Roman Reigns' new entrance: SmackDown, April 30, 2021


2,8 млн көрүүлөр976

    The Head of the Table emerges for his Universal Title Match against Daniel Bryan with a whole new theme song.
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    1. Goldenstandard

      this dope

    2. The Notorious YouTube

      this is like a theme you’d pick for CAW in WWE 2k 💀

    3. R E

      Heel Roman is too good.

    4. Parvash Jr

      So damn

    5. K W

      Is the statue cgi? I just realized it’s not there when he raises the title

    6. Mati Torres

      Puedo ver mil veces esta entrada.

    7. Racer 5

      I don't get what they are booing him for

    8. browly paris

      Everything paul touches becomes unstoppable

    9. Yatoku [Yakuza]

      this as a entrance for wwe2k21/2k22 could be epic

    10. Pablo Guzman

      Lol Is a Shingeki no Kyojin soundtrack

    11. Bujar Gashi

      The Man

    12. Asap El Jefe Genovese

      Finally he gets a legit theme song

    13. Bhekizulu Magagula

      Roman Reigns is why I still watch the business. Never thought I would say this, but he is the rightful face of wwe. Head of the Table.

    14. Seth Rollins

      The CGI edits looks weird

    15. Uriel Gomez

      Yup im done watching wwe

    16. CoolestMigo inDaWorld

      Never did i expect Heyman with roman , roman has transformed into something incredible for wwe

    17. Triston Joseph

      This is a rock beat if I ever heard one so un original but I like it

    18. Yousef Bazzi

      Why is Paul Heyman always in everyone’s corner 😂

    19. Joy Roy

      WWE one of the best heel Don Roman reigns..🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩

    20. Lybb Wiz


    21. PuShmAn7_vYn

      I dont like the entrance

    22. SwaydayGaming

      Final Boss Vibes 🔥

    23. Nguyen Minh

      Imagine how the crowd will be blown away in the arena with this theme when they get back soon

    24. Sithabiso Ndaba

      Why do I hear boss music?

    25. Obi Studios

      All that's needed with this them is that Roman Reigns' roar he does before the spear and some rap lyrics about being the top dog and tribal chief.

    26. Blue Shinobi

      Roman needs a titan tron just like bobby lashley that would sick

    27. Daveyboy 330

      You know Why he wears his pants high like that? Cuz samoans are genetically heavy people. Reigns is half samoan and has to work 10 times as hard as anyone else to lose the fat and the lower midsection is almost impossible for them to shred.

    28. Landon Bilbija

      So bad

    29. Grievous

      If God was a wrestler

    30. Larry Lakltl

      This entrance would have a live crowd going bonkers

    31. Tim Lee

      But they did still put in slight hints of old shield theme in his entrance song if you listen closely

      1. Johnathan Holiday

        I noticed that too just now


      I dont know If this will even happen but imagine if they start a storyline that says that Carmella falls in love with Roman and becomes a member of his group like it was with Maryse and Miztorage

    33. Manraj Balakrishnan

      The big dog has reached his prime..majestic!!!

    34. Nélio Lima

      I haven't watched this in YEARS

    35. Hassan Khan

      He beat cesaro to😱

    36. Q TheMessiah

      Finally, no connection to the dumb Shield. 🔥 📛 👨‍🚒 🚒 🧯 🎆 🔥

    37. Jesús Moya

      The Final Boss

    38. Michael Boccelli

      They did everything everyone wanted new outfit new theme heel turn and throw in a heyman who isnt acting like brocks manager

    39. Slime Feeder

      He had the opportunity to get Rikishis "I'm a Bad Man" as his theme and he didnt do it 😂 every Roman Hater would loved him if he had that theme with his entrance video freshened up 😭🥺Edge, DB, Strowman 😭

    40. Hunter Carrigan

      It’s weird seeing him without the vest that’s for sure looks like some core work is needed

    41. Abdullah Mandul

      Why is no one mentioning the way Paul Heyman strutted out XD

    42. Thevipered Ninja

      I like the new them

    43. Icy Snipz

      Haven't watched wwe in over a year what is going on with reigns?

    44. Kevin Atwell

      Universal Championship

    45. K Rich

      This theme is hot garbage with suggestive undertones of what they’re trying to go for

    46. BMJ BMJAY

      Why th is he with Paul

    47. Team Loyal Club

      It looks like how Roman and Paul are sync walking LOL

    48. BRVSKO CN6


    49. Muhammad A

      Hi 🏦🏦🏦

    50. Glasroc

      Imagine next year wm this entrance with a live orchestra

    51. Richard Ruiz

      Roman reigns esta nueva faceta de villano es el mejor

    52. Alex W

      Makes me sick seeing Heyman still sleazing his way into a WWE salary...

