Character Teaser - "Hu Tao: Scared Yet?" | Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact

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    Hee-hee, did I scare you?
    Eh? My appearance is less of a shock, and more of a pleasant surprise?
    Mm... Then, should I call this a farcical failure - or a splendid success?

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    1. Soham

      Which mf's disliked

    2. Ninja 2nd

      0:16 umm Actually im Looking For Crimson Witch Artifacts For Diluc

    3. Zander Branti

      Very cute voice.



    5. Leopold Maximilian von Hagen

      dislike, its the english voice and not rie takahashi

    6. lemon cake

      0:43,1:04 how could you say "NO" to these smiles 😳

    7. Klee


    8. Hu Tao

      Hu Tao is here!

    9. Aiyai Senpai


    10. Cqnace

      0:30 “aiya”

    11. Charls Gulle

      0:29 spammmmmm

    12. Charls Gulle


    13. Jack Crossley

      0:30 0:30 0:30 0:30 0:30 0:30 0:30 0:30 0:30

    14. Xecute

      Hu Tao: Honestly, Who comes to Wuhan Hill in the middle of the night? Me farming artifacts: Me i guess

    15. Lol Lol

      Wait she called Zihongli a walking encyclopedia? Hahah!

    16. OverClocked

      She looking fine

    17. Mikasa Ackerman

      girl ver of hanako-kun LMAO

    18. Mikasa Ackerman


    19. Meep

      I am rewatching this for I miss her and I couldn't get her.

    20. le bonk

      *fanfare* You've been pranked!

    21. EvoD

      I WANTED HER !!!!!!!!

    22. Hentai Slayer

      My wallet said no My spirit said otherwise


      Why I hear Tinakitten?

    24. Daniel Guerrero


    25. Racine XG


    26. 0-0 Random person

      Why am I simpin for the dude who’s scared🧍he’s mad adorable

      1. Bubba

        He is dead 💀

    27. Takganoshi 2.0

      Dub: Rem from re zero Sub: Megumin from Konosuba

    28. Fauzi Ramadani

      Off on?


      Kwkwkwk hi bg

    30. peace music

      Welp, time to wait for the rerun

    31. Xingqiu

      Ah, yes. A girl who is a funeral parlor who tried to bury a zombie.

    32. gibs


    33. Billy Lamara

      Idk if i supposed to be attracted or intimidated

    34. Spectralniy

      NSFW artists: You know the rules and so do I.

    35. Prizma Spector

      Ху Тао: «Испугались?» Я: Обосрался

    36. Kitsune


    37. No Name

      Anyone notice the butterfly -> seelie reference to Honkai in this PV?

    38. illuminosity_ Deo

      Waifu secured

    39. DTR4TRUE

      I downloading the game with wacthing youtube haha

    40. Green Dragon

      Crazy Tao

    41. FARREL

      Now this is what i call an OP Pyro character

    42. ganteng zero two

      Hu tao: huhu hu gak tao keluar dari kuburan

    43. Mr-Nasir


    44. Nemunko Shadou

      Guys She called Zhongli “Walking Encyclopedia” That’s so true

    45. Muhammad Devan Ferdian


    46. dmdm_XD

      pls banner xiao

      1. Shadow eee

        @chief fish no u venti simp leave us xiao simps be

      2. chief fish

        shut up

      3. Shadow eee

        I want banner xiao too

    47. JakeM28

      Well atleast this is not like that other bad mobile ads

    48. Fresh !Sans

      Wait.... She looks familiar..... ...........hmmmm..... WAIT- Hanako-kun? You'll guess if you know the anime.... OwO

    49. Tenko Chabashira

      her voice is so cute

    50. Неизвестный

      only business and nothing else

    51. Alexandr

      God she's just beautiful

    52. Gamer Gaming

      I'm asking once, who Tao?

      1. Zeeq


      2. mii

        Stop asking who Tao. Ask when Tao

    53. Вячеслав Тиняков

      so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute

    54. Dimas septiansyah

      Aku gk bisa donwload gensin impact nya

      1. chief fish

        Nobody cares

    55. Nitsuga Yt

      Silly churl Billy churl silly billy hilichurl

    56. shimizu ayane ch.

      Di jumpscare sama hu Tao Malahan aku senang-_

    57. Jonathan Joestar


    58. ShōSha Aja

      came back for the soundtrack

    59. Kawamonori

      Hu Tao giving me discounts genuinely scares me.

