Joyner Lucas & Lil Baby - Ramen & OJ

Joyner Lucas

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    1. DaMagician10

      This song inspires me to do better

    2. DaMagician10

      This shit has been on repeat!

    3. Jane Doezer

      Joyner is by far the best lyricist. Your music is just so well done! Thank you!

    4. Mazz Music

      This was awesome, Joyner.

    5. B S

      "Never had a woman say she done with me" 🙌

    6. Meditate For Awareness

      Super 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🧘🏽‍♂️🔥

    7. Krasimir Shishmanov

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    8. NAMCO


    9. Kaizer Lyttle


    10. wiserkid music

      This collab is fire🔥🎶💯🎤

    11. Förnamn Efternamn

      a verse from lil baby is a cheat code

    12. ALEON 009

      On repeat

    13. David Agan

      This joint craaaazy

    14. PRXDIGY

      2:16 Who's the girl with the devil horns?

    15. Dee S

      Anyone know what that blue jacket lil baby is rocking is?

    16. Tasin George

      Boom boom boom💥

    17. Drennen Modenbach

      Thank-you once again JOYNER LUCAS

    18. GT Mayoh

      Damn it's insane ,how big you got since we was in Kentucky. Damn that was funny . The look in your eye when the MTN handed you that paper didn't say nothing just vacated. I doubt you still got that but if u do take a gander it something appreciated . Hit me up dats my boy hen he spits bars he'zz volcano . I taught him all I could but I'm just Ole Drunk Rapper that never got off the crapper . The bars he drops are topics that never get heard . Like the stuff u use to spin . Oh yeah congrats on the win I knew u was going 2 be in . Oh yeah I locked my Tully can't get open ,not knowing why I mentioned it you ain't support. Aiiiight I'm out I check u later some day hanging backstage support ING the MTN .

    19. Jordan K

      Bruhh who is the girl with the short hair

    20. That Biotch

      🗣”All the way I don’t half step, gotta do better than last year💪🏾that’s my motto🔥🔥

    21. damarh

      "what kind of rappers are these ? no face tattoos, gold chains or rainbow hair ?" he said sarcastically.

    22. Killjoy.Z

      Lil baby consistently proving hes not just a 2-year primed mumble rapper, he is an artist in this for the long term.

    23. DontBSilly

      Lil Baby seems to never disappoint👌🏻

    24. tristan chavers

      Bruhhh im just gonna say that this song right here is helping my mental state by 200%...... Also lil baby always drops fire ass music ive been listening to him for like 5-6 years now an y'all right he aint made any bad music

    25. panda tate

      Just straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    26. Siddharth Iyer


    27. Frederic Reid


    28. Bibo Bibo

      On fireeee 🔥🔥🥵

    29. Umar Bello

      3.6k are probably deaf

    30. Jack Marszalek

      Bruh! Fire as always, your on a whole new level joyner

    31. OHP Magic

      This my anthem when I b feeling evil but know i cant do nun w these strikes over my head

    32. Roge Taukamo

      Track of the year!

    33. Jamesly.S Pro league

      Thinking how im gonna spend my money

    34. Mlecks_Renegade

      I'm sure I'm not the only who came back here the drop of Zim Zimma music vid

    35. julpod101 catch

      "Shawty was paying the bills I had no say"

    36. adam madhlom


    37. Cameron Andrew

      Why the hell lil baby body every song he on mahn👌👌👌

    38. bodybxgs6

      Can’t stop listening to this 🖤

    39. AirMax47

      what's the name of the first girl entering at 2:16 ?

    40. Julian Crawford

      The fine short-haired thick baddie is @veronicaperasso thank me later

    41. Nando

      Joyner....bro...... You just snap on anything you get on

    42. Caleb Felker

      This shit hits different when all your girls cheat on you and most of your friends betray and abandon you. Edit: This is both a bump and a sad song imo

      1. Steven Wichin

        Felt this

    43. You‘re lost lmao

      This is only two weeks old and I found it on an edit 😂✋🏻

    44. S.S. Wally

      Joyner always on point🎯💥

    45. Jairus Tucker

      Never miss 🔥🔥🔥

    46. Quinn Jackson

      Video is crazy, keepin’ me motivated to grind🔥🔥 “Back to walking to work on a cold day” no sirrr

    47. Duece Staine

      this shit lame af where the real ones at

    48. Duece Staine

      I deff get the vibe tht joyner is a closet gay.

