Our FIRST LOOK At Fortnite Season 5!


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    Today Epic released their FIRST Teasers for Fortnite Season 5! We also got a ton of new updates about the end of season event and the potential second black hole! Hope you guys enjoy!
    Thanks to @ShiinaBR for the NFL Skins showcase!

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    Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! So glad you guys liked the video about what epic needs to do in Fortnite Season 5! In todays video we go over all the fortnite season 5 leaks and teasers, including the Mandalorian Star Wars Fortnite collab, the new crew pack, new updates about the end of season event and more!. Hope you enjoy!
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    1. Bag

      Him:the mandalorian is going to be the secret skin. Me:laughs in predator

    2. Wael Hamed

      you are very amazing sypherpk

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    5. Isah Rodrigues

      very nice

    6. Luciano Ap Gonçalves

      Good gamepaly!




      SE ve gradiosa esta temporadaa 5 de Fortnite!

    9. Ravi and Sorana: A Strong Duo

      “An exotic look at season 5” He predicted the future

    10. HYPED

      woow game...

    11. Mahendra Yogi

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    12. Mahendra Yogi

      TimeBucks very good earning platform.

    13. Kabir Gamer

      wow nice video

    14. 793will

      Fortnite is trash go and play apex

    15. Leon Denis

      Game very good.

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    17. abhey singh


    18. Kumar Shaheen Live

      Good Idea

    19. Kabita Sahu

      so nice video

    20. Emily Castro

      SYPHER WHAT happend you lost so many subs



    22. Ailsa Ni

      Just conjecture, but imagine having a mythic jetpack!

    23. nider YT


    24. Kajal Patel


      1. Ailsa Ni

        What if the second part is the "Devourer of Galaxies" and we fight him aswell

    25. AJ Anderson

      What skin is sypherpk using ? ?

    26. It’s Matthew

      i don’t think sypher said a single factual or correct sentence in this video....

    27. Keyzz Locks

      i think understand, take out the vehicles, take out the helicopters, remove the guns, and while we run around looking for things that are gone now, let the storm kill us. how do we even get to our teammates? what do we fight with? the harvesting tool? sinking under the ground and travel like a mole? and you seem to support this madness. someone wants fortnite ruined. they have succeeded. the game is totally unbalanced now. i am going back to unreal tournament. at least there we can choose the map or create our own.

    28. kool_ beenz

      Bruh I just got killed by two ppl teaming 😢

    29. BlurayGaming

      No Xmas theme😡

      1. nieooj gotoy

        Thanks for sharing! ??????

    30. Trixnzz

      For me my setting on the new season have gone really weird

    31. O.G Gangster

      They already did star wars

    32. soiung toiue

      Why is your thumbnail like that? Thats the classic "watch my vid bc I look surprised" face lol😂

    33. Tal Ha

      does fortnite update us always above 10gb?

    34. Gooshaba

      watching this while i wait for the game to update :]

      1. soiung toiue

        he’s amazing

    35. BigBigBuster Stonks

      The pack with the broken worlds back bling im not trying to be rude in anyway but isnt that thors sister you see in ragnarok @sypherpk

    36. shayeet boi

      December 2nd is my birthday and fortnite season 5 comes

    37. It’s Jasper Swindells

      I’m bare cross I thought it was Xmas season turns out no

    38. Curse Twinned


    39. Ste Milu

      This game keeps digging a bigger grave

    40. Jeff Zeb

      What if the second part is the "Devourer of Galaxies" and we fight him aswell

    41. Motsu

      Yo if fortnite is the bridge for star wars and marvel merge that would be pretty epic 🤔

    42. Obama’s Soda

      scary thing is that there may be lightsabers back

    43. Gage Grossman

      I haven’t played fortnite in like a year and a half but I might come back if they do a marvel and star wars cross over

    44. CRVN Fives

      Your here after the battle pass was announced

    45. hershey bro

      Bruh it was like 5 hours if downtime and were that stream you said you would do at

    46. Elijah Yanovskiy

      that skin is from thor movie

    47. Gogorilla

      Clickbait the thumbnail

    48. Bryan Huanosta


    49. Bryan Huanosta

      What about mobile palyers

    50. Maria Hernandez

      Its not look at the teaser that fortnite. Posted its gonna be dinosaurs and just jungle like they teased a audio

    51. Ben Pettorelli

      The only reason I may come back to this game is because of Mando, This is the way ✊

    52. SEan CUmmINs

      His name is not baby yoda (DISCLAIMER I WILL SY HIS NAME IF YOUR NOT CAUGHT UP WARCH IT FOR YOURSELF) his name is Grogu

    53. SEan CUmmINs

      I don’t think it’s Star Wars though.

