CRAZY FANS Climb in my Boat!

Scott Martin

126 миӊ. көрүүлөр11

    Never had this happen before! Fans swim from shore and climb into my boat while I was fishing with my good buddy Eric on Lake Tenkiller in Oklahoma.
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    1. Mason Brown

      I know him that’s kase Ingram he’s one of my buddies

    2. Brittany Johnson

      This is why you are my favorite pro angler Scott you inspire me. You are so down to earth keep being you and making awesome videos..

    3. blake harmon

      hey i live in muskogee

    4. NorthBest Fishing & Outdoors

      Love you Scott. Your the man! Keep it up brother

    5. Zachery Reaves

      Scott that’s one of the reasons I’m a fan of yours you keep it real and and nice to your fans

    6. George Finney IV

      That was cool as heck man ! Them kids will tell that story for life !

    7. O K

      Definitely forgot about the tournament lol still loved the video though

    8. keegan mullen

      Yooo that’s my home lake!!!

    9. Tom

      Bro, it is Oklahoma in June, super hot. Are you wearing a ski bib?

    10. Matt Reck

      How do I find out your schedule as to where your fishing so we can come watch you?

      1. Scott Martin I am fishing the opens tour

    11. n4zou

      I had something similar happen to me. I found an old Russian sidecar motorcycle in a barn and got it running. The cover for the sidecar had shrunk over the years and was unusable. I was out riding it one nice day and was stopped at a red light. A woman came over and got in my uncovered and empty sidecar! I tried to get her to get out but she refused. She told me she had always wanted to ride in a sidecar and would only get out if I take her around the block. She was taking selfie's and video of her ride. I had a new cover made and now I never ride with an empty, uncovered sidecar.

    12. Landon Walker

      That’s awesome!! That’s why u have so many fans my good sir!!

    13. Mason Beeks

      Good job kase !!

    14. Citykid Hunting and fishing

      I’m only 42 family man with a beautiful wife and 3 great kids..but can I be adopted your the best bro good work sir 🙏🏻

    15. Hunter Shane

      Man I was raised a mile up the road. That there is at Cookson Bend just moved into a new house about 20 minutes away. Just had my baby shower this weekend and we had it down there man I would have loved to of seen you Scott. Always nice to see you in this area when your around. Great Video.

    16. Eddie Butler

      I scuba dive tenkiller all the time Scott I have seen some really good small mouth in that lake I have even caught a couple of large brownies

    17. M

      Why do you NOT fill your reels full to the top with line? Especially since you get it for free. Serious question.

    18. 336 Outdoors

      Scott this is why I like you buddy! Not just because you are the number 1 fisherman in my book. Just because you are a great person with a huge heart and you are all about giving back and showing your fans that you are still just a normal human and you dont let the fame get to your head. I am 31 years old and I can remember like it was yesterday me waking up on Saturday mornings to watch your Dads fishing shows. I have loved watching your Dad and you fish since I was a kid! Keep doing what you are doing my friend! I would love to meet you one day while I'm out on the lake fishing. I can guarantee you though that I'm not going to swim to your boat lol. I'm a little to chunky for all that 😂😂🎣🎣👍🏻👍🏻

    19. Jim Lewis

      Not all pros would do that , proof , you the man .

    20. C and R Outdoors

      I live in Oklahoma. I really wish I could meet you. Also another good bass lake is Okemah lake, it isn't very big but it is good

    21. tritontravis

      Guaranteed guaranteed guaranteed you made those kids day. Awesome I love seeing kids with an interest in the outdoors. Keep up the great work Scott. I love sharing videos like this on Facebook.

    22. Outdoors with Matthew Castello

      Who else would do that?😂

    23. Joshua Huett

      Best catch of the day....

    24. njokidd

      Wait a minute Scott.... Out got 2 that were 16 and weighed around #260... How did ya loose that?

    25. Stratton Sanden

      2:41 me when I see a chunky dog

    26. Fishing MW

      I've caught Smallmouth in Table Rock Lake in Missouri.

