The Quest for Giant Great Lakes Walleyes! James Holst's PB ICE Walleye! - S15 E15


37 миӊ. көрүүлөр9

    James Holst, PJ Vick, Nick Fasse, and Ryan Bettinger head to Lake Erie to target giant great lakes walleyes!
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    1. donald berens

      Huge Congrats Jame's .....Nice fish Bud,,

    2. Ronald Petetsen

      James, congrats on your PB ice Walleye!! Crazy ice conditions you all endured, the lengths we go to for a little fun on the ice..... some people call us crazy 🤪

    3. Aromrac Sonethongkham

      Did mount that 32 incher, put on video when it's done please.

    4. Nick Baloo

      Dam nice fish! Congrats

      1. InDepthOutdoorsTV

        Thanks Nick.

    5. Guy Karow

      Congratulation on the Beautiful Walleye

      1. InDepthOutdoorsTV

        Thanks guy!

    6. Ronald Carlson

      Useless to subscribe, doesn't show anything past season 14

    7. C Dizz

      Awesome James ...I caught a fat PB 31 on Devils lake this year will be the only walleye I’ll ever mount..congrats

    8. daniel sorrell

      "Boom goes the dynamite." Indiana man here. I had to rewind to make sure I heard right. Ball State fans that far north?

      1. daniel sorrell

        @InDepthOutdoorsTV no complaints here. Love your shows! Just thought it was neat hearing it. You had a lot more excitement then the ball state sports reporter lol.

      2. InDepthOutdoorsTV

        I was going for something more regionally appropriate to express my excitement! Thanks for watching.

    9. Larry Lamonts

      I'll never know anyone k trust enough to not get me stranded out there. January 2017 was pushing 60 on erie and I got two PBs over 11 pounds trolling. Love that lake. About 6 or 7 years ago erie was over 90% locked up and people went crazy lol

    10. Spencer Hauck

      G-g-g-g-giant walleye for James Holst! Nice fish dude.

    11. B Yatsy

      Congratulations! That fish is a beast. I put a 29.5 inch Saginaw bay icehole walleye on the wall a few years ago. Haven’t regretted it or got one better. Love the show, thank you!

    12. Rich Handrick

      Don’t comment often - but beautiful fish James. No shame whatsoever in keeping her for a trophy mount. Dayummm - what a fish!

    13. rock yanish

      Wowsers thats an absolute sloth pig!! I'm jealous!!

    14. daredevil 45

      Thats a tirty plus boys and girls!!! 😄 🤣 Hell Yeah!!!! What a hog...

    15. doug mccann

      Good video but the small one (he said probably 14-15) kept at 9:00 should probably have been measured as it may not have been legal. There is a 15" minimum.

      1. InDepthOutdoorsTV

        We know about the 15-inch minimum. Nothing we kept was in danger of being short of the minimum.

    16. Dillon Nott

      Another great episode! Home state waters! Hope to see more Erie and ohio videos 🎣

    17. Jonny Moore

      Congrats on your pb walleye. We fished around port Clinton this last summer and it didn’t disappoint us. We caught lots of fish.

      1. InDepthOutdoorsTV

        Thanks Jonny!

    18. Tom

      James what is you PB open water?

    19. Alex Walsh

      What a awesome video

    20. Bryan Phillips

      Congratulations on that trophy!

    21. Lloyd Spooner

      Congrats on the trophy!

    22. Fishlovme Peterson

      Nothing wrong with keeping a monster like that on Lake Erie! Their quotas are so high there keeping a larger fish doesn't hurt the system at all! Congrats on that huge Lake Erie Monster!

    23. Fishlovme Peterson

      Great show! It's too bad this cold spell didn't last just a little longer. I would've loved to have seen you guys go as far south as you could get and get on some ice! I did watch a couple of videos of a few people that ice fished about 10 days ago as far south as Dallas, Texas! That's crazy!

    24. Zach Larson

      That girl was a hog!!! Nice fish

    25. John Ellingsen

      What a great episode and great job on that huge Walter. Its great to see you all with such a great respect for the fish. Im happy that you finally got your best fish on the ice. I'm sure it'll look great on the wall. Thank you for keeping the sport alive and respectable.

    26. Zach Schultz

      What rods are you guys using? I like the one with the longer rod butt to stick in rod holder

      1. InDepthOutdoorsTV

        No doubt!

      2. Zach Schultz

        @InDepthOutdoorsTV thanks for the reply! Hard to put those short butt rods in pole holders!

      3. InDepthOutdoorsTV

        All the rides used were tuned up custom commanders. One of the rods has a 8-in cork handle while the other two have the split grip handle. The rod with the 8-inch solid cork handle is my favorite as well!

    27. Kenny W

      Congrats, James, on the great walleye catch. I don't blame you for taking that beast home with you. Hope you share the mount on the program down the road. Safe travels.

    28. WiscoWorm

      Yall missed the Duluth ice this year huh🥲

      1. InDepthOutdoorsTV

        Thank you.

