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    The co-hosts react to Wednesday’s swearing in of Pres. Joe Biden and Vice Pres. Kamala Harris and discuss their takeaways from the historic Inauguration Day.
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    1. Ntombezinhle Tlhapane

      Everyone was so jolly and then General Buzz kill came defending Ted Cruz🤦🏽‍♀️

    2. markman manmark


    3. The Haitian Drip

      Meghan voted for somebody who called the press the enemy of the people so she can STFU

    4. Terri Hughes

      You are all a bunch of scants. Biden, Harris and the democrats will destroy our country. People better wake up!!!!!!!

    5. Charlene Rowley

      Why do we have come across the aisle? The Republicans had 4 years to come across the aisle.

    6. Idiotic Beyond Measure

      Shockingly stupid comment section

    7. Mandy

      Meghan, your fashion on the View since coming back from maternity leave has been fire!!! You are the whole package: intelligent and beautiful.

    8. Andrea Taylor

      Biden is corrupt, Democrats are corrupt, Hollywood is corrupt and the media is corrupt. Wake up people!

    9. D Mc

      Joy did not say ALL Republicans were the enemy. She said Ted Cruz who tried to contest the election was the enemy. Meghan is such a whiny snowflake.

    10. Jonelle85

      Joy is hilarious lol

    11. Jonelle85

      I hope Beto runs for Senate again. He needs to take Ted’s place.

    12. Chris Orr

      Why do the conservatives keep saying it was a close election in 2020, when Trump lost the popular vote in 2016 by 3 million which is less than 7 million in 2020.... By Trumps 2016 standards, Biden had a landslide win!

    13. Troy Brown

      Come together? Unity? What about the racial jungle?

    14. Troy Brown

      We werent kidnapped by a crazy family. Yall voted for them

    15. Troy Brown

      Whose dad does joe remind Whoopi of? Lol

    16. TheRenegadeStar ✓

      Putting words in joys mouth. STFU

    17. Amy Wilson

      Meghan called out Colin Kaepernick for kneeling, but yet she will argue for Ted Cruz's "right" to be at the inauguration. Oohhh the privilege!!

    18. shmuli9

      OK; To Meghan: I am a Democrat, but fairly conservative

    19. Jason Barnes

      Typical. MeAgain responding to Joy at the end by saying that unless their states remove them they have the right to attend the inauguration, when that's not even the point. They showed up to an event reflective of the democracy of their country when they enabled the insurrection of the very place that upholds that democracy. So yes, on paper they have the right to attend but in fact, they are enemies of the U.S. and whether the states they represent remove them or not, that's a stain that will always stay on them.

    20. Brittany Smith

      I agree, he has every right to sit at the inauguration. But, that means we as American citizens have to do our part to get him out. If you are unhappy with something, do your part to make it right or attempt to.

    21. stellawil

      I've been so relieved!!! The last 4 years were a NIGHTMARE!!!!

    22. joe b

      get ready for a new war.joe send in troops and war supplies to syria on first day in office escalating tensions

    23. Deborah Gardner

      Come on Megan, you know why Joy called him an enemy, you always take things to the extreme, enemies are enemies, and Cruz is an enemy of the Constitution, no one thinks all Republicans are the enemy, you’re comment does nothing but fuel the divide. They’re Enemies period, these men would hold our constitution for ransom, they would dismantle the progress on which the ones that came before them made. And leave us morally damaged by their actions, and the reality and the ravaged way our people’s progress was pushed back, not only 4 years, but 40 or more. This is the Country they left my people, I am a citizen of this Country born and raised, my parents ancestors blood runs right threw this earth that people love so much, but forget our abuse and terror just to reach that moment in time, when we took another step, then 4 years negated all the progress we made and then some, yes to all of us for that reason, he is an enemy of the people, that is if you consider me a citizen, you can’t tell where people stand anymore.

    24. Hezron Fekitoa

      love love love the view Sara brings to the show!!!

    25. Vickie Gunnells-Hodge

      And then the single damper.

    26. Vickie Gunnells-Hodge

      I felt united with America for the first time.. .😁💜🙏

    27. Tobinskya S

      Fake president. The Corporation of 1871 has been dissolved.

