MAKING PIZZA WITH CRAWFORD *cooking show take 2*


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    comment down below what we should attempt next lol
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    1. Bayley Tonucci

      every 5 seconds: CrAwFoRd!!

    2. Gabi Williams

      Crawford is literally a man child 😂

    3. Dominic's Curiosity

      You can tell he wanted to just like kiss her so many times but they weren’t out yet.

    4. Wolfie 1120

      In kian and jcs newest video crawford is wearing the same shirt

    5. RAT

      not sauce bae but it drips down his elbow LMDFAO

    6. Sarah Austin

      I wonder how many times they accidentally called Escher babe or baby and to cut it out

    7. steph

      I’m rewatching videos but..TAKE A SHOT EVERY TIME SHE SAYS CRAWFORD 💀💀💀

    8. Sara Fehr

      "Take it, don't be shy take it, don't be shy take it" 😂😂 lmao love you guys together!!, Love from Alberta Canada!! 💕💕💕

    9. Katelyn Leigh

      Can we get a Crawford counter?

    10. Katelyn Leigh

      It's so funny to me that the Sushi video they were talking, now this video they are dating (but we don't know) then they finally announced there dating!

    11. Anna. Limelight

      The amount of times she said “Crawford, Crawford CRAWFORD CRAWFORD!!”

    12. AnnaMCollantes

      this is literally like the little kid eating everything while baking cookies LMAOOO ... y'all should baked cookies

    13. Gabi Williams

      Crawford is literally a man child 😂

    14. lauren munar


    15. Isata Sheriff

      Crawford: “You gotta have a little faith in me babe” 5:12 HOW DID WE MISS THAT?!

    16. Savannah Wyatt

      Please do another one asappppp

    17. Gabby_ Giselle

      Bruhh the way she puts her fist up to punch him when he tried to kiss her

    18. Eva Sanchez

      pineapple on pizza is life

    19. lil_ kerm420

      Nessa next time when you need do the technique fold, push and turn

    20. Tessa Rodriguez

      Someone needs to make a compilation of Nezza saying "CRAWFORDDDD!"

    21. A R I Z

      "what if we cut the video and then we order pizza" hahahah i would do that 😂

    22. aisha ahmed

      I know that their dating now but the more than friends tension is crazy

    23. Meghan Marsolais

      Who’s down to play a game where you take a shot every time nezza says “craaaawford” 😂

    24. Melissa Vides

      This is the equivalent of Jenna always yelling : JUUULIIEENNNNNUUHHHH

    25. who she

      I'm loving this cooking show loll

    26. Tylah Blackhorse

      The fact that they are both dating now is 😂💖

    27. Autum Dawn

      Y’all never worked at a pizza place and it shows lol

    28. Gabi Williams

      Crawford is literally a child 😂

    29. Codi Marie

      Nobody likes the crust! What’s wrong with you guys!! Lol

    30. Luisa Villalobos

      Everybody talking about Crawf and no one appreciates David's comment about it looking like lunchables. I DO. That's best friends goals

    31. JJWSVTK abi

      not me rewatching content of them together (while I was already shipping them back then)

    32. Anel Alvarez

      Who is here after watching their video saying they have been dating for 3 months already

    33. LORENV

      13:50 I see you Crawford going in for a kiss

    34. Olivia Calvillo

      Count how many times she yells Crawford!!! lol bet you can’t

    35. Kacey lynn

      Who’s gonna tell them they don’t have to spread the dough to fit the pan

    36. Rachel


    37. Nahida Ahmed

      Who’s here when they announced they’re dating!!

    38. Ashley Thiero

      Serious Julien and jenna vibes. I stan.

    39. Tiffany Vaca


    40. Tiffany Vaca

      Okay so we’re not gonna talk about the way Crawford looks at nezz 😭🥺❤️❤️

    41. Tiffany Vaca

      “I was smacking boogie at 13” I DIEDDDDDD😭😭😭😭

    42. Zahraaa

      Who is watching this after finding out they’ve been dating for 3 months ?😫❤️

    43. Reina Mercado

      the amount of times Nezza said “CRAWFORD” is 🤯

    44. Aa Aa

      *Crawford blink* Nezza : CrAaaAaWFoRRRrD

    45. Baria Tanweer

      Is anyone els watching all their videos together since they confirmed their relationship

    46. Ani budani

      Watching after the anouncment def feel the vibes

    47. Gabi Williams

      Crawford is literally a man child 🤣

    48. Gabi Williams


    49. Gabi Williams


    50. Shelby Daffin

      Who else is here going back to look at videos of them together when we knew some but didn’t know some. If you know what I’m sayin. 🤣

    51. Cloouder N

      Nezza should've done a crawford count

    52. Victoria Moussa

      So here we are, now knowing they were bf/gf and im trying to notice is it obvious i this or am i fooken BLIND

