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    1. THIS IS L&S


      1. Maria Reyes

        Whats the name of the song

      2. Princess gomez

        I hope we get to see uncle Landon react to elles day in a life omg 🥰!!!!

      3. y hammzy

        @Akeelah Thompson I can't we are observing a curfew

      4. Akeelah Thompson

        @y hammzy Then move out of the country.

      5. Jia Xu

        Can it be shipped world wide to china ?



    3. Mariana Ibarra

      Love the new intro! Y’all are sooo cute!!

    4. Sandra Marlene Martinez

      Shyla is so beautiful ❤️

    5. Leo Morales

      I love you guys💕💕 me being pregnant and watch your videos is all I do now 😍😍

    6. Daisy E

      Comment done ✅

    7. Daisy E

      Wishing some luck 👍🥰 love ya L and S

    8. Caitlin Francis


    9. Alejandra Rodriguez

      Yall have a beautiful family

    10. Sonji Young

      Love the fall colours and vibes of this video ❤

    11. Manisha Persaud

      Does anyone know the name of the song of their intro?

    12. Vanlal thatluangi

      I need to listen to the full song ..its so nice ...someone please tell me if you know it

      1. FADYA SLIM

        Castaway by lightboys!

    13. Saffira Karmoeddien

      Can anyone tell me the name of the song from their intro? I loveee itt😭

    14. Mindy Broussard

      Awwww I love it!!! It was definitely time for a family intro I love you guys yall are so cute!!!!!! And omg baby girls face with the pumpkin was priceless 🥰😍🥰😍🥰😘😂 love the smile Landon!!!!!

    15. Shawna Brown

      She is beautiful So cute can you face time My can see your one time

    16. Kimberly Dominguez

      where is your orange outfit from?

    17. Jamie Lee Ashton

      Love the new intro 🤩🤩😍😍

    18. Queen Queen

      What is the intro song called

    19. Kimberly Jones

      Love the video

    20. Anaja Wheatle

      Where did shyla get her sweater dress and cardigan from thoooo?!?! 😍

    21. Vinita Mohabir

      Love this new intro song and soul looks beautiful as always. 🤩

    22. p Naik

      Where can i get the full intro song?

    23. Karla Undecimo

      Whats the song title?

    24. Diamond Alex


    25. Promise Okafor

      Please what is the title of the intro song? I really love it!

    26. AshleyMcMillen

      I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    27. xiǎo shīzi

      what's the title of their intro song?

    28. Jeana Iorio

      I just subscribe to the l@ s gang

    29. Ella

      Where is shylas pretty dress from??😍

    30. Ziana Sonny Ferrer

      What's the name of the song??

    31. Marcelle

      What song is this????

    32. Lea Rose

      full Song pleassse

    33. Carina Carrillo

      I know this is outta the blue but you should put your baby in the middle of the back seat it has lower risk of impact if ever getting in an accident. Infants and new borns should always be in the middle or the passenger rear side ❤️❤️❤️ Love your guys video and new intro btw ❤️❤️❤️

    34. Lassy Hallucky

      What is the title of your intro song??

    35. Molli P

      Landons teeth look great😁

    36. Yenni Mulya

      What song is that...anyone pls tell me 😉

    37. Nor-Maidah Balua

      baaaby soulinee you're so cutee, love the new intro. ❤️ what's the title of the new intro song?

    38. Diannainkorea

      She so cute when she had the pumpkin when they were leaving! Aww

    39. MY EYES ONLY

      Song name???

    40. zualy zd

      Name of the song pleasee

    41. joziane correia

      Meu Deus lindoooo 🇵🇹🥰🙏🏽❤️

    42. Jacob Judith

      The song name

    43. philippe leo

      What’s the song in the new intro? Does anyone know?

    44. Unique Royalty

      Prep talk encouraged me to put bk on my Invisalign 🥴

    45. karolyn torres

      The intro song is so cute

    46. Gianella Anzueto

      Her face when stolen it

    47. Fulani Young


    48. Jessica Jess

      Poor pony’s they were scared. I hope no one is abusing them.

    49. Soso Berna

      Yea but veneers maintenance is a lot of money. It does come with its pros but their are a lot of cons as well. Like if you break them that's a couple of thousand dollars itself.