    28. Bob Roberts

      Ted Cruz compared to any member of the View is like comparing Einstein to Forest Gump.

    29. All The Best

      Meghan, completely playing TF out of herself in 2021 only to be called out by her grandkids. Yeeah Meghan, I'd like to see you speak the families of that slain officer and tell them SAME - with SAME attitude about Hawley and cruz.

    30. emergencyCALL911

      I thought Meghan was spot on here. Like her, I believe Joe Biden, but I don't get the sense that most other Democrats are actually willing to listen to people they disagree with and stop demonizing the opposition. And I'm not coming at this from the same place as Meghan. I'm not a Republican and I happen to be aligned with Democrats on far more issues than I agree with Republicans on, but the level of ideological intolerance I've been seeing from the left frankly disgusts me. The left needs to acknowledge that their side is at least as guilty of demonising the right as the right is of demonising them instead of trying to blame all the country's problems on the other side. Donald Trump did as much damage in leading the left to feel justified in ramping up their ideological tolerance against people who don't share their political views as he did in encouraging bad behaviour on the right. As for Ted Cruz, he made a bad decision on the sixth, I don't deny that, but I listened to his speech and I thought he made some fair points. He wasn't calling for the election to be overturned. He was suggesting that there be an investigation of the claims of voter fraud in order to reassure people who believed the election wasn't legitimate ( ). I don't think objecting to the vote count was the right way to call for that, and staying in Trump's good books may well have been a motivator in his decision, but going by what he said, I don't think his decision makes him an enemy of the country or any of that divisive diatribe Joy too often engages in. And while Joy may not have been referring to all Republicans as enemies, the way I've heard her talk about people she has political disagreements with is definitely an example of the kind of demonization we need to put behind us if Biden is going to have any chance of uniting this country.

    31. Tom

      I haven't seen this yet but STFU Meg-ham!

    32. witchmom davis

      False president, impeach biden!

    33. Dustbin Truedope

      Ted Cruz for President.

    34. Angel N’daville

      Why does Megan always have to have the last word with her stoic face!!!

    35. Gigi Tanksley

      Ted Cruz is not an enemy. He is quilt of treason, should be tried, and imprisoned.

    36. bolt riprock

      I"ll say it , all republicans are the enemy of this country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    37. fanofmany71

      Meghan needs to stop playing victim. The vast majority of (almost all) Republicans just stood by and DID NOTHING (and some EGG Trumpty Dumpty on) so yes, it's just as bad to be a bystander/witness to wrongdoing as the wrongdoer. Meghan tries to come across as intelligent as the other ladies but she fails horribly. All of them can be passionate about a topic but you know all of them except Meghan has that passion under control. In other words, they know what they are doing/saying while Meghan lets the emotions get the best of her. Remove/replace their words with gibberish and Meghan just sounds whiny. Fact.

    38. lennysvibe


    39. Dianne Mitchell

      No Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley are traitors and don't deserve to be at the inauguration

    40. Dianne Mitchell

      A lot of Republicans are the enemy of the American people. They did their best to overturn a legitimate election

    41. Amy Forbes

      Meghan the mood down as usual

    42. Amy Forbes

      Whoopi looks so happy Meghans face is a picture

    43. Amaris Gonzalez

      Yeah right this is only the beginning of war, this is something that the Democrats wanted all the cheating and fraud that happened in the election come on man!! This is not over yet baby🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    44. RealTakerslady

      Ted Cruz IS an enemy of the ppl! He backed the domestic terrorists!

    45. Kenneth Bonura

      Tell me again why throughout the past 4 years Whoopi couldn't address Trump by name!?. I mean it has to be valid right...

    46. milkey1

      2 days ...Biden's America - 60,000 jobs destroyed XL Keystone Pipeline cancelled - U.S. gas and oil industry being destroyed. - Women's sports destroyed. - Troops forced to sleep in parking garages. - Ramping up Middle East wars again already. -Rejoining the Paris Accord -Isis attack on Bagdhad -allowing china back into our power grid -more Syrian troops But orange mans words hurt my special whittle feelings.

