Best Moments from the 2021 Golden Globes


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    From Tina Fey & Amy Poehler's bi-costal monologue to Jason Sudeikis' surprising Ted Lasso win, to 'The Crown' cleaning up, revisit all the best moments from 2021 Golden Globe Awards.


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    1. roger silva

      Yawn they should have brought back Ricky Gervais

    2. Kay Gutz

      Ricky Gervais ftw 🙌🏼

    3. Murray McLean

      I used to love the movies. Now I’d rather watch a video of a guy melting aluminum cans, or pulling a loader out of a swamp. At least that’s real and they don’t try to guilt me.

    4. the all-new classic metal Steve!

      I'm just here to see what these guys did to get themselves beaten by America's next one hit wonder and the ticking news bomb among a couple others. They probably got beat by the DTV sub channels. :-) for those of you who don't know the ticking news bomb is 60 minutes.

    5. Neptune Sprinklers

      You Guys are extremely LAME!! Why am I watching this?

    6. шампунь жумайсынба

      The best moment was Joaquin Phoenix’s appearance ❤️

    7. alida flus

      i'm all for racial equality but they have to talk about race every 5 seconds...talking about movies... its a little too obsessive.

    8. Alec Damsell

      The best moment for me was when I forgot it was on and woke up the next morning realizing I didn't have to waste my time trying to channel search around it. That was awesome 😎!

    9. Shauka Hodan

      These award shows are great for hard working people in the entertainment industry to get validation. However, the general public will forget about it by tomorrow morning.

    10. NZVideoGuy

      Fkng boring

      1. alida flus



      Show your love... Tenet has Best Score Ludwig is Dope 🔥

    12. Minx harlette

      Hollywood is disgusting, nothing but dirty peadophile traffickers, with its disgusting political propoganda.

      1. Shauka Hodan

        not) and make a comment about how much they (again) don’t care about it, lol.

    13. Nancy Fogg

      What a waste of 4 hours you can't get back..

    14. Kyle Hillinger

      Who was the first black actor to have food poisoning at the awards?-since we're mentioning every firsts.

    15. zuygj bnsv

      That was great!

    16. shani yan

      That was great!

    17. lollip

      the golden globes should be more global... less hollywood centric.

    18. Marian

      This is embarrassing

    19. Ross Geller

      Jodie Foster's win was like the best surprise of the evening and her speech and response to her win was like icing on the cake

      1. shani yan

        That was great!

    20. Captain_Egret

      This shits trash dawg

    21. dimensionalyspeaking

      Great to be black at the golden globe awards, Racist. Imagine a white person saying that. shit monkeys get a pass. They are those that use race to get ahead.

    22. J Bagger

      Woke Trash.

      1. J Bagger

        @senni bgon Gervais Golden Globes, viewed by 200+ million people, this trash is watched by the fraternal order of retards numbering about 8 million.

      2. senni bgon

        That was great!

    23. yuitr loing

      They're fabulous.

      1. senni bgon

        That was great!

    24. James T

      I feel bad for these winners. All the glory is stripped when a trophy is given for participation only.

    25. Paul Bremner


      1. senni bgon


    26. Volusia-ev

      Golden Globes = Huge Circle-Jerk

      1. yuitr loing

        They are such a mood

    27. Brandon Hammond

      There is something hilariously ironic about a bunch of people not caring so much about an awards show - in this case the Golden Globes - that they’ll see the title of a video highlighting said award show that they (again) do not care about and instead of just scrolling to something they do care about, they decide expend energy to watch the video (or not) and make a comment about how much they (again) don’t care about it, lol.

      1. Alec Damsell

        I just want to set the record straight and let you know I commented without even watching the video.

      2. senni bgon

        which made it all funnier. Hahaha

    28. wovfm

      "Highlights" I actually came over here and expected a blank screen. Hollywood is dying.

      1. dimensionalyspeaking

        It was blank bodies, souls eaten by Satan😏

    29. awakenlilrabbit

      Im black. Yay

      1. awakenlilrabbit

        Gimme laughs

    30. Frank Joseph

      why is everything gotta be about race nowadays

    31. The Spirit World

      "Out of Shadows" is an excellent documentary exposing Hollywood satanic pedophilia. Sheeple need to wake up.

    32. shani yan

      it would be so funny... ??

    33. jaybatsford

      Nobody cares about Hollywierd and its woke agenda's anymore, with whats happened over the past twelve months real people have no stomach for watching or hearing a bunch of self entitled, preachy, narcissists patting themselves on the back.

