(여자)아이들((G)I-DLE) - '화(火花)(HWAA)' (Choreography Practice Video)

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    (여자)아이들((G)I-DLE) - '화(火花)(HWAA)' (Choreography Practice Video)
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    1. isimbulamadım 3

      Aman allahım

    2. BAnANA IcE crEaM LoRL

      0:54 Shuhua and Soyeon's size difference xd

    3. o la

      슈화랑 민니 개예쁘네 민니는 저머리 잘어울려서 더 이뻐보여

    4. Ashton Renae

      I just absolutely adore the dance they do during the last 10 seconds lol it's so cute and fits so we'll

    5. isim bulamadım 2#soojinbestgirl

      Aşırı güzel

    6. Hà An Nguyễn


    7. WinWin is Queen

      Noooo Soyeon is so tiny 😭😭😭

    8. Minnie Saranghae

      Minnie's fashion sense is just fabulous they all did really well congrats on 10 Trophy's for HWAA G-IDLEEEE 💖💜

    9. Alessia Calamari

      Someone tell Miyeon she's being rude

    10. Beyza Ocak

      OMG BOP

    11. Uchiha Avenger

      Why is Miyeon always in the back? While everyone blocks her. :(

    12. Bhawna Bhawna

      I am blink and sorry to be rude but soeyeon with her dress look so funny and also very short when shuhua overlapping her

    13. 나는야여겸


    14. Leandro Yuki

      Brazil its gere❤️ 🇧🇷

    15. Rangel Alatiit

      it feels like Shuhua is the lead dancer

    16. fybi qwsa

      Amo mal como soyeon ta chikita

    17. Lucy Xu

      I've been loving the vibes this comeback, and I've just done a cover of this with bright red hair in the middle of winter haha. I would really appreciate it if you guys checked it out!

    18. mika aissou

      Give shuhua more lines

    19. rose.x.perrty


    20. J P

      I am not sure I love this choreography because one member is always covered up or in the back. I know it’s harder to do a kpop choreography formation with an even number of members but still. Love this song I think it’s one of my favorite g idle songs yet.

    21. ashwaq


    22. Ross

      No sé ustedes pero yo no puedo dejar de ver a Shuhua 😍

    23. efe baran


    24. 김예빈


    25. Lonely Potato

      (G)I-DLE: Let’s all wear black and remind each other because black is for talented idols and we’re queens anyways. Queen Jeon Soyeon anyways once said, “We are the best of this generation, no one can stop us.” And that’s very much true, especially for 4th gen.

    26. Doğa

      in 01:15, they are actually standing like 火 character which means fire in Chinese. And they also sing it at that moment. HOW GENIUS

    27. dance 별

      그러고 보니 이번 화에서는 가사에 영어가 하나도 없네요???

      1. 냥멍


    28. Bush Pham

      Does anyone know where I can find Soyeon pants? They are so cute!!!!

    29. Bly Manor

      we should see more Soojin in ponytail.. xd

    30. Fabián Hrdz


    31. Eduarda Silva

      0:34 BOLSONARIO

    32. K L

      Shuhua stand out so much 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺She's so incredible And her moves are so elegant at 2:57

    33. K L

      Shuhua stand out so much 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺She's so incredible And her moves are so elegant at 2:57

    34. Seo Soojin수진


    35. Seo Soojin수진


    36. Golden Panda

      shuhua's hair

    37. irem aygn

      Let's hit 3million

    38. Mavela acuña


    39. SomniaLand

      ¡que belleza de coreo! I love (G)I-DLE

    40. winter's angel karina's angeli çok seviyor

      İam so proud of minnie her dance is so clean!!

    41. Namie Meez

      Miyeon's hair style forever iconic x

    42. for YOU

      중간중간 발 딱딱 맞는거 진짜 쾌감 장난 아니야😇 우리 애들 분명 6명인데 왜 발소리는 하나야?? 오늘도 이 네버랜드는 들부심 뿜뿜💝 진짜 이 동영상에서 벗어나지 못해...

