Winter Camping in a Snowstorm with My Dog

Matthew Posa

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    I head out into the woods during a snowstorm to camp for the night with my dog. A lot of snow accumulates during the winter storm. Me and my dog have a blast and I also cook up one of my favorite meals over a camp fire.
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    күнү жарыяланды Жыл мурун


    1. Matthew Posa

      **September 2020 Edit** Welcome all the new viewers to the channel! Yes, I do read all the comments and I post videos every Sunday, early or late! If you want to see more like this, hit that subscribe button! Similar videos Monty has a surprise birthday party: A Spring Snowstorm with Monty and his brother: Hey guys! Dont forget to hit that like button and share if you enjoyed the video! What do you guys like more, camping in heavy rain or heavy snow?

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      2. Hume Areeb

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      3. Liz Vickers

        Heavy snow.

      4. Liz Vickers

        Heavy snow.

      5. Y U Mad Bro?

        Wait you built your shelter in a game trail?? Thank God for the dog thou at least he will alert you to a pack of wolves hunting those deer unless the wolves lure out your dog.

    2. Joseph Smith

      Monty is probably like there is so much chew tows everywhere third will be fun

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      “Dingleberry just get too excited” I’m gonn start using dingleberry

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      I wish I had your dog, so cuteeee!

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      The subtitle for the sawing sound is laughter which is...funny

    6. • xShortyx •

      I love this guy, just the way he’s having so much fun with his dog is just very inspiring some how

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      You have, in my humble opinion, one of the cutest dogs ever

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      This is the first video I watched by Matthew and now I am in love with this channel

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      Whenever I’m deep in my feels I come back to this video to fall asleep to and not to cry myself to sleep instead. It helped me immensely. Thank you so much.

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      Very enjoyable video. And thanks for the idea for tomorrow’s cooking. I will make some paprikáš with dumplings.

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      This guys is playing like the real life Minecraft survival mode

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      9:28 the snow is VERY visible, I wish I had that snow

    14. I McMillan

      I was just watching your video and I know I'm a year later. But you should fit a small umbrella to your camera stand. It'll keep everything snow free. Also I'd you tied a pebble in the middle of your tarp you could put a guideline to pull the centre out. It'd stop you having to push the snow off so much. Respect from Scotland mate.

    15. stily story

      this shit looks more miserable than fun. i hate the cold

    16. Mark Ferguson

      I can’t wait to do this with my dog man you have such I nice dog I respect you for the way you look after your dog you make sure he’s fine before your self massive respect to you sending from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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      Well I guess everyone got the recommendation except for me ..I'm just a stoner tryna go camping for the first time ever with my doggie🐾♥️ .. I have to say I really enjoyed this video I've seen other videos but this one is actually realistic ,how he forgot some things , how he was play fighting with his dog ,how he tried carrying all the wood and failed and he almost fell and I just love how he didnt edit none of that out had me laughing and I love how ur so positive about everything and enjoying life ♥️🙌

    29. Anonymous

      quick question , how long could you sleep in the snow?

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    31. Robert w S

      Why did you not get the fire going and defrost the jacket?

    32. Robert w S

      Personally, I would have built a higher wood base to build a bigger coal bed.

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      poor dog man wtf all those hours in that cold weather, are u fking stupid?

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      If u have allergies, u need manganese. 3-7 mg. It will stop them.

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      16:45 monty thinks twice before he reluctantly takes action and starts his rescue mission

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        I’m not sure but he might be in Alaska

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      Hey guys nothing to look at here, just wacking off my tarp

    44. BotanistRM Parkinson

      People on Twitch ask me who I watch on YT, I tell them "this hilarious bushcrafter guy with a dog called MontyT who is the spirit of all humanity on the internet." #Wholesome #honest #hardworking #hopeful #strong #funny #sweet #gentle #adventurous #immersion #mothernature #thegreathealer

    45. BotanistRM Parkinson

      1:19:45 you're so funny ^w^ i giggled, rewatched it a couple of times haha :D

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      I have started buying my herbs and spices from organic co-op Suma. Little bit more expensive but the alternative is toxic to an organic GI Tract, and it lets the market know we prefer pesticide-free crops from heirloom seeds, the way humanity has grown crops for 000's of years.

    47. That Bro You Know

      Just feed your dog it’s natural diet and his body will heal. Raw meat bone and organs

    48. BotanistRM Parkinson

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    56. L. Di Gloria

      Ok Mathew, I have to say that it is absolutely the cruelest thing I have seen in a long time. The fact that Monty is not wearing booties!! My god. You have to stop and think: If you went barefoot in the snow, they would probably be in intense pain, turn blue then black and possibly bleed. Same thing goes for a dog. He is a domestic pet. Not a wild animal living in the woods. He is not just a dog who's automatically equipped for this kind of environment either. If we're hungry, cold, hot, etc..., so are they! We're the the bigger thinkers, so you should know better. Booties cost nothing and are an absolute necessity for him to be wearing them at all times in the snow. It's quite shocking since his paws are pink skin. That's it!! He has a thick coat, but is still not meant to be in frigid temps with the ground covered in 2-3 feet of snow in bare feet!! I live in Az where it gets extremely hot in the summer which means the cement also gets hot. Much hotter than the air temp. It's actually the LAW here to have shoes on your pet's feet It's considered cruel and unusual abuse and the person will be cited with a hefty fine. Please people use common sense. If you have a small, tiny or even big dog with short hair? They need a sweater. Dogs will get ear infections from the cold. In the hot sun, they need cover just like you do as well. Like you might wear a hat, otherwise your pet could suffer heat stroke just the same as you could. I made the HUGE mistake of taking my beloved dog Corona on a hike with me. It's an intermediate mountain climb and I thought dogs are naturally in shape, so I took her. Big mistake!! She got extremely winded. We both got kind of sick and she actually could have died very easily. We stayed behind a boulder to block the sun and waited to cool down and drank water. I then carried her down the mountain. It really scared me and it was very stupid of me to assume she could or WANT to do that. So, Mathew, just because you like to camp in the snow doesn't mean Monty does. He seems happy when you throw the stick with him, but he does not show excitement or happiness the rest of the time. Tell "tail" signs for example, are the tail pointing down between his legs, lacking enthusiasm or excitement and not energetic. Licking his feet is a sign of discomfort from possible allergies or in this case, because they might be sore and/or chapped? Helloooh? There is a thing called salve like Vaseline you might want to apply to them. Dogs can't speak, so it's up to us to look for the signs. All of you that enjoy the great outdoors like Matthew, Please pay attention to your pets. And Mathew, please don't let me see him again lol without having his booties on in the snow. Thank you so much. Monty is a beautiful and well cared for dog, but next time maybe leave him at home for the snowy adventures and save him for the warmer ones.;))))

    57. sKY

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      First seconds of the video: “Gets hit in the face with a branch” ;; I know how that feels ;^;

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      1. Matthew Posa

        It's on my dads side!

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