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    1. ayaulym

      today i decided to watch Emma’s video. i love her

    2. ayaulym

      today i decided to watch Emma’s video. i love her

    3. Danielle

      Not me getting a PacSun Emma ad before an Emma video lol

    4. Mele Sikuea

      gurl the part apart after u showered and how you were watching the documentries is true

    5. laylay lena

      GIRRRRLLLLL if you are REALLY ALONE in New York ... i don't how you do it? I want to try and travel alone in Sydney... but i don't know if i'm brave enough!!

    6. Lizzy Henriquez

      the way an ad popped up of emma while i’m watching her 😭

    7. The Real Sunrae

      I missed these videos :)

    8. የሚሰጡዋቸውን

      Emma come to shumburg or oak brook or Chicago.

    9. Madi JJ

      The traffic in New York sucks

    10. Ariana Jade

      omg not emma's pacsun ad coming on during this video

    11. Chase Myers

      the ad I got was her ad lmao

    12. Emma Grace

      dude you probably just have a stigmatism in your eye

    13. Alberte Carlsen

      wheres the shirt from, you had on the last bit of the vid?

    14. Leila Buono

      Why do Americans always do the “peace sign” in a way that’s just swearing lol

    15. Leila Buono

      Not Emma thinking 2-13 degrees C is “freezing” lmao. Like it’s 2 degrees isn’t ideal but 13 is like vest top weather and 2 degrees is like jacket weather...

    16. Lili Atkins

      Emma you are the person that lives in my mind


      not emma talking to people

    18. Martha Kriisa

      55 degrees and freezing? Im super happy when i have 19 degrees

    19. Grace Read

      I like how Emma is when she’s in NYC, Emma I think you should move there, I’m generally saying this from woman to another woman, you generally have a better wellbeing in NYC.

    20. Spirit _

      Girl you looked so happy in NYC omg

    21. Lama AS

      She Dressed like phoebe and then switched to joey/Ross

    22. layan


    23. vfwveihvnwroi

      I mean is this the content to watch, this is just real life shit, how many no lifers with nothing to do is there to watch and be super happy about this. Just remind, the world doesnt need ppl that is not prospering..not hating the content, just hating losers watching

    24. Jackymmtz

      i wanna be your friend so bad

    25. Jana Ramos


    26. Jana Ramos

      Me to myself HAHAHA taking a pic a lot of it then thinking if gonna post when i gonna post it i delete it or archive later on coz i feel not good

    27. Kelli Young

      I’m catching up on your videos and they just really make my day

    28. Emma L

      omg what camera is she using? its so good

    29. Marta Petrone

      If you think google maps doesn’t work in new york, have you ever tried it in Venice?

    30. Hah

      What she said to the dude that asked her if she was a youtuber tho.. Emma is so inspirational

    31. Emma Jane

      MOVE TO NEW YORK. If you don’t like it, that’s okay! LA will still be there! Do it. Do it now.

    32. Audrey Simic

      most days are horrible but these videos are the only things that can make me genuinly happy. thank you

    33. Erin Hellhake

      35 to 55 means jeans/sweats/pants and a tee shirt with/or a hoodie/jacket on the east coast

    34. Lauren W.

      I love the layers at the beginning, I live in Utah and 50* is nice weather, people out hiking and laying around at the park. California’s are a different breed.

    35. Mia Winkler

      emma pls, you look so happy in NY, you'd be living my dream if you moved there!!

    36. Kate Moore

      imagine wearing leggings under sweatpants in 40 degree weather

    37. Rosie Nightingale

      I desperately NEED to know where that fluffy north face jacket is from

    38. Tori Cisney

      Emma, to pass time while you sit and wait for your food, you should read a book!

    39. Caroline XoXo

      She's gonna be my new idol

    40. Alicia Salas

      Do you have family or friends out there just wondering bc you go out there pretty often

    41. KalMehCookie

      i have lazy eye too, and it does come when im tired

    42. Charlie Baker

      NYC is fun but it’s so expensive to live there full time and the whole city works all the time the vibe is not as chill as LA

    43. Olivia Salamone

      Where is her scarf from!!!!

    44. 成寧10750058

      there's nothing more important than being happy walking around is something you never thought would be fun or be comfortable doing in la but ny does that's all I can think of lol but we can all see how happy ny made you

    45. Neverland K

      The cold is not that serious Iced coffee all year round

    46. Hunter Jones

      What Converse those is?

    47. LizCastroBeauty

      Emma!!! Babe!!! YOUR SKIN!!!! It’s improved SO much! I’m so proud of you bb 🥲 what’s your secret?!?!