    50. Kyisha Jenkins

      What a beautiful family god is so good

    51. Connie Thi

      What’s the song called

    52. Raven Montgomery

      You guys have got to see the new Disney movie “Soul” coming out in December 25th!! It’s so crazy how it comes out after Souls born ❤️❤️❤️

    53. Teamlana •

      I have learned i should have put shoes on my daughter earlier so she can get use to is i started to put shoes on my LO just before her 1st birthday😂, she does not like shoes 🤦‍♀️ awe soul face when Landon said we got a stealer 😂. Much love from Canada and stay safe 💜

    54. Christina Burton

      Souls face when her dad busted her out I love it 🤣🤣 Shyla is so beautiful and I’m glad ur healing well selfcare momma ❤️❤️

    55. Siti Munirah

      the new intro is so cutee I keep going back just to watch the new intro is so cuteee❤️🥺

    56. Tabitha Burns

      Wow Shyla is stunning I don’t think she realizes how beautiful she really is. She’s a 💎 gem💎Landon is a new man he will smile forever now not that he didn’t already. I love them all❤️

    57. Tammy Tompkins

      Love the new intro

    58. Agi

      Anyone know where Shyla got her outfit from?? 😍

    59. Madison Hargrave

      what the name of the song to y’all new intro

      1. jacqueline robnett

        Castaway by Lightboys 🥳

    60. Nelly Pastrana

      I love the new intro!

    61. Destiny Rivera

      Can you make a video or clip in one of the videos of how you put on your lip kit? PLEASE. Love you guys. #L&SGANG

    62. Leah & Keeley

      I love your family you have helped me through so much x

    63. Ricki Loyal

      Ngaw I love the new intro it’s amazing such a beautiful family so happy for y’all ❤️❤️🌹

    64. Rina C

      Shyla is absolutely a goddess!

    65. Wade Walsh

      Where do y'all guys live?💕

    66. Wade Walsh

      I love y'all guys family❤💕

    67. Catherine Payano

      I Iove the song of ya intro 😍😍😍😍

    68. Regina Vazquez


    69. Taniha Ayala-Martinez

      Lmao soul being snitched on she like dad you really exposing me like that oh hell nahhhhh😂

    70. Alexandra Tonico

      Soul is the cutest!!! To die for ♥️

    71. Alexandra Tonico

      ❤️you guys are the cutest!!❤️ Shyla you look amazing!!! And Landon your teeth looks so good☺️ Love you L and S and beautiful Souline💓💓💓stay safe and stay humble beautiful's😘🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    72. ss0ph1a L0ph3z

      YAY finally all my favorite KGuprs are making fire 🔥 intros

    73. Yvette Tuel

      Congratulations again to you both on your success and love the new intro. Souline's look with her pumpkin towards the end omg lol.

    74. Zaira Moreno

      There’s a new movie called “soul” but it doesn’t come out until this summer 😢but the I like the name 🤣❤️💗💗

    75. West Coast

      There's something unsettling about Shyla's behavior. I think she's going to end up dumping Landon. 😬😕

    76. Sharon Trimmingham

      Soul face is saying "daddy are you calling me a thief?"

    77. Faze Moore

      What is that song I love it

    78. Alexandra Penaloza

      Soul face is the cutest 😩❤️

    79. Aryanna Bryant

      People the new Intro song it need it please now the song I love it

    80. jailene rivera

      I absolutely LOVE the new intro :((

    81. iaia Jacki

      the title of the song 😭 plsss

    82. Kaylee Hubbart

      Your teeth look so good! love the intro such a beautiful family 😍❤️

    83. Lissette Nuno

      Soul was like “why you putting me out there!”

    84. Deanne Davis

      Love it

    85. Julia Fase

      i went to this same pumpkin patch in my last video! so cuteee

    86. Angie Lopez

      Omgggg souls face when she stole the lil pumpkin 🤣

    87. Angie Lopez

      2020 definitely started horrible especially for landon but I'm glad to see that he's finishing this year a new person!😊💙💕

    88. Maricela Ochoa

      I love your outfit Shyla where did you get it 😍😍

    89. Giancarlo Ramirez


    90. duaa hamza

      Song pleeeease

    91. Prama Bhuyan

      What's the name of the song???

    92. A L

      Does anybody know the song

    93. G & C Nation

      We love the intro it’s sooo beautiful🚨🧡🧡🧡🧡

    94. Nana Ama Mensah

      It was soo cool watching it. It was soo cute especially looking at Soul’s face. You guys are a perfect match

    95. Rocio Vega

      She looked all mad for his daddy exposing her on stealing the pumpkin 🎃 😂😂🥰🥰🥰

    96. avni_ gàmêr

      HELP... Song name plzz...

    97. J Gaming

      I love you Landon/Shyla & Soul you are the best family ever this is l&s

    98. J Gaming

      I love your smiles shyla

      1. J Gaming

        I'm watching your videos now shyla

    99. Mommi Every Day

      Beautiful ❤️

    100. BouieCreations

      Shyla said “ugly?” “Could neeeeevveeerrr!!!!!!!!!”