Will this record ever be broken?! INSANE fishing day.. MLF Stage 7 Missouri

Wheeler Fishing

276 миӊ. көрүүлөр75

    Record breaking day 1 of stage seven of the Bass Pro Tour!
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    1. Kyler Ofczarzak

      What line are you running on your spinning rod?

    2. Brian Bacon

      Imagine catching 30 pounds of bass and being 40th place

    3. Dan Thompson

      Is there many big fish in the lake?

    4. julien

      The machine man!

    5. Lester Hilger

      Find me on Facebook or twitter

    6. onedeaddeer

      Never heard of anyone getting writer's cramps while fishing before.

    7. Nick Dawson Fishing

      Also I met Tommy Biffle at the gas station he passed in the very beginning while I was fishing a high school tournament the same weekend at table rock .

    8. Nick Dawson Fishing

      Bro I’ve fished table rock a couple times but I’ve never been able to catch em like that . I’ve also never used 360 imaging or livescope to catch bass . Only 2d down imaging

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        This is actually before I had 360 or live scope

    9. Karson Murray

      I’ve never seen so many 1 pound 6 ounce fish in my life 😂

    10. BASS HEAD 4 LYFE

      It took me a long time to get that lake down but now I have it down to a science!! I can go out there yr round and have productive days and some days catch double digit bass with some good weights

    11. johnny weaver

      You are 1 fish catching machine, dude that was mind blowing, just physically in itself was remarkable, I guess if I figured it out how catch them I would have given my best to do it & a chance to win big money!👍

    12. Jonathan

      Epic! Hard work paying off right there.

    13. Luke Guggemos


    14. My lego world

      You destroyed them :)) You are sick mate 👌

    15. Josh Estes

      Fucking epic day of fishing

    16. Bryce W.

      What lake in Missouri was that????

    17. Wil Hogan

      He wasn’t kidding when he said he was going to catch them every cast. He basically did

    18. JohnTheBasstist

      ON EM!!!!! 🙌🙌💯💯

    19. Nathan Aldinger

      Wow. It’ll be hard to beat a day of fishing Like that haha

    20. Backpacker365

      What swimbait head is that?

    21. David Osborne

      Better for watching in the evening.. And obviously at least here better fishing especially numbers

    22. David Osborne

      He caught Felicia... But he never caught NADINE!!

    23. jeff white

      I enjoy the afternoon bite many big bass

    24. Bailey Nelson

      I witnessed this live on the website, then when it aired on TV , now on KGup. I’ve enjoyed every single second of it each time! U smacked em dude. I would pay millions for you to take me on the water for a week, showing me the ropes of graphing fish.

    25. Adam Haught

      that was huge

    26. Kevin Kiser

      2:40 is why gearcases break

    27. Basement Jesus

      What The Hell

    28. Adam Townsend

      Felicia and her friends got a spankin' 🤸‍♂️🤘

    29. Chris Gable

      That dude is now in my opinion the best to sit in a boat and cast a line by far



    31. Wade Cohagan

      " unreel" ~ J. W. ~

    32. Salt River Pete

      If you catch 6 bass that weigh 10 lbs each and get beat by a guy catching 61 bass that weigh 1 lb each is like a baseball team with 2 home runs getting beat by a team getting 10 hits but none make across home plate.

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        dennis hartsock 2 pound minimum now

    33. Erik Morian

      Dang...thought I was already subbed. Got ya now. And liked video. Sick day bro. O and for my thoughts on the 12pm-8pm schedule...pretty cool to mix things up and crush!

    34. Parker Strang

      what lake is this?

    35. SnazzySnail

      That was one hell of a show..picked the lake clean wheels

    36. Gary Phelps

      i like it because got time to sleep in lol

    37. Charles Letts III

      I love fishing from noon to 8 pm

    38. viperdocf16

      What don't you catch them on? Unfreeking believable!