    48. grace a

      Your vibe is so much more nyc than la!

    49. Paige Knapp

      get a heated mattress pad. its literally the best thing ever

    50. Pinksupergrl95

      Ok tbh the way Emma takes a million photos of her food I do of my new grandbabies haha Someday they may hate me, at least food will never hate her for it🤣🤣🤣

    51. Willa Barnes

      I am not allowed to have social media which kind of sucks but at least I don't have to deal with the drama.

    52. Stella Helene

      emma make a vsco

    53. Jack Keane

      Emma u are so New York I think u would ne happier there !

    54. April Campbell

      11:23 giving Harriet the spy vibes idk why lol

    55. iSustain

      Emma, I'm pretty sure that you don't wanna move to NY firstly because it's dangerous ang chaotic. Aliens and monsters tend to attack New York every single time. New York is their preferred target out of the whole world.

    56. zahra Hussain

      i live in NY she's right about the google maps my dad be getting confused all the time

    57. Livi Rose

      Emma talking about north east weather: it's freezing Northeasters: ahhhh what a nice day out lolol I love her😂

    58. Rman Nayr

      WOW EMMA IS NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!

    59. Rman Nayr


    60. Hala Othman

      my new comfort video 🥰🥰

    61. maggie hoor

      i feel like this video was an advertisement for NYC. i love it

    62. Lyd Tay

      Shawty it was 50 😭

    63. carlamrgtdclt

      am I the only one who thinks she looks like Timothe chalamet?

    64. Mina Akca

      not y’all telling emma she should move to nyc when she told us to give her reasons not to 😭

      1. Thomas Chen


    65. Greg Castle

      she looks amazing it makes me happy to hear her talking about how good she feels and that she looks so happy.

    66. kinda kate

      one lov, emma

    67. aysenaz ada !

      You shouldn’t move because you’re going to get used to it and you’re not going to like it as much, people can you uncomfortable sometimes or be mean, it can be dangerous and it’s not that special

    68. Cherie Ann Taylor

      For some reason, this video made me so happy! 😊

    69. Ashley Quiché

      Seeing her happy and slowly getting mentally well makes me so happy you have no idea

    70. danny

      lol first outfit makes her look like Jessica jones

    71. jenna maven

      Fun fact, she did order almond milk

    72. Riley Renae

      "youtube is toxic. Just not for me" *the moms in the comments* "hot girl summer"

    73. Itz_ Angela



      “Whenever im in ny its like theres a fire under my ass” sounds like a fun place LMFAO

    75. Ariana Nicole

      Do one in Boston!!!! That’d be amazing haha

    76. Dyraaa Terrazas

      It’s also a mugging city

    77. blurry face

      Emma is giving a vibe of crazy rich and fav auntie without kids

    78. Ana Sofía Uro de Leon

      Girl move to NY just do it already! You deserve the best!

    79. Ana Sofía Uro de Leon

      “I am stupid idiot I am” 😭😂😂

    80. MushiVODs

      i got an add with emma in it on an emma vid

    81. Cassandra OgBorn LilibabyspicegirlCass

    82. pmp

      bro what a dream!

    83. Chiante Willams

      i love New York Emma 😩🙌🏾🙌🏾 it’s like watching you go from 🐛 to 🦋...

    84. Lavender Raiyn

      Bruh her skin looks dope💯

    85. Omari Williams

      Emma your the only one with a wonky eye I have it to I can see it some of my photos 😩😩🤣

    86. Gisela Vargas

      Walking is the best!

    87. rach8881 rach8881

      Emma: its freezing! Me: bro I live in Canada...

    88. emrej252

      Moving to New York is always a simultaneously best/worst decision. That’s the fun of it ❤️❤️

    89. emrej252

      You obviously have to move to New York

    90. Nona G

      As someone from Michigan we just wear a coat and we’re good, our bodies just get used to it and warm themselves after walking for a while

    91. Amy Santos

      Not me watching one of your videos in getting an ad of you

    92. Lynn

      New York is cold. very true

    93. Itzz.jeannine

      Move to New York.

    94. natalia lund

      i aggressively enjoy this

    95. Trinity Stewart

      i think i wanna find emma a bf😏😏

    96. Hermione Granger

      I am Turkish and I know English, but many foreigners may not know English. I think it would be great if you add subtitles to your videos.

    97. Molly Donahue

      the amount of times I have watched this video

    98. Hilary koh

      Emma just screams comfort person

    99. Qflick

      I thought u were white

    100. Qflick

      your so fluent