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    Take a look at Ubisoft games from 2020 and get a sneak peak of what's to come in 2021!
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    Our Latest Releases & What's Next! | Ubisoft [NA]

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    1. NeverForget1776

      And what is not listed? The Division or Ghost Recon IP's. Hmmmmm

    2. Vinz

      Pleasw Ubisoft, make a Remake for the best Assassin's Creed ever. We want Ezio Auditore back!!

    3. bonzaipeter

      Please make new Heroes of Might and magic 3 in totally new graphics to a very very skilled team or a totally new Heroes 8. Its about time. !! Please most important to a very skilled team ! Its new era in graphics and we want serious new game. Allmost all HOMAM were nice or great so pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. We want new HEROES.

    4. Kevin Vu

      Ubi hyperscape is dead let it go

    5. sonic unviers48

      Super excited for this but you forgot one more game that game is Beyond Good and Evil 2

    6. Skylighterr HD

      And you too.

    7. Nolan Connolly

      I feel like 2021 will be a good year for Ubisoft

    8. 4th Echelon Ghost

      We need a new Splinter Cell. If nothing else, reboot the franchise with a younger Sam Fisher. Please!

    9. Bruh Inc.


    10. oliath

      I'm really looking forward to seeing all the micro transactions shoehorned into these games shortly after the reviews have come out.

    11. bladerj

      no rainbow six quarentine teaser ? did you cancel the game ?

      1. DarkiGG

        From articles on the Google Recommendations page and KGup videos

      2. bladerj

        @DarkiGG where did you see talk about renaming?

      3. DarkiGG

        They haven't. They're possibley waiting untill they'll find a new name for the game, because they're renaming Rainbow Six Quarantine.

    12. MemesStar

      Where’s the next season for rainbow.

    13. Georgi Ivanov

      Shows us your Far Cry 6!

    14. Monarkgamer

      Release watch dogs legion online

    15. KarliN

      What the heck is this?

    16. Nycto


    17. sløan

      Could have atleast shown us the words star wars to hype us

      1. DarkiGG

        "It's in an early level of development" as they're saying

    18. Justin Smith

      When are we getting a new splinter cell, one that focuses on stealth and strategy??

    19. Ultra Builder


    20. Daniel MK

      No Siedler :-(

    21. Der Einheimische

      U should not announce a game while corona and then say "it cant come this early because of corona"

    22. Tobias Höfer

      Ubi, you’re going more with quantity than quality. Thats the mistake.

    23. Mephisto Ghost

      Skull and bones we want

    24. Jer Son

      No Splinter Cell? No For Honor? No cares.

      1. DarkiGG

        There is nothing new from Splinter Cell for about 10 years, and this is wired because everyone want a new Splinter Cell game. About For Honor, I don't even sure it's a videogames series.

    25. TheDorkLord


    26. ErosLikesGames

      Assassin's Creed Remake Collection 🤷‍♂️

    27. FADY

      Assassin's Creed RPG SUCKS

    28. Oecus

      Where is rainbow six quarantine info probably the only new game that has been announced that I care for and y'all still never updated us on it.

    29. Daes tka55

      Can’t wait for that Star Wars open world game

      1. DarkiGG

        Your not alone

    30. Topic YT

      Ubisoft ya'll shud really care about customer service especially on growtopia they're not doing a goodjob.

    31. Gabriel Robison

      So they're gonna work on Roller Champions, Farcry 6 next, and then Riders Republic?

      1. DarkiGG

        And possibley more secret things that we're don't know anything about.

    32. JBS Gaming

      Where is R6Q? It has been around one year delay

      1. DarkiGG

        Somewhere in 2022

    33. Pajdo Velicanstveni

      I miss the serious adult themes in UBI games.

    34. TymeX


    35. Nick Jones

      Far cry 6 when coming out gameplay or demo ?

    36. Nick Jones

      When coming out watch dogs legion online and dlc coming soon?

    37. Nice

      Nice editing :D

    38. Nick Jones

      Far cry 6 , new Tom Clancy the ghost recon, watch dogs 4 , new assssin cread please make Ubisoft in future games

      1. DarkiGG

        Firstable WD3. Legion wasn't the 3rd game, like Brotherhood wasn't AC3

    39. Ruthvick Kolla

      looks like they forgot about microtransactions

    40. Ruthvick Kolla

      looks like they forgot about microtransactions

    41. Nick Gilbertson

      I'm more interested in the music than any of the games mentioned.

