If Among Us Was a BFDI Challenge


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    1. alfie pena


    2. alfie pena

      I’m scared of x staring

    3. allan tan

      Can u make a part 2 of the video

    4. Ethan Montgomery


    5. Refuse Jack

      Is anyone aware this is the 3rd time JnJ accidentally made teardrop talk

    6. Jabir Sabah

      4:12 That was scary

    7. strawberry animates

      Where are lollipops scribbles

      1. Raegan S.


    8. E Z Z O

      Coiny is kinda sus

    9. Jamel Walker


    10. Alex Lima

      4:43 does ANYONE noticed that bell's string is gone?

    11. Jingjun Yin

      Tb as an impostor, wow

    12. Dragon fruit Steriø Amatiøns

      How do you even know what a Tetley is lolly pop? That pretty sus to me

    13. Aubrey Alvarez

      My friends be like

    14. HasanKaganKaplan

      3:08 Tennis ball got İmpostor

    15. Salina Payne

      Hey X in for a hell of a dream on when characters why don’t you make a part two of this I need a part to write a note right now I really need it yeah so yeah make a card for new card to make part two please make a part two I’m begging you and X and four I promise I’ll be on your show mine is it’s just a Nintendo switch Hey X in for a hell of a dream on when characters why don’t you make a part two of this I need a part to write a note right now I really need it yeah so yeah make a card for new card to make part two please make a part two I’m begging you and X and four I promise I’ll be on your show mine is it’s just a Nintendo switch

    16. Sami Stubbs

      4:46 Always me when i post my videos

      1. Sami Stubbs

        Blackholes always win in the end

      2. Sami Stubbs


      3. Sami Stubbs


    17. Valerie Berina

      I mean among us

    18. Valerie Berina


    19. YellowFourAnimations

      Awwww four is just so cute in this video

    20. YellowFourAnimations

      Four: X and I agreed to do this together! It's a bonding experience! 4x shippers: 😃 Eraser: I this bfdi world *ships* should not exist 4x shippers: 😦

    21. ronnie lohr

      plot twist:this is bfb 27

    22. Little Man Lucas

      and black hole...

    23. Little Man Lucas

      impostors: tennis ball and X

    24. Keyon Hannink

      Among us

    25. ridhomblr

      Wait if four gets sucked in a black hole what happens? Oh wait i forgot this is non-canon But still

    26. oish

      this video isn’t just a shit ton of unfunny among us jokes surprisingly

    27. Sun Taerungruang

      Tennis ball sus

    28. Rana Hussain

      Game: there are three impostors among us Tennis ball: impostor 1 X: impostor 2 Black hole impostor three also black hole: eats everyone game: defeat

    29. Rana Hussain

      Four: I wore this tellytubbie flesh with x for a bonding experience X: gets impostor Four: and i took that personally

    30. James the cool kid Jackson

      red sus

    31. itz ur boi joshy

      I thought it was pencil but I like the the space suit

    32. Dawson's Things and stuffs 2

      I like the old Tennis Ball voice but its life so

    33. Noah Labajo

      so wen eraser press emergency meeting geletin is gone because of scary X

    34. ChocoMcMaxo

      But wait David can’t die to black holes...

    35. Chantychamran Chanty

      X is Red??????

    36. Red Leader

      2:10 iaqp

    37. Universal Productions

      Just realized the end credit music is the loser being eliminated song

    38. Mae Anne Marjorie Dinopol

      Eraser: Ships should not exist. Ship: Ya dont want me im outta here, Black Hole will do the job instead!!

    39. Devin Puccia


    40. Lhemar Navarro

      Shhh there is 3 imposter among the bfdi world

    41. Phoebe Juners

      Lollipop: for this task you need to break the glass with your voice. It is very hard. Four: hold my beer.

    42. Hitmonron Hitmonron

      Omg x can murder to

    43. Nina Boycheva

      Yall talk about X being creepy, but what about TB managing to make a MedBay scanner?

    44. Jessica nunez

      Do part 2

    45. MasterTurtle666


    46. Aubrey Alvarez


    47. verycoolguy21

      4:06 X look a bit like Jeff the killer

    48. Greg Heffley

      Nobody: Black holes: The suffering of others is the most amusing thing it is.

