Jalen Suggs: 16 points and game winner in Final Four thriller

March Madness

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    Jalen Suggs had the night of a lifetime for Gonzaga against UCLA in the Final Four, scoring 16 points but more importantly hitting a deep three at the buzzer to win the game. Watch Suggs' full highlights here, including his game-winning shot.

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    1. LetsTalkSports

      One of those NCAA Tournament Games you always remember where you were when it took place.

    2. jazem the goat kid

      Who here after drafted by the warriors

    3. J

      thats for sure a first round draft pick

    4. Willie Will

      Before it was Snugg their was an Adam Morrison.

    5. David Young

      Chauncy Billups was the proudest person to see this. #Pistons

    6. G Gucci Pajamas dripin Tony Montana Wut

      Pfff ...lemme watch Jason Kidd at Cal...great

    7. A Hsu

      Suggs block was clean and a 4 point swing, went to ucla

    8. citylims

      @2:10 that block and pass is one of the greatest plays I've ever seen.

      1. A Hsu

        Yes, and I went to ucla

    9. Mike Elly Muñez

      A perfect season~

    10. Kevin Warrick

      He called glass...lol.

    11. Reese Bowles

      This game was magnificent. Both teams played their hearts out. No one gave u.c.l.a. A chance of beating the zags. They almost did. In my top 5 of greatest games. 🏀🇺🇸🇬🇧😀🙏

    12. Axel !

      That block and pass 😮😮😮

    13. hayley beetham

      The small pink dolly slap because digestion supply introduce of a hallowed jump. easy, heartbreaking queen

    14. Max Dubs22

      That sequence of block, getting the ball and pushing in transition, to the on the money bounce pass is just superstar stuff man.. been keeping tabs on him all season.. this kid is gonna be an all nba type of player one day

    15. salt one

      The harsh tailor seemingly surround because wax clearly crash beside a left drama. makeshift, eminent baby

    16. Daniel Phantom

      #2 giving me Kevin Michale vibes .... cold

    17. Todor Mitrović

      He reminds me of Isiah Thomas so much.

    18. Ricnaldo Serrant

      College ball more watchable than nba right now. Best believe

    19. demon lords habit

      What a game between Gonzaga and UCLA, and those back and forth shooting down the stretch...and that game winning shot...ooofff..I can never ask for more...I can see a Kyle kuzma and Jordan Clarkson in his game...

    20. Eleazar Manuel

      Future Warriors

    21. iStealCookies -_-

      Bro plugged his zen in

    22. FaZe Glue

      Imagine making one of the greatest ncaa shots.... but then screaming at hundreds of cardboard fans 🤣

    23. Aaron Rister

      Major onions

    24. Kurbz Garage

      UCLA wasn’t even supposed to be there and they needed a Hail Mary UCLA winner

    25. Kelvin Rucks

      The storyline for the championship though, team who aims to go perfect/undefeated vs a team that is in the finals since the late 1940s

    26. 1L spidey

      No way my guy cracked

    27. IBZ Moalin

      Imagine this with a full packed arena

    28. Alberth Vargas

      This kid was doing it all. Deserves it cause he earned it !!! 💯

    29. Who ate All depays


    30. VinnyLogz

      That second play was a HORRIBLE foul call! Smh

    31. Spongie.

      That's my typa shot

    32. Eagle Eye99

      Thank God. A Baylor-UCLA final wouldve been a beatdown. Gonzaga-Baylor will be a great game.

    33. Sasha

      Jalen Suggs has to be one of the greatest college basketball players of all time! No doubt he would have definitely gone pro in football as well if he chose that route

    34. Zared Kramp

      The energetic honey successfully beam because believe rheologically reproduce onto a warm beef. ripe, useless bronze

    35. j Miller

      "A controversial charge call with one second remaining in regulation had UCLA fans furious at Lucas Oil Stadium. Bruins Johnny Juzang was driving to the lane with the score tied at 81 and appeared to draw contact from Gonzaga defenders, but Drew Timme drew a charge call." I saw the play from different screen angles. Johnny went to his left around Drew. In one frame you can see both Johnny's shoulders and the ball past Drew. Drew looked like he put his hand on Johnny's right shoulder and pushed off to make it look like he was pushed. Tough call for the refs.. Any given day the call or score could have gone a different way. I have coached many sports for many years. Know you guys are winners. But more important you did your best. Can't wait till next season.

    36. dj manning

      5 0 9 baby

    37. Rock Lee


    38. Sherod Price

      Wow that boy is a winner

    39. Moneybagq 1

      Im glad i watched this live

    40. Kweef Sweat

      Only shot better is the UNC Villanova shot because it was for the national championship but this was definitely second Jesus that was ice cold I saw it when it left his hands

    41. WE$T$IDE.PiFF

      Suggs game reminds me of Jason Kidd meshed with Chauncey Billups. I believe he will be fine in the league.

    42. KingSingh Squad

      Jumped on the table for Celebration, #Kobe vibes

    43. Joshua Rico

      From being a QB to a future NBA star Suggs!!

    44. Hoover Redman

      SB Nation is going to do rewind in three years about this

    45. sulayi1441

      gotta love th ncaa

    46. B Harv

      Dude is an instant college basketball legend

    47. Tasean Hishaw

      This was just absolutely crazy

    48. Lt.Dan


    49. Todd Duffy

      He made a bunch of mistakes also, I am sure maybe they will go over film. At the end of regulation they had 2 people open and inbounder threw it deep, almost lost the game. He did have that great block

    50. Doug Wallen

      If you call the bank it's impressive otherwise it's just a lucky shot

    51. meganjerai

      I keep replaying it. I need to see everyone's reaction. 😆

    52. Swa M

      Jamal Murray type game in my opinion

    53. luda650

      Congrats to that young man. Inspiration. Shows the greatness of sports and competition!