    42. Dennys Paulino

      When I was a teen I bought AC3 and loved it, saw a remaster and got it for my ps4 pro. Sadly the frame rate isn’t stellar on the console, expecting 60fps. Soon I shall get the ps5c, hopefully AC3 will get a 60 FPS patch and it’ll all be wonderful.

    43. Mysterious Assassin

      Ubisoft should not make games like just dance,Scott pilgrim,immortals etc Instead they should focus on assassin's Creed, far cry, watch dogs, Ghost recon,rainbow six,and Prince of persia

      1. DarkiGG

        They're making them only because some people are buying them. Splinter Cell is a complete mystery.

      2. Violett Fem

        Ya. & don't forget Splinter Cell - immortals has done well imo, they should build that one up even tho it's not my thing.

    44. bostonianful

      whats going on with watch dogs legion's multiplayer? can we get a release date on that.

    45. Tynrova

      TLDR: We're not ready to release anything but please give us money.

    46. AfterGames

      Just a simple question: WHERE IS THE FIRST DLC OF AC VALHALLA?

      1. AfterGames

        @DarkiGG yeah, I know they've said that, but it take forever

      2. DarkiGG

        Somewhere in the spring

    47. Harsh Mishra

      Waiting for farcry 6😃

    48. Sean Eichenberger

      I hear Ubisoft making a Star Wars game for open world I would which Star Wars game start first?

    49. RKN

      Guys where is Prince of Persia?

    50. Paul Brewer

      So nothing about the Division then🤔

      1. DarkiGG

        Not yet, but don't expect for The Division 3 before 2023. They're saying that they'll make a new DLC for The Division 2. (A DLC like warlords of new york)

    51. TJ Studio

      Still waiting for more info on the Assassin's Creed + Splinter Cell VR games you guys are working on for Oculus Quest. :)

      1. DarkiGG


    52. Samuel Tabib

      R6 quarantine, river raids, content for watch dogs legion? Please give us something to be excited for

    53. Smokin_Angler

      So you guys just forgot about skull and bones or what??

    54. R Hartman

      I just want to know when watch dogs legion bloodlines dlc is coming out

    55. Pickle Syrup

      Ubisoft sucks

    56. Kojiro's 7th

      Skull and Bones Beyond Good and Evil 2 A potential Splinter Cell reboot If you know.... you know. Never forget because that what Ubi wants, keep the dream alive

    57. Ethan Taylor

      Still waiting for Rainbow Six Quarantine

    58. Derrick Vigo

      How about an update on Far Cry 6? It was supposed to be released this month and it got delayed. Obviously thats a good thing but when is it coming?

      1. DarkiGG

        I heard it going to out on may, but I don't think it will

    59. Buxtro C.

      I have no doubts that these upcoming releases could potentially be awesome games my concern is in the many ways they are going to attempt to monetize every aspect of every one of them... I think we all know they never learn their lesson they think it's about wearing us down getting a sub to submit to their greedy ways when they really need to just accept the fact that they are 1 of the richest game manufacturing companies on the planet and be satisfied with that so we can all go home Happy. for some reason profiting hand-over-fist is not enough for them... they want whatever you got left in your pocket after you pay $100 for a game and the season pass.

    60. Antoine

      A lot of crash Valhalla

    61. Thatreal Guy

      So is that a no on R6 quarantine coming out soon☹️

    62. IQd20

      Me: Waiting for even a piece of sand of Star Wars teasering

      1. Doorsareforopening

        They've probably only been developing for a month, what is there to tease?

    63. suripto kiman

      far cry 6 may 25th

    64. Gavin L

      Far cry 6 looks like the origins of raul mendaz

    65. ɢʀᴀᴘᴇ ɢᴜʏ

      .. Ok? I mean you've released some pretty shitty games recently Ubisoft. Release a good game. Give us something to hype us about.

    66. Johnny Awesome

      Far cry 6

    67. Define

      Where is watch dogs legion online. Give me a date

    68. V Cut

      Very lackluster

    69. Ginger Potato

      Hyper scape, one of the worst games I tried out recently. played it when it came out and it didn't remotely compare to the other free game warzone.

    70. Giuseppe

      Pls announce Skull and Bones

    71. Jack Parello

      I can’t wait for farcry 6

    72. Rafi Kamil

      Ubisoft be like : Fix and improve current game ( X ) Release a previous game trailer ( ✓ )

      1. Doorsareforopening

        Marketing and Development have almost nothing to do with each other

    73. jbroti 004

      Far Cry 6! Ubi give us some sort of status update!

    74. null x

      Where my BG&E2 people at?

