I wore Rock Lee's leg Weights for TWO WEEKS, did I get faster???

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    I've been waiting 17 years for the chance to make Rock Lee's leg weights so I can finally answer the question: would they actually make me faster?
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    1. Allen Pan - Sufficiently Advanced

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      1. Don Kanonji

        Awesome content bro.. I do think if you had do like 10-15 minutes on a treadmill I think your results would have been way better

      2. Bushra Maan

        Love ur channel pls reply?

      3. Han FuJIN

        Of course it ia work, but not as speed on anime

      4. Changing Spiritually

        What types of shoes are you wearing-Are they pumps or workout shoes? Also, Can you do a video on Magnets and Health? Can you connect it to anime? Loveeeeeeee the vid by the way.

      5. cuzzbaby

        I get that you wanted to test this out but 2 week time is too short of a time span. I could see this if you went from 10 to 25 to 40 to finally 50 pounds per leg over the span of a year. Because the thing with Rock Lee is he trains like that daily. So his body is used to it. You decided to just add 50 pounds of weight pretty much instantly. No letting your body adjust as you went on.

    2. Doritos Champion

      Everyone shall now be carful to not awaken the anime weeb

    3. Zach Howard

      could you have made ankle weights that are longer and more stiff than you 10lbs ones to equal the 50lbs to reduce strain and klunkiness?

    4. Juan Diaz

      It takes more than 2 weeks. More like 60 to 90 days for your body to get used to the weight and build a stronger tissue on your muscles.

    5. Dexter Srogan

      The accurate text notablely guard because science clasically spell minus a black-and-white train. superficial, tacit finger

    6. Dahlia is a flower

      For years I wanted to get leg weights to be like Rock Lee...... I did. And I walked around my house with them and whenever someone would say why, I'd say I wanna be Rock Lee. Okay.

    7. Ebiegberi Adonkie

      Can weights help you jump good?

    8. Tate Ross

      my only problem with this is that LEE does in fact do TONS of training with all that weight on. I would love to instead see the change in increase of physical ability based on training methods. how much MORE would you gain from doing training with leg weights VS without weights based on percentage

    9. FELiPES101

      You feel like that after a day of skiing

    10. Sothbeachboy 21

      Ughhhh Progressive overload would’ve make things easier.

    11. Lewis

      Where is your spirit of youth

    12. azmianzoom

      i'm from mexico, no money for the $59/mo, time to put weight in my legs okno xd

    13. just someone

      Not to be that guy but rock Lees weights are heavier

    14. Maxim Trochanowski

      You know that muscle weights a lot more then fat so it could be muscle that you gained not fat that’s why you gained the weight after

    15. Davidschi

      nice video but wtf is that tiktok shirt

    16. Digital Nick

      Allen, you move like a fat boy but aren’t THAT fat.....wth!?!?!?!

    17. sumsar01

      1) Wearing "Rock Lee weights" is not going to make you faster for other reasons than you being untrained. They do not provide overload in an efficient way (it's limited how much you can increase them) and more importantly, they don't add to specificity (moving fast at your body weight) and they are very inefficient at producing more general adaptions (like strength or muscle mass) like squats or deadlifts would. 2) You didn't actually test anything because you just trained more upon the training you already did the two first weeks. Training is accumulative. Also two weeks isnt really long enough for anything other than maybe some cardiovascular and neural adaptions to happen. 3) Why are you wearing a mask outside like a moron? 4) Actual "data driven" training isn't going to be done by an app, movement assessment (which btw is not a real thing), or someone who calls themselves a trainer4

    18. MaeB Maines

      Honestly this is a great example of the stress that severely obese people put on their body everyday and how so many of them have such a hard time losing that excess weight that their body isn't meant to hold.

    19. Timothy Spencer

      Someone summarise so I don’t have to watch the entire vid

    20. The Cube Behind The Slaughter

      Wait that isn't rock lee THAT IS TENYA IIDA

    21. Mikey Dee

      Does anyone know where to get those rock lee type leg weight straps.. I want to do this... but with less weights ?????????

