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    Messi started the game doing things only Messi can do, dribbling into the box and forcing a bad challenge by Ferencváros which created a penalty chance. Messi buried the penalty in the bottom right corner giving Barcelona a 1-0 lead in the 27’.
    Later in the first half, Frenkie de Jong played a perfect ball into the box to 17-year-old phenom Ansu Fati who sliced it right into the back of the net giving Barcelona a 2-0 lead.
    Ferencváros would make things a little tighter in the second half with a penalty goal in the 71’ after Gerard Piqué was issued a red card for interfering with a goal opportunity.
    Barcelona would keep pouring it on in the second half with goals by Philippe Coutinho, Pedri and Ousmane Dembélé.
    Barcelona wouldn’t look back and go on to win the match, 5-1.
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    1. Matt N

      Messi is so good

    2. Charles Fortiz

      Barca performed better then Juve against this team!!!💪🏽🔝🔜

    3. Dee Giancana

      Those players are not social distancing...

    4. Emre Bekmez

      Does anyone know what kind of whistle the referee uses? I am an amateur league soccer referee and Ive been looking for a quality whistle for a very long time. This one sounds really good

    5. Morgz is the best Youtuber in the world, nigga

      2-0 Barcelona: “yeah that’s good enough” *Ferencvaros scores* Barcelona: So you have chosen death

    6. Istvan Miko

      The fact that Ferencváros managed to score even 1 goal is fascinating

    7. Chris Stevens


    8. Manny Espinosa


    9. Rima Mukherjee

      Jose Mourinho is FUMING following Tottenham's defeat to Antwerp

    10. Chip Lagant

      Dembele's tribute to Griezmann is wholesome. He wishes him the best because he knows Griezmann is having a hard time at Barca. Hope the 2014 Griezmann comes back.

    11. Pat Bateman

      Penmessi. That is all he can score in the last 5 games.

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    13. Raided SZN!

      This is how many people Are Not watching in Full screen

    14. LUKA

      bro koeman you cant put pique anymore. like for real that guy does not run is so slow and is just making the defense so bad. ronald araujo is really young and is really good man. also busquets, busquets slows up attacks and is very slow in the midfield. pjanic is better. like come on now

    15. Leg Vas

      What a game from all the youngsters, they left it all on the pitch

    16. Gaming With Me

      Wow 5-1

    17. Jonny Parada

      This is Dembele last opportunity to prove he can be a world class or Vermalen 2.0

    18. Casimiro arevalo


    19. Sybex

      Ansu Fati is no doubt a future star

    20. Nick Heath

      Too many substitutes!!

    21. Maxamed Saciid

      Fati 💙

    22. Not3DS

      whos ready for juve vs barca

    23. E Albro

      This KGup channel for UCL highlights is way better than Fox

    24. King Pimp420

      Lmfao, but they lost to the BEST!!! #HalaMadrid🤍🤍💯

    25. KDG Kingston

      Bro it's just not the same without Suarez though

    26. Trigger xX

      Pique is an idiot why would he risk getting a red if they are up by 3 goals?

    27. Almighty

      Ousmane 😎😎😎

    28. Frank Garcia

      3 day ago.. really

    29. Brandon Ludena

      Don't let this distract you from the fact Bayern humiliated Barcelona not too long ago lmao

    30. TallDreamyDaddy

      Tiki Taka is outdated without high pressing their success will be more depends on that

    31. Yahir Garcia

      barcelona is not the same without Suarez 😔😢

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    33. Coutinho 14

      Anybody noticed that Kharatin got 2 yellows and didn’t get removed from game

    34. Adan Martinez

      Ahora es penaldo y penelssi!!!

    35. Kenyon McAferty

      Dembele improved a lot!

    36. Gabriel Zarate

      Demeble and coutinho teared up the Bundesliga

    37. Ivan Pulido

      em I the only one that thinks Barca always has easy teams in champions league

    38. Ferginthebooth Jenkins

      dembele the only reason pedri scored and messi played average until that assist

    39. sonof amun

      come on now ronald koeman free the kids and put griezman on purgatory where he belongs for now

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    41. Joel Carrasco

      People think this was a good game for Barca? They missed quiet a few chances. Had this been Bayern playing they would have scored 8-10 goals

    42. God

      Rebound goals are getting pretty comfortable right about now...

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    46. Rose Lee check him out

    47. Edith

      Messi sucks

    48. luis p

      Piqué! Jajaja

    49. Affan Ajmal

      Commentator sucked. No emotion

    50. Antonio Martinez

      Where is Ter Stegen?

    51. Smoke Hacks

      *Champions League on CBS Sports* اصطورتي 💖

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    56. Jordi Vasquez

      Barca can keep using pique his pace is getting slower and slower , he getting beaten by pace and we need Araujo to keep starting his pace and physical And pretty much everything he has we need

    57. Mushcouldsaveus

      "Track and Trace" opp has started in Europe!👎🛢💉☠

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    59. H4VOCJDYT

      Fati has a very attractive style when it comes to Football....

    60. Miguel D

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    61. Ismael Hermosillo, Jr.

      Our future looking bright! Fati, Pedri, De Jong, Dest!? And Dembélé is only 23 too. I luv it!


      Barca plays like a team with 0 chemistry. From ansu getting bullied and no one stepping in to defend him to certain players not celebrating with others .

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    64. Wabb1e

      how many subs are they allowed to make? are these new rules?

      1. Marc Lusion

        5 because of covid. But they only have 3 times and halftime to put players in. For instance, if a manager was going to substitute players one at a time then he could only bring four on the pitch.

    65. Wabb1e

      hearing the ball so clearly is kind of weird

    66. wrld

      pedri and trincao are both gonna be good with barca, mark my words💯

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    68. Banzai Bankai

      its so weird to not have any spectators in the stands... its what made the game fun to watch along with the players... the reactions and loud chanting from the people...

    69. Crash IT

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    71. Hector Hernandez

      boy who fucked up piques hair cut

    72. Jaquan Johnson

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    73. LeoAngel67

      Barca is better without pique

    74. Big Reggie

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    76. Guillermo Sarat

      Rojo Sarat

    77. Roman Shepherd

      Am I crazy or is that not a red card!??

    78. Anon

      "Not exactly a Five star show from Barcelona"... also Barcelona 5-1

    79. Zombie Knuckles

      I give you a hamburger

    80. Nathan Branch

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    81. Rohan Shukla

      Messi looks so sad and isn't smiling like he used to. This summer and board have screwed this clubs and Messi's love and Messi will go.

    82. Mashudu Tshikororo

      The return of the great Dembele

    83. prison mike

      Pique days are way behind him, he's too slow now and very clumsy... we need to sell him now for a decent amount

    84. Caityyy723

    85. TheYoutuber

      Dumbell is very mediocre . Fati and griiezman are much better options

    86. TheYoutuber

      Messi penalty opened the match for more scores

    87. Castro 21

      their goalkeeper did some good saves ngl even tho they conceded 5 goals

    88. aron perez

      Where’s the emotion of the commentators ??!!! Where is “GOOOOOOOLLLLL”

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    95. Quan Johnson

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    96. Amran Nahshal

      This Dembele kid has a bright future 👍

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    98. Marcos Lugo Rodriguez

      Speaking of Messi, his fanbase is toxic lmao

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