    53. The Perfectkillerkid

      Mom: Go and meet our guests Me and my brother: 0:35

    54. Kelebogile Canberra

      We all need someone to help us endure hard times or depressing times, especially now more than ever. *PRAY* God, teach me genuine humility and dependence upon You. I cannot go through life alone. I need You to give me the strength to endure hard situations. So in your mercy show me the beauty of Your kingdom and the power of Your presence. In Jesus’ name, Amen.🤍

    55. YT UXP

      No esta música muy fea

    56. Michael Carrig

      I love how heyman mimicks his strut

    57. Allyson Crumpler

      Is it just me or does anyone miss the old Roman

    58. Scott O’Brien

      Good ol suck bag Hayman makes me sick

    59. Matthew Richardson

      Daniel Bryan: Time to claim back the Universal Championship! (New Roman reigns music) Daniel Bryan: Why do I hear boss music?

    60. Jack

      They need to bring lesnar back and let Roman destroy him

    61. Jose Perez


    62. Louie Clark

      Officially God level he’s not losing it prediction next year wrestlemania

    63. Louie Clark

      Ever since his return became unbeatable hasn’t lost a match wow

    64. Jean Francois Ricardo

      I love you roman



    66. Eesa Ali

      Where has the old theme song gone 🥺😢😭

    67. pone nuevo canal

      the group "the shield" was the best and they finished it💔😭

    68. kyronwilkins

      Imagine if he would have had this entrance at wrestlemania

    69. Corin is so cool

      “That’s a big man ting”

    70. SYN30STM

      I think this song is going to be tweaked eventually. Idk needs a bit more of a punch yo it.

    71. Dnaveon Vinson

      I don’t watch WWE like that no more but I clearly see the only person that can beat Roman Reigns now is the Rock. Roman Caring WWE on his back right now. He is officially the face of WWE.

    72. Ayoub Abdi

      I finally acknowledge Roman as the head of the table

    73. DuDeZ

      Paul Heyman *2002 - Present*

    74. Zachary Gobin

      Best wrestler in the world

    75. JOHN N

      The new main WWE “locker room leader” if that even exists anymore these days😔

    76. ɪᴛᴀᴍɪ •

      Uhm I'm kinda new to wth is goin on on wwe in 2021 but why is brock's announcer guy with roman?

    77. gamespy196

      Why do they need to have that CGI version of Roman in the entrance that looks meh.

    78. Jeremy Infante

      The head of the table the tribal chief 💪💪💪💪💪💪🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    79. PRIME BALA

      Imagine this in wwe 2k22... damn please make him the strongest peron to beat in the game even in story mode.. the final Boss

    80. Apex Predator

      Finally fit theme for him as a tribal chief. Now change the tron. Just saying😁😁😁 to complete the heel persona

    81. regular Cedric

      Roman reigns is now a titan

    82. Dean Hollyoak

      Roman Empire has finally evolved

    83. Nm Nm


    84. Stxphens

      I’m being real nothing will top the truth reigns

    85. KSA


    86. Teirique Blake

      No God no we need back the old entrance

      1. Adrioxis

        no let the shield go fanboy

    87. Brandon Lovell-Shaw


    88. Kieron Spiteri

      Hope brock returns and heyman betrays reings

    89. Ethan Allen

      Not bad, very modern. This theme will also go over well once he turns face again.

    90. Sneaky Boy

      I love how you can still here bits of the Shield theme in this new one. It gives the impression that Roman has evolved and far surpassed his Shield days.

    91. Karl

      Now all Memories of shield Is delete

    92. Abdulkader Husaini

      Bow down to the KIng of Smackdown ❤️❤️

    93. Broker

      No os parece que la entrada cuando camina hacia el ring parece echo por ordenador o soy yo solo

    94. Anglo Browza

      O verrona

    95. Seany Boi

      Paul be vibing 0:36

    96. Halfpipe Lama

      Roman reigns is like the final boss in video games

    97. simp

      Not Paul tryna walk cool 😭😭

    98. The Biz

      I really did think a dark souls 3 boss was gonna come out!!!!!

    99. OfficiallyKevin

      I love the beginning part it’s almost like the final boss music

    100. YOLOLIFE

      This new Roman is the best since the rock and stone cold