TOP 10 FUNNIEST HOST Moments On Britain And America's Got Talent!

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    Check out the top 10 moments by Britain's Got Talent hosts Ant and Dec and America's Got Talent host Terry Crews!

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    1. Unknown Ve

      Okay so is no one going to talk about the dog or what💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

    2. BudhHa

      Türkçe bişey yazayım da bişey var zannetsinler

    3. Stelios Goutziamanis

      You came for 29:20

    4. Juan Forero

      7:16 "Diablos señorita" xd

    5. Roi Mendoza

      Day say that do not try this at home but you can,just do it on the hospital

      1. Roi Mendoza

        Im just joking

    6. Monkey Tube

    7. Sérgio RABELO

      O que ele disse em 37:55 ? Por favor, please!

    8. Veronica Collymore

      Lol 🤣😂😅😅😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    9. Veronica Collymore

      Is a teenage kid from Bombay India rocks 🏅🥇🏆😍😍😍😍😍🙃💯

    10. Oğuzhan Yazar

      29:46 ::DDDDDDD:DD:Ddd:DDdddd

    11. Dvlindao

      7:20 "Sem Dúvida"

      1. Dvlindao

        Também queria saber... Não entendo inglês muito bem

      2. Sérgio RABELO

        Oq Terry disse em 37:55?

    12. Kem Dylan

      I love the army guy hahahaha Alesha please I love your wigs .would be so happy when you read this message and give me one of your wigs please😊

    13. Kuzenix Tv

      o okuldan kıyafetle gelen ögrenciler essahlıymış

    14. Almost Hard

      Когда вышел Терри Крюс, я аж заорал в голос! Крутое выступление!

    15. BlackFaith Doom

      I see ... , sir .. , and i feel ... with you.

    16. Sahil Khan

      Always brought tears on 38:20

    17. snow white

      we love Terry

    18. Zorox 2012


    19. TURAN ET

      What is the name of the song that plays at 04:20?

    20. Caio Lourenço Mendes Pitombeira


    21. Robin Juhlin

      Why is a naked mans upperbody okej? but not a females? hmmmmm.....

    22. Dangelo silva

      Terry crew tu é o cara mano🤘😝🤘

    23. Pao Cuadrado

      Que le paso en el ojo al jurado?

    24. Marquion

      Terry’s speech at the end was so amazing and it brung tears to my eyes. So emotional and it put chills all throughout my body.

    25. Maxime Janvier

      Guys, remember the way the women in the audience scream over those "Chippendale dancers", next time they complain about men objectifying women.

    26. Lazar Djordjevic

      what the f is the first one :I

    27. Hop Ban

      Yang milih Allah SWT like.

    28. God's son

      Terry is the best Guest on got talent.

    29. sito rang

    30. No Nhu


    31. Trany Giang


    32. calan davies

      18:15 is that barbie

    33. Wheeler Stewart

      Very nice….

    34. Tara Henry


    35. Padilla Richard

      I love u girl

    36. Collins Virgil

      Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m.

    37. cory watson

      The dirty maid additonally shave because jogging arthroscopically x-ray beyond a moldy enemy. unnatural, certain feather

    38. TOBiRAMA

      34,40 навание музыки ?

    39. SEVEN BEER

      Terry Crews!!

    40. Empreendendo Com Rick

      Terry Crews is the best!!!

    41. Inday Vicay

      Bago sa akin yan ko lang nkita may ganyan noodles

    42. Lucille Freeman

      Iya ya Allah.

    43. Isi4 GEMING

      5:00 😭

    44. Isi4 GEMING


    45. Raja K

      at 38:45 that kid opened my eyes 👀👀 ❤️❤️ .!! he was with same expression from the beginning

    46. Nelson Rojas

      la cara de complicidad en la homosexualidad 💩💩💩 del juez 5:25 es aterradora

    47. daniel thomas

      Wait Black people can dance 😯😯😯😯

    48. Gaming Xen Zen

      7, 4, 3 & 2 were my favs but 7&2 I LOVED THE MOST OF ALL OF THEM! EPIC! LEGENDARY

    49. Kebaili Birdman

      28:00 name song please

    50. Desert Vox

      The PROPAGANDA for the Royal CRIME family is disgusting. Training ppl to be slaves again.


