bts you laugh? you lose! challenge


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    hi guys 💜

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    1. Aalia Samreen

      I failed in the first 2 seconds

    2. Rida Ajaz

      3:25 interview name plzz...

    3. Kessidy Gabriely

      The best are the photos between the videos :3

    4. Taylor Morgan-Young

      Anyways I lost 40 seconds in

    5. Nawshin Raisa

      Thanks for making this video. I laugh so hard. It.just made my day.

    6. Grace Tumlos

      I am lose hahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahhahahah

    7. Tahsen Anjum

      0:25 is this from run or something else,please let me know

    8. Sabelle Jade

      소ㅑㄴ 조ㅛ 쇄 노ㅖㅇ둣 ㅣㄷㅅ 그 ㅔㅣ묘 ...;-;

    9. nawa

      11:14🤣🤣🤣🤣 RM, why did you do that? Are you his mom?

    10. hisfang fang

      Title: Laugh you lose Me: ~Literally 3 seconds in the video~ lol

    11. Sahej Kour

      So I lost it in the first 15 seconds .

    12. Nitzana Tanaz

      I don't care I wanna laugh my as out🤣🤣

    13. Hawraa Debek

      Haha , I lose 😂😂😂 who is army like me leave a comment ❤💕

    14. Rawish Batool

      6:19 can someone please tell me episode no.🥺🥺🥺🙏

    15. Rawish Batool

      3:39 .. can someone tell me the episode no.? The one in which suga drew two people.. and a hand with middle finger drawn big and jk said are you cursing?😂😂🥺🥺

    16. Rawish Batool

      Tell me please.. the run bts episode in which RM sing jin's epiphany

    17. Sadaat Ali

      I didn't even try to win

    18. qX_Xp Eun

      11:09 11:09 11:09 11:09 11:09 11:09

    19. Saniya Hajri

      I like BTS

    20. Sudheer Thaha


    21. Thato Motlotlegi

      NO matter how i try i still laugh hard man

    22. Thato Motlotlegi

      I LOVE you videos I PURPLE YOU AND BTS

    23. Nasrin Sattarian

      بسمه الله الرحمن الرحیم ، خیلی خندیدم دستت دردنکنه 😂😂😂😂😂😂 من از iran پیام میدم😂😂😂

    24. Diya Reddy

      J-hope and Junkook sometimes look like brothers or twins....

    25. Hadia V

      You mean try not to laugh

    26. afia zafar

    27. ッ


    28. Srishti Sinha

      Last clip is from where??

    29. Tỏa Nhi.W

      1:03 Sao tôii nghe đou đóo "ối dồi ôi" =)))

    30. Niki's Adventures

      Okay this try not to laugh with 1 Pig and 6 Humans

    31. Richard Edward López


    32. Aliyah Yonah Denise Leonardo


    33. Mridula verma

      i completed the task very hardly

    34. DiSgUsTAEiNg ShEeT

      8:30 I was like is he pregnant??👁️👄👁️

    35. Miss B

      Bruh I came here thinking I could actually win this then Jin chokes on his damn food near the end smfh. 😂😒

    36. Amazing Things

      9:08 V:*catches the badminton thingy* Also V: why is everyone staring at me did i do something wrong 😅😅😅😘😂😂

    37. Desiree Todio

      There so Funny I'm laughing because of this video🤣

    38. ssuupp gt channel

      메신저 방탄 소년단

    39. AL Daniela Vieira No 95

      i lost

    40. Park Daeun

      2:07 which run episode is it??

    41. izzu mochi

      I cant get stop laughing for jimins joke and jhope laugh

    42. Nousheen Khan

      Tittle was you laugh you lose and I lose in the first clip only my stomach is paining I laughed so hard 😂😂😂😂

    43. Sona Ghai

      I lost when Jin said "hold my hand "

    44. Aaniyah Shumate

      Im pig OiNk OiNk

    45. C E

      11:38 I can’t stop 😂😂😂😂

    46. Maryam Aurangzaib

      2:52 it looks like he is giving birth 😂

    47. Bandana Chettripradhan

      Everyone forget that u lost the challenge 😎😂

    48. Lamya Amreen

      Jin: i Am PiG oInK oInK RM: so we go 6 humans and 1 pig in here ARMY: *dies of laughing*

    49. Jessica Chavez

      at the beginning when they were saying who would do it for the longest time all i heard were bees buzzing

    50. GAMER LEON

      Nᴏ ʙᴏᴅʏ- Nᴏᴛ ᴇᴠᴇɴ sᴇᴏʟ- Jɪɴ-ɪᴍ-ɪᴍ-ᴘIɢ OINᴋ OIɴK SIX HUMANS HERE AND A PIG ᴡᴏᴡ

    51. Helen Gaïl-lagher

      BTS are incredibly beautiful and also funny !! But , the funniest is mostly J-hope !!