    39. Jeremy Gilreath

      Freaking hammer!! I bet u was sure nough wore out that night

    40. Mike Furness


    41. Shamolxis Shamolxis

      love your style

    42. H. Jackson Mobley

      One hell of a day. That's why your one of best. Jack w.p.lake

    43. Ron Jeremy

      Please go back to bass and go for those bigg’uns

    44. Nettles Outdoors

      Hey, what spinning reel are you using for your drop shotting?

    45. Andrew Hill

      I really like mixing up the start times

    46. NorthBest Fishing & Outdoors

      Where is the challenge in staring at your panoptix and literally watching the fish come eat your lure. It's like a video game. Anyone could do it that knows how to fish for bass with that equipment. I guarantee you you put me in a tournament with the best of the best and give me one of those boats with everything on it, and I wouldn't come in last. I've gotten 25lb bags on a kayak with no electronics.

      1. Wheeler Fishing

        muck fishing TV electronics just allow for you to fish multiple different ways. I would be fine without electronics because I personally love to fish shallow. But I also realized I needed to work on that part of my game early on in my career. Electronics are not the cure for everything. I’ve seen tons a times an angler gets consumed with trying to catch the fish that are following his swimbait or jerkbait on their forward facing sonar and then have a really bad day because they could never figure it out.

    47. Matteo Sivilotti

      As of 10/10/19 his thumb hasn't healed yet.

    48. mike Smith

      Your the man Jacob keep doing what you do!! Your the man dog!!!! 👊

    49. Marvin Manson

      Great showing Jacob...😎 ah a ding... lol..

    50. Tim cox

      You rock!

    51. Zylo

      wish i could catch them like that on table rock

    52. Scott Story

      To much commenter, didn't get chance to see you fish.

    53. Tall Timber

      love Jacob and all the guys. I have to say I don’t enjoy watching them catch dink’s. Wish MLF would take the top 5 of the day. I am not a pro and I wouldn’t want to catch dink’s all day. These guys can’t like fishing like this can they?

    54. Rob

      If the fish falls out of scale do you get penalized??

    55. Greg Taylor

      I think fishing a major tournament in the evening is great. Something different. You rock, btw. Great job!

    56. Jason Sanders

      “I see you Clyde” 😂😂😂😂😂

    57. Bushwookie NW

      Jacob....this montage just made my left elbow kill me. After a active day of lip rippin....that fishing induced, tennis elbow is real.lol

    58. The Outdoors Guy


    59. Nate Palisi

      A ding congrats bro u are the greatest fisherman of all time

      1. IowaLayoutman

        Wheeler is an awesome angler. Best of all time? No, it's not even close. Zero angler of the year wins. Zero Bassmaster's classic / Redcrest wins. So, who is the best EVER? KVD is the best derby fisherman of all time.

    60. Roger Davis

      All them bass and not one above 3lbs

    61. Bass Lerp

      🛎🛎🛎.... nuff said 😎😎😎

    62. Bobby_T

      "NEVER STOP" JonB got robbed....js

    63. CK

      Fished a derby with your old buddy Matt Burushko last night! We ended up in 2nd with a nice mixed bag!

    64. Jolly Giant

      Smashing the records,, DING

    65. PG Outdoors

      Sorry to any KVD fans but my boy Jacob Wheeler is the new KVD!!! Awesome job Jacob can’t wait to see you take home the big trophy some day and it’s coming soon.🎣🏆🐟🏆

    66. Mark Speelman

      Question. How could anyone give this video a thumbs down? Haters. Bitches.

    67. jack mote

      Take me fishing

    68. Al The Beastly

      What an insane day of fishing🤯☠👍

    69. Alec Gissiner

      Epic beatdown!!!

    70. 风天琅


    71. saucy nonchalance

      Hahaha. This was pretty entertaining

    72. SandStorm XII

      good content, authentic channel. wish you must succes

    73. Brian's Best

      Hello, I'm 85 subs away from 1000! Please stop by my channel and sub, it's free!:)

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    75. Jonathan Gau




    77. kenny WALLACE

      Love the 12 to 8 got to watch so much more live that way

    78. Carter Gibb

      you sure this vid isn't just on loop?