    43. Eduardkobain

      I clicked for Soyeon

    44. _ oii_415

      새삼 멤버들 목소리 전부 특이해서(?) 좋다 근데 어느 한 명 튀지 않고 서로 잘어울려

    45. ab cd

      소연이 저바지 소화하는거 실화냐 ㅋㅋ 내가입으면 할머니 바지일듯

    46. UltimateFashionist

      idk why but the part at 3:07 onwards is so iconic

    47. ธวัชชัย เผือกผ่อง


    48. Vennichan

      Soojin’s bear pants are so cute 😭

    49. h a n a k o

      cube, ibamos bien, le habias dado las minimas lineas que shuhua merecía, y ahora la cagaste, estas perdiento a tus talentos, solo no quiero que pase lo mismo que a elkie

      1. Karmx Editions

        Es Shuhua quien elige que lineas cantar, lo dijo en una entrevista. :(

    50. Alexa O

      i love whatching their dance practice vídeos, they really enjoy their choreos and songs! and so i'm i haha

    51. 오월

      아니 우리 땃쥐 너무 웃기네 ㅋㅋㅋ 곰돌이 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 개굡다 우기야 삭발가자..^_^

    52. Chand Mia

      Soojin and shuhua they look really beautiful and they match too

    53. Christopher Chandra

      I hate to say but, they could be a reason CLC abandoned by CUBE

      1. elaineaen

        @Christopher Chandra great now gtfo idle's channel. stream clc song or whatever

      2. Christopher Chandra

        @elaineaen well, I'm very grateful if they disbanded, so they don't need to be suffered anymore

      3. elaineaen

        @Christopher Chandra anyway keep crying they'll disband soon

      4. elaineaen

        @Christopher Chandra cube: why should we spend our time and money for a group who doesn't bring money, when we have a very successful one. it's reality, clc flop idle not

      5. Christopher Chandra

        @elaineaen clc is not a failure, all groups have same value, same degree

    54. BLACKPINK_ 2

      OMG 😍😍😍

    55. YamimNissi

      Others: *Let's wear long sleeves and don't tell Miyeon*

    56. 김훈민

      소연이 수면잠옷 편해보인다ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    57. Galarian Tundras

      I made my own Dance to this

    58. koo

      Lo malo de esta coreografía es que termina

    59. Matthew Lei

      Shuhua claiming the main dancer role lol

    60. Rodrigo

      Miyeon steals My heart!

    61. Carla Yulia

      I'm only a bts fan but wow these girls are unbelievable amazing

      1. Chaeyeong Park

        Actually you are not the only one

    62. 비공개


    63. Shania Azmi

      I was like ::: which one is shuhua

      1. Rizu Chan

        The one with open long black hair

    64. JAMS with KOOKIE & TEA

      Probably the most satisfying part 3:11

    65. للوش للوش

      Minnie's dance, outfit, body, hair, vocal, visual, everything is perfect

    66. lum Alum

      When the fisrt chrous minnine is in the back but do not cover but in second chrous miyeon just coverd by yuqi i think its not unfair. Sad for miyeon

    67. 정서영

      소연님 바지 잠옷같아 ㅋㅋㅋ 춤 봐야지하면서 자꾸 바지를 쳐다보고 있냐고 ㅋㄱㄲ

    68. lum Alum

      The dance break is too short i want more.:(

    69. munm

      아 진짜 너무 멋지다..

    70. S.J44 4

      I became a fan this comeback and shuhua caught my attention her moves are so clean and I really like her voice

    71. Thayná Belarmino da silva.

      Numa parte eu entendo direitinho bolsanariô 🤣🤣🤣🤣 cade os br?

    72. bikyeo

      It was my day 14 of doing this choreo but I only got the chorus part.😬

    73. rockerchu

      I know Shuhua won't read this and even if she did it's in English, but I'm so proud of her in this dance. There are so many elements of traditional Chinese dance and she just shines so much. I get captivated by how smooth and flowing her movements are.