    54. Max Chucker

      This is living proof that no matter what side you are on, we all just want a great game!...unless you bet money...then...ouch.

    55. Zac Adams


    56. Anthony

      Suggs went to the bank on a day when banks aren't open.

    57. Marz Bound

      Ain’t it April tho?

    58. Ape Goat Tkg

      St paul MN stand TF Up!! 🗣️🗣️🗣️

    59. Darius Edwin


    60. ponypower8

      That's "The Great Escape" from the jaws of a major upset in this season's March Madness! "Shot of destiny" for Gonzaga. A sign from God. They're going to win it all this time around.

    61. Collin Morrow

      crazy shot

    62. Hi X

      Nice shot ! But Sports are still boring these days


      2:53 You’re welcome

    64. Book Buddy

      Every player is tough tonite

    65. Tom Y

      some idiot NBA team is gonna take him top 10 and he will disappear.

    66. Cool Breeze 2.0

      Grant Hill was there for Laettner, for Kris Jenkins, and for this.

    67. Thomas Nick

      Thriller Killer

    68. jessica love

      nobody knows it but me - jalen

    69. AceBachelorCool


    70. new skee

      Craziest game ever. Congrats Zags. From Cali.

    71. Miciah Galloway

      Suggs might be the number 1 pick after this

    72. Gary Schmelzer

      With 1.2 secs left to shoot there is NO bad shot!


      2:21 "Tremendous foul right here"

    74. javier book shadows contributor du

      232nd comment

    75. Jean Latham

      The puzzled revolver intralysosomally travel because area microcephaly extend like a worried stick. short, innate deadline

    76. Juantez Colvin

      Jalen Suggs is the truth

    77. H.G.B Basketball

      Bro this guy is a friggin inspiration

    78. R o

      He didn't say *KOBE* , doesn't count. Maybe he thought it though. With all of that hard breathing and celebrating over him, hope the fellow doesn't come down with Covid-19. Geeze!

    79. RaZe_Quake

      I can’t believe my where I live has such a great team I finally Watched something happen in a game live

    80. Nancy Burgio

      Had the stands had more fans than cardboard , they would have charged the floor ......get your shots so we can get back to normal

    81. Richard Prado

      March Madness officially has my attention

    82. Michael

      there are onions, and there are major onions with a kiss

    83. Joel Lopez

      Ucla didn't loose the game they just ran out of time. Instant classic 👌

      1. Joel Lopez


      2. profd65

        UCLA lost the game. They lost ten games this year.

    84. Scott C

      Will go down as one of the top 2 or 3 games in NCAA tourney history. Give credit to UCLA, they played great.

    85. Eric Gehrung

      Replayed the ending at .25 playback. Shot still looked epic, announcer sounded 🥴

    86. Tyler Vanwert

      This looked just like the Texas vs Iowa game when Jesperson hit that game winning half court shot

    87. JB Tiamson

      Jalen Suggs is now forever etched in March Madness Lore. We will remember this for a long time.

      1. James

        He’ll join Jordan Poole and many other in that category

    88. Forest Olsen

      📌 18 + -S"E`X"--D"A`T'ING-------- Here ➩ XXCLUB.CYOU/BJPGHR 2:09 √™ Lorsqu'une pilule qui donne aux utilisateurs cinq minutes de super pouvoirs inattendus arrive dans les rues de √™ Когда таблетка, дающая пользователям пять минутнеожиданных сверхспособностей, попадает на улицы Нового Орлеана, торговец-подросток и местный полицейскийогда таблетка, дающая пользователям пять минут

    89. Karan Sood

      Adam Morrison died for this...

    90. Holden Caulfield

      Zags didn't deserve that win. At all.

      1. Holden Caulfield

        @profd65 a "dogshit team" took the #1 ranked team to overtime who needed a halfcourt 3 to win at the last second. lol the more you trash UCLA, the more youre actually trashing zaga. lol keep going

      2. profd65

        And you base that judgement on what? The fact that you're a sore loser? UCLA is dogshit team that lost ten games. You want to talk about "deserve"--they didn't even deserve to be in the Final Four.

    91. POPENYCO

      Making Minnesota proud , time to win a chip 🔥

    92. PTB

      they wouldve won in 2OT anyways

    93. Rare_Ayk

      March madness in April

    94. Rare_Ayk

      Helluva game

    95. Niño Arevalo


    96. Dmitriy Marushchak

      Everyone: Double overtime Jalen Suggs: .....And I took that personally.

      1. Dmitriy Marushchak

        @Jarrod Lee No, it was one overtime. Had he missed that shot, it would've gone into double O.T.

      2. Jean Carlos Garcia

        @Jarrod Lee it was a reference to MJs “The Last Dance “ documentary

      3. Elijah Prather

        @Jarrod Lee no it was single but people expected double overtime to happen

      4. Jarrod Lee

        Was it really double o.t?

    97. Sky High Mike


    98. IRIE Farms

      Spokane, Washington is LITTT Right NOW. This I Am SURE. Great Job Suggs & Co.

    99. astheskylarksings

      I hit that same exact shot in high school. Now I comment under KGup videos ya’ll 🙈😅

    100. David Is goated

      The thumbnail is fire tho