President Lee Addresses the Nation and Santino Is Back! | Ep 36 | Bad Friends

Bad Friends

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    0:00 It's Andrew's Birthday
    12:05 Rudy ignores Bobby's feelings
    16:30 Erik Griffin for VP
    19:55 Bobby Addresses The Nation
    29:45 The Bank Robbery
    37:05 Andres' Tik Tok Doppelganger
    49:05 Andrew's Experience These Past 2 Weeks
    57:10 Rudy Sides with Khalyla
    1:00:17 Keith Richards and the Afterlife
    1:07:30 Top 10 Supermarkets
    1:16:00 Fish & Chips Yelp Reviews
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    1. Emma Jane

      last night. at 2am. so, technically, this morning.

    2. B

      "heary heary heary."

    3. —Saturn—

      I for one, after that rousing address from our fearless leader, have never been more proud to be an American.

    4. eat more meek

      The last 10 minutes of this episode is one of the most funniest things I’ve ever listened to.

    5. Ginger Baker

      Really bobby? A Sabian shirt??? Only sticks he ever used are the tiny asian ones for eating.. 🤣😘😘

    6. Luke Pruski

      bobby trying to be serious is amazing

    7. Retrogamer

      Fake sugar is not that bad for you

    8. Ryan Murphy

      Ranking the grocery’s stores is the most la thing they’ve ever done on the show

    9. Rob A

      Today last night at 2 in the morning do technically todsy

    10. Johnny G

      i want those figures,where can i get them?.. love you guys,you're the best

    11. Felipe Valdes

      Watching Santino rage while Bobby learns only fans is life lol 😂

    12. mushy

      Omg my bday is October 16th too! I never met anyone else with that birthday

    13. H Asclepius

      Never ever invite anyone ever, You two are what we are here for.

    14. H Asclepius

      Red Bull’s “Taurine” is an amino acid derived from Bull’s Bile juice. “Taurus”- is latin for Bull.

    15. Lennard

      I swear no American ever knows that there is a difference between a German man and an Austrian man.

    16. Pseudonym

      Bobby's animated character looks like Garfield turned Mexican

    17. Pseudonym

      I feel like the animated characters could look better. You guys shouldn't settle. They can look both better and more accurate.

    18. Geoff MacDonald

      I had no idea Gary Coleman died. Damn.

    19. A H

      bobby makes me laugh so hard... dear Loooord

    20. Tumi Mokopane


    21. 6dai


    22. kvela

      They really thought they can put an actual clip of Donald Trump addressing the nation and we would not notice?

    23. Erick Carriera

      Jesus christ I love these people

    24. Cecil Of Christmas Past

      Khamala was one of the least qualified and good running mates to have. It was 100% a social political move.

    25. SBOGT

      Santino can’t fool me. He’s hood af low key lol

    26. ozz

      This and your moms house are the best podcast ever..

    27. Joey P.

      Where did you guy's get the fish wallpaper? lol

    28. Johan Smallberries

      I love how almost 50 Bobby has a gaming crew with random kids.

    29. Shaina Short

      I have never laughed harder than I did for President Bobby Lee!!

    30. Sam McDermott

      Andrew repeating Bobby’s mispronounced words is the absolute best

    31. Katelyn

      Bobby and Bert should get sleep apnea machines together.

    32. Dalton Knorr

      "NATE...TOM" Holy shit Im dead

    33. Russian

      The wanting vessel maternally jump because switch remarkably bubble afore a permissible cloudy. deeply, ripe view

    34. JohnMikeMusic

      I like when they forget they’ve already talked about something then just make a completely different bit out of the same story

    35. Luke Strand

      Fun fact, when Andy sings the theme song to COPS at 34:28, he hits the same note as the original melody (A minor). Old perfect pitch santino!

    36. RIP DUCK

      they tell me i had bobos childhood but grew up to be more like cheeto. i tell them to shut the fuck up

    37. Morgan G

      Omfg, Bobby forgot Andrew's birthday and then eats his fucking cake...of all the things on this podcast, that fucking triggered me lol

    38. Pareesa Zaman

      can we please get a monthly president lee national address because that was amazing 😂

    39. Harrison muse

      Better help is a fluke

    40. Ayan Jafri

      Purposely staying a month behind on episodes so I never run out of new bad friends content >>>>>

    41. TMT 1

      Long episode I love when they show just the funny clips broken down haha

    42. Henry Vasquez

      “Ingrediences” lmao. I love Bobby so much

    43. Tony Richard

      I believe in coincidence. That's why, even though I had "Straight Outta Locash" from CB4 in my head right when I started this (for good reason), and then Andrew does the "I'm biggety-back and I'm back y'all" which is also from CB4 (except it's "black" not "back") I was only moderately mind-blown. This was probably not worth leaving a comment but it's what happened damnit!

    44. Tony Richard

      Bobby has now said who produced the first 4 talking heads albums twice now 😂. He’s running out of facts he knows

    45. Tony Richard

      I just binge watched episodes 1-36 this week and now that I'm up to date I feel lost and don't know what to do with my life... I miss you guys already.

    46. RedMcfly

      He was on MadTV! Translation: He had a running guest appearance on Cops

    47. SirNay

      Love that santino is back and healthy 🧡

    48. Gian Patelo

      Who here is crying-laughing at the beginning of the presidential address? XD

    49. Cristina

      Bobby really likes Cleopatra cos he’s always said he wants her on his heaven cloud 😂

    50. Lily Nico

      where can i buy those little dolls of them

    51. Lisa Steigerwald

      “You don’t wanna die in your sleep” That’s exactly the way I want to die.

