Testing to See if Simp’s Crush is a Gold Digger Experiment! DID SHE GET EXPOSED LIVE?


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    1. Xx RecklezzxX

      “I give her money to buy food”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    2. Wunder Beast

      God damn it, this girl ain't good for my man Bhriss. P2isthename you made this girl look so cheap..Freaking Gold Digger

    3. Clips XD

      16:05 I see her face lols

    4. Luke Bensted

      She says she wants a hard working guy but little do they know she probably works minimum wage

    5. Jaxon Binmugobozi

      THE AIR POD!

    6. I Txllxn

      When imposter sus 😐

    7. Greasy Gaming

      16:05 seen her face

    8. Justin Parmer

      Can’t be a simp boys be a pimp

    9. ryanraw2

      You not tripping

    10. FROSS YT

      bro u cant talk sense into simps bro

    11. L I D A

      Yo bhriss needs to grow up bro😁

    12. FreeForStyle

      You are strong men

    13. Aero

      i feel so bad for the simp boys.

    14. Juan-Pablo Juan-Pablo

      Gold digger😱😱😱😱😱💰💰💰 gold digger💰💰💰😱😱😱😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😤😤😤

    15. saucyy_w3y

      Guys you guys are so dumb that was a door to a room in the house bro the camera is literally set up at the front door 18:05

    16. dembe kamara


    17. Jay

      Bro y

    18. Hinal_good_yt

      Bro not gonna lie bhriss should go to the barbershop for the eyebrow no hater shit

    19. Jaqen H'ghar

      Poor bhriss

    20. Jaqen H'ghar

      She doesn't want to build with him, she wants to move in

    21. Matt Bell


    22. John Banks


    23. Winston Green

      Bhrisssy ... imma subscribe my dude.

    24. James Crone

      Forget about her ....because in reality this saved you from a whole lot more heartache that was yet 2 come...no cap.

    25. James Crone


    26. James Crone

      I bet Asia was pissed...even though it's a prank ...but the type a girl she is

    27. James Crone

      Dont cry bro....she ain't the one.

    28. joe Martinez


    29. codey47

      me never dated a girl so i don't know how that feels :p

    30. ICY GORE

      how many times did he say sh1t lol

      1. CBS Newsꪜ

        16:05 pause it quick u can see her face LMAOOO

    31. Forex trading with Kito

      4:01 haha conceited

      1. CBS Newsꪜ

        16:05 pause it quick u can see her face LMAOOO

    32. Sai ホ

      P2: ‘’U Can’t do that bro’’ 😂😂😂

      1. CBS Newsꪜ

        16:05 pause it quick u can see her face LMAOOO

    33. Simply Smile

      I just feel like bhriss likes the wrong type of girls. Bhriss, just choose wisely. You're cool and handsome. Hopefully you'll end up with someone who's worth your effort. Just sayin. Cheesy but true.

      1. CBS Newsꪜ

        16:05 pause it quick u can see her face LMAOOO

    34. Chris Jayy

      why bhris so soft, bro needa step his pimpin up

      1. CBS Newsꪜ

        16:05 pause it quick u can see her face LMAOOO

    35. Vito Corleone

      Your friendship is more worth than all of my relationships combined.

    36. Bryc3n777

      briss acts like he can actually pull a girl like that. we all know a girl like that wouldnt stay with him LOL.

    37. Prox Fawn

      Bro where's don at

      1. CBS Newsꪜ

        16:05 pause it quick u can see her face LMAOOO

    38. BABY KANE

      P2 fam🤟🏾

    39. FC_Secret-_ Edwin

      Put it at 16:05 and you can see her face I bit

      1. CBS Newsꪜ

        16:05 pause it quick u can see her face LMAOOO

    40. MIN /Shemi

      If there's any girl out there who got a little humanity plz give him a chance plz