      2. WiscoWorm

        @InDepthOutdoorsTV ill give you a shout if conditions improve i check the ice daily off wisconsin point

      3. InDepthOutdoorsTV

        @WiscoWorm as we were coming back from Erie things were starting to fall apart on Superior. It was one of those deals where we could do one or the other but not both. I don't see any possibility of getting out on ice on Lake Superior. Maybe a boat later in March might be a possibility.

      4. WiscoWorm

        @InDepthOutdoorsTV true that! Dont think conditions will improve for ice again this year! Hopefully next

      5. InDepthOutdoorsTV

        Can't be two places at once.

    29. Tom Keehr

      Congratulations. I would have had a frozen tear.

    30. steve pfleghaar

      Congratulations Sir! I can only dream about a fish like that.

    31. Matthew Virgioni

      Bleed those fish right when they come out of the hole! haha makes a huge difference 👌

    32. Rick Mencell

      James congratulations on your PB Walleye and PJ Vick you are a true legend. You boys should come down to the eastern end of Lake Erie in the spring and film a show on perch fishing.

    33. Mike Smith

      way to go james! thats a hog walleye! cool idea to keep it as it probably won't live much longer at that size. I assume your putting it on the wall? awesome video as always fellas!

    34. Joshua Leemon

      Great show as always and awesome fish James!!

    35. Truth Seeker

      PJ: "I'm... I'm all in... I'm tellin' ya, I'm all in." 😂😂 Good job guys... fantastic job!! Absolutely fantastic fish, James... the best!!! Good job!!! The bigger the battle, the bigger the reward! Keep 'em comin'!!! I love it!!! This is one of the best shows in your entire broadcast history! This is a good one! 100 stars for this one!

      1. Truth Seeker

        @pj vick That was good, PJ... that was good!! Excited is good! Fabulous show; fabulous trip; fabulous body of water; fabulous everything! It's not every year that this lake is accessible for ice fishing. Again, great job with this one. I knew it was going to be good. And, a 32+ incher... 👍👍👍👍 "That's why we come out here... that's why we come out here." This might be the best show in IDO history! I love it!! Keep 'em coming!

      2. pj vick

        Did I mention I'm all in? 😂😂 I get a little excited sometimes.Glad you enjoyed the show,we appreciate you!

    36. Dave wilson

      Beautiful fish James...congrats on the Monster!!!

    37. grant jamrock

      Next year instead of an airboat they need to get a mini bird to drop yall off!

    38. rickystarr10

      This was an awesome episode so glad even though I was just watching it on KGup I got to share the catch with you as if we all where there. Congratulations

    39. Walkin’ On Water

      Congrats on the mounter James! 🎣🐋 Always seems like the harder we work, the bigger the payoff! 😊

    40. Joe Walter Outdoors

      What was the official stats on that hog?!?!?!

      1. Joe Walter Outdoors

        @InDepthOutdoorsTV what dreams are made of right there!!! Congrats 🎉

      2. InDepthOutdoorsTV

        32 1/8 x 19. Weighed 13#, 6oz.

    41. Salty Legion

      What a hog!! Congrats man!! Thank you for sharing the experience!!

    42. Lalee Vang

      To much commercial breaks


      Congrats! Come in the spring on the maumee, you'll all find your PB

    44. Jon Dudds


    45. Rippin Lips SD

      Dang in need to catch a walleye that big but an amazing fish keep it up

    46. Josh Braun

      What a giant fish! How long did she measure out? Congrats James.

      1. InDepthOutdoorsTV

        32 1/8 x 19

    47. Outdoors with Wayne k

      Great show James and PJ and the crew of the airboat. Congratulations James on that nice wall hanger. PJ you should be a Boxer with that fast reflex you have. Thanks for sharing until the next show stay safe and tight lines.

    48. Cody Martin

      What a GIANT!!! Congratulations James!!!

      1. InDepthOutdoorsTV

        Thanks Cody!

    49. Zach Zeilinger

      Congrats on the PB! That is a wall hanger only a fool would not take home.

      1. yrick82

        @megadeth675 It’s Lake Erie, not some inland lake. Estimated 40 million + walleye.

      2. taterchip29

        Replicas last longer and stay in better shape then the original.

      3. megadeth675

        only a fool would kill a trophy fish

      4. Zach Zeilinger

        So the guys says ...I've never done this before, never kept a fish and it's a 32" monster. Figure he's caught THOUSANDS of fish, 1 less isn't gonna hurt things no matter the size since so few were caught this winter with little ice. He deserves to do what he pleases. You can release yours back and get a replica. I'd take the original as well. Same thought when we fish the D River run. Not all go home but one over 32" most certainly will.

      5. taterchip29

        How about a replica so that "wall hanger" can make more "wall hangers"

    50. Jonathan Hughes

      That's awesome, would love to get a fish mounted!! Some day! I did have a bass mounted for my son. A 6 pound 23 inch. For upstate ny it was a big one... he was 7 years old then... great shows!

