Surprising MY MOM with Something SPECIAL! SMC TV Ep.20:1

Scott Martin

19 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

    My mom was so surprised and so excited! I was blessed to spend the day with her doing something she loves!
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    1. James Mims

      So much fun with mom. I try to do that often

    2. Ben Cluster

      Awesome video. Momma puts it on em!!

    3. Kane Smith

      Let’s do a take me fishing

    4. Fishing DohaR

      Very good upload, Wonderful and great video.

    5. Brian Patrick

      The only thing that is better than a day on the water, is a day on the water with Mama 👍🏻

    6. Michelle Kious

      Loved the video we fish Lake O all winter but gonna have to come down in May to go bluegill fishing.

    7. Masked Deplorable

      Based fishing yesterday and only 1

    8. Ray C

      You look like your mamma. She's a sweetheart !

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

    9. Brody Loiko

      Scott if you don’t make a lyre called the Wally gopper I’m going to me mad

    10. feellnfroggy

      Lol, dude just make a clamp on running boards step for momma so you can take it off and on. Lol. Great vid

      1. Scott Martin

        That would be a good idea👊🏻


      Love it! And holy blue gill!

    12. APOFishing

      good day and good dinner all comes from mama because if mama isn't happy nobody is happy

    13. Ken Hester

      Really good video with your mom, way to go Scott.

      1. Scott Martin


    14. Bryan J. Smith

      That's just awesome!! Scott are you the only child.. I don't ever recall you speaking of other siblings

      1. Scott Martin

        I’m not I have a younger sister

    15. Michael Jackson-Rugs

      Awesome day with your Mom Scott. Enjoy the parents as much as you can.....I sure miss mine.. I look forward to the times I can get back down there and hope to fish with you again.

    16. Bassfisher78 !!

      Scott this video is just great!!! Nothing like catching memories brother!!!! Brings back memories of my grandmother and me fishing.

    17. John Higg

      U should check out any level lift .

    18. Sean Stephenson

      Every other sentence has to be a sales pitch!

    19. Bennie Maxwell

      Your mom seems like a sweetheart Scott. Cherish the time you have with her. I lost my mom a few years ago and I miss her so much. Watching this video brought back memories. Thank you

    20. GreenPig Hunter

      Wonderful video.

    21. Josh Puttkammer

      Haven’t heard that intro in a while

      1. Josh Puttkammer

        You should use it more often

      2. Scott Martin

        It’s definitely a throw back 😂

    22. Marcus Garcia

      I fish with my mom now that im closer to her. I love it so much. This morning she woke ME up to go fishing haha. I was surprised, you know i had to get up and go.

    23. Leroy sosa

      Scott brought me back a lot of memories I'm originally from Pahokee 2017 my mom got killed in a car accident my mom loves fishing coming from the country that's mostly what you do is fish and hunt just want to say thank you so much for this video really much appreciated spend a lot of time with Mom God bless you all as well as your family and friends all the way from Spain thank you so much

    24. yankeesfan1964

      Great video loved seeing your mama so excited about fishing.

    25. Bryan Hunter


    26. Rowdy Broomstick

      Little late to watch, did enjoy the family show! Merry Christmas from Lake Ouachita!

    27. Amusing BD

      Happy fishing day with mom. Keep it up

    28. Michael Quatrone

      Take her more often Scott! I miss my Mom as she passed away with cancer so enjoy every minute you have with her!!

    29. Jesse Hillis

      This was by far one of my favorite episodes your mother is one cool lady,and man can she fish!!!

    30. John Fleming

      Your parents raised you right...son! 😎

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you 👊🏻

    31. Carver Hall

      I saw this on tv and thought it was awesome your my favorite fisherman

    32. Trent Van Nieuwburg

      I can see were Scott got his hook set from now.

    33. Mark Whitten

      loved this

    34. Andrew Phoa

      That was awesome seeing you fish with your Mom!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you!! It was special day

    35. Fishing with Jim

      Your a lucky man. I wish I could see my momma. I'm in Florida living and working and shes in California. My mom is under at home hospice care. I cant even afford to fly down to see her. What I wouldn't give to spend a day fishing with her. I love you momma

    36. bendin tips and ripin lips

      Thats what its all about man. Blessed Memories!