    49. Tyler Judge

      This is it💰🔥

    50. Unity Assault

      Anybody notice how his gun accidentally fired at the beginning 😂

    51. YOUNG SK1ES

      🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

    52. Liberty seventeenseventysix

      & apparently Joyner isn't worth a shit anymore either. Sellout.

    53. Dylan Scharnhorst

      There’s something about baby’s flows and his voice that works perfectly together

    54. Jennifer Magarity

      1st time I heard this i was like what he did it again everyone he puts out bops from the Tully app to this congrats bro u all are awesome and on 🔥

    55. Lebohang Mokoena

      So haaaaard

    56. S. BISHT - MUZIK

      Very different video ❤❤❤❤

    57. Tat DUNG

      Should’ve been Joyner Lucas Ft. Lil Baby💯💯

    58. Angelo Torres jr

      🔥 best song out hands down ....u huurddd

    59. Bugzy2Bangz

      This joint almost as dope as that Marion Patriots jersey

    60. Ahmed Algharazi

      Who knew baby and lucas would make a fire hit 🔥🔥

    61. B. Patch


    62. Trend Trench

      Like if tis 🔥🔥🔥

    63. Lil Vortex

      Joyner da goat

    64. Matinny YY


    65. Gio Smit

      Dawm 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    66. FRE SKA

      جايلك من عند عمك مالك البرازيلي و ذيييع 🔥🔥

    67. Vincent

      Masterpiece 🙏🏻

    68. Motley OnSite

      Joyner such a good storyteller and artist. Never a dry bar

    69. Motley OnSite

      Baby got that 100k plus 🚨🍾📈📈

    70. Khmer Shakur

      Heart beating will intensify ❤ once that beat drops.

    71. Damian Hernandez

      Joyner even make trash rap sound good!! Looking at u OJ!! lil baby!!

    72. Mr. Corona

      This is the best rap song to be released in a while. Grew on me and now it gets me amped and motivated to just keep doing better. It’s a song about success and has the pride in that but also still feel the pain of the past. It’s amazing well done

    73. FieldHouseFades

      Hard hard hard!! Had to run it back twice!

    74. Casper C

      J. Cole - My Life (music video)

    75. Luis Murillo

      both wrecked it

    76. Atlanta TAY Georgia

      Hardest song out! And Minos straighting

    77. Sauceman K

      if this ain't on the 2k22 soundtrack I ain't buying it

    78. Gavin Morgan

      Finally songs that collaborated together what is been like 20 years now. Keep up work @Joyner @LilBaby

    79. Joseph Burd

      Came here a fan, left a whole air conditioner. Joyner killed it again!

    80. Rudy A

      Beat was good Joyner good that other Dude no comment 😎

    81. ChadThaGawddd*

      HELP...I’ve fallen and can’t get up after that beat drop🔥💯🔥

    82. Eric Garcia

      Transitions were deep.

    83. tyler gallant

      best beat and song joyner has put out so far so fireeeeeeeeeee

    84. Russell K

      are you "joyner" in rs?

    85. Russell K


    86. Nitro Cat Official

      This is what "wants and needs" coulda been.

    87. J****_F*****

      Joyner so talented. It’s a breath of fresh air in the midst of this current state of hip hop.

    88. hawkdavid

      Maruchan bussin but I was living sugar packets and water

    89. Shunda Fobbs

      This my song 2021

    90. ThrIvon Sanchez

      🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 love this 💯

    91. Amzobeatz AKA Amir


    92. tennenjin

      When he said Yadara mean it was over already ahahahaha

    93. Chase K

      Are you kidding me with this autotune and nonstop triplet bullshit? Come on Joyner you're losing it

    94. Kratter X

      This song makes me wanna pour out an apple juice jug and pour in orange juice in it

    95. Yanis M

      How can you dislikes it's magic 😓✨

    96. Wadsyboy

      This collab of the year!

    97. Notpureftw

      Lil baby the fucking god

    98. ALoNE Walkerr

      فخامة ♥👑

    99. Chris Howerton

      Rapper with ADHD back!

    100. Chad Medeiros

      Joyner cant put out a bad verse Joyner is that shit