What our Wedding Was Like


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    Here's the story of how Simon and Martina got married. And it has wedding pictures, too!
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    1. Elizabeth Vargas

      Lol I love Gladstone! I can picture this whole thing 😂

    2. Lady Asriel

      KGup putting this on my recommended list cause 2020 hasn’t kicked my arse enough quite yet.

    3. LX777

      Still here in 2020 and I still love them 🎀💖 Gurrllll let me buy you a drink team

    4. My Name Is

      Oh 2020, what have you done. 😭💔

    5. Cynthia Stinson

      I have followed you since you began posting videos. I miss you guys as a team. I hope you both can work it out. Many times I thought my marriage was doomed, but it’s still alive and kicking. Forgiveness is extremely powerful. Wishing you guys the best.

    6. Patricia C.

      This was just in my recommended

    7. Jessica Ahrens

      Enough 2020. We've already hurt enough. Let everyone heal now

    8. k:\

      this is so weird, i thought they were born with full tat sleeves lol

    9. randomperson12

      Well this is awkward

      1. Olively

        Makes me sad :(

    10. Louise

      I went back here cuz I wanted to see a happy Simon and Martina together...I’ve been following them since their time in Korea...and I feel very sad that they are no longer together, but I wish them well on their individual journeys. Simon and Martina if you happen to see this comment,, I just want to say that I love you guys and I have been fan of your content for many years now! I have been following since high school omg. I really hope you are both feeling happy and healthy! 💕

    11. Bahirah Basman

      In my recommend page. Oct 2020

    12. Matthew Conway

      ...and now it's no more :'(

      1. Domi Shimito

        @Lily H they haven’t uploaded a video together since they moved back to Canada and they haven’t been wearing their wedding rings. Also some comments on Instagram. Still up in the air on whether anything’s official

      2. Marie Villegas


      3. Lily H

        what happened?

    13. elizabeth peters

      I miss you guys, hope you are both well ❤️🌈

    14. Lyciesmad

      I didn't know there could be an ideal wedding experience till this story

    15. AllAboutThatPLURlifeNamaste

      My shoe size is 9 1/2 :)))))))

    16. Jess Wd

      I want my next marriage to be just as loving and sweet and smart like your marriage 🥰❤️

    17. WyldFireX 💜⁷🎶💜

      Still loving and lol'ing in 2020!!! 💜💜🤣🤣💜💜 [I used to watch and LOVE all ur kpop vids (ty for working so hard!!!) since like 2012? 2011?? Fell off once you moved to Japan... anyway, saw some of ur recent vids too ~ really wish you both all the best - I'm so glad you have each other!!!]

    18. WR Waxz

      OK! .. Martina's Martina. But where is SIMONNNN? His voice is. But the look and those eyes are not. LoL...

    19. Zane Ruiz

      I came back to watch this because My partner and I are getting married in June 2020! We are poor af and I will be having my student debt incoming )0_0( .... SO yeah we have to make it small and cutting a lot out. But its totally still possible :D !

    20. Persephones Charm

      Ooohhh my god... What happened to simon? This is the first time I seen your older videos. He is like a whole different person.

    21. Çağıl Harmandar

      was simon high shooting this?

    22. Samantha Santoro

      Simon with hair, OMG!

    23. Nishmitha B

      #relationshipgoals!! 💖💖💖

    24. yuta fuji

      サイモン若い!ワロタ マルティナは変わらす可愛い!

    25. ubertoby

      Wow! You were soooooo camp in 2012 Simon 😂 I have a confession, I used to really not like you guys, but now, I think you’re my favorite channel. I’m now annoyed there are too many vids to ever catch up on.

      1. TheChickenRiceBowl

        Why didn't you like them?

    26. Το ζαρκάδι της Κω

      Wait, the guy is at least bi? WTF My gaydar failed this time.

      1. TheChickenRiceBowl

        Where does it say he's bi??