    49. Ruby Giambrone

      Birish ppl be like: peta pakar birish ppl be like: can I get a not of wata

    50. Gamergeorge 147

      :lollipop: why did u scrape off a innocent teletubbys body? :me: DO U NOT KNOW AMONG US U IDIOT XD

    51. Ciel Kim

      takee = task

    52. Ciel Kim


    53. Ciel Kim

      and you like among us name avrea kill and takee

    54. Ciel Kim

      oh so you made my rakmader careter a vidoe

    55. Faith

      Captions For If Among Us Was A BFDI Challenge In Replies | Posted 11/30/2020

      1. • L e m o n T e a •

        *S C R E E C H*

      2. • L e m o n T e a •

        Dumb candy ball, I can do better!

      3. Faith

        Aw, It didn’t work.

      4. Faith

        Wolo! Woloo! Worgly Hoy.

      5. Faith


    56. Aartyyy

      1:43 me when im a bit angry

    57. Aartyyy

      0:00 how everyone portrays how card swipe is

    58. Kadin Warford-Moore (STUDENT)

      When is bfb 27 coming out

    59. thekewlboy

      3:26 when you're homophobic

    60. Mistake_Is_ Me

      X and Tennis ball lookin kinda sus there.

    61. busy gamer

      _Black hole alway win in the end_

    62. Jeff Camero

      4 is that among us

    63. Thuy hoa Nguyen

      Chị không có gì đâu em ơi em đang làm việc với các bạn có

    64. ClassicSkull Roblox

      nobody : lollipop : *wooo wuuuu woowowly woi*

    65. Mad City

      😂 LOLZ

    66. Tetris Pacman チャンネル

      x is imposter

    67. emu’s animations

      eraser be like haha funni red button

    68. Raspeberry Chua the hamster

      I don't like this

    69. Mehdi,s Paint Shop

      loved the scren at 3:09

    70. kids racing games

      There is a game of among us and there is the

    71. lucas b bittencourt

      at the start i thinked a TRASH. but now btw being published on my brother birthday, i liked, and is not bad. ialso made a garbage anim on filpaclip taht someone says something bad btw, someone repeats a ball gets mad and SHOTS HIM. i call the "polic" but thecar crashes.

    72. c l a r i f i c a t i o n p l e a s e

      X murdered Gelatin. idk why I just saw that. I looked at the characters in the emergency button press, and X was there, but not Gelatin.

    73. Jonathan Orozco

      Yeah I get the way that Joey feels like because the swipe card task it’s just so hard and if you’re wrong go to hell I’m just kidding but seriously it’s so hard

    74. pien pien

      I want squishy cherry plays among us (and minecraft)

    75. TrainzFan2608

      You know, I am so glad that BFDI exists, it honestly has changed my whole life.

    76. BRYCE YChannel

      1:08 how pencil learned science like test tube (Inanimate Insanity) nickel chased fan cause he want him do die

    77. LJP 0723

      I use to watch teletubbies

    78. Arcen Bautista

      yes i love among is i play it

    79. AD04GC11



      Too anything try again

    81. Doki Doki fan100


      1. noobsgopro535

        I gently open the door.

      2. Doki Doki fan100


    82. winner ben

      That’s sus

    83. Pie Person

      Characters: screaming Subtitles: Music

    84. Cristty Panduro

      make part 2

    85. silkren ren

      4:02 wtf X doing to gelatin?! Eating? Killing? Destroying?

    86. Anoj Jey

      What that song Name 3:55

    87. inzaintube

      Hello I really hate how they copied among us(jk I am doing a challenge to try to be a Karen pls like)

    88. Samuel's smart edits

      Idk but 4 is the best character in Among The Sus

    89. yudaisy m

      X really scares me

    90. Monster Jam Fan

      its not trading any more

    91. Clix R

      Everyone: minding their own biznus Match: ᵒᵐᵍ

    92. When you cant find the remote

      2:06 Killing a body in among us be like

    93. StupidStudios

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    94. Rainbow Crewmate

      This isn't what I expected WHERE ARE MY FRIENDS

    95. gary strucke

      AMONG US

    96. Arindam Samanta


    97. LaDanyHD

      This was such a great video

    98. The OOF!

      This video alone makes me want *Bracelety* back.

    99. Ken Eldrich

      I knew it among us is the teletubbies

    100. elisa Opinaldo

      and X