AMONG US but IN REAL LIFE!! (Imposter IQ 999)


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    Hi! I’m Brandon Awadis and I like to make dope vlogs, pranks, reactions, challenges and basketball videos. Don’t forget to subscribe and come be a part of the BrawadSquad!

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    1. Lili’s Corner

      You can just TELL NOUR IS A SNOWFLAKE

    2. Luis Barrera

      At first i thought these videos were dumb till i actually watched now i cant stop they all entertaining

    3. ittssnessa

      Phoenix Nix lmaooo

    4. Lesly Mejia


    5. Ivan Canahui Chun

      Stop now

    6. Ivan Canahui Chun


    7. judy Rios


    8. Black pink

      Just enjoying my tacos 🌮 while watching this masterpiece 🤩✨

    9. Leah Morris

      Favorite video

    10. Leah Morris

      This is tooooo funny omg 💀😭😭😭💀💀😭😭

    11. Zinhle Dladla

      These imposter real life games are hilarious. I'm outchea at McDonald's in China Xi'an laughing my ass off and they all looking at me as if I'm crazy.

    12. Lexus Ochoa

      Brian yelling “how am I sus”🤣🤣

    13. Vc Wave

      who is here after all he is going thru

    14. Logicat-

      nour is so bad at being an imposter, she literally overreacted every time they accused her

    15. Jacob Reyes

      becuse they voted u and u whaer a impodster

    16. Emily Gutierrez

      this stufff is SUS

    17. Adeen Rashid

      Yu really got to stop putting kaytlin in all the vids like no one likes her let’s be obvious.😤🤬lol

    18. Pixi

      Brandon is so annoying

      1. Santiago Ortega

        @Pixi yea it is

      2. Pixi

        @Santiago Ortega it’s not a opinion

      3. Santiago Ortega

        No one asked for ur opinion

    19. Daniel Colesio

      FaZe rug made YOU

      1. Daniel Colesio

        @Santiago Ortega i wuz jp bro

      2. Santiago Ortega

        Dude stop watching this if u don't like him

    20. Bryan Herrada

      All bc rug made a among us vid and it went viral now every fucking KGupr is doing the same vid 🤬

    21. Collin Sprague

      lower the voices or im unsubscribing

      1. Santiago Ortega

        No one cares

    22. NBA 2K With the life of Marcus Wilcox

      Anthony I’m an alcoholic!

    23. Pa Her

      last game who kill Anthony? I saw no one touch Anthony and she just reported, confused.

    24. Emaan Fatima

      Brandon is such a good player

    25. Ulgy Ulgy

      I join this but when they say yess ir that’s annoying

    26. Connor Dankan

      Bradon is big brains

    27. TTV_Shaina Garcia


    28. Justin Joes

      People:sus ooo thats a cool word to say hey ur sus hey ur sus crewmate:wht did we do huh

    29. Mohamed Muse

      I am enjoying these among vids too:)

    30. Heavy Metal Kitten

      Anthony is such an alcoholic

    31. Dalya Shaban

      Why do I feel like jay is like 14 years old?

    32. Gavyn Syth

      Yesy sir

    33. Charlie Talbot

      Real life among us videos are the best

    34. Eddie Eddie

      Nour is such a beautiful girl 😍😍

    35. Makhdoom Taha

      I dont know how but how does jessica look so beautiful and cute in everything

    36. Krishna Dutta

      16:09 srsly 1 impostor blaming another...

    37. psv shashank

      kealyn and brain are imposters man


      U didn’t use faze or rug in ur name


      Brawadis u r a real one

    40. Isabella G

      *do another one of these , Brawadis ❤️🤟🏼 ! you are so funny in these types of videos , and I just love how you are determined and don’t play around in this game 💪🏼🤣 . you don’t f around 🤣❤️ much luvvv 💓*

    41. Digkmo kyi

      I love the scene the brain dead and there love was so nice

    42. Andrew Harrison

      Y you point middle finger?

    43. Emily Cabrera

      Y’all guys always make me Laugh 😂 I always enjoy watching ur videos and I whant y’all to make a pr2 pls among us in real life!!🙏🏼😁😄

    44. Ruth Martinez



      I like how in the backround of the second game 1st emergency meeting you can see Anthony drinking in the reflection of the fireplace

    46. Stephen Curry

      I like how when someone call a meeting it says, dead body reported when there no dead body

    47. Marlow Rodriguez

      Plz make more of these types of videos

    48. Mason Campbell

      Imagine copying your own brothers video idea

    49. F4TE -Hyper12

      I like ya cut g

    50. Ash Scol

      Lol I love these

    51. Esmeralda Olaguez

      me seeing antony drinking👁️👄👁️

    52. Louise Jackson

      Yeah I love these videos

    53. CrazyK100

      if ur reading this do ur work !

