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    1. Absorbedshark YT

      At 7:30 what skin is that?

    2. Zechariah Ovando

      Hes just doing it for the memes

    3. Elias Irvine

      “Where’s the predator” fresh kinds sus

    4. Nerdgamer

      Spy in a nutshell

    5. Bengt Söderbergh

      How are you so good

    6. Catherine Parker-Craig

      Do not subscribe to fresh I am saying that because it is opisit day for me

    7. Phillip Lee

      Did he forget there's visual sound effects

    8. louise hallam

      The reason that midas saw you is because YOU KEPT DRINKING SHIELD

    9. Fade_stealth890

      I know how he did it

    10. Mahdi Dilmohamed

      Why don't you show us the glitch

    11. Worth Dives


    12. Worth Dives

      They don’t Evan see you so you can litratly just kill them

    13. the random blah

      i wanna see this in an oppent POV . like when he is poppingg the shield or bandages, can the oppenent see the bandage or shield? i rly wanna know!

    14. MrGalaxy

      I know how to do it but I won’t tell anyone

    15. Jesse Jake Gaming

      2:32 bless you

    16. Chase Torres

      right when the invisible thing has 3 more seconds disconnect your internet and thats how its done

    17. Steven Dorta


    18. Steven Dorta

      Theis is gonna be good for me cuase i’m bad at the game xD

    19. mr demonic centipede

      He was pulsating the entire time why was that happening?

    20. Daniel Siri

      Imagine John Cena watching this

    21. Bug3ih 1220

      I have pickle kondor use code FRESH IN THE FORTNITE ITEM SHOP AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

    22. GamersGuide IsYaBoi

      2:40 bruh *kiss kiss*

    23. Scrub

      Not only do I have pickle kondor but I have the leviathan axe too

    24. Cezar Sorodoc

      The difolt was my hahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahah

    25. Linda Moruela

      The bent february acutely spoil because toenail rheologically glow pace a sore pyramid. jealous, delightful den

    26. Normal Person


    27. jenny trejo

      Video Idea: THICCEST PREDATOR IN FORTNITE! Use predators mythic and the chest from his ship the entire game

    28. Xander Borkey

      what you have to do to be invisable is equip the cloaking device then unplug your motum the plug it back in

    29. Xdpromonster

      He is John cena

    30. Suzanne Robitaille

      i know how to do that glich u have to become invisible then turn off ur wifi then turn it back on then boom

    31. he mcphee

      omg lufflr

    32. Mohamed Nartuo

      Its bc they can see your gun

    33. Eli broen

      You need to unplug ethernet cables and plug it back in quickly

    34. no name

      Dont forget that the cross air turns red when someone's right there

      1. Blak

        Only for console players with over powered aim assist

    35. JaJa Games

      What did you do when you left your setup ???

    36. Jennifer Freeze

      I got pickle konder soo long ago

    37. Cleetus plush gaming

      Please watch my show

    38. Eva Covello


    39. Munteanu Daniel

      He got the cloak he used it and then he unplugged his network and plugged it back. I'm not lying.

    40. dark star

      the glitch probably ha to do with lag or no internet the internet sgns say he probably turned it off and on or he made himself lag

    41. Hayden Dillon

      I can't believe that I am top teir already

    42. Alexa Raborg

      The abandoned journey collaterally strap because beer distally cough per a sticky venezuelan. attractive, damaged gasoline

    43. Don’t look at the Description

      Wow I know how to do the glitch probably got patched and now you are supposed to go invisible and then plug out your WiFi and reconnect it. And that’s it

    44. Austin Vincent

      He had visal sound efects on

    45. Shemar Bowen

      Lol I bet you learnt the glitch from glitch kings channel

    46. SharkProof

      Meet the spy tf2

    47. Garian Fernandez

      How to do that yall you have to use the mythic and close ur internet and there thats how you do that😁😁😂

    48. Claire Downie


    49. Hannah baker

      I know how to do the glitch

    50. Toxic GrinXx

      9:53 fresh: I’m just gonna shoot her one time (shoots two times) me: bruh

    51. stokies gamer

      You just disconnect your internet for 10 seconds when you have the pretetor clove

    52. KidCiro KC


    53. Chris Saad

      Why this glitch is too easy to make, The thing that he ment about leaving his setup is go and turn off and turn on back his wifi router while he is invisible Eazy right ⊂(・﹏・⊂)

    54. Keyaan Khan

      In the first round when you where close to die it was below you brruhhhhh😳

    55. malcolm msindo

      Fresh don't put glitches you will get banned

    56. Tavon Jackson

      hi fresh

    57. Tavon Jackson


    58. xx_RBLX_xx_Shorts_xx QT


    59. Nicholas Mokyeyev

      Fresh said I am not running anyone's game 8:44 also fresh I am gonna shoot someone and terifiy people 9:49

    60. Ummi_123

      They can see you because it purple

    61. Bobbylesgo Gaming

      Fresh sounds like lazarbeam

    62. Thegameison655 Is the best

      I have completed the challenges


      i think it involves turning off wifi

    64. Renata Pomeroy

      The glitch is where you do the invisible cloak and turn off your WiFi then turn it back on

    65. Renata Pomeroy

      The glitch

    66. Blonde Eee

      Fresh did the matrex

    67. Shadow Stacks

      He has to leave his room to unplug the internet plug

    68. Gabriel Batoy

      You can’t do any glitches with it you can’t hold are you gonna do you can’t do anything with it you could only hold a gun not being invisible

    69. outcastsoloo

      one month anniversary


      U have to disconnect ur WiFi then connect it again

    71. Godshowgun

      Holy molly

    72. KING Josh


    73. Game Boi

      U probably unplug ur internet

    74. Oliverocks_Gaming

      You turn off your wifi

    75. Epic Venom


    76. MILO MILES #01

      Fortnite change the name of stealthy stronghold instead of that put choas stronghold

    77. Going Bro with Jack


    78. Cole Rehmel

      Fresh: *sneezes creepy fans: CARONA CARONA NOOOOOOOO

    79. Josi 2funny

      He turns off his internet for the glitch if unsee the top left when he leaves his setup

    80. SpaceQueenXO

      Let’s see how many subs I can get off this comment current 23 ☺️🤔 (just started)

    81. JFill12

      Lol his glowing red eyes are giving him away

    82. tyrone Nation

      I know how to do the glitch

    83. Sozix Prede


    84. Dorie McGonagle

      the glitch is to turn of internet xd

    85. im to swag 4 you

      epic: ok i think we fixed all the glitches fresh: n o

    86. chance Hastings

      I know how to do itget the device turn off wifi turn back on also turn device on and then wala

    87. pfnjr123

      What's going on guys, yes.

    88. creeperbro2999


    89. Triston McElheny


    90. harb4130 harb4130

      this is weard


      Ho is watching this while doing work for homeschool or is it just me

    92. Zyaire Joseph

      you said do a face reveal

    93. Zyaire Joseph

      Keep up the good work

    94. Scott Magee

      Pls tell me how to do the glich

    95. Frank Murtha


    96. shuffle gamer245

      I'm going to try that glitch

    97. Alexander Eason

      Fun fact the glitch is disconnect the internet while invisible

    98. jaden mitchell

      The phobic kohlrabi technically wink because net kelly undress till a rich tights. beautiful, spotted cocoa

    99. Fusiongaming


    100. xSKIDWARDx

      Reported for cheating.