    52. Aastha Tayal

      my mind: why the hell are they like the my heart: isn't the reason why you are mad for them

    53. Luis Atayde

      The worldwide handsome jin

    54. Ghoufrne Bejkani

      Waw waw waw waw waw waw waw waw waw waw

    55. sophia

      0:46 it sounded like the bee stuck in my ear

    56. Panchu Bhawale

      Jin giving birth to 8th member😂😂😂😂 at 3:05

    57. Ayan Mondal

      The challenge is like telling a new born baby not to cry😂

    58. nada army


    59. chevonne Van niekerk

      I think we having another baby everyone

    60. chevonne Van niekerk

      The only way to get many biews is by making bts videos

    61. Annie Daniel

      So we got a pig and six humans here..😂😂

    62. k_pop bp bts

      Hahaha hahahaha 😹

    63. Luna Ortigoza

      song from minute 3:28 please?

      1. L R


    64. manpi niankho


    65. mxsvga

      when jk said “are you cursing now?” 😭

    66. Rando Random

      My appreciation for you when you started playing the the Chronicles of Narnia theme music:📈📈📈

    67. Angela Williams

      8:29-9:00 literally me 😂

    68. Grace Clark

      we stan professional dancers who can't make dalgona coffee

    69. FTM

      Let be honest , we just clicked the video to laugh.

    70. cam dao


    71. Rebekah Madramootoo

      I want a merch

    72. Duma Siahaan

      sO wE gOt A Pigh AnD SiX HumAN hErE LOL

    73. Baby mochi Bts lover


    74. jimin you got no jams

      J-hope :heartu And heartu:where.....

    75. Ştefania Enache

      Joon's face tasting that coffee three me off

    76. Ştefania Enache

      11:44 Jin, the gamer in you is showing

    77. Stanzing Laton


    78. taehyung in your area

      Me be like: sees the thumbnail👁️👄👁️ Oh I lose NVM

    79. Tahlia Marriner

      I really really want a bts merch

    80. Tahlia Marriner

      LOL people laugh but then they can't stop LOL$$

    81. Dalilah Kirkum

      on time frame 58 rm about to cry or being funny made me rewind it and pause it to see it and it cracked my up

    82. Park Y/N

      That’s where that jk heeyyy came from 😂😂

    83. wanmaisarah

      everything is okayy until i blurt it out lol lose at 6:56, i use earphone so i heard his gasp so loudd goshhh its too harddd lmao

    84. cutie pie

      jin is really a big laugher at all !!!!!!!!

    85. HANNAH Plays the noob

      when jin was kicking his leg wow he is really a mom he have baby JK (just joking)

    86. noor ali

      LOVE JK

    87. Ricardo Cimanes

      Look at jimin and rm and v and jk

    88. mleemiracle79

      9:03 lol

    89. Claire Adelaide Bawit

      7 for the last time IT IS 7 OK

    90. Gözde Armyy

      I am here for laugh 😂

    91. Mahin Muntaha

      the way Jimin laughs .....he just disappears and falls on the ground same as jhope.....their laugh is to die for!!!!

    92. Mahin Muntaha

      the way Jimin laughs .....he just disappears and falls on the ground same as jhope.....their laugh is to die for!!!!

    93. Marilyn Morales

      que hermoso se ve V 😍

    94. Shaza Ali

      I was just so busy laughing at them..that I totally forgot it was a try not to laugh challenge 😂

    95. Min Suga

      Am i the only one that forgot That this is a try not to laugh video? i Laugh all the time Until I saw the Title👁👄👁

    96. Chandani Kashyap

      13:41 suga's dance 😅😂😂🤣🤣

    97. Yours_zpt_ Tasnu

      *JH-Dying of laughing* *Me-Same situation* *I was so much unhappy.Even i cried for 3 hours bcuz my acc was banned😞* *But our boyz made me happy😌*

    98. Syeda Mehnaz

      Already 😅😅😅

    99. -Taedy Bear

      Please promote my channel

    100. BTS Fangirl

      I laugh when j-hope's heart is broken