    27. Michael Kaufmann

      I'm ready to see your new pb largemouth

    28. Miami Matt Outdoors

      You don't see Floridian's jumping into the water because of Gators LOL

    29. linbooma1

      Hey scot can you please call ranger boat for me and get them to ship my keypad quicker ordered it June 9th no pad yet! Thanks for ur help!!! Alan Linboom Clarksville Tennessee they will want my zip code 37040

    30. luke reeder

      I would swim across lake eufuala to get on his boat lol

    31. Gavin M

      I’d swim across that whole damn lake to sit in Scott’s boat

      1. Eren Kandogan


      2. chris m


    32. kilroy294

      Scoot I am sure you love fishing. It's in your blood. But you release because it's for show. But do you catch bass to eat? I do. But I will release only if they are small or too big to eat. I love cooking and I love fishing.

    33. Jeffery Thompson

      Thanks for being a great role model. I'm sure those young men will never forget it!

    34. Troy Harper

      Great video Scott 💯💯👍 "Take them to McDonald's" 🤣🤣🤣 that was great 👏👏✌


      Hey Scott. were can i sign up for the co angler? i would really love to do Hartwell i love that river system. i drive down every friday and fish clark hill and russell everyweekend...

    36. Kaden Underwood

      Hi sup

    37. MK Ultra

      Aww man as soon as I leave for vacation Scott Martin comes to Oklahoma😔

    38. The Reel Tanner

      This is why we love Scott Martin! A model human being. Those kids will be talking about that for the rest of their lives.

    39. Kevin Massenburg

      Great video Scott doing that for the young guys awesome 👏

    40. Bassmel57

      Hey Scott I love your videos. Its Native American not Indians. Keep stroking. Peace.

    41. Marc Nelson

      That is why this sport is the most kid friendly thing ive ever took my son to. Thats Awesome your a Good Man.

    42. Fishing Finaddict

      Well done, making a difference in a couple kids lives , they won't soon forget that day .😎 Much respect.

    43. Heath Fitzgerald

      Your a good man Scott. I've seen people that I fish against basically ignore people coming to them after tournaments asking for tips and such. More anglers need to strive to be a good Christian man with good values like you. I hope you do good the rest of the season buddy and maybe one day we will get to share a boat and get to go fishing.

    44. Zac Miller

      I live in fayyatville

    45. George Saffouri


    46. Joshua Shenk

      That was awesome Scott

    47. Mike Bailey

      Scott, ten killer is one of my favorite lakes. I'm just 40 minutes away in gentry ar. If you come out next spring let's meet and dinner is on me. Those kids will remember what you did for the rest of their lives. Your awesome Scott.🎣🐟

    48. Dusty_rylas

      Man I was stuck in the city delivering medical supplies for covid -19 and Scott was on my home lake would have been cool to run into him even though he needs to stay out of my fishing holes lol

    49. Tc

      You Da man so friendly and cool you talk smack with a smile.👍

    50. BassGeek

      Man you need a rematch.

    51. J Sheldon

      Dang I was fishing below tenkiller dam that day! Wish I would have went to the lake

    52. James Fishing

      Wish I could meet you and take a pick or fish with ya

    53. Piya Chetty

      Great video Scott you made those kids day letting them get in your boat 🙏🎣🕺

    54. warrior patriot

      I love how down to earth you are man, love it. 👍 Love the googan bandito bug too

    55. Mike Potter

      Its a blast of a place in the spring...Tenkiller is loaded with small mouth

    56. APOFishing

      Oklahoma is one of the toughest fisheries to figure out but once you figure it out there is no turning back from not going.

    57. Max Hartman

      I was at tinkiller this weekend with my friends


      Scott have you ever fished Broken Bow lake before, in southeast Oklahoma

    59. Jeremiah Mcguire

      Hey quick question. What brand of bobber stops do you use to peg your weights? Been scouring bass pro, walmart, academy etc and cant find diddly. Ca. You help a brother out and link them?

    60. BRandomFishing

      Best closer ever! Bam

    61. Jello's Random Channel 4182

      Wow They Will Never Forget That Way To Stay Calm Scott Your A Good Man!!

    62. Zach Leonard

      Class good sr

    63. dan youngblood

      such an awesome guy.

    64. jdclark14

      Swam to the boat for a picture. No phones.😂😂

    65. Ethan Taylor

      today is my birthday scott! i got a shimino slx dc for my birthday! and were going to lake okechobee on wednasday!!

