SEMI AUTO POTATO CANNON for the Homemade Screw Tank


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    If its going on my Screw Tank its got to be AWESOME.
    See How I built it
    Making the Screws
    Chassis and drivetrain
    and the land test
    Water Test
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    1. Bojik

      Would of coned the chamber seal plate slightly to get even more seal to the barrel. Otherwise awesome bit of shenanigans

    2. Steffen Balle

      You're teaching engineers all over the world how to love, Colin. Thanks so much for your goddamn mood! It's inspiring!

    3. Bongo Wongo gold

      His voice sounds like charlie bit him

    4. akaB a m'I


    5. Z4Dy4Fragg3r LIVE ON SATURDAY

      4:34 anyone understant what he said before that

    6. Jeong Wook Son

      So cool! You are the most savvy/savage fabricator. Now if you could just rifle the barrel. lol.

    7. Joshua Kyle

      I like Colin's cerebro at the intro lol

    8. Deven Huckle

      I think an elevator is in order

    9. Christopher Whitney

      Reminds me of a deck gun

    10. Patrick Flanagan

      That narrow line between brilliance and madness......superb stuff

    11. NEWS JUST IN

      Why don't you start working on an anti gravity craft?

    12. Benjamin Olander Rasmussen

      Sorry Colin. Flamethrower tanks are real, and they were scarily effective. Its called the Churchill Crocodile

    13. Mr.MostWanted

      8:16 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    14. Elder Sentane

      "you don't find flamethrowers on tanks" nazi's: " "

    15. Tommy Graphics

      plumber now maniac

    16. MichalGoldSTREAM

      It is legal??

    17. great Whitefins

      What a brilliant...

    18. smoraptor

      this is what happens when you mix mechanical engineering with cocaine

    19. Private Dino

      I was going to make a potato launcher now I can have maximum destruction

    20. t h

      Partner with Nile red and destroy all life

    21. Nik Baca

      you are truly brilliant!

    22. MERICA MAN

      As American politicians say that fully semi automatic potato gun is as heavy as 10 boxes youd be moving

    23. Shivansh Singh

      5:34 I thought that he is installing muzzle brake.

    24. MetaMorpheus

      9:36 Can tell colin says “fuck” when he tests the cannon

    25. Rick Brasche

      amazing what you can fabricate with thousands of $$$ of tools and a large dose of unmedicated insanity...:) I need to up my game in the later department lol

    26. Evan Skaar

      4:15 so you want it to beatbox

    27. dragibus66

      always know you was the best ! now we can attack the french ! ha no sorry i am french !!!

    28. Spike like

      Boris Johnson is your father.

    29. Maki Cruz

      Imma have this guy in my team when a zombie apocalypse happen.

    30. Felix Argyros F.A.R


    31. TheManLab7

      Could you do a video on building Dr Brown's brain reader. I know there's nothing to it but it'd be cool seeing you make it.

    32. SYC Beck

      Colin: Tanks dont have flamethrowers. British Army: *Laughs in Crocodile*

    33. Brian Roberts

      I NEED your shop or tools.

    34. Brian Roberts

      Hey!!! I must admit, and i don't often get ready impressed by much.. But THIS caught my attention. I started, or drew some prototype plans and made some actual progress. Had trouble with the reloader. The " ammo " had to be all pretty consistant. I used metered propane as a propellant, and a piezo grill lighter for an ignition source.

    35. Сергей

      вар тандер лучше чем вот

    36. HansI Gurtner

      With this cannon you can drive all the parasites out of England with the Queen.

    37. Miles C

      This is very childish, I approve

    38. TrisT

      would have been nice to see it done with a pair of proper hydraulics, so it'd load a lot fast as hell, perhaps more of a pneumatic system so it'd build pressure while idle and then the pistons would just fire forwards and backwards real fast, but insanely great video nonetheless!

    39. conrad hurst


    40. LoganVPACountryBOY

      Why ain’t he sponsored by some hardware store or something like that.

    41. Lyubomir Kovachev

      looks like a red mortar from Sirius Sam 2

    42. Marquise Thomas

      Of course he has an underground bunker

    43. Marcelo Araujo


    44. flooxy doox

      the perfect balance of cringe for the little kids, and actually entertaining bits for people who aren't little 5 year old fucks

    45. Dug6666666

      Don't know why but this gave me the urge to watch Pwr Pwnage again (original series of coarse)

    46. Marcus Chute

      now you just need a recoil system(using bike fork suspension, or springs!)

    47. Pat Simms

      Flame throwers were on tanks potato launchers were not

    48. Zc says

      thats not what i was thinking...