    51. Hardwater n Highways

      Congratulations on your PB James, awesome episode!!

      1. InDepthOutdoorsTV

        Thanks HnH!

    52. Ryan Ludack

      Nice catch guys!! I have a question and it’s how many on watchers do you guys get making your videos? I’m sure once some one sees you guys fishing you get a crowd.

      1. Ryan Ludack

        @InDepthOutdoorsTV nice I was always curious about that I’ve watched every one of indepthoutddors ice fishing KGup videos I don’t watch much of the summer boating stuff cause I don’t got a boat to learn the tricks yet but I’ve watched the videos so much my little guy loves you guys I got it posted on my channel of him singing along and Messing with a tip up. Thanks for replying tight lines and be safe out there.

      2. InDepthOutdoorsTV

        Hi Ryan, honestly people are usually very polite and give us plenty of room. We've had a few instances when other anglers fished within arm's length of us but those instances are rare. Typically if someone recognizes us they will come over for a quick introductions, conversation, and sharing of info, then they get back to fishing. We get to talk with anglers most days out on the water and far and away most experiences are very positive and welcomed.

    53. Mr ICE

      Freak of nature

    54. Raymond Noah

      Just an awesome adventure. Great memories to always talk about. What a donkey. Couldn't ask for more.

    55. MnX Outdoors

      Great Show. Glad you guys are safe and still caught em. Take care.

    56. Josh Eddy

      Great video, congrats on the giant! But why bring home a fish that big when replicas are such high quality these days?

      1. yrick82

        @Richard Schenkewitz unfortunately.....No funner way to catch them

      2. Richard Schenkewitz

        @yrick82 also a lake that rarely gets ice season pressure anymore

      3. yrick82

        It’s Lake Erie. It’s not some inland lake. Estimated 40 million+ walleye. James said it himself, different rules there.

    57. mark borchert

      What a toad! Congrats James on a fish of a lifetime! What did she weigh out?

      1. InDepthOutdoorsTV

        13#, 6 oz. Thanks Mark. It was an experience I'll never forget!

    58. Tyler Roehl

      Congratulations James!! What a beast!!!

    59. TooLucky406

      "Boom goes the dynamite!"....yes sir! Freaking Hog! Big Congrats and glad the team made it back safe.

      1. InDepthOutdoorsTV

        Thank you. It was definitely touch and go in some areas.

    60. Marcus Lee

      Let me recommend anglers touch for your fish mount he is one best in the country his mounts are unbelievable he's located just north of the citys in East Bethel check him out on facebook, wont be disappointed

    61. willmtarbox


    62. Jordan Honzik

      Stud walleye congratulations

      1. InDepthOutdoorsTV

        Thanks Jordan!

    63. Daniel Whirley

      Great video guys me being from Michigan I know the area well. When I was young we would go to port Huron pier fish the st Clair river huge fish. Love the videos God bless guys.

      1. InDepthOutdoorsTV

        Thanks Daniel!

    64. pyro2611

      Congrats on that monster. Post some pics on the website once you get the mount back

      1. InDepthOutdoorsTV

        We definitely will.

    65. Nick Skallerud

      Awesome job. Also like seeing your trucks driving around in the twin cities area

    66. Josh_ Y

      I remember when you guys were here back in 2015 I think. I couldn't believe you were set up right by me after daylight. I came over on my quad to say hello and James was a class act, very nice and respectful even though i bombarded you guys. I've been a fan for years and I did do my best trying to find the guy who picked up Cal Svihels rod box. I am still disgusted someone would steal that. Good luck guys and keep the awesome vids coming.

    67. kyle copenace

      Such a good fish. Good catch.

    68. Kaleb Sibert

      I’m watching this show while fishing devils lake North Dakota

      1. Kaleb Sibert

        @Salty Legion yeah it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while but we were supposed to go to lake of the woods

      2. Salty Legion

        @Kaleb Sibert Sounds like some damn good memories with friends! Devils lake is on my bucket list!

      3. Kaleb Sibert

        @Salty Legion that is over a course of 3 days

      4. Kaleb Sibert

        @Salty Legion this mornin is pretty slow we’re catching plenty of fish but it’s not hot and heavy, last night was pretty good, we have probably 120 ish perch altogether and 100 ish walleyes, 1 mounter perch, 10 guys. But otherwise great fishing when your on em, out here you have to forget almost everything you know about fishing it is super different.

      5. Salty Legion

        How is the bite? I'm guessing if you dont reply it is hot and heavy!

    69. Kyle Casetta

      Heck of a fish congrats !!!!

      1. InDepthOutdoorsTV

        Thanks Kyle!

    70. Nate Brueggeman

      Great looking walleye. Looking forward to seeing the mount

    71. LW Outdoors

      That’s a giant!

    72. james Bishop

      Nice Walter