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    Special tour of some of the AWESOME MOUNTS and some of the stories behind them.
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    1. Jackie Reeves

      I'm in Georgia Same time as you. I watch your videos all different times mainly in the mornings.

    2. TheSwackster

      I watch all your videos all night while I am at work on 3rd shift.

    3. Michael Chapman

      Scott I start my day watching your videos and end my day. Thank you so much for making them, I really enjoy them.

    4. Tim Hickum

      9:20 am at work in South Carolina. Greenville. On break

    5. Tom

      Enjoyed this one.

    6. Colby Shaw

      4:00 eastern

    7. Brooks Rogers

      In the morning

    8. Joel Gravel

      Showing the mounts was my favorite part of the video. And hearing that they were caught so long ago.

    9. Nibzy

      Anyone See The Dog At 5:04 ?

    10. Eddie King

      All day and all night I watch them

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    14. glen johnson

      most of the time I watch any video is around 4 am central time. but the last couple days its been all day because of this weather and china virus stuff going on

      1. glen johnson

        oh and i'm sorry to say Harvey destroyed my house and now I had to sell my boat and everything else I could to try and build another house so I don't have a clue when I will ever be able to fish again.

    15. Samuel Erdman


    16. Spicey12B

      What’s up with the dog when you’re crossing the street on the cart 🤣🤣..... thought I was seeing things

    17. Brian Stevenson

      9:23 mountain time

    18. bruce coleman

      it's 1am eastern

    19. noble newton

      1:13 am cst

    20. charles johnson

      In mn we have been fishing hard

    21. james weisenhorn

      I appreciate your fishing ability, but I’m getting tired of seeing how rich you are!

    22. Landen Wyatt

      12:23a.m. CT

    23. Johnny Thompson

      6:38 central time

    24. Stephen Gulledge

      Ordered two hats from the IG Merch Drop - Haven't heard anything about shipping or delivery dates. Today is 5/19, any idea when we might receive? Also, I filled out a guide request. Lets go fish!

    25. Matt Reck

      I usually watch your videos after 10 pm central time.

    26. KM Cattle co.

      12:00 Nebraska

    27. Lewis Suave

      You forgot to mention Karaoke on Thursday nights at the Tiki Bar. Not sure if you still have it with the social distancing but its a blast. hehe

    28. The Recoil Life

      Watched this video at 12:48 AM Central time in Iowa.

    29. steve a

      i just watched this video, the time was 12:24 am central time

    30. Thomas Caldwell

      About 8 or 9pm est. Thanks for another great episode Scott !!!

    31. matthew lake

      @scottmartin any of those big fish caught on the helicopter lure?

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      Noon a must watch at lunch, or right after work.

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      I'm watching at the office to de-stress at 12:37 pm, as I usually do :) Love your fishing videos!!

    37. buckwild 457

      I really hope to see you I’m a huge fan

    38. buckwild 457

      Hey Scott u should really come to grand lake tournament it starts Tuesday and ends wendsday and we have a highschool leauge that got the opportunity to fish this and if me and my buddie qualifie we get to go fish the world in Wisconsin

    39. J M

      1 am to 5 am, est

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      You need to come to Polk county and come fish hatch and trask

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      My 4 year old son and I watch before bed time.

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      8:40 CST

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      is favorite going to realease the pro battle rod if so when is it coming so i can get one

    45. Eric Duggins

      are we just gonna ignore the dog @ 5:06 in the lower left side of the screen

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      Seven pm Florida time lol

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      Scott I need a SMC HAT PLZ WHERE DO I GET ONE ????

    48. Will Reaves

      i’m watching this video right now

    49. Emmanuel Serna

      I watch in my spare time brother

    50. Larry Stolzman

      Hi Scott: My brother-in-law and I enjoyed your marina and guide services about 3 years ago. Watching this video brought back many fond memories. We really enjoyed the day on the lake catching some awesome fish with Kevin Long. We used golden shiners and each caught our PBs. That day will remain one of my favorite trips ever. Lake O is an amazing place to be cherished and preserved as long as people fish. Looking forward to your fall tournaments and victories! Safe travels, God Bless!

    51. Steven Suarez

      no fishing allowed up here in Pac northwest until last week. wish I were back in SE Georgia. I'd be fishing everyday or making that trip to your marina. love the mounts at the shop

    52. Josh Bryant

      9:36 est bout to go fishing lol

    53. John Kramer

      1:50 am central time

    54. Cmbtvet outdoors

      I've been working like normal during this pandemic. My 20 year old Ficht finally bit the dust back in March just at the beginning of this virus stuff. My boat is in Port Charlotte waiting for Evinrude to start production again so I can get my new G2, hopefully soon because I'm itching to get back on the water. My brother and I are going to be planning a trip down to your Pop's marina maybe next spring. The only other time I ever fished Okeechobee was the weekend before I left for basic training in 93. My dad, grandpa, and I rented a john boat there and spent the day fishing. I don't remember any of us catching anything but we were surprised at the amount and size of gators we saw. We also saw Jimmy Houston there with a group of people he was fishing with. Fun times for sure!

    55. Blaine Dougherty

      I usually start watching around 7pm central time after I get done with whatever tasks I had to complete that day

    56. Jonathan Velazquez

      I watched at 10:30pm mexico city time my friend

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      Cool video Scott,I feel like I know you a lot better now,not just another guy putting out endless fishing videos

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      ANYTIME!! Is a good time for a Scott Martin video!

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      Scott if you feel you have too many oldy lures i will be happy to take some off your hand ha ha ha ciao!

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      What guides do you recommend for Lake Okeechobee? Also where is a good place to stay? Looking at possibly taking my wife and going on a fishing trip there.

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