    66. Marcus Dickey

      "Take them to McDonald's" Best thing I've heard all day! 😂

    67. T Dawg

      The end of of this video is why continue to watch videos. 🤘🏼🇺🇸

      1. Scott Martin


    68. PTWNSLGR

      That was awesome for them boys, a story they will tell for years.

    69. KayJay

      I totally forgot to take a picture with you when I met you this past week. And I’m really sad now

    70. Sean Kryzak

      This made my whole day🤣🤣

    71. Matt Tull

      Dude how could nobody like you. You’re the definition of a role model!!!! Great video Scott!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks bro

    72. Rodney Hanbaum

      Good stuff! Man I sure have missed these! Those two young boys, You made their day and a lifetime memory!! Class Act Scott!

      1. Scott Martin


    73. Good Ol Boy #76

      I wish I had a camera on Fathers day because I was down at the lake fishing for pan fish and I hooked a small bluegill and as I was reeling it in a bass ate my bluegill right at the bank. It snapped my line and took my hook and the fish. Some folks have all the luck LOL. I dont keep any fish I catch but mom wanted fresh fish so I was catching them for her.

    74. Bradley Knowles

      You rolled right on top of a school of large & small mouth bass & better yet they didn't have lock jaw. Nice fun trip with the fish biting what a unwind session after a tough tournament to recenter & get ready to swipe the title in N.Y.

    75. Cooper Kirk

      That’s my cousin that swam out to you. Awesome stuff Scott! Come back in the spring and smash 20+ bag

    76. Jason Ingram

      Tenkiller Lake!!!

    77. Buster Merritt

      That was so cool Scott, letting those guys get in your boat!!! They will be fans for life!!!!!!

    78. AWP Dragon Lore

      u make me triggered when u wait to set the hook

    79. daniel parris

      This is my home lake.. big smallmouth in tenkiller

    80. Landon Moses

      Next time I see you iam jumping in the water and just swimming up to your boat 😂. Good stuff

      1. Scott Martin


    81. NoT Beast

      That is my home lake

    82. Marty G

      Scott you just got my subscription,, that was cool.

      1. Scott Martin


    83. Andrew Hood

      I know you may not even read this Scott, but, if you do! Is there a good rod and reel combo/set up,that would well for both flippin and froggin!? Thanks man! No worries if you don't get to the question.. keep up the good work bubba, we love yah.

      1. Andrew Hood

        Thank you!

      2. Scott Martin

        Favorite Pro-Series 7.6H is a great rod for that!

    84. Ralph P

      I always love your videos!

    85. Jerred Wayne

      Class act man. Way to give the younger generation something to look up to!

    86. Brandon Hadley

      Did he show you goat island? You put it right by it.

      1. Brandon Hadley

        👍🏽 been on that lake my entire life and still cool to see the goats out there, I think. hopefully you get the chance to come back! The small mouth get a lot prettier than that one on that lake.

      2. Scott Martin

        He did

    87. Austin Romines

      Scott should come to Lake of the Ozarks Missouri

    88. Monte

      Nice to see a professional who is humble with a great attitude. Scott your a class act. Them to kids will have that story forever.

    89. Timothy Tschetter

      U r one of the coolest people in the game brother

    90. Bass Fishing Addictions

      Lol you made them work for that picture 😂😂

    91. C WhY

      Ohhh gosshhh I was jus there friday!!!! At the dam

    92. Willard Shaw

      Call jimmy Houston he's right around the corner

    93. 815 Aquarium fish

      It so cool u are so down to earth and have a good time and let them boys come see ur boat real stand up guy that’s why I follow u

      1. Scott Martin


    94. Jason Godfrey

      That was awesome. Two kids just wanting a pic. You're a class act brother!

    95. Mike Bledsoe

      *Win one for Roland Scott 👋BAM!*

    96. Brody Coble

      Where are you fishing

    97. john easley

      Im sure those kids will never forget that...way to keep it 100 Scott

      1. Carson Clinton

        That was my friend river😂😂

      2. Jowen19831

        Your a good man, Scott

    98. mark Roper

      True Scott Martin fans......swim out?! OK......:P


      The gripe I have is if evinrude ever fixed their issues they would have been great engines. When ours behaves knock on wood fuel efficient etc.

    100. Larry Jones

      Good job Scott. Making kids memories!!!!