    54. Godspeed


    55. FaZe Crawf

      On the last round they pissed me off when they voted Brandon it was obviously nour😂 but brawadis keep it up bro your a goat

    56. Angel may

      the start of the last rounnd be like: YeSsIr

    57. Aaron Moorlag

      I don’t like junior

    58. darin

      Anothny is always the imposter

    59. Jamie Lee Ashton

      Love this game ☺️

    60. David Li

      If only two crewmate imposter win bruh

    61. Mina Alrawi

      I like how they argue so much

    62. Hosanna Cupid

      Did anyone realize Brian did a task when he was an imposter........... but it's ok everyone makes mistakes 😀😀😀😀😀

      1. Marilyn Pedroza Rodriguez

        that’s how you fake tasks. he did the task but he did it WRONG. that’s how you play irl. you fake tasks by doing them wrong you idiot

    63. Rxndom

      Jackie a imposter

    64. Jackie’s Vlog life

      Stop says they make out that is rude stop exposing them like that❤️❤️

    65. Rick Meyers

      Love this game!

    66. Ace Family Fan page

      That 2nd round gave me so much anxiety thank god Kaelyn voted Jess

    67. Haleema Kawu

      You guys were not supposed to vote out Noah till another round u had to call emergency meeting again that’s wrong

    68. K

      They needed to do another round smh

    69. JxviFN

      Brandon sounds like he got rona😂

    70. Tony zhinin

      Anyone else find Brandon annoying at times?

    71. Antonio Ruiz

      When Caitlin said it was a game it hooked like she was drunk

    72. Mike Geary

      this is so good

    73. Itzsoler Light

      Ur anyoneing

    74. Itzsoler Light

      Brandon shut up

    75. YFNDEE

      They not 6 feet apart💀

    76. Vpm t

      “Copy and paste” rug

    77. Chrxs

      Brandon, Anthony, and Justin are the best crewmates 😂

    78. Mason Black


    79. Joker Game

      If the imposter was going to win I was going to flip out

    80. R Murray

      make a vid with faze

    81. Bman

      Jess 200IQ

    82. abel vela

      Rug is so obvious. Smh 1st he said he's not voting anyone cuz its too early, then Brandon chooses Jay and he was quick af to choose jay too, and he never does that when he's a crew mate

    83. Brando Hernandez

      New house

    84. Angie Alvarado

      Literally every video Anthony always has to scream to Brian and Kaelyn “YOU GUYS MAKE OUT EVERYDAY!”

    85. Mattea Marquez

      Am I the only one that doesn't like nour like she's always a bitch in rugs and Brandon's

    86. Jayden Granado



      Wrong clinton they have finished the game

    88. xI_MaziKeen_Ix

      Awsome Changing Air horn to Whistle it's Definitely an improvement to the Fail of the Air horn Not working, Now for a better Video Make the Kills more Deadly Not a Pansy Arse poke mix it up with rubber Knives where impostors stab Repeatedly in the chest or slit the throat from behind to Make it more Exciting/Scary, 3rd Make the Talking Way Shorter it's way to Long and the Bloke that Likes to talk in Doing this will give him less time to Convince people. Crew Mates Won Every round because that Bloke is A Big Mouth, likes to Talk and Talks over people He's Very Loud Awsome He's Energetic But Yer he Likes to be in the Center of it

    89. Pretty Boi Flacko

      19:38 - 20:00 destroyed me😂😭

    90. Ree Jesus

      Brandon never lets anyone talk ahaha that’s how the crew mates win good job brandon anhh

    91. Josue Sales

      You're my favorite KGupr

    92. Spinxo Othman

      If Nour and Jessica double killed Brandon and Anthony they could have won

    93. Brandon Calderon


    94. Stars

      @19:50 how did Justin not see that 😂😂😂😂 Jessica was so smart with that 😂😭

    95. Stars

      6:17 When Rug walks in 😂😂😂😂 this is video is funny and when Brandon was taking about the story about Jess 😂🤣

    96. Jayleen Felix

      😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣ha ha

    97. abigail sahadeo

      jessi haha

    98. Azizbek Kabilov

      kaelyn has a tatoo on her back

    99. John Lucca


    100. Wolfy Pup

      how is it that you voted out two people out in one meeting theres only supposed to be one voted out

      1. ben deliso

        Shut up