    75. Jericho Jingco

      Hyped for Far Cry 6

    76. Kalmár Erik Alex

      Wait Prince of Persia Sands of Time Remake isn't on the list of releases. That means it went back to a deep cooking after all as it deserves to be fully AAA! 🙏

      1. Ubisoft North America

        Thanks for your support, Kalmár! It has been shifted to a later date for added development time. Keep an eye out for updates >> twitter.com/princeofpersia

    77. The Liamster

      I’m most excited for Far Cry 6.

    78. Nate Karpowicz

      Thanks Covid, for ruining my Gaming Plans!!!

    79. Sayed Ali

      Rainbow six quarantine when going to release?

    80. Gabriel Souza

      Skull and bones?

    81. Bonerific Poptart

      Serious question, where and when is roller champions?

    82. Sir

      So UBI you want to say one more year without news on Skull & Bones and BGE2? The IPs really matter, instead of those mediocre showed in the vid.

    83. Albino Wolf

      I can't wait to see the gameplay of Far Cry 6.

      1. E girl destroyer

        @Reggie naw farcry 4 and 5 where pretty good

      2. E girl destroyer


      3. Luke Clifton

        @The English Dictionary yeah it was my bday gift to myself and then Ole’ Covid had to push it back.

      4. DarkiGG

        @Albino Wolf Your kidding me. All of these videos was Just Dying Light?! Well, this explains why it always seems like a zombie apocalyptic games

      5. Albino Wolf

        @Reggie What do you mean? Far Cry 4 and 5 were pretty good too.

    84. Mumbles

      As much as I'd like a future solder I'd like to have beyond good and evil 2 more as long as the concept hasn't changed

    85. Francesco Fioroni

      Are people really complaining that the games don't come out? Have they ever heard of Covid? I am the first person to want them but a minimum of conscience is needed. Also, they don't show the real bombs with a simple trailer like that but at a Ubisoft Forward

      1. ńútḿéǵ

        Francesco Fioroni Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sheeeeeeeeple.

      2. ńútḿéǵ

        I should have swapped awake and asleep for poetic reasons.

      3. ńútḿéǵ

        Do you think Covid is real??!??! Is this a plague? Are you seeing hearses when you're awake and asleep? People dying? Are we near a zombie apolypse? Are you in a nightmare? Do you want to be wrapped up in cotton wool?

    86. William Martinez

      What is next?? We know about these games!! Where is Splinter Cell? Beyond good and evil 2? Where is the ACR assault rifle on Ghost Recon breakpoint??

    87. Random Doggo

      Rembember when R6 used to be a thing? I do

    88. x- InViNCiBle -z

      What's next 🤔 watch dogs legion dlc and online mode nah.


      Where’s Skull and Bones!?!?!

    90. Guido Chiancone

      Man what ever happened to six quarantine, oh yeah you know the game we were supposed to have almost a whole year ago!!! Like just an update or a teaser or smt like cmon. We’ve already had one teaser, like what you just gonna tease a game and then not release it huh?

      1. Doorsareforopening

        They're changing the name so that's probably why they aren't talking about it at this point

    91. TheSamurix16

      This video was completely useless.

    92. Justyce Ornelas

      Okay but when is watch dogs legion online?

    93. PXLTRON

      Looking forward to Riders Republic, Roller Champions, and my Limited Run Classic Edition of Scott Pilgrim to arrive.

    94. Pi K.

      No rainbow six quarantine, no splinter cell ??? Meh whatever.

    95. Browncheeze

      Bruh rainbow six quarantine should be quite fitting right now

      1. Violett Fem

        @Kitsoonie That depends on which people - plenty of them agree with lockdowns and think they're doing humanity a great service by staying home binging on Hulu & snacks.... For many others, it's a death sentence to their small business or jobs or sanity or health - The 5 day 4 stage lockdown starts today from the Sky News channel I watched earlier. (and let's see if that 5 days doesn't turn into 10+ more)

      2. Kitsoonie

        @Violett Fem I heard from multiple people in Victoria that it ain't that bad

      3. Violett Fem

        Ya for anyone in dire need of more extreme Lockdown fun, head to Quebec & Victoria AUS immediately

    96. Niclas Lööf

      You guys should probably do something about the microtransaction mess in Valhalla.

    97. RedxRacoon

      Where is Skull and Bones?

    98. Mustermax

      What's about beyond good and evil?

    99. Roth7000

      The only game I been playing from this video was only Just Dance 2021 since it's like the only series I been playing a lot from them which got me into Ubisoft

    100. Guru Merchant

      We need watch dogs online

      1. Guru Merchant

        Hope so

      2. Lord Headass

        And we’re gonna get it