    41. King von


    42. Richi

      She missed out on someone who’s gonna make it really big one day 💯

      1. CBS Newsꪜ

        16:05 pause it quick u can see her face LMAOOO

    43. Alondra Ventura


    44. Alondra Ventura

      e e e e

    45. Triston Sieunarine

      Yes Bris now you see

    46. Cloud Leet

      Bro I feel bad for bhriss🥺🥺

    47. Vybz_load TV channel

      P2 bro

    48. TjDaGoat

      Dats real bro errybody need dat 1 solid friend on da look out

    49. cps53

      p2 is da man

    50. Monday Cooper-Wilson

      this had to be on the 29th

    51. Robby Wallace

      Most genuine youtuber out there I respect you 💯

    52. Mely Ortiz

      P2💰💰💰💰 es algo tigger pichu say never say

    53. Lazar_ Beam 2.0

      The spiderman miles Morales is paused

    54. Qrytex

      Dobt cry

    55. Morro Touray


    56. Hla Mim Aung

      like me my girlfirend, do me like this i'll hate so much crying and I want to die #

    57. Sma Super Mario Azriel

      P2: she is a gold digger Bhriss: she is not Ashley: p2 got the money, fuck bhriss

    58. Stevie G Morris

      Hey man you a great bro I need a friend like you

    59. Brandon Ang

      True love doesnt not come from money or material but from the heart with genuine feelings 💯 Stay real and work hard for yourself til the right person comes along. Stay focused and hustle til you drop 💯💯

    60. Xavier Clark

      Ashley for the streets

    61. Gerl Hinds

      Dude where is asia!😵

    62. Abdulahi Igal


    63. Raheem Thomas

      P2 is a real bro

    64. AveryBartieVIDEOS

      Get a woman that is a Goal Reacher, not a Gold Digger.

    65. Mike Marchand

      Your videos are awesome

    66. Joshua Boyer


    67. KTooNice4U

      bhriss is packingggggggg

    68. Nobis Entertainment

      Bhriss passed 100k subscribers ❤️

    69. Edwin Hayford

      I don't know why p2 even tries this guy's too stupid to live on this planet like 🤦🏿‍♂️..

    70. Bassmudwack The 1st

      Hold up was she driving in high heels????

    71. loverboy

      I feel sorry for him

    72. Ianeatscake

      Another reason why i prefer to die alone

    73. AnimeExpert

      I just want him to make it a little bigger😂😂🤣😂😂😂

    74. xwolfiex xxx

      This makes my neck hurt man

    75. Kristian Smith


    76. JaiUpNex

      p2 is the realest nigga

    77. Love_ Skateboarding

      plz don’t take serious keep up the good work i believe in u bhriss

    78. Love_ Skateboarding

      look likes it’s time to turn gay

    79. Ja'juan Vester

      11:12 everything your saying I’m the same way when it comes too a female

    80. Michael Lawson

      He saved Bhriss on his phone as BHRISS yt. Bruh

    81. MrTimTam

      I mean if he simp why he mad about that the mans a simp she don’t care if your considered a simp then she doesn’t care about you

    82. Aaryn Dory

      I feel that

    83. Hermicks


    84. Big Ray

      The most underrated gold digger

    85. Jayden Trusty

      U could see her face when he zoomed in

    86. GeneralAppeal

      Lol Ls are rolling in I’m dead

    87. Bobby Wiles

      I saw her alittle she look like a golddigger

    88. Pllitum

      16:05 face exposed

    89. NIEKE1234 Plays

      When I saw brish crying I was actually sad and almost crying 😭😭

    90. LlL_bling

      This always happenes to asian people like why like wtf🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

    91. leadercop9

      Lol hard to lose someone who u love Me : move on the next stage

    92. YeBoiCesar

      What’s her @

    93. Jeremy Escobedo

      Yo no cap bhriss looks like Rock Lee from Naruto

    94. Gratz

      16:05 you can see her face

    95. Teslazツ

      This dude been watching to much UDY

    96. Anthony Baeza

      U gotta pass the hos around while u getting bread never love these hos

    97. Anthony Baeza


    98. terryann stewart

      NOT WRONG P2

    99. Shawn Abela

      Don't worry bhriss I've been there😓🤜🤛

    100. Big Dilf Scheme

      bruh i need her @ 16:05 you can see her face, she baaaad