The Hottest Game In History


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    Edited by @ModestCube
    Hot mama. Have you ever seen a video like this before? After a terrific review of M&M's Kart Racing by Scott the Woz, Schlatt decides to play the shovelware for himself. He also eats Ghost Pepper Jerky - Which is why this video is so hot. No, I'm Not Attracted To The Green M&M. The Ghost Pepper Challenge is a tough one, And It Got Hot, Almost as hot as Schlatt and Minx being cute together, or Schlatt and Minx compilation, or Schlatt roasting Minx, or Schlatt and Botez or whatever I don't care I'm just putting keywords in here. Today's thumbnail is directly ripped off from TommyInnit and his Ninja Minecraft video, because I'm in awe at how many views it got. Must be because of the red arrow. Anyways, enjoy and buy my merch.

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    1. Evan Roberson


    2. Snoutts

      This video is just schlatt slowly going clinically insane

    3. LOGAN7907

      Was he making fun of dream with the whole not subscribed bit 🤣🤣🤣

    4. kelyn

      he’s literally being possessed

    5. Aiden J

      imagine not being subscribed

    6. Eli

      I forgot how terrifying the 2001 A Space Odyssey music is at 7:30

    7. Dottiest Cash


    8. Nova

      I want to edits of schlatt eating ice cream rn

    9. lite senpai

      Those 584 people who disliked are blind...

    10. Poppy Seed

      The thumbnail... I dont even know what to say

    11. Disheveledmanlet

      Is it fucked up that I laugh every time Schlatt throws the toy baby with the aggressive sound effects?

    12. Nathan Early

      I'm starting to think your a masochist

    13. ii_Lxrry RBLX


    14. ceIetic

      this is a new side of schlatt than the smp side i know nice

    15. The lovely Iron golem

      1:32 wait a minute... THIS IS GRIAN!

    16. Claire Dolisi

      *Yeets James Charles at you* STOP SIMPING

    17. Jamie Buckley

      This game is too hot doe

    18. oofoof34

      is that milk?

    19. Dalton Coker

      "DO YOU KNOW THAT A MAJORITY OF YOU GUYS ARE NOT SUBSC- yeah no I don't give a shit" This mans deserves to be president.

    20. Spantzz _

      What is that choir song i hear it everywhere but i don't know the name of it.

    21. Maria Herrera (Student)


    22. dylan jiron

      wait till he finds out the green m&m is a lesbian

      1. SportyAlt

        Yikes that sucks

    23. E_ IMPEX

      I’ll never see an m&m the same way again... cmon man, you had one job.

    24. Luqmaan Khattak

      1:58 It’s red, just like his Carrera G- fuck.

    25. hiding under your bed

      Wait till he plays girls go games

      1. Rebecca Kessler


    26. George Pavlenko

      is jschlatt drunk because of this?


      schlatt can be a great joker if he ate too much spicy food

    28. Bodyn Lockett


    29. Scrub

      It's amazing how I haven't watched any of Schlatt's videos until now.

    30. Doesn't get the Joke

      No wonder he died of an heart attack

    31. Some Human

      For anyone who like me, was looking for the song that plays at the end, I found it. It's called "The river god" and it's by Leon Chang.

    32. Pyro Viper

      This was the game they had in the waiting room at my eye doctors office for years

    33. Luni Newts

      7:15 Baby yuto : F a t h e r i m f l y i n g 10:50 Baby yuto is indestructible

    34. Karen took the goddam kids

      Schaltt the Pope is behind you for a reason, go and pray to him. You need it

    35. Hi Buddy

      Even tho it was a complete joke, schlatt has one of the highest viewer/subscriber ratios I’ve seen of any youtubers

    36. Riley. o'brien

      Did this before ASMR a couple of times? XD

    37. Ms Kids


    38. Jordan

      i love when schlatt is flipping his shit he calls travis

    39. General Gunslinger

      god i wish that were me 7:15

    40. Charmander Space

      i havent laughed this hard in a while

    41. Alka

      That fireball thing... This is why women live longer than men lmao /j

    42. Burrb C

      The moral of this video is friends and pyromania solves all pain and hardships

    43. Bailey Okumura

      I’m a huge kpop fan and I’m so sorry for JungKook stans because I think “Juhg.Koop” is hilarious.. when you first mentioned the name I was laughing so hard

    44. Cuddly McDoominator

      A magical experience.

    45. Serui

      The Paul Walker joke got me

    46. sarah sanchez


    47. Ben Dover

      Mhm Yeah

    48. Skylar Fixmer

      What's that song at the end from??????