    27. Aimee G

      Our wedding sounds a lot like yours! We went even smaller, maybe 20 people, and had it at our favorite pizza restaurant. We even did Poloroids, but they went into a book where our friends could write a note next to their photos. That is where the similarities end though. :)

    28. Ara

      Ok simon and martina are getting better and better looking with age

    29. jemi turtle

      Omg Simon looked so different 😂

    30. Heather Cuv

      How cute!

    31. SereneC

      www.bizbash.com/experiential/media-gallery/13474041/room-service OMG thats you guys!! Gladstone Hotel on the eve of the award show "Last year we got around to securing the venue a little bit late, so there were some folks who had booked rooms. There was one couple on their honeymoon. To their surprise, they found themselves partying with Maroon 5."

      1. simonandmartinabonus

        How in the hell did you find this? That was us!

    32. moinamouse

      Oh wow, this just popped up on my feed. It's odd seeing no tattoos and no beard!! Love you guys!

    33. Megan Welle

      Your wedding on a budget turned out amazing! It's also really interesting to see how much you guys have changed (editing style, sense of humor, style, etc) over the years. p. s. simon looks kinda high in this vid :o

    34. Alaunt

      It’s weird to have started watching their videos not too long ago and to then suddenly see a video of Simon WITHOUT a beard.

    35. gnova7

      love you guys

    36. supersmex

      I've watched this video so many times .

    37. RIXRADvidz

      today on ReWatch : 2019. who went back and freeze framed 6:30? yes You Did. uh huh yes you did.

    38. Karen Short

      LOL I need this today. I’ve been cyber bully today. So this is exactly what I needed.

    39. Selkie Luna

      Simon pre beard tho :o

    40. multisemesta


    41. Naughtysauce

      Only took 6 years but finally a million views!

    42. Nemui Mori

      I realize these are now quite old videos but I loved them. Such great stories ands it's wonderful to see how deeply in love you both are.

    43. Nicole Bennett

      Simon looks baked

    44. Ezrin Waggoner

      I hope to only have around 20 people at my wedding. I have a very large family that I don't like.

    45. Jules Maneki Neko

      I know this is years after you posted this video, but I thoroughly enjoy your awesome content and positivity! You two are a beautiful couple, your wedding sounds like it was perfect, and I wish you two many years of happiness!

    46. Luna Lynx

      No beard Simon 🤣

    47. H h

      Best wedding ever😂😂😂😂

    48. Ariel Jones

      Your wedding was LIT FAM!

    49. Amy Sharpe

      More than 10(?)years on, this seems like such a Simon and Martina wedding, the circumstances, the antics and so on couldn't be more you!

    50. Kait Conkel

      OMG you guys prolly wont see this because this is an older video, but i love you guys so much. ive recently found your videos and ive subscribed to all of your channels and i spend most of my days watching old and new videos. The reason im messaging is because i got so excited about you wedding song! That was my wedding song also!! we had a really good friend of ours play it on a piano and im not going to lie i cried when you guys said it was your song. i love you guys so much!

      1. simonandmartinabonus

        We saw this! Thank you for watching our older videos :D

    51. Whitney Chao

      Oh this video is so fucking good, you guys are adorable as hell and RELATIONSHIP GOALS

    52. Emily Sanderson

      This is so weird looking at you guys when you’re younger you guys look so different 😁

    53. commentstoshare

      Nawww this made me laugh :) you guys!

    54. Serwena1212

      that was AWESOME

    55. Nindyasari Nastiti

      The whole video is so funny. im wheezing 😂😂😂

    56. Mashoto Shaku

      Oh my goodness. Simon looks so different. Martina is as beautiful as she is now though. It's always funny seeing younger versions of people. 😂

    57. mainoulee

      I love this tr;dr! I have no idea how much I’ve watched this. ^^

    58. NovaLaMason

      They're SO cute! xD

    59. Kleimeyer

      I'm at home with the Flu and this is making me feel so squishy and full of smiles - also makes me wonder how old Simon and Martina are

    60. Izuku Midoriya


    61. Yori Lamaz

      Omg......this is the first time seeing this channel. You guys look like babies!