    79. BassAfterClass

      this is amazing!! love watching you! you push me to get out on the water more.

    80. Derek Williams

      Wow all I have to say he is a stick when biffle only catches 20 pounds and Wheeler catches over 110 pounds over 90 fish in 1 day is absolutely incredible

    81. doubleclick336

      Best fisherman in the world right now and it’s not even close!


      What’s the intro music?

    83. Wes Jones

      Ding!! Awesome man, just awesome!

    84. Justin Cook

      Way to put the hammer on them man! Which rod do you typically throw the swimjig and chatterbait on?

    85. Put Em In The Boat


    86. Put Em In The Boat

      the noon til 8pm deal isnt a total game changer. but i would guess that noon-3pm window is kind of a lull. that evening/sunset time should be able to make up for it. I find myself fishing early mornings for the boat traffic aspect, theres a lot less wake boarders at 630am than 630 pm. Clearly you can slay them any time of day, great job dude! Would love to catch you next time you come thru Wisconsin! #TeamGoogan

    87. Jerry Baker

      Win money by subscribing to DURTYMAX LML

    88. Ray Day33

      I love fishing evening tournaments. I think they would be even better in the MLF format.

    89. Kris Lewis

      Can’t wait for the off season. I have so much to learn.

    90. Kyle Scott

      That's a better one... lol 2lbs... dammit. Sorry Jacob love a few of u guys that went to mlf.... ots not fun to c a hardcore angler get excited about 2lbers... would rather c u work hard and get 20lb with 5.. not 14

    91. Kyle Scott

      Numbers... not hunting for big 5 fish..... great fisherman can go to a community hole or just find a crap ton of little fish. Enjoy yourself, rose, mdj.... numbers suck... 20lbs with 5 is the answer.

      1. Old pop WiggleWeiner

        Or at least up the size/weight limit. Hell you could still do 5 biggest the same way. Or up it to 10. I like the idea but don't really enjoy watching people slay dinks all day. But overall Mlf is good for the sport so can't beat that.

      2. John Pilcher Fishing

        @Wheeler Fishing I agree weigh and release is future but texas fest rules not every fish counts. Being a competitive angler you are, you have to enjoy watching people strategize catching 5 big fish over 50 1 to 2 lbers. I know you're doing what you got to do for the sport and where most money and competition is at but trying to catch big fish has to be way more fun than 1 lbers. Just saying.

      3. Wheeler Fishing

        Weigh and release is the future, limits of 5 is in the past

    92. Captain Rippin Lips

      My uncle (Tim Cooper) and I ran into you at Geist Reservoir years back. Glad to find ya on here and here's to another Hoosier boy out there fulfilling his dream. Keep up the good work brother and good luck on tour.

    93. Barry Douglas

      How yall feel about Dick Long being caught snagging red handed and being a total cheater all his life. What do pro's have to say about that????

      1. Barry Douglas

        Im sorry....his name is Mike Long

    94. rickit 10

      Should try lake Sam Rayburn In Texas.... love watching u Jacob great job man

      1. Mason Green

        rickit 10 he’s fishing major league fishing so he doesn’t get to pick where he fishes. That’s the best part of MLF.

    95. Todd Stovall

      Awesome job my man.

    96. Neil Chez

      Awesome fishing, and a great job. I really liked this, but I still like the Googan Squad videos better. Keep on Danglin...

    97. Suzie Aussie Coin Girl

      The best fishing day I've ever seen, simply sensational Jacob

    98. Rebel XD

      maybe its just me, but i would like to see jacob fish for bass at night with justin martin.

    99. BassGeek

      Hell of a day dude. Crazy.

    100. Drew Monroe

      I love the noon to 8