    49. ReaganMcIntyre

      please dont say blasphemy god or our savior like that. Its uncalled for :/

    50. brunt Brunt

      The shirt has obama on it i caught him 🤣🤣

    51. •your moms vertebrae•

      Thank you mr j schlatt I am currently watching this while my parents are fighting and this drowns out my dad and his girlfriends nonsensical yelling quite well

    52. Srđan Milinković

      does anyone know what the music in the intro is cuz I cant find it anywhere and its driving me nuts!

    53. Click Clack

      Anyone know the outro song?

    54. quinn gibson

      play garfield kart, you wont :eyeroll:

    55. Crab

      You see, furries and Schlag have a couple things in common, for example. You can’t have sex with animals, and you can’t have sex with m&m’s, furries want to have sex with animals, and shcleesh wants to have sex with m&ms. You see what I’m gettin at?

    56. Jack Collins

      At 2:23 I got an ad for heart problems

    57. Arnov Jakaria

      Lmao the paul walker jokes got me instsntly subscribed

    58. mr pasha

      Old mans hand is shaking on the wii

    59. D-mir Sijaric


    60. Nico Bellio

      You disgust me, doesn’t even own the cars 2 wheel, disgusting

    61. ink

      Can we get a pog for 999,137 views

    62. Morgan Kelly

      Every video his mental stability is just decreasing 😂

    63. Mr bruh

      He clearly likes it!

    64. xxbobatea

      is the beef jerky hoter then that green m8m

    65. Tesla the pug

      How do u feel about people using THERE HE IS MY FAVORITE WHITE BOY. Even tho they don't know u

    66. Sea Blue

      I’m new here, is this guy some kind of masochist?

    67. • Echo the Wannabe •

      Yes Schlatt, just laugh it off

    68. autumn

      why does he do this to himself schlatt are you okay?

    69. bri drummond

      you know you have a cool friend when they send you an m&m racing game

    70. Toxic Banana

      *hears opera music* *remembers the video is edited by Trevor from Cow Chop* “Oh no”

    71. Eli Yarrows

      It always surprises me when I click on a schlatt video and an ad plays

    72. • Emily •

      7:58 no one is gonna talk about how the game itself told jschlatt to stop torturing himself?

    73. Camryn S.

      Paul walker died in my town by a jump 5150 (trampoline place) it closed about a year after his death. A friend of mine was having her 12th birthday party and we were all two hours late cause well... you know he died by the pole the night before and people were there to pay their respects.

    74. dicey may

      i have to clear my history after watching you..

    75. Athena _Sinister

      shlatt is true American he doesn't care

    76. Mawlten

      im still waiting for him to visit the sister location

    77. Comrade Anton

      that woman is sexier than the word itself

    78. •Dus!y• Robitics•

      I’d simp for the green m&m ngl

    79. Michal s

      Grown man has a mental breakdown while playing a childrens videogame after eating Ghost peper beef jerky and tries to burn down a baby

    80. HippyDippy

      I bought the same beef jerky and ate it... Schlatt’s a BITCH

    81. Sheev

      what was the music at like 8:30

    82. Oh Ahoy

      Yo I actually had that game

    83. bigg tarder

      hey trevor! hope you're having a great day. just wanted to let you know you did a great job editing this one :D

    84. Quinn Hammond

      8:43 my body took a screenshot

    85. Jenna Smith

      I actually enjoyed this game when I was younger. I regret everything

    86. Mindy Bindy

      what is the song in the outro?

    87. Logan Busch

      I owned this and I never lost i hated it

    88. emi edits

      2:22 SCHLATT

    89. Jomaster The Second

      *_A P P R O A C H I N G S O U N D B A R R I E R_*

    90. Juan Scott

      *we’re doing another restock because I want more money*

    91. arandom guy

      7:34 joker (2019)

    92. товарищ Stalin's 108th guards tank division

      Damn catholics smh

    93. Conner G

      Bro holy shit I died of laughter at the end when he threw the wheel 😂

    94. Bhimani Amaan

      3:39 oh don't mind me, just wanted a replay button for that laugh because it's hilarious and sounds shitpost-y

    95. PYRO

      Did dream ban u agian

    96. Stephanie Bergmann

      Bro, your hair's so fluffy! What the hell?

    97. Mlees Kong

      did you rip some poor guy's nut hair off and tape it to your head?

    98. Mayson Spade

      don't worry I'm subscribed

    99. Maxi Kay

      The sound effects, the cuts, the opera music. It all seems so... familiar. *Checks description for the editor* TREVVOOOOOO

    100. x GewoonJade_

      He needs therapy