      1. jaybatsford

        @The Abraham No

      2. The Abraham

        @jaybatsford No one is reading your long ass post dude, trim it down.

      3. jaybatsford

        If nobody speaks the truth they'll continue thinking they are the centre of the world and more important then they are, you don't have to care about something in order to point out that its illusion of splendor has been broken, these people have done nothing beyond cringe videos and attempting to keep themselves relevant on KGup. When one 100 year old man can raise millions during this crisis and these charlatans best efforts amount to singing a rendition of Believe and about Fried Fish......we've been admiring the wrong heroes for the wrong reasons, its only taken us a global pandemic to realise that its the everyday person who earns less a year then most of these make a day who should be admired and being given awards! Now wouldn't that be something........?

      4. The Abraham

        You care enough to comment.

    34. annag cocl

      Where’s Ricky Gervais when you need him ?

      1. The Abraham

        On Twitter.

    35. steve masuga

      Losing 2/3rds of your viewers is telling. About the same amount of Dead voters voted in the 2021 Election as watched your Woke garbage. That's what happens when you tell half the Country you hate them.

      1. shani yan

        He’s really funny.

    36. Sara D.

      Hollywood is history. No one cares about them anymore.....

      1. The Abraham

        @Sara D. Kamala Harris exposed.

      2. Sara D.

        @The Abraham 👍

      3. The Abraham

        @Sara D. Well yeah.... Bit strange.

      4. Sara D.

        @The Abraham okie dokie. Whatever you say 👍

      5. The Abraham

        You care enough to comment.

    37. rabago85

      Nobody wants to watch something that mentions race every 10 seconds. They went woke, and well...

      1. annag cocl

        The FAKE Golden Globes lost over 60% of TV ratings, We the American people know why and so do you, BYE FELICIA

    38. teSlide56

      This video should be 0 seconds long. Because this shit sucks

    39. Nidge Morphie

      Absolute garbage

    40. Regdu Geht

      Nobody cares about some awards the rich are giving to themselves , people are struggling to put food on the table and roof over their heads now.

    41. electricfields1

      pure cancer

      1. The Abraham

        I'm pure Libra.

    42. Meh

      Golden Globes without Ricky Gervais is pure garbage 🗑

    43. Jason Lewis

      Bring back Ricky Gervais

      1. Regdu Geht

        2:4] To my brothers and sisters in Christ, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature" [Mark 16:15]

    44. Youtube Villain

      We all know these awards arent given to best achievement but by race.

      1. Brayan Torres

        @dimensionalyspeaking lol i cant remember, but who cares at this point?

      2. dimensionalyspeaking

        @Brayan Torres What? Is it a documentary?

      3. Brayan Torres

        remember black panther getting nominated for the oscars? i forgot that movie existed

    45. Youtube Villain

      0:45 *"first person of color to win that category"* 2:41 *"The first black a.. filmmaker to win for a debute film for a coodirecting.."* Thats a racist and hateful statement.

    46. Youtube Villain

      Gg so anti white racist, black supremacist. Juck!!

    47. Jason's Corner

      so fake the awards are so fake and just push a narrative. its all fake. cant believe adult children watch and believe this crap

    48. Michael Blaya

      Without Rickie as presenter this Golde Globe is a super ego event ... a deflated Globe

    49. _Theo

      For those complaining that they didn't show the highlights. It's because there aren't any. Only lowlights

    50. Brave Just Defend

      The FAKE Golden Globes lost over 60% of TV ratings, We the American people know why and so do you, BYE FELICIA

    51. Ivan Nel

      Mike Schneider doesnt look like soneone that does a lot of coke...

    52. R W

      The best moment was probably the ending sign off, but who could watch that long?

    53. Time Bong

      Love that many sheep are waking up to HOLLYWEIRD pedophilia and child trafficking agenda seeing viewership numbers down this year they say due to covid u call their b.s. everyone's home and bored but still wouldnt watch this crap

    54. Matt William

      Who could possibly stomach watching these people and their arrogance

    55. N

      we are in the last days!! [Matthew 24:3-14] "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand" [Matthew 4:17] "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life" [John 3:16] Know that God desires "all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth" [I Timothy 2:4] To my brothers and sisters in Christ, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature" [Mark 16:15]

    56. senni bgon

      there are no highlights to this woke nonsense

    57. Ivan

      Had no idea this crap even happened

    58. Floyd Lawson

      How low can they go? (The ratings, that is)

    59. Stephen Jenkins

      The worst golden globe ratings in history. Sounds about right.

