Evaluating the top NFL prospects at the Senior Bowl | Keyshawn, JWill and Zubin

ESPN College Football

10 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

    Todd McShay joins Keyshawn, JWill and Zubin to evaluate the top prospects at the Senior Bowl ahead of the 2021 NFL Draft.
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    1. Tanaka Sigauke

      I wish the senior bowl was high scoring like a ncaa game

    2. youngmurk100

      Everyone in bama except me 😂 i was telling ppl he was better than tua his sophomore year trust and believe sum already knew about mac

    3. shawn simmons

      Mac Jones is another product of having the best players around him no Bass QB has ever had a good career even Tua looks very weak now when he has to play with equal talent lol they trading Tua after 1 year

      1. HawtCookie

        I mean yes I would agree with that but Tua has a lot of upside like accuracy. Also don’t judge him after just 1 year.

    4. Emiliano Del Rio

      You forget Sam Ehlinger guys

      1. A. D. Jenkins


    5. Nmc Tc

      If they can manage to do a senior bowl why couldnt they do a combine. Makes no sense

    6. Caleb DeCoteau

      This sounds like an infomercial for Mac Jones. But wait... Theres MORE!!!

    7. Demetrius Pate

      He didn’t get weighed and measured due to what you and other people think. That you have to be big and etc to be elite which is not true. Johnson wasn’t all that with my cowboys....

    8. Kenny.B US.ArmyWarrior3275

      Mac will make a great Pro.. He will surprise people in the NFL

    9. Stephen Kaufer

      Mac Jones - almost never looks past his first read Tua Tagovailoa - struggled mightily. Jalen Hurts - not good Jake Coker - terrible Blake Sims - terrible AJ McCarron - terrible Greg McElroy - terrible John Parker Wilson - terrible When will teams stop wasting draft picks on Bama QBs? When you are behind an NFL OL and have all day to throw to NFL WRs or hand off to NFL RBs, you do not have to be a great QB.

      1. Bill P


      2. rishabh shah

        I completely agree with you...that's what I've been saying from the beginning...Mac Jones is gonna end up being a back-up QB at most.

      3. Magnificent

        @Brandon Honestly lol, there only true hope to pan out in the NFL was Tim Tebow and he wasn’t motivated enough lol. So there greatest QB of all time to play in the NFL was Rex Grossman 😂. At least we had Joe Namath lol

      4. B

        Someone’s upset

      5. Brandon

        Spoken like a true Florida man

    10. Greg Simmons

      Did that man just say Tua Tagovailoaninja?

    11. ツFluffers

      Daddy Mac ‼️

    12. Fridge Cold

      Roll Tide Roll

    13. Sarah Lloyd

      MAC is the real deal!

      1. Magnificent

        @Stephen Kaufer Just wait until the Dolphins get some help around Tua, then we’ll see who has the last laugh. Plus no one before Jalen Hurts should’ve been in the NFL, Bama QB’s before that were game managers

      2. Stephen Kaufer

        Like all the other Bama QBs before him? LOL

    14. Graterol Über Alles

      yo whats up so basically im part of a group called Über Alles. Its a sports (mainly baseball fans) group and we want to get some more members. We have fun and upload vids relating to sports and we support our fav players. We would like you to join if you can plz. we are not bots btw lol

    15. Jogers

      So basically “Evaluating Alabama Players Only At The Senior Bowl”

      1. aaron short

        Why not BAMA has the best players by far in almost every position, that was proven by winning the national championship and all the prestigious individual awards for the players, that's never been done by one team in history RTR

    16. tmaxjesse

      get woke go broke espn