    49. Stray Cat

      Colin loves the Soviet tank design

    50. Matthew Rossilini

      Can you own anything semi automatic in the uk??

    51. hiển vinh nguyễn trọng

      Russian when they have this cannon: I have unlimited ammo!!

    52. Brent Spellmeyer

      Fucking legit!

    53. Brendan Cull

      During the Second World War both the Allies and the Axis Powers developed Flame tanks. Also the Russian have recently been reported as having set a unit that is equipped with Robot tanks and remotely Piloted machines, some of which are armed with flamethrowers( The Sun 14/04/21 ).

    54. Best Roulette Software

      11:03 whahahaha!

    55. --

      You have the same accent as Michael Caine :)

    56. Ali Turbali

      English Engineering

    57. Mac Strange

      Gorgeous and with brilliant ideas, very good

    58. ballistic missile gamer

      You are an utter child with a hard hat

    59. YoMiKr

      In France you make a Patator

    60. fentonport

      Brilliant and truly talented.

    61. asdfg2560

      Oh mate got a loicance for dat tank?

    62. Soup Napoleon

      Well uh, there is flame throwers on tanks lol

    63. YeshuaAgapao

      True semi-auto uses the recoil and/or leftover combustion gasses to cycle in the next round. Your contraption is more of an active, powered, auto-loader. You are more likely to see an auto-loader in an actual tank gun though.

    64. First Name

      What an entertaining madman

    65. Borat Sagdiyev

      Some cringey clips in here mate, seems to be working for you tho 😂🤣

    66. killer 2hd

      his sponsor shows him on what a long way he still needs to go to actually have a working tank.

    67. Samuel King

      I’ve made one myself, and it really is humbling to see how much better you engineered yours 😂

    68. Victor S

      He looks like a mix of Gordon Ramsey & Harvey dent from the dark knight

    69. Aspestos

      the one thing every man wants

    70. RV554N

      This guy is like elon musk's brother

    71. Vegeta Saijan

      I wonder if it´s possible to build a grenade launcher with coce-mentos Projectiles that explode on impact.

    72. Lastek MHN

      le meilleur c'est ColinFurze

    73. Nikolas

      This guy is a legend.

    74. Penguin Master

      How old is this guy *silently takes notes*

    75. Severto Allegro

      это невъебенно, чел!


      cod zombies wonder weapons be like

    77. Typhon Plume

      Scenario Paintballers in the US have been doing this kind of thing for years.

    78. dunecat

      5:55 ohhh thats what he meant

    79. Micha S.

      I see german-flag-kabel.......That has to be working........

    80. RickOShay

      Pity the sponsor World of Tanks is - pay to win - it could have been a good game.

    81. David Salmon

      People with adenoids might reply to your comment about tanks not having flamethrowers thusly: "Ahh, but are forgetting about the M4-A3E8 Sherman with a coaxial H1A-H5A flamethrower attachment that colloquially called the 'Zippo'." By the way...if you read this in Jeremy Clarkson's adenoids voice, you're pretty cool

    82. Rick Barker

      Colin Furze, the love child of the Mad Hatter and Albert Einstein.

    83. Rol Bailie

      replace potato with a contact-based explosive and bam its a true battle tank

    84. Paleis Heuwel


    85. rkmugen

      Now.... try loading it up with several cobs of corn!

    86. rkmugen

      11:06 One does not simply contain that level of enthusiasm and excitement without going mad.

    87. tehbonehead

      I'm going to have to demand to know why you didn't make the mechanism can-driven and use multiple rotating barrels.....

    88. Stanis Mack

      Colin: *starts playing tube* Me: plz no

    89. thomas Hardie

      0:12 EHEHE

    90. Gergokod

      This is like the hacksmith on meth

    91. Patrick McDonnell

      He should make a flaming potatoe cannon(soak the potatoes in flammable liquid (e.g butane)and then have some sort of piezo lighter to ignite it).

    92. Austrianer

      Next time build a fully auto nuclear powered magma gun

    93. Something, something playlist stuff

      Whatever doesn't kill you makes you chips.

    94. arcankax

      oh my god i read the title photon cannon an i was terrifed of this mans capabilities

    95. Iron Iro

      Why not combine both ? A Launcher for burning Potatoes?

    96. kshark 12

      I just realized he’s using the mind reading device from back to the future

    97. Kars Van der heijden

      Scrap mechanic in real life

    98. Andy Bones

      Wow it really just went blammo through that mattress like a bunker buster. Get a lathe out & try rifling the barrel. Also: exploding potatoes 👈💡

    99. Oliver Dunnett

      It would be cool if you made a jetpack like the thermal thruster from tf2