    47. Carol Johnson-Williams

      Two weeks ago, Meghan was saying they should be in Gitmo. Now, she’s defending Ted Cruz. The duplicity.

    48. LeadFoot Productions

      You all speak of unity then you bash people!!! Disgraceful!!!! Absolutely disgusting!!!

    49. LeadFoot Productions

      Did anyone hear how he declared war on Republicans or are you all deaf!!!! You people are disgusting!!!

    50. Ron Santos


    51. Edward Cohen

      It’s fitting that Sunny’s mic doesn’t work. She always can be counted on to provide the wrong take.

    52. Edward Cohen

      3:15 AGAIN WITH THE PARENTS ANALOGY! The President isn’t a king or a father to a country. He’s its leader, but ultimately, it’s servant. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😒😒😒😒😒 That servile, bootlicking attitude of Joy’s fits more with North Korea than America.

    53. Edward Cohen

      2:41 Why is she talking about porn?

    54. Edward Cohen

      2:36 PTSD? (Spoiled rich 🤑 lady! 😒🤦‍♂️🙄😏) The only people who have a right to feel that are the family members of the cops who were killed in the DC riots.

    55. Edward Cohen

      2:25 I think you were dropped on your head as a child, or an air conditioner DID drop on your head. And Whoopi seems to agree internally given her expression. “WTF is this white lady babbling about!” 😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😁🤪😏😏😏😏😏😏😏

    56. Edward Cohen

      0:37 Dad? The President is supposed to be our employee. Not our Dad! 🙄🥴😒😒😒😕🤨. We fought a war to rid ourselves of King George 3. Dad!!!! 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄😏 No sentiment could be more unAmerican....

    57. Give me liberty Or give me death

      The left started the civil war. The right will end it.

    58. kl h

      Meghan, Its Cruz. It's Hawley. It's that they lied to us and protected the lie instead of their fellow congressmen and their fellow Americans. I think they forfeited the public trust. Republicans blew my mind supporting a lie even after it led to insurrection, but I can barely see it for pride looking at Liz. What a rock star! Tell a Wyoming women how to vote? No, you do not. Liz Cheney is unafraid. God Bless her. The Republican Party needs better leaders, honest ones. Lindsey can stay but Cruz and Hawley?! Resign or Vote them out already. Who wants to work with them? They unleashed a mob on their coworkers.

    59. 3RD EYERATE

      Shut up Megan.

    60. Gina Oye

      .... Joy comes in the morning" That gave chills and comfort at the same time. To God be the glory.

    61. Jennifer Jaggers

      Dear Whoopi, are you not aware that you are just a “black woman” to Joe Biden???

    62. Liberal Perspective

      Biden Drops Public Option -- Betrays Campaign Promise

    63. locadisa

      I was thinking that I had just finally woken up from a bad nightmare!

    64. locadisa

      Joy...😁😁😁😁. I agree

    65. Jacob

      Joy is right. Senator Hawley and Senator Cruz are enemies of the people, by virtue of their support and toleration of acts of Sedition and of Insurrection against the lawfully established government of these United States. They're also enemies of the State governments of Missouri and Texas, respectively. For this reason, Article 1 Section 5 of the Constitution ought to be invoked (frankly I forget the clause and I'm too lazy to Google it). But they ought to be expelled from their Senate seats.

    66. Jacob

      Off topic - I do know what you mean Joy. Outlander season 6 will be the second gift of 2021.

    67. caddie22920

      whoopi is clowning over an old white dude.

    68. Carol Mcfadden

      oh..Megan! Joy Behar was only referring to the lowlife Ted Cruz..NOT THE REPUBLICAN PARTY AS A WHOLE

    69. Los Carlito


    70. Los Carlito


    71. Los Carlito


    72. Dos Libras

      Hush Meg. Just hush ! She said Ted cruz is the enemy because he instigated the terrorist attack with trump. So hush, he very much is the enemy, why are you siding with him as if it’s “all republicans” , unless your saying you very much on Ted Cruz maybe yes,,,you are enemy?

    73. Car Bro

      Meagain, stop reaching, sad getting paid for this insane amount of money to show your ditz.