    74. 김부각

      3:07 여기 진짜 너무 좋아ㅜㅜ 꽃잎이 휘날리는 것 같기도 하고 불꽃이 일렁이는 것 같기도 하고,, 가슴이 막 아련해지고 뭉클해지는 느낌

    75. A•_ MÃÑHĒr

      Let's all wear sleeves and not tell miyeon

    76. Alefiya Zaveri

      Soyeon looks like a swag criminal in that beanie (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

    77. Seannnyuu

      2:15 that part is so satisfying

    78. telephaty

      La mejor coreografía de las chicas

    79. Eto' ́


    80. Eto' ́

      Soyeon 🥰💕

    81. lil bean

      idk if its yuqi or her stylist but she always gets put in loose clothing. every time unless its a performance, even then she always gets ones that cover her whole figure. idk im mad cuz her figure is sooo nice sure mayb she aint as curvy or skinny but thats literally her built (abit like ryujin) thrs ntg to change that. we've seen her is clothing thats embraces her figure n holy she looks gorgeous ;-; shes literally always wearing cardigaor sweaters or jackets in variety

    82. Magaret S

      미연 = 엘프 등장!♡ 소연 = 천재 개멋있어! 슈화 = 청순 복숭아♡ 수진 = 독보적인 섹시미 우기 = 단발 진짜 최고♡ 민니 = 역시 민니.....기대를 저버리지 않음...!! 내 마음속의 아이돌ㅠㅠ팬은 아니지만 늘 응원해요.. 다들 건강하고 아프지 마요~

    83. yeonbin love cute

      1:06 miyeon dance cool love

    84. MY eyes BLINKED ONCE so I became a MIDZY

      Why someone is so ˢᵐᵒˡ here

    85. Aleksandra Molduano-Przychodzka

      Why does it look like soyeon is wearing pyjamas!?!?!?

    86. Hülya Ercan Saricoban

      dear g ıdle fans pls keep stream dance practice vıdeo

    87. 김돌돌

      슈화랑 수진 춤선 진짜 돋보적이다..

    88. huangrnjnnn_

      (G)i-DLE slayin' non-neverlands and neverlands left n' right.

    89. 카직카직

      남성분이 커버한 영상보고 왔습니다:)

    90. chxrrysoyaa

      (g)1-dle: lets all wear long sleeves and not tell miyeon

    91. 엇쪄라구여

      발소리 딱딱 맞는거 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 연습 얼마나 한구야 ㅠㅠ

    92. SOVANNA movies

      EVERYTHING about (G)I-DLE is UNIQUE!

    93. Shelby High

      Is it just me or 1.25x speed is 🔥🔥🔥💯😍

    94. بايمون فخر الجيل الرابع

      *تعليق ٥٠٠٠😭*

    95. andrea


    96. Diamo's Xx

      Omg this choreography is just amazinggg

    97. Chira

      is anyone else bothered by the fact that it always looks like the choreo is meant for 5 members when the 6th one is hidden in the back? The choreo is great, and I love all gidle songs, but it's like an eye-sore whenever I see one member purposely being hidden from view lol

      1. dev k

        Same for every even number grps

    98. 湯淑媛


    99. Maricela Belen

      Yeah 차디찬 한겨울이 덮친 듯 yeah 시간은 다 얼어버리고 잔인한 그 바람이 남긴 듯한 어둠은 더 깊어 버리고 벗어나리오 끝없이 펼쳐진 기약 없는 계절을 지워내리오 뜨겁지 못한 날들에 홀로 데인 흉터를 큰불을 내리오 이 내 안에 눈물이 더는 못 살게 난 화를 내리오 더 화를 내리오 잃었던 봄을 되찾게 차갑게 부는 바람이 눈이 하얗게 덮인 마음이 아침이 오면 부디 모두 녹을 수 있게 ooh 불을 지펴라 화 타올라 타올라 화 꽃피우리라 화 타올라 타올라 화 꽃피우리라 Yeah 내 너의 흔적 남지 않게 하리 못다 한 원망도 훨훨 타리 쓸쓸한 추위를 거둬 가길 남겨진 시들은 꽃길을 즈려 밟지 한을 풀리라 다시금 봄을 누리라 추억은 모조리 불이 나 거름이 돼 찬란한 꽃을 피우리라 난 화를 내리오 더 화를 내리오 잃었던 봄을 되찾게 차갑게 부는 바람이 눈이 하얗게 덮인 마음이 아침이 오면 부디 모두 녹을 수 있게 ooh 불을 지펴라 화 타올라 타올라 화 꽃피우리라 화 타올라 타올라 화 꽃피우리라 끊어진 인연의 미련을 품에 안고, 안고 시렸던 시간을 나를 태워간다 화 화 화 불을 지펴라 꽃피우리라 lyrics hwaa

    100. Maricela Belen

      hwaa burn burn hwaa flower hwaa burn burn hwaa flower english