    22. Jonas K

      Your eyebrows are way too small

    23. Connor Fowler

      muscle weighs more than fat

    24. James Fahey

      DDR is where it's at

    25. Vagabond Wastrel

      Pretty sure you should work up to adding on that much weight.

    26. Anime Gang

      Sorry I'm trying this

    27. Soy Sampada

      I feel bad for his knee joints

    28. Steven Parin

      Lol, going exotic with tungsten, just use gold you peasant

    29. Adan Rojas

      I think you did it really faster, you need almost 1 year to train your legs.


      I'm sure you didn't get faster, but your knees got weaker.... LOLOLOLOL.... BAD IDEA FOR THE JOINTS BRO!

    31. Denn_i

      Kenshi Training

    32. Xeno7771

      rock lee has the same set on his balls. you should try that out too.

    33. socal frank

      Technically this could work but only if you wear the weights long enough for your body to get used to the weights to be able to move normally like the weights arent there than thats when you take them off

    34. Abdulrahman Ahmed


    35. Moocek-RL_Spieler

      I think that you won't get faster but stronger with your legs

    36. LaCookie TheNemesis

      The moral of this story is: If you want to lose weight, you will GET more weight.

    37. majora's mask

      Gaara is cool

    38. Tim stevens

      This remind anyone else of that episode of Kenny Vs Spenny??

    39. Derrick Moses

      I actually want a pair of these for training been checking amazon for 50 pound( EACH, not combined) leg weights, but so far, I've only found 20 per leg....SIGH


      This is great! Hopefully you are feeling back to normal after all of that! Good job on finishing through. I would have personally just work a weight vest to do so but I digress.

    41. Chris Crapo

      The shaggy yogurt wailly contain because stopsign superiorly print of a cheap radiator. tender tense, craven buffer

    42. Dean DaFiend

      Idk how this nerd popped up on my feed. But cool vid yo.

    43. #supargirl #suparboy

      The defeated den primarily rule because italian gergely own down a outgoing organization. vivacious, uppity policeman

    44. fersnake

      TL:DW no it doesnt work like in the anime.

    45. Justin Molcilio

      You should have did the naruto run you would have got a better score

    46. Cesar De Leon

      I found a video in your ads dude

    47. Drew

      BMI isn't "scientific" and is misused

    48. Ayeki Williams

      I don't know why I buss out laughing when he said "50lbs is twice more than 20" 😂😂😂😂 like yeah it sure is

    49. Primal Predator

      Had to pause this video to rewatch that scene.

    50. Jose Sandoval

      You are getting yourselves tired faster because your stressing your bodies out while also not getting full lungs of fresh oxygen. Breathing in your own exhausted air is not healthy for you. Cool videos though!

      1. BLT379

        @Jose Sandoval a mask doesnt black breathing though, unless your wearing one too small, or your eating your mask

      2. Jose Sandoval

        @BLT379 He is restricting the amount of potential oxygen his lungs would intake by wearing a mask especially when exercising.

      3. BLT379

        hes not breathing his own air in though? hes not breathing into a paper bag lmao

    51. Ivan Lin Yang

      today i learned that heavy weights are better than cardio exercises

    52. Kidr Kids


    53. Ye33in H

      Why is he running with a mask on

    54. lolindirlink

      I have a cat named Mittens and i was like, why do you want to put Mittens on a cat?...

    55. Miguel Estes

      lee was doing running exercises with the wights on so when he took off he went whoosh

    56. XenoDraig Shrike

      But rock Lee wore the weights and trained all the time. It was not just him wearing weights and playing video games.

    57. Usual Rain

      Now wear 50 pounds and workout

    58. Jack • 12 years ago

      "Deontay Wilder"

    59. Luke Mckenzie

      We have the same socks bro

    60. Emperor of awesome

      I just noticed this is video number 69

    61. Scott Adeyinka

      this guy's actually smart

    62. Marcelle Passon

      I wouldnt have ben too surprised if you actually were slower since your muscles have to readjust to the resistance after taking the weights off.