    74. Stephanie Chomiak

      Oh lord Megan. I never know where she’s going to land. Girl is all over the place.

    75. Frances Johnson

      So President Biden give s scriptures to show how we can trust in that word as Truth. Yes, it is Great that you/me/many others can say President and have Hope. Thank You Ladies for helping many of us thru this rough time. We all need to Reach across (America) and Listen and support each other!

    76. Ann Chovey

      Did you notice all the rioting by Antifa in Portland and Seattle after the inauguration. Kamala said before the election that the rioting will continue and "it should." Talk about insurrection. They brought out all the national guard for show at the inauguration. Why didn't they do that during CHAZ and all the rioting and looting. No, instead the police were told to "stand down." How can you not see the hypocrisy? This country deserves what it gets for not being any smarter than it is. We have lost the republic. We are just like the rest of the world - controlled by the oligarchs.

    77. Ann Chovey

      Ted Cruz nor Donald Trump never called for an insurrection. Why don't they play the tape of Maxine Waters telling people to get in the face of the cabinet and harass them and Joe Biden saying he wants to take Trump behind the shed. What about Madonna saying she thought a lot about burning down the White House.

    78. Potáto

      I love these anti Meghan comments

    79. Joyce T. Thorne

      I love Joy's comment about Trump boarding the plane and the snow started coming down to cleanse the country.

    80. uberbirdie

      If Democrats don't hold the seditionists accountable for the Capitol riot, then they'll continue to be viewed as weak -- and we'll end up with another trumpian, authoritarian, "strong man" candidate on the GOP ticket in 2024. The GOP should welcome accountability as much as anyone else does.

    81. Wanda Johnson

      In Cuba they throw you in jail for not wearing a mask. Time to get tough on idiots.

    82. Juan Trapp

      Did Megan forget what Ted Cruz has done already?


      Omg Meghan stop it!! Where is Ana

    84. Jean Nieves

      It was a cleansing snow

    85. Jean Nieves

      Biden is Dear to me ❤️💯

    86. Jean Nieves

      I applaud him for mentioning it

    87. AnnaThis sisters of peace Atlantic

      Trump is not the evil .is Mc connell..

    88. Ty Hampton

      Stop calling us radical then! Why she didn't tell mitch McConnell to reach across the fucking isle!

    89. laurie rotavarp

      When will Megan learn to control her tone? She alone makes me want to not view the view. She often has good points but cannot get out of her own way with her delivery. Not a chip off the old block, just a chip on her shoulder.

    90. laurie rotavarp

      Cruz is an enemy, he tried to hyhack the government

    91. laurie rotavarp

      Where was i when Joy said all republicans? Clean your ears Megan

    92. MonsterSound

      Megan, Cruz lied and encouraged violence, sedition and insurrection. Stop misleading, dividing, and being such a victim.

    93. Top Guy

      Back to defending the trash, Megan. She'll give you a day but she'll never leave the republican post

    94. Krystal L

      Me-again just trying to start drama 😒

    95. gilkrys

      Meghan acts like she had amnesia sometimes.Ted Cruz and Jeff Hawley are enemies of this nation. Please stop with this unity stuff now that the Republicans have lost. They need to held accountable for what they did on January 6th and prior lying to those gullible people about the election. Like come on let's not play this game of well let's forget about it because I guarantee if the BLM or some of Democrats pulled that treasonous crap the Republicans would've been calling for them to be under the jail. So cut it out Meghan. Stop with the foolery.

    96. Mark Cooper

      Impeach him ASAP he’s not fit to talk . 👀👀👀👀👀

    97. steph Blafr

      I really wonder what Cindy McCain would say of her daughter if she wasn't related to her...

    98. Finding by W.D.F.

      An Meghan is back! Sadly playing identify politics. No, Meghan, we we talk about Republican's we are talking about those in Congress and those who committed insurrection. Instead of getting mad at Democrats maybe Meghan needs to help take over the GOP and throw out the pro-Trump faction. Sadly Meghan's words today enable insurrection and fascism.

    99. Princess Jauregui-Hansen

      Stay mad, Meghan.

    100. randy k