      1. Yori Lamaz

        And the iconic pink hair was there. And Simon!!! You need your iconic manly look....

    62. 吃貨的六月醬

      Whoa! It hit a million view ! Good job dimon and martina!

    63. Bruna Castro

      just found out Simon is 35. married for about 11 years and they said they got married when he was 24. lookin good for mid 30s.

    64. cherrelle deroche

      Just had to re-watch this video, LOVE you guys.

    65. Sid

      Remembered watching this five years ago☺️

    66. Destin Omura

      You guys are INSANE lol

    67. Eneida Perez

      I love you guys ❤

    68. Cassandra

      That is so fucking cool!!!!!!!!!!!!

    69. Jordan Panda

      My god I love you guy so much!

    70. かうぃいpocky

      This is the first time ive ever seen Simon with out facial hair (°~°)--

    71. Mark Priss

      so weird watching this in 2018! You guys look like a couple of teenagers here lol! It's like entering a time machine ! ;) You are great together btw!

    72. Rose from UK

      Aww and you’re still in love and happy

    73. sheena elvee

      I’m just gonna say that this is the first time I’ve seen this video and I’m not used to not seeing your colorful tats.. I love that Martina kept her pink streaked hair..oh but those baby faces!!! So cute!

    74. emotional ajumma

      i was having a bad day and this video never fails to make me feel better. you guys are amazing! (y'all are too cute)

    75. Purple Melody (ColumineMiette)

      Wow, your wedding sounds amazing, goals!

    76. Danna


    77. wishwing101

      Why does young Simon remind me of Charlie Puth??

    78. smount87


    79. Emiliano Perez

      Watching this again in 2017, I had forgot about the MuchMusic afterparty-party, but I could never forget your love :D

    80. Ruth Richardson

      Peony jacker! XD This wedding sounded awesome

    81. Azethine

      watching in 2017

    82. Amie Wong

      U guys r so cute!!!

    83. Destiny Ibarra

      Simon without a beard is soooo unusual for me 😱

    84. Lydia Townsend

      wow you guys have changed so much XD

    85. Silverlupa01

      I love this story made me so happy smiling all the way that is how weddings should be fun and adventure!!!

    86. ChuchuT

      Oh my~~ you guys are pretty and handsome!! AND SKINNY!!!

    87. Jo King

      Holy shit the after party with all the swag at the hotel was legit.

    88. Naughtysauce

      Man, my relationship is dogshit compared to S&M

    89. Roxanne Älskad

      That sounds like an epic after after party 😂

    90. Joana Rodrigues

      I'm back at this video two and a half years later to thank Simon and Martina for mentioning SHINee (specifically Lucifer) because afterwards I searched the MV and became a shawol. LOVE YOU GUYS

    91. BoopsNStuff K

      Still adorable and ever loving to each other now as you have been since this video!!! 💕💕💕💕💕💍💍

    92. ilikesaltines

      Omg you guys are so cute

    93. Sara

      First video I'm seeing Simon without a beard and I was like "Who the f*ck is that??" x')

      1. saifis

        I'm still not sure that is him... even his voice is different..... are you sure that's not like another Simon just with the same name....

    94. oOo ShyGuy

      Jeez Simon looks sooooo different now holy cow

    95. Joseph Miles


    96. sardoggy

      love your story, keep'em coming.

    97. Tender Sheep

      Hajaha yasss what an awesome wedding night! That's excellent!

    98. Joselyn Puente

      "The pet the jiraffe move" jjajajajajajajajaja I LOVE YOU GUYS!

    99. Vera

      oh my gosh. Love your wedding story. Especially the hotel fiasco LMAO

    100. MsJavaWolf

      Ah Simon, are you really Polish? A wedding should go all night and then you meet with your closer friends and do a second night.