      1. senni bgon


    60. David Winters

      Viewers are down 60%? People are locked in their homes, and they still won't watch this. Take the hint.

    61. The Punisher

      GARBAGE GLOBES awards!

    62. Ricardo Osuna

      i'm all for racial equality but they have to talk about race every 5 seconds...talking about movies... its a little too obsessive.

    63. Darin Cates

      THREE losers enthusiastically talking about insignificant things as if it is important or anyone with a life cares about.

    64. Starkid

      I only clicked hoping to see Ricky Gervais

    65. jorge ruiz

      Where the fuk is Ricky ?!?!?

    66. Jamez Blackjack

      Worst Globes in history. Nothing funny and just people whining ,,,,

    67. Dizzy D

      I dont watch these award shows since the whole pandemic.. its not the same 🙄

    68. RL K

      The Script A Mafia Story! It's A Movie For Your Mind...Read The New Novel

    69. ZeroCool 36

      Biggest collection of ghouls who sold thier soul for a little bit a fame sad

    70. sea bird

      Great to be white at ...... if i said that do i sound Racist ??????

    71. eko beko

    72. Shelltoekicks

      Trash gossiping about trash.....

    73. JP P


    74. HaasFormulaOneFan

      Lmao who the hell still watches this shit? Hey let's all sit around and award the celebrities for doing their job. They're getting cash right???? So why the hell do these award shows matter?

    75. Mark Chediac

      I forgot this was a thing. It’s that forgettable

    76. Peter Hood

      The US are just a big fat joke, all I could hear is ... skin color, skin color, skin color and skin color, colored skin and at the end skin color... as long as this will go on you guys will never retreive your humanity and will be stuck with that skin color narrative... HAIL SKIN COLOR!!

    77. Kyle

      ...and of course the VERY first thing they show is some stupid racial comment... we’re so backwards that now the “news” is entertainment and entertainment is now news.

    78. Tito Real

      Two series I would never watch no matter how many awards they win the schittz and the crown. My favorite; Better Caul Saul The Boys Ozark American Gods Stranger Things The Mandalorian Any recommendations in that direction?

      1. Tito Real

        @Hiba Khan Those I like

      2. Hiba Khan

        Why Stranger Things??

    79. ttvonetime Gaming

      Ricky Gervais was better.

    80. Craig Forest

      *WOKE AWARDS 2021 have just ended and...nobody gives a $hit.*

    81. Quinton du Plessis

      Best moments of an award show that no one watched. Get woke, go broke.

    82. Willard Fasto

      No thanks all award shows are shit

    83. Mike white

      the Golden Globes had a 60% viewer drop. Guess we are tired of all the WOKE racism at these BS awards for their clown followers

    84. Abide

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    85. یا ولی• یا علی•

      Jesus dick is bigger then USA

    86. gfgf

      Somehow this trash is trending..... youtube and its paid promotions..

    87. K Lou

      Bet it was hard to find “best moments” rather, “best moments from a pile of shit”

    88. Well Eye

      White people are just jealous of all the black people who won an award. Stop hating because were beautiful and proud black king and queens

    89. Jojo Pupra

      I hope this is the last virtual show !! And get normal day next year for this award !

    90. CHRIS Bevins

      Worst gg ever

    91. The Blue Donut

      A bunch of nazis and racists getting awards, how boring

    92. Tyler Sovoda

      This is one moment. Lmao not best moments. I’m laughing so hard right now

    93. BigSqueeGG

      I'd also thanks the FSM God the one true God. As it's written in the great book of delusion, Ramen thank you.

    94. Matt Renfro

      Yes let’s make everything about race, I’m sure that will solve all the problems

      1. FierceONeill

        @Scott B They are though. Literally, the first thing you heard in this video was "It's great to be black at the Golden Globes" 🙄 I don't get why so many black celebrities are so obsessed with their race. No other race is as fixated as they are.

      2. Matt Renfro

        @Scott B no such thing

      3. Scott B

        Ignoring systemic racism benefits those that are currently given a better lot due to the status quo. No one is making everything about race, they're talking about inequality.

    95. G W

      Isn’t it time we stopped this self love fest? No one cares anymore.

    96. Greekay


    97. billie day veerappa

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      1. Austin Howland

        Hello Billie. How are you doing?

    98. Flyn

      golden sh1tz

    99. B

      Golden globe awards sucks

    100. D Boucher

      These awards are trash.