    63. ANBU _S P A Y

      This Video is sooooo cool 😍

    64. Meldrey D

      Your attempt to apply the scientific method to your experiment and your nerdy research was extremely satisfying. Thank you.

    65. Big Teddy

      You weigh as much as me at 260 lbs. 😁

    66. Toni D

      Nice, I really dig this topic, since in my shadow boxing training I have added weights for some time and I can definitely say it made a difference speed and strenght wise. But, more importantly, you definitely have more chances of dying from exercising with a mask on than catching 7 different c-19 strains simultaniously. Why induced Oxygen deprivation isn't a popular subject in the media, I wonder. . .

    67. Jook Bawx

      This has been done you don't get much faster at all

    68. Carlos Maya

      Don't try this!!!! It's so very dangerous!!!!!!

    69. Benjamin Thvedt

      Heavy weighted clothing on someone out of shape is a great way to put stress on your skeleton and get tendon, joint, nerve, spinal injuries etc Actually below the knees like that is pretty good, looks like the only things you can injure are your ankles/knees

    70. mauricehayes

      Your outside why the f are you wearing a mask?

    71. Vana Ritz

      How can I get those legs weights?

    72. Nathan Storer


    73. Raylight

      Gotta admit, i don't watch this type of videos, but this was genuinely funny (not in a retarded way, but for real funny) and interesting.

    74. MillenaOh

      BMI makes me sad

    75. Some Guy

      I'm legitimately surprised that even *seemed* to work.

    76. Some Guy

      I think this was the best sponsored segment I've ever seen

    77. anime topic

      I love naruto

    78. kristers sambrs

      Octane be like

    79. yasser star *

      he went through all that pain and suffering to gain an extra 6 lbs

    80. ezra the hoekage

      “50 pounds is more than twice of twenty...”

    81. Angelique Zavala

      In conclusion Rock Lee is OP

    82. Cathy Wood

      “Allen brain smooth! Only Allen test anime!” Nah me brain smooth

    83. Pruke

      I need to know where to get that UA jacket :O

    84. FlyingLion23

      Amazing!! Can I borrow your leg weights for a month? I'm training for Spartan Big Bear, May 2021and this would be a game changer

    85. Ignacio Bustos

      Todo lo bueno que pudo tener tu vídeo se pierde al verte usar mascarilla para hacer ejercicio.

    86. Takehiro's Art

      I wore 8kg leg Weights for 1 year, and where were you before? (And this is not the limit;) )

    87. The IceBox Archives

      Try doing this same experiment but stretched out over a year.

    88. Samuel Reyes

      Try using a weighted vest. The 1lb bars can be added incrementally with less injury to joints. 50lb weighted vest should still be available for local purchase.

    89. John Rambo

      First off your not fat. Second Im out of breath watching you exercise with a mask on. Good video though

    90. Jonathan Milo Elimu

      Risking permanent knee damage for youtube views I'll honestly never understand the lack of thought process of you Americans but I'm happy to see you didn't injure yourself bro look after yourself

    91. Rockyroad123

      Exercising wearing a mask depriving yourself of oxygen by breathing your own C02 is dumbarse stupid

    92. Thatboy JaMaren

      plot twist rock lee was a boss fight get him drunk and tell me im wrong

    93. Sesso20

      Now I have to rewatch Guy and Lee fights.. :-D

    94. Kevin Katzke

      l14:30 too much Pepto not enough porcelain 😂

    95. Debbie Jones

      What made it so great seeing rock lee drop those weights, is that he had already been kicking the shit out of gara for five minutes while no one knew he had them on. Then you find out he's been wearing 10,000 lb weights the whole time and you have no choice but to nut, i dont make the rules

    96. Tannen Baum

      You're wearing a mask while doing sprints at the park...

      1. Um What

        Required by law in some states, including mine.

    97. Camille Brush

      That is, in fact, what taking a bra off feels like. :)

    98. Azor Ahai

      You have my respect for leaving in the fall haha.

    99. canUsayCHEESE

      Every day is leg day

    100. SYFICO

      But like, 20 lbs was doable after a while so why could he not just keep that or increase it by a mere 2 pounds whenever he felt he could do heavier?