    53. Breanna Romes

      Take a shot every time nezza said “Crawford”

    54. Yanelys Rodriguez

      When you guys say after "the reveal" y'all make it sound like she's pregnant lmao 🤣😁🙈

    55. Grace Mills

      whose watching after the dating announcement

    56. Gabi Williams

      You should do more cooking videos with Crawford

    57. Chapis

      Came back as soon as I found out they were dating🥺

    58. P

      who’s here after seeing that they are really datinggg 😍

    59. Gia Little

      Not Corbin blu 💀💀💀💀

    60. Hajar Afdel

      Re-watching ALL their videos together after the reveal 😂

    61. Lola the dreamer

      Who's here after they announced they're dating to see any hints you missed 😂😂

      1. Sarah Murphy

        Lol crawford says at the end of the video "do we kiss now or no?" Like I completely missed that

    62. Didi Q

      Who’s now going back and watching all the vids of nezza and crawford 🤩😍❤️

    63. genesis nolasco

      crawford is SO fine

    64. nekopii

      Crawford exuding Julien Solomita Aries Kitchen vibes the whole video. LMAO like literally every Aries Kitchen video is like this with Jenna saying "JULIEN", but in this case, it's Nezza saying "CRAWFORD"

    65. Destyni Stovall

      me coming back to watch from a different perspective now that I know they were dating

    66. Alysha Syifa

      damn i can’t believe they were dating in this vid

    67. DulceMaria

      Take a shot every time Nezza says Crawford 😂😂🤟🏼

    68. maggie martin

      but i wanna know what the recipe is though

    69. Sara

      little baby hooman

    70. ula sadie

      im here after they said they were already together in the pizza video🥳

    71. nastasia nastasia

      I’m just back here looking for signs I missed that they were together 😂

    72. Brianda Gallegos

      Back to analyze this video after seeing the reveal 🥺🥰💕

    73. Saloni Samel

      POV: you are here after the announcement of their relationship :)

    74. Margarette Concha

      Whos here after their official announcement

    75. Karina Mata

      Am I the only one watching this video again in honor of them being together ?😂

    76. Jenny Bui

      not me noticing the ‘you gotta have faith in me baby’ after they confirmed they’re dating🥺

      1. Yanelys Rodriguez

        Omg imma cry 🥺🥺🥺

    77. Jasmijn Sminia

      Who’s here after they announced they’re together (and that they were actually already together in this vid which makes it a million times cuter) ?

      1. Yanelys Rodriguez

        Ayy same lmao🤣

    78. urmom

      watching the older videos after the one where they confirmed their relationship to see the chemistry...

    79. macarena valenzuela

      12:44 son unos amores :)

    80. macarena valenzuela


    81. Julie Peña

      Ok so now who’s rewatching this cause they’re now OFFICIAL 😭😍😍😍😍

    82. J L13

      Here to re-watch and see the chemistry

    83. Kendyy 7

      Who's here after the video announcing they are a couple? :) Love this yass!

    84. Sanjeeta Choun

      not me coming back to this video after they confirmed they’re dating

      1. Yanelys Rodriguez

        Frrrrr sameee

    85. Nicole Banuelos

      currently watching this back after their announcement

    86. Erica Lynn

      You guys are so cute! But also! I would love to know where that outfit is from 💕

    87. Alexajade

      anyone here after ykw.....;)

    88. XxAlexis_SheehanxX

      Going back to this video and watching it again to see how much they made it obvious that they are together after them finally telling us. Love you Nezza and Crawforddd

    89. Eustacia L

      just came to rewatch this after the announcement 😌

    90. Marvely Tomas

      who’s here after they confirmed their relationship?

    91. loomonda18


    92. Aubriana Gardner

      Who is watching this after they announced they are dating??

    93. Nati Valdes

      omg if we only knew that they where dating during this

    94. Amanda Ignacio

      Anyone here after their announcement? lol

    95. béa tisseur

      who’s here after their coming out as a couple !!!!

      1. Yanelys Rodriguez


    96. Ruben van Tongeren

      Who is watching this now after nezza posted that they are dating! Just to see if you can see the chemistry

    97. kmhend26

      Nezza is like Crawford's mom lol

    98. kmhend26

      I love this because now they are ofisaly dating

    99. nani


    100. Amelia Gill

      Who’s here after they announced they are officially together

      1. ACE !!!!

        You caught me

      2. Isabella De Soto

        Notice how Crawford said him and his acquaintance. O yeah also, I’m here after they announced

      3. n

        when did they announce it ?

      4. Yen Rae Wee

        and they are so cute i can't, makes me feel more single than ever

      5. Yelitza Gutierrez

        Yes 👍