    52. Justine Lombardo


    53. Brian Johnstone

      bobo is so funny,when he was talking about moping round the house lol,hilarious person,big santino fan too,,i love bad friends,such a break from a boring day sometimes

    54. weonlylaughhere

      I 100% stand by what bobby says about picking people based on skill. Despite Rudy actively expressing her disinterest with being a stand up, and then them telling her she's special before she's tried out anything yet. "Not everyone has skills, so stop trying to tell them they are special" while telling her she's special lol Sure she has potential, and I think they should keep prepping her up. But, not act like everyone else is stupid for doing the same. If I had kids id probs do the same

    55. shelbzilla

      eggs are $1/dozen in indiana lol

    56. kvela

      bobby didnt complete 1 sentence during his addressing. literally not one.

    57. Troy Cassidy

      Thai Red Bull is the shit

    58. Lvx Rose


    59. Gary Slater

      this is the best podcast i swear

    60. Çağrı Dinç


    61. Snazzy

      How come this show only has 200k subscribers but each episode gets half a million views

    62. RIP DUCK

      slamtino and blobby

    63. RIP DUCK

      bobbys face in this thumbnail is fucking with my dreams man.

    64. Kool Burn

      Bobby's shirt gets partly covered by the mic so you think it says "Satan" lol

    65. Kool Burn

      Sub, people!

    66. Si No

      Fancy laughing is fine.

    67. drew

      Was listening to this while driving and I thought I was hitting the textured pavement when Andrew was making the breathing machine sound

    68. John Henry Stamper

      This podcast came out on my birthday, too! Best gift ever. Happy birthday Andrew!!

    69. Garrett Jacques

      I can’t stand the constant chewing

    70. St4yDown

      It’s like Bobby just learned how to speak... purposely plays dumb and stutters and mispronounces words... super hack and a bit annoying but his improv skills are unmatched

    71. Heidy Ayala

      I'm over here shopping at El super and superior lmao

    72. nite shade

      Bobby is the worst "Bad Friend" I wish I had. I rewatch everything. I noticed that Bobby still didn't say "happy birthday" to his friend. He mashed the frosting off Andrews cake and ate it during Fancy Bean's plug while learning a new revenue stream for himself.

    73. MARKEDup97

      fuck man I have fond memories as a kid eating at that exact fish & chips spot and I fucking loved it. Y’all need to try it on the show it would be funny.

    74. omverse

      oh dip same bday club, and 200 million others lmao

    75. Joe Runge

      What I’m saying is is that

    76. DarkSun Angler

      seth green. 😂😂😂😂

    77. nickaleo7

      Bad Friends, please make a loop real of Bobby saying asks/aks 15:01

    78. Josh Bacon

      20:08 Santino- "look straight ahead.." as his head falls tf off 😂😂 maybe it's just me but that's gold

      1. Josh Bacon

        Speaking of 'a head' probably just too high

    79. Vick Minton

      "Oh I LOVE Malalala" - Bobby

    80. PF Films


    81. Leila Moss

      Bobby is triggering my child hood trauma around my passive aggressive step dad who would lay around depressed in the dark and when you ask him if he’s ok he yells at you and calls you a moron.

    82. Cooper Stellard

      Bobby you should never salute with your left hand fyi

    83. Megan Causey

      Santino's friend sleep talking reminds me of Will Ferrel in the office after his concussion

    84. Jeffrey Sheridan

      There's a Chinese noodle shop with donuts where I live!🤣😂

    85. David martins

      1:10:20 Gadrdrdrdiel gardrdria lmao my favorite part of this episode

    86. Kory Hubbell

      Andrew missed an opportunity to have his sleep-talking friend intentionally record a message to be played last in the lineup of Sleep Talk recordings. I don't know, something like, "George sucks!" I was honestly expecting that Andrew was actually just playing one of those backwards, and it was going to be played correctly to bash Bobby or George as a gag. Sorry, it's been a long global pandemic.

    87. CR D

      Cheeto: When Bobby stays up till 3-4 in the morning Bob: 6...6 am get your facts right LMFAOOOOO

    88. probably banana

      that address was like reading an article from the onion.

    89. Shen Liu

      Great episode!

    90. Dylan Alverson

      1:20:20 : "just gimme a kickflip there'll be no problem"

    91. Evan Williams

      you're right. i don't make my bed.

    92. BirdOfHermes83 D.

      * sigh! *

    93. Sir Kipzy

      Down here in the swamps of Florida we can get 12 eggs for like 56 cents at Aldis lmao

    94. Sheelah


    95. Conscious Cultivation

      so actually, bobby was correct towards the end when making fun of andrew saying that he would say, "oh that cost an arm , a leg, and a thigh" bc if we are talking anatomically correct...the leg is actually just every part of the lower extremity below the knee whereas everything above the knee is the thigh; the thigh is not included in the definition of leg. so bobby, unintentionally, made a smart.

    96. TysonSmithTV


    97. Albertc

      Is Liquid I.V. kinda like Brawndo? Because electrolytes is what I crave.

    98. S D

      Hey Bobby, where the fuck is Brooklynd?

    99. FoG ReneGxde

      Yo wanna colab

    100. 0shitferbrains0

      Santino tries so damn hard to be funny. He just doesn't have that spark. He s still doing those Asian voices, not cool. At least after yelling at the other comedian for doing it ...