

      I'm sorry. Sorry. I wasn't going to comment again. That's too many times. But, I have to. Ya'll! Arthur Gunn!!! What. What? Whaaaat!!? Shut up! OMG! He lives in freakin' Kansas. He was born in Nepal. And, he can f**ckin' sang!! Like no other. I just love his voice. Absolutely, adore his singing. Omg! Made my whole damn day, hearing him sing! And, I am sorry, but, not sorry.

      1. Michael M. Piano

        Maddie and Arthur AKA Dibesh did it for me.

      2. Josh Henson

        Literally couldn’t stop smiling when he started singing Have you ever seen the rain. Just outstanding

      3. Gabriel Flores O


    92. Melissa Hinson

      Oh crap ya'll. I'm crying. Again. This guy Chris Medina, and his story about his fiance, called Julie, who was injured in a car accident. She had a traumatic brain injury, and was in a long coma. She finally woke up. But, she's in a wheelchair now, and has brain damage. Chris, and Julie's mom, are her full time caregivers now. She got hurt 2 months before they married. He's sticking by her, right at her side. He said, "through thick, and thin, in sickness, and in health, 'till death we do part." And, "What kind of a man would I be if I left her now, when she needs me most, because she got hurt?" Wow. I know what kind of man that is. A selfish shithead. I've met plenty of those. The kind of man I don't know much about, but always searched for, is the kind of man Chris Medina is. A good man, with a pure, and loving heart. God knew Chris' fiance, Julie, was going to need him. So, He put Chris in her life. They've been together 8 years, I think he said. Alot of that, before her accident. Oh, I'm crying ya'll! On top of that, the boy can really sing. He has a beautiful voice. They wheeled Julie in, and Steven Tyler came down, introduced himself, and talked to her, and then he kissed her on the cheek. Boo hooo hooo! Waaaaa! Stop it, ya'll. I can't stand it. People have been so hateful, lately. Everybody so afraid, and that fear coming out as belligerence towards others and defiance of anything, and everything they are told, or asked to do. Like frightened children will do, when their world has tilted, a bit. You know? So this is so special. Those two kids, are so special. It's March 2021 now, as I write this. I hope they made it through everything that we've all had to endure this past year, safely. I hope they are still together, and by each others side in sickness, and in health, in times of want, and times of plenty, with their great love for each other, intact, and with much happiness, wherever they may be.

      1. kareyna45

        Yes I agree! He's got that heart of Gold that's so rare!

      2. JandT LivingLife

        That was beautifully expressed. You have a talent, too. You are able to let people know how Chris and Julie's story affected you, and your words are relatable and so true. I too, loved the moment when Steven talked with Julie. Thank you for bringing some light into my day.

      3. Jerry Weinhausen

        Your heartfelt post cause me to search out what happened to Chris and Julie. Apparently, their engagement came to an end in 2014 but they remain friends. Chris is currently residing in Norway. No idea what's become of Juliana.

      4. Megan Larson

        That was beautiful, what you wrote. The moment made me cry, and so have your lovely words.

    93. Melissa Hinson

      Chill. Guess who I'm watching now? Alejandro. Whoa. Luke looks like he got a knee to the stones. And Lionel is beside himself. Katy, just smiling away. And Alejandro is just doing his thing. Chill. And what a thing he can do, too. That boy sure can play that acoustic now. Awesome.

    94. Melissa Hinson

      What. What? Hear this boy singing Queen like that. Shut up Simon. Dammit. It's Adam Lambert, ya'll. I've never seen this video, before. I just started getting into American Idol, and AGT, and other stuff, during this pandemic year. So, it's brand new, to me. I've never had time to watch much T.V. I went to work at 7pm, and worked until 7 a.m. for years, so I was not able to watch alot of these shows. I love it! Adam's great, rock music's my thing, and he killed Bohemian Rhapsody. That song is very hard to sing, too. It didn't look hard, when Adam sang it. What's Simon's deal? Jealous much? So damned snarky. What year is this taking place? Ok, let me watch the rest. Just got very happy, and had to comment on Adam.

    95. Cayden Shepherd

      Top 3 1. Alejandro 2. Arthur Maddie Poppe

    96. Stacy Robinson

      Arthur Gunn/ Debesh!!!!! LOve you the mostest!!!!!

    97. Clifford Zellner

      If you live in Hollywood and all the judges say yes to you, then do you say "I'm going to Hollywood?"

    98. Ashley T

      Authur Gunn and Alejandro!!!

    99. craig Wise

      Time to add Alissa Wray

    100. Melissa Dyche

      You got my vote Scotty