      1. Scott Martin


    37. Cristian Vega

      Sir can you flip with braid

    38. J B

      great vid,,,, wonderful memories...

    39. J B

      mary ann's wally gopper baits..... perfect...LOL

      1. Scott Martin


    40. Michael Pollard

      Your mom catching better quality fish then you scott 🤣

      1. Scott Martin


    41. Edward Reidt

      Scott It was great seeing your Mother with you in this Video, The memories made today are fantastic, I also like when you and your Daughter fish with each other , Merry Christmas to your Mom and your family

      1. Scott Martin

        Merry Christmas

    42. EliteGB

      For those who still have there mama we are so blessed! Take yo mama fishing "in style"! No words! Special moments you'll never forget! Great video Scott! 🙏

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you!!

    43. theodore Dow-man

      Everyone should spend as much time with their family as tolerable. When they're gone, they're gone.

      1. Scott Martin

        So true

    44. Mike over cash

      Those are some nice fish 🐟 👌

    45. Larry Benson

      This is great! My mom used to love fishing crappie and bluegill too. I miss those days.

    46. George Neckrock

      This was a beautiful video. My mom's gone now she loved fishing. Wonderful !

      1. Scott Martin

        So sorry..thank you

    47. Jim Snyder

      You are truly blessed. Love you Mom and Dad.

    48. Jason Godfrey

      Yes. Been waiting on these! Its my Birthday Thursday so Hook Me Up Scott!!! lol

      1. Scott Martin

        Happy Birthday!!

    49. Jed Steelwell

      Momma got some skills! She's a Martin!! Could of got a fish fry going with those pan fish.

    50. Leslie Tincher

      I love it. Now I want my mom to catch a bass.

    51. Alton Coker


    52. Mark Ecklund

      Mary Ann needs her own private footman for the war wagon, Scott!!

      1. Scott Martin



      Beautiful, loved this vid

    54. BassAddict717

      I absolutely love taking my mom fishing! It's the best times and something I will never forget. You only get so much time with your mommas and I try and spend as much time as I can with her. Awesome episode Scott!!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you!!

    55. Derrick House

      I'd love to do this with my mom, but then she would have to go out with my brother on his boat because he'd get jealous lol. First she would have to overcome her fear of water.

    56. Monster's Maddness

      Your mom is adorable. Nice job big man. Nothing better than taking care of your mom.

      1. Scott Martin


    57. Cameron Carter

      Good stuff great video

    58. johnny saechao

      It’s awesome to fish with ur mom and she enjoys every bit of it!👊👊

    59. Richard Bumpus, CJF

      Thanks for bringing back the bream memories. I grew up with a cane pole, quill bobber, hook and a split shot and a length of line. We used crickets for bait and carried them in these bottle sized cages on our belt. My Dad lived for it! Later in life when I got into bass fishing, I already new how to flip. My grandmother caught big fish all day long with just a cane pole, sitting on the bank, in one spot. She new what species of fish she had on her line by the way the bit. Great memories 👍🎄🇺🇸

      1. Scott Martin

        You’re welcome

    60. Ra Lo

      Good stuff Scott! 🎄👊🏼💯

    61. TheJtaylor000

      That’s one of your best right there Scott. Way to go. Now she needs to go fishing with TheReelHilarySue.

    62. Taxidermy Mark

      Best video of the year!!! Loved it buddy

    63. Patricia Guenzler

      Awesome Scott just made us all happy thanks for the video

    64. Johnny Helems

      I wish you allowed small dog I would come down every year fish

    65. Dr. Hambone

      Nothing better than a fishing trip with your family Great fishing y'all

    66. Randy Arnhart

      Roland married a beautiful woman, that's for sure.

    67. Brent Allen

      The Crappie Queen of Clewiston. I believe that is what your dad called your mom when they went Crappie fishing on your dads tv show about 25 years ago.

      1. Scott Martin

        That’s exactly right

    68. Dj Willie D Wilcox

      Best time of the year to catch them bluegill's on Okeechobee.. they be every where

    69. Ken Rodman

      I gotta tell you Scott your mom is one of the nicest hardest working Ladies. I've stayed at the cabins for the last 10 years

      1. Scott Martin


    70. Rogbass

      Great. Now I can’t stop saying Wolly Gopper.