    60. Son

      Ну если бы я её увидил, то явно место испуга был бы форматик А4

    61. I love my name


    62. Везунчик в кругу друзей

      Испугались? Обосрался

    63. denello angelo

      Hu Tao: were having a sale, second client half price Gabe Newell: >:O

    64. Kenma


    65. Mary Khiss


    66. Demonic Demon

      Clickbait: Scared yet? Me: I simp

    67. WIRA


    68. Christian de Belen

      Best Loli

    69. SakuraNishi

      b r i n g h e r b a c c

    70. Yang Jensen

      I believe in Hu Tao supremacy

      1. badoople

    71. yeetus hmm

      I bought a coffin from Hu Tao, to bury my now empty wallet.

    72. Error 404

      6M views & these kids & people still don't know it haha that this company is scamming players with these wishes 8000$ is no joke it shows their loot pool & they really scam kids & players with these wishes its so hilarious how they keep their game alive you all play for nonsense 3 start loot just to keep their game alive this company should be dead already haha but they make money for scamming players with their wishes 8000$ has showed me that this company really doesn't care about the players or gamers lol their only care about the money ! 8000$ showed me enough how this company is operating after 10 wishes you still get garbage they give you 10 times the same loot lol that doesn't help you at all ! Haha haha this company needs to go back to the zoo where they belong !

    73. Error 404

      Characters should be a guaranteed quest reward for Any character lol not a wish ! So hilarious constallation needs to be a quest reward not a wish ! But this company knows that they just scamming players after seeing it with my own eyes 8000$ maybe more is no joke ! I have seen what they give you in the wishes they really lying about their wishes ! Just to keep in you in the game lol you keep their game alive by playing it haha in return you get 3 star loot inventory Inst lying ! Constallation should be a quest reward not in wishes ! Lol but this company knows that they just keep scamming players because most of these players don't have a clue what is in the wishes they haven't seen or spend 8000$ or more just to see the wishes loot pool haha I told you this company is scamming players with these wishes to keep their game alive haha haha so hilarious !

      1. Bluebear

        @Error 404 Did you read what I said? THey need to make money out of their game that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to make. And they’re not forcing anyone to pay at all, they give good ways to make primogems and it’s the players choice to spend their money or not. They’re not scamming a single person.

      2. Error 404

        @Bluebear what's wrong with your brains! You really don't get it 8000$ showed the world that this company is scamming players you do 10 wishes for nonsense loot lol so hilarious just wasted your time & day ! Hahahahahahaha

      3. Bluebear

        No, they shouldn’t give us characters after we complete event quests. Then there wouldn’t be a challenge and the game would die quickly. It’s way better to work for it. After all, the most wishes you have to pull are 90 or less. It’s also the player’s CHOICE to spend money or not. Mihoyo shouldn’t get blamed when they player made the decision with their own money. It’s kind of like you’re telling them not to make any money at all and lose players quickly when they’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars on this game to make it enjoyable.

    74. Ильяс Шайдуллин


    75. Тихий Майр

      Испугались? Обосрался.

    76. Krishna Sushant's me

      Walking Encyclopedia Zhongli. A perfect nickname

    77. luna

      she gives me hanako kun vibes

    78. ReaL Red


    79. kars


    80. jazzy j

      0:36 this part of the ost sounds so cute 😍

    81. UNDYWOK


    82. -Random Loon-

      *Hanako look alike-*

    83. Dracarys


    84. Briana Diaz

      At this point you and I don’t have a favorite character we love all of the characters❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    85. Wilsen 239

      Dat smile 1:05 😍😍

    86. Joost Vink

      eh.. if im under the ground, i cant finish my adventure xD

    87. Angelo Tumbelaka

      Goth girl all over again

    88. MrSnxperMan

      How many genshin impact fans here?

    89. Jinnies

      This is so amazing and beautiful, everything is so great

    90. Emhari

      Albedo Trailer: turn butterflies into birds Hu Tao Trailer: butterflies become sillies when they grow up Me: ???

    91. MAngleD

      Spooky month

    92. 1479pro

      Who Tao?



    94. Сметанчик TV

      Смешно😂И интересно🤔

    95. HisyamChan


    96. Lxmber_ Wxtches

      not only can she scare you, she also can scare your wallet

    97. Aether chan

      coupons... But (spoiler alert) who did her quest, they knows that curse is just imagination- Hu tao said that

    98. Intentions

      5.9M View

    99. Red Ged

      I'm in love

    100. Maple Syrup

      She legit a waifu TAKE MY MONEY!!!!!!