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    Making crepes is a comfort food that I've been practicing since I was in high school. Being 50% Croatian, crepes known as palačinke (pah-lah-CHEEN-keh) have been a normal non-threatening snack I'm used to making. You don't need anything fancy, just a non-stick pan and some wrist-swirling practice. Give it a shot! Even if they end up looking wonky or end up a little think...they still TASTE delicious!
    Have fun~ xoxo Martina
    Easy Crepe Recipe (from Alton Brown)
    2 large eggs
    3/4 cup milk
    1/2 cup water
    3 tablespoons melted butter
    1 cup flour
    Oil for brushing the pan
    1. Add all the wet ingredients (except the melted butter) to a blender and pulse one or two times. Add the melted butter and pulse once more.
    2. Add the flour by heaping spoonful so it doesn't lump and blend for 8-10 seconds. Don't overdo the blending or the crepes will be rubbery. It's okay if there are a few little lumps in the batter, resist the urge to keep blending or whisking the sh*t out of that batter.
    4. Put the batter in the fridge to come together. 30 minute minimum. If you rest it overnight and it seems reeeally thick, you can add a touch of water and whisk to thin it out.
    5. Heat a non-stick frying pan on medium-medium hot. Be prepared to brush with oil between each crepe.
    HOT TIP: Drop a little tester batter onto the oiled pan and if it burns or puffs up into a rippled looking tent shape the pan is way too hot.
    6. Oil the pan, pour about 1/4 cup of batter into the centre of the pan while swirling the pan to spread the batter out into a thin circle. If it is a weird shape...that's okay :)
    HOT TIP: If the batter slides and crumples up into the corners of your pan while swirling, you added too much oil to the pan.
    7. Once the batter stops moving, it is cooking. You have to wait about 45 seconds and the edges will start to peel and look crispy. You can lift the edges with your spatula and peek underneath the crepe to see if it looks super pale or if it's a light golden. Golden = you're golden to flip!
    8. Flip DAT SH*T!~ Oh yeah. You pro. As it cooks on the other side you can add toppings if you want them to melt. I like my cheese melty and my sugar all melty too, but you can make a stack of crepes and just build them later.
    Cook that crepe for another 30-45 seconds and once it is golden on both sides you're done!
    Doing all sweet crepes? Consider adding a 1/4 tsp of vanilla extract or a smaaall squirt of honey/agave to the batter.
    Savoury crepes? 1/4 tsp of salt or dried herb of your choice, rosemary is very nice.
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        Oh absolutely you can! When you flip the crêpe over, let it cook a little longer to get it crispier if you want a firmer crêpe to support the weight of an egg + toppings

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        Oh it’s off an on 🤔 I really enjoyed baking lately, but it really put me in a long extra bad painday afterwards for like, 3 to 5 days 😑 so I fell a few rungs, but I’m heading back up now!

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