      Scott you won not by fishing but by the fun and time with your mom


      not hydraulics but ooo airbags air bag the new truck? Not a low rider but softer ride. So when you hook up inflate the bags no cranking. Yea after your boat is hooked raise the wheel jack up. Don’t forget I left my address for some baits always said you gots too much. Plus bass pro was sold out. If not no biggie

    73. Luke Smith

      Hey Scott. Just curious, are you still doing guide trips?

      1. Scott Martin

        I am not right now

    74. Rogbass

      I’ll take 5 Wolly Goppers various colors please. And in both sizes. The Mega Momma and the Mini Momma. Thank you. Hahahaha. Great video man.

      1. Scott Martin



      I like that catching memories

    76. Mark Webb

      Good video wish I had my mom to take fishing....

      1. Scott Martin


    77. Dustin Tyler

      Is it me or does scott look like he is getting younger as his youtube career grows lol

    78. Reel Journey

      I heard rumors momma's the best angler in the family. Nice to see it's true. Nice job Momma!

      1. Reel Journey

        @Scott Martin the skills are evident

      2. Scott Martin


    79. Jason B

      Love to see fishing video with Roland and Mary Ann. All im saying is the fish better watch out.

    80. Roger Young

      I lost my Mom when I was 50. It was very unexpected. I miss her a lot. Cherish every moment with her that you can and TAKE HER FISHING

      1. Scott Martin

        😔 I will

    81. Joe Gerossie

      That’s awesome man, jealous you get your mom out there fishing! And momma can catch em! 👊🏻

    82. Basketball Highlights

      Her Hookset is better than yours. You got to step up your game

    83. James Blanton

      Hard to beat a mess of bluegills on the plate as well

    84. PB Hunting&FISHING

      I literally watched this on my dvr today

    85. Russell Morris

      Scott not only did I enjoy it but I loved it. My mom is my fishing partner and the one who got me into fishing. I saw yall have the same love that we have. Like you said, "Its about catching memories today." Thank you so much for sharing this. Made my heart smile.

      1. Scott Martin

        You’re welcome Russell

    86. Richie _k_68

      What a great Son spending time with your Mom and honoring her for all she’s done .🙏🏼🙏🏼🎣🎣

    87. A Mas.0

      You guys need your own show. Your mom is great on camera

    88. Mikey Outdoors

      This video is just plain awesome Scott I enjoyed every minute of it much love brotha!!!

    89. Fishing MW

      I think this is my 4th or 5th time seeing this episode. Lol

    90. John m

      That's an old fish n mom ! Sets the hook better than scott ! Lol got to love mom ! Their the best wallygopper ! Ever !

    91. Ronnie Worthy

      Great show and marry Christmas to you all and happy new year from all of us from Georgia

    92. Ken Piere

      One of my best days was bluegill fishing with my Mom. Good memories. Thanks for sharing Scott.

    93. George Quinn

      Im A Big Fan of you and your Family, I lost My Mom in October and this tuged at My Heart ❤ and I love how Humbel the Martin Family is and Hope to Visit yalls Cabins down in the Keys next year with my Girls and Hopefully run into you or Your Pops it would be the Greatest..

    94. Mechele Dawson

      Love the names momma gives to your baits, you need to patten some for your new designs!

    95. wildlife explorers

      This series brings back so many memories of the old videos , when you challenged Randal Tharp and Jacob Wheeler and catching mega bags. Those were some awesome videos. Great to see you brought ot back Scott. Have been waiting for it. Keep up the great work

    96. John Weiss

      Moms got game,,,,

    97. wd8n

      Y’all caught a ton of memories for sure. Thank you Scott for making your moms day. You’ll never know how much that meant to her until your daughter takes you out years from now. Great movie, absolutely seen enjoyment in both of you Merry Christmas my friend

    98. Kevin Grace

      Great video. I love seeing you do videos with your mom and dad and all your family. Those times are the best. Scott i was wondering how to you clean and cook the bluegill?

    99. Ryan hertzer

      I love watching him fishing with his mom I wish mine would come but me and my dad go all the time

    100. Spinner Bait

      Cherish that time. I use to take my mom fishing and she really enjoyed it. I've met your mom several times at the marina, she's great.