3 Lures That Catch BIG Fish EVERYWHERE

Scott Martin

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    BIG BASS love these lures year round no matter if you fish a Pond, Lake, or a River.
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    1. Joseph Ference

      Love to try these baits

    2. Jared Manz

      I'll take em

    3. Lane Rother

      He was talking about the bandito bug and he said Does it catch fish. I was like HELL YEAH

    4. Eren Kandogan

      crawdads swim up and down

    5. solaydbak

      Everyone says Heavy "action" when its "power". I remember I could never find a Heavy Action rod hahaha. Then I found out I had learned the wrong terminology.

    6. Blake McMahan

      I would like to try those lures please. Big fan Scott, keep it up!

    7. Zachary Law

      I would love to try these baits I've been watching your shows for a while I love your tips I fish year round in north FL you have helped me catch nice fish

    8. Will Troup

      I’d love to get some of those lures I’m a working college student and I don’t have a lot

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    14. Thomas Hudson

      Id love to have any of them but the frog would be awesome

    15. I really love the bandito bug alot. My biggest fish this year (6lbs 13 oz) came on a jig with a bandito bug trailer. However I do wish it was more sturdy. I was averaging 1 fish for each bug. The tails get knocked off it super quick.

    16. Ben Harlow

      Awesome videos, just started subscribing and following you. I first saw you with another youtuber I follow Jiggin with Jordan. Yall keep up good the content. I watch you guys over watching cable and satellite!!!

    17. Phil Williams

      Little late watching but great video and tips thanks for sharing would like to win good luck to all

    18. DeHart Jim

      The Bandito Bug is my go to. I'll catch Bass with it when they won't look at anything else.

    19. Lawson Smith

      I’ve learned so much about bass fishing from you. Thanks so Much

    20. Jesus Bernal Jr

      What oz weight would be best on that Bandido bug??

    21. Sari Yousef

      I would love to try all of them 🎣🎣

    22. DanR

      Awesome vid! My go-to big fish baits is the jig.. i like to usually pair it with a yamamoto flappin’ hog trailer.

    23. Ched Burton

      Hope I didn’t miss the giveaway but feel like I did. I’d love any of that stuff.

    24. Chad Browning

      I’d really love to try those baits!

    25. Charles Frati

      Can you go over fly fishing for bass in tournaments. Like more on why it's not used and the possible advantages. I think it could be a deadly tool to use, especially if no one else is using it

    26. Scott Shattuck

      Great Video !!

    27. Jessie Fore

      Need one of them frogs man got 11 ponds to hit

    28. Alberto R

      Instead of a bandito bug use a rage bug, take it from a guy who isnt trying to sell you anything and has fished bandito and ragebug for more hours and days than i can count. Rage bug is the superior bait

    29. Jeremy Clark

      I would loveeeee to try those baits!

    30. Sam Butler

      Would love to just go fishing with you Scott

    31. jamesburkhart34

      The frogs awsome I need this in my Arsenal

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      The 3 baits that should be in any tackle box!! If your still giving away baits I'm starting my 8 year old sons first tackle box now

    33. Dan.Inspires

      I’d love to take my girl out fishing with some of them lures!

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      I woul love to try to catch a big bass and I whant to see how good I would be But I also whant to know what kind of bait caster should I get

    36. chadheybear

      Down home here in Louisiana we have the Lacassine Pool, full of absolute GIANTS. They eat either frogs or flukes. Check it out on you tube when you get a chance.

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      I would really like to ttr those lures here in Ky. Love your videos. Keep up the good work.

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      Love vids I’m a new bank banger and I love being able to have tips and not pay for educational vids that don’t work!

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      Im late to the party, but would love to get my hands on these.

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      i would love to try all of these because I am a kid so I don't get a lot of money year round

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      I’m new to fishing I watched your tournament, one of them and you are really good ig, I’m in fl also I would love to start to get into this

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    60. Joseph Wilson

      Would really love to try some of those baits. I’ve heard a lot of great things coming from Googan and met a bunch of really good fishermen down here at the BJCC in Birmingham, AL that had a lot of great advice. Thanks again Googan Squad

    61. Tianlin Wang

      If ya don't wanna watch, His top 3 baits are: 1. LIVE TARGET FROG 2. JIGS (Darker Colors) 3. Texas Rigged Worms

      1. Anthony Burkholder

        Tianlin Wang why would you come if you don’t want to watch?

    62. Joshua Dewett

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      Like watching your videos I was an accident. Haven’t been fishing in 15 years until yesterday. Caught 26 bass well I caught 9 my boy caught the rest. I beed those lures badly lol. Be safe

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    86. Pow Pow

      I love the bandito bug...one if my favorites...Texas rig or as a trailer it's deadly!!!

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      Frogs all day and night!

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      Thanks for the tips Scott, I use same baits here in Texas. Really wanting to buy some new Favorite Pro rods and the reels! 👍


      Id be greatful for anyone, my tackle box was stolen last week at the pier an aint been able to fish

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    96. michael chilson


      1. michael chilson

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