      WHY THIS ADV.....

    52. zefpi

      31:50 racism

    53. Lill o

      3:55 Ma QuEsTo è BoDyShAmiNgH!?!?!?

    54. Muh Alfata

      This is funny 😂

    55. Martin Juříček

      Please what's the song at 18:10??

    56. LEŞ GAMER

      Waaaaooowwwwww amazing :DDD

    57. Rachel Walsh

      Time 30:20 ~ You don't need just one person to believe in you, you need to believe in YOU, in YOURSELF!

    58. Sangeetha S

      Yeah our Indian boi🥰🇮🇳

    59. arai nguyen

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    60. Buga Huga

      30:14 is the best FUNNY in the all video!!! LOL

    61. Pikachu-Maloqueiro ツ

      7:44 The guy on the right almost gets slapped by Terry Crews ._.

    62. Smittie Plays

      No offense but at 5:49 switch the genders, would it still be funny?

    63. Rafiullah Khan

      B leave me or not i cre for this moment 34.57 HERRY i love your personality dude

    64. Наталья Марленова


    65. сергей сверчков

      парни акробаты это было круто

    66. Kúrd Îsmâil


    67. GLife Musik

      terrence is the best

    68. Ekalla Becklin

      hahahahahahhahahahahah max the dog got me on the floor...oh my..i have never laugh so hard in my life..

    69. 40Emperor

      Is Alesha from Misteeq?

    70. lazam al-lazam

      السلام عليكم انشرو الرابط واطلبوا من كل المضافين لديكم نشره وخاصة في المواقع الغربية

    71. Jolly Pickle

      4:44 Simon questionning his own masculinity

    72. Cameron Behnke

      It’s awesome to see fellow Detroiters representing are awesome community and state of Michigan !you guys sound awesome and are awesome !

    73. HorrizonLP

      terry with the flute wa ssoooooo good

    74. Ronald R Arica D

      21:45 Boy dancing video KSHMR

    75. the golden boys

      damn number 7 just imagen if we could do it

    76. shakeel malik

      this was already been shown how it is done,there is a lil compartment in that wooden board he is wearing and as soon as he pretends to throw the knife lil compartments opens and card and knife appears.

    77. me and me is meme

      poor the second guy(old guy singing) me: OH SH*T I LAUGH TOO HARD THAT I ALMOST HAD A HEART ATTACK

    78. Horny Doggo

      So now one is talking about how in the second clip they used Riots music video from League of Legends?

    79. Bilal Akakoc

      look to knife with slow motion :)))))) nice show

    80. jay Dilkhush

      Akshat you are great personality and amazing performance I liked

    81. Bear The Warrior

      38:45 my man shook

    82. Blue Sherrill

      The dog is the funniest thing I've seen in forever

    83. Quawnday Mcdowell

      39:00 where the hell all this rain coming from? I not crying you are

      1. Priest JK

        song ? 39:00

    84. Roslina Susilawati

      i lov terry

    85. shakira fabon

      league playerz-

    86. Tan Thien Nguyen

      Vielen Dank

    87. Tan Thien Nguyen

      Tür zu anderen Türen zu schieben....

    88. Tan Thien Nguyen

      Sonst die Kinders Übernehmen der Bühne mit Brüdern als mehrere Begaben von der Vater geerb haben

    89. Carlos Meneses

      22:25 saco los pasos prohibidos xD.

    90. benjie dematera

      Wow the letter is water proof!

    91. jo35600able

      11:48 What is her name?

    92. 강상현

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    93. Bob Myron

      34:10 where the fire started...big ups man like Terry.

    94. sabatha msomi


    95. CalvaryDA

      Британский юмор не повторим

    96. Jo Jo

      Judge : YOU'RE SO SO TALENTED ! Them : We just stacked to each other lmao.

    97. Vespa Bee

      not funny didnt laugh

    98. Chema Elsword

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    99. Adu Dadu

      In what world was the choir performance funny???

    100. Mohammad Tghavi

      You guys will never know why this comment has so many likes