    54. THE. Default.

      Not gonna lie but the crossover with the avengers and stuff like that is Boring and dumb now

    55. Roshan Nunugonda

      UPDATE: season starts 11:00pm pst today.

    56. Ethan Johnson

      Who do you think will win, the Avengers aircraft carrier or an imperial star destroy

    57. Harry Potter

      Imaging when the Star Wars battle pass wasnt true and was different

    58. nightmare

      "pancake skin" me: welp i thought it was chewbacca oddly enough

    59. BJ

      i’m so dumb i thought sypher using hax because it looked like he was playing without hands “(;-;)”

    60. geovoni espalin

      There is no poin when there was start wars already

    61. haran sugahfoot sanders

      Grogu skin please.

    62. Gabriela Kohler


    63. Cartridge

      I just want the official cannnon Stories of fornite that’s why I left fornite is not the same anymore is not about their franchise anymore is about others which is milking some bunch of money instead of the original

    64. Javier Tienda

      The zapotron for the mythic

    65. Jude Engstrom

      If mando is in the game I will never play another game

      1. El Choppamar


    66. thelivingsponge

      btw, you can still play save the world during downtime

    67. Krusty _vibeZ

      He missed the gold pump 😂@6:43

    68. Jack on TI-84

      Hello Friends, hopefully you are having a good day. I would really appreciate it if you checked out my latest Under the Sun Fortnite montage. I love suggestions and feedback, so any commentary is appreciated. Thanks!

    69. Collin Cool

      6:50 well u were right

    70. heyitsmesammyboy

      Dude, I'm actually pissed about this whole Star Wars x Fortnite thing, it'll get those little kids who know like NOTHING about Star Wars ranting about "OMG did you're talking about the skin from Fortnite". As THE biggest Star Wars nerd alive, HOLY SHIT, it pisses me off. lol sorry, I'm pissed ;)

    71. Your Mother

      He predicted it

    72. Jamier Brown

      Remember the last star wars event. Didnt they say they were coming back .-.

    73. derek

      please tell me season 5 isn't star wars bruh 💀

      1. Your Mother


    74. Your Mother

      If this is Star Wars theme they just trying to get money and the season just sucks

    75. josue albarran

      The crew pack skin the bomber looks like Thor’s sister?

    76. Tyler Goodman

      If the mandalorian is actually confirmed I might have to find a way to get back into that game

    77. RCEE

      If the old map or tilted comes back I’ll play again

    78. CurlyTv

      Baby yoda backbling?😅

    79. Daylon Salyer

      Bro you called the bombs


      For me it haoend

    81. Faluted

      Btw there is no mandalorian turns out the back skins are real, but someone had covered it up, the middle skin has told srmor that looks greek/japanese/chinese and has a purple glow from the lions mouth.

    82. UMβRΔ

      All those leaks look so fake and I’m surprised you actually believe them

    83. Jaay Cervantes

      Technically marvel is somewhat connected to starwars...starwars comic is made by marvel

    84. Fshy Lachy7

      I hope its a mix

    85. Griffin Panta

      So the theory was tru, iron man was now teaming up to us and yes the jetpack thing is true, i didnt watch the whole event but the battlebuses were cancelled they said

    86. Bj So cool

      Who is watching this after the event

    87. Progamerjody

      I’m hating these collabes that’s why I stopped playing why can’t the battle pass be back to normal

    88. Gianni PS4 HD

      @morganlashy said your edits are bad

    89. Moonshot

      Screw that we want Christmas

    90. Mico Nieto


    91. Josiah Lopez

      click bat

    92. RoboXoxo 33

      Wow. thanks. for the spoilers. MAYBE NEXT TIME. Dont show the 'spoilers' in the videos image PUT A WARNING?

    93. Dragon X

      Bruh im just gonna buy the battle pass just for the baby yoda backbling

    94. Johnny Silverhand

      Who’s here after the event

    95. Jayden Trys

      Syhper k you're giving fake stuf soo just stfu

      1. Lilminidude626 Gaming

        It’s was wrong it’s speculation stfu

    96. synapse

      Who’s here after the event

    97. Midas

      Just got done with the event

    98. Metal Gear Snypa

      Naughty. Season 5 isn't REALLY here yet!

    99. NovaFN 477

      Pancake guy looks like Chewbacca

    100. Jacob Sotelo

      Did Trimix trick you