Magnus Carlsen's Mind-Blowing Memory! World Chess Champion tested


717 миӊ. көрүүлөр47

    World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen is put to the test by English Grandmaster David Howell! How many games can he recognise? Please note the Kasparov-Karpov game should show USSR flags for both players.
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    күнү жарыяланды 18 күн мурун


    1. Obakeng Leepo

      Magnus Carlsen is the kind of guy that never forgets what he wanted to google immediately when he opens the browser

    2. Uvin Senevirathne

      If you forgot the password, ask it from Magnus

    3. Jinzo

      but I have 1300 rating on

    4. acrobatmapping

      Magnus tried Fantasy football for first time this year and he won the European league with 10's of millions of competitors. He's obviously a genius

    5. Mike Peterson

      Freaking incredible

    6. Dzeraph 87

      2:07 Why Magnus references himself in third person?

    7. Mike Bastiat

      Jesus christ

    8. YudinhoBR

      Please, do more videos like this.

    9. b. c.

      Chess doesn't drive people mad, it drives mad people sane.

    10. Lazerbeast

      Well its expected for someone with 190iq

      1. Pippo Pappo

        He has not 190IQ.

    11. Kai Jie Soo

      today I learned Ron Weasley blundered a queen on move three

    12. Hyper Dude

      Meanwhile, me, staring intensely at the board for a min "is it my turn or yours?"

    13. Jessica Joseph

      Wow can he find my keys?

    14. David Kenyon

      I cant even remember what i had for lunch 2 days ago

    15. waqqashanafi

      Infective laugh tho

    16. Old Man

      Kasparov newer hold Azerbaidjan flag and newer been Azerbaidjanian and newer represent this country, he played under USSR flag or Russian. Very poor knowledge.

    17. KarlArsch

      i guess it wasnt that difficult, but cool clip

    18. Croatian Way

      Mother:Magnus what we have for dinner? Magnus: yeah whaetever i just didnt really like the broccoli with steak and apple sauce before Mother: and when was that Magnus:November 22,1993, 19:15pm

    19. john honai


    20. Justin Miller

      Meanwhile I can't remember what I had for breakfast

    21. MoonLit

      Magnus the type of guy that never forgets what he was going to say.

    22. Not3xactly


    23. AntonsMovement

      It´s actually Ron Weasley not Harry Potter playing the chess game in Harry Potter and the Philosopher stone though!

    24. BREAKocean

      Anand one was too easy, he should have done fischer vs reshevsky and asked the same question

    25. The Chess Giant

      Absolutely astonishing!

    26. Roy M

      In one of the tournaments he had a bad loss, they asked him which move went wrong he said "I don't remember".

    27. arash eslamkhah

      holy fucking shit !!!! 😐

    28. S S

      I really don't understand how anyone can have that kind of memory.

    29. Mathis J

      This is definatley one of the coolest things about Magnus. I love it. His ability to remember chess stuff. I'm not sure, but I don't think it goes for anything. It's not like he remebers all things this easy. I might be wrong though... I think his father touched this subject in an interview..

    30. mrgyani

      Is he human? How is this possible?

    31. David Goldstein

      That was iMPRESSIVE!!

    32. El Eco del Tren

      0:57 LOL (subtitulos en español)

    33. AnthonyGL a major part of chess just memorizing?

    34. George Sanos

      Absolute sickness.

    35. Trevor Evans-Young Jr.

      What is amazing is how few people in the world realize how amazing this is. I would have liked to see some 1888 game or something but still, really amazing. I am a musician and have realized that a chess memory and a music memory must be the same part of the brain. If you name something I can start singing it, if you play it I can name it. It's just in there without thinking, I can see it on his face. Still amazing, 4 moves, cmon!

    36. mark peters

      His apponant hasnt made the move !!!!! Magnus already premoved.

    37. Avicenna10

      I’ve read that Fischer was the same way. Scary stuff.

    38. yasio bolo

      moves a pawn and a knight Magnus: “it’s gonna be Anand” 😭

    39. Pat Just Pat

      how is e4 e5 ke3 ke6 in any way enough to single out a game?

    40. Charles Esquilla

      Bruh I can't even remember what I did yesterday

    41. PhilomathBret

      How did he know it was Zapata-Anand when all that was played was the first 2 moves of the Petroff?

    42. Roman Vaisberg

      Kasparov never played for Azerbaijan contrary to what the flag in the video suggests. Also in 1987 there was no Azerbaijan as a country to play for

    43. krix pop

      Magnus deserves his name: he is indeed Magnus !

    44. Ayoub

      I don't think he has a great memory in life, the great memory is probably related to chess position

    45. Udara Jayawardena

      well, I think magnus probably have around 200 IQ. no wonder he is the Mozart of chess ♥

    46. John Cee

      Ok Magzy...time for the Carolina Reaper challenge! LET'S SEE IT!!!

    47. JCriss

      Fascinating. Music was annoying though.

    48. Hendarin Riandi

      Wow ...... unbelievable ... Magnus so precise in memorizing so many details, .... no wonder he is a world champion, he maybe the GOAT in chess, with that very strong mind, how can he possibly be beaten? even remember the side story like Ian nepomniachi facing Indonesian player which he still remember the name, in youth tournament

    49. he tries his best

      I forgot why this video was on my tab

    50. dcQ23

      Magnus? more like Chadnus.

    51. Pflegedienst Respekt GbR Gregor Bosten


    52. x. Kadavreski

      This is so funny when he's confused about the harry potter game. He was prolly searching deep down in his memory. Nice trick.

    53. bcvbb hyui

      He'll still forget an anniversary with his future wife and be in trouble like all of us =)

    54. Sean Singh

      In fairness, he was being shown very iconic positions in all of those games. I'm a 42yo sub-1900 and even I recognised Chucky's missed mate in 1 and the KK87 position which were the only ones from games that I'd seen. I remember watching the Chucky one on a VHS video with the guys from the my university's chess club in the 90s, it is one of the biggest howlers in chess history, and the KK87 one was a game that basically changed the course of world championship history. I'd be surprised if anyone rated over 2700 couldn't get those. The Harry Potter one was genuinely very impressive though.

    55. Golden Child

      This proves my theory that chess is mostly memory, I always feel bad when I play moves based on memory and win games instead of thinking of what should be the best move. I was thinking that the best chess players must do the same but with much better memory. I guess this is why they study games but it really shouldn't be this way, it used to not be but I guess with recordings and notes of old games it's much easier to remember moves then it is to think about moves. This is what makes Magnus the best in blitz as he uses his memory advantage but in classical the matches are much closer as you have more time to remember what the moves should be or to think what the right move should be.

      1. bcvbb hyui

        Magnus Carlsen was sent from the future to kill Jon Connor but decided to pick up chess instead.

    56. daniel german

      Is Magnus Carlsen using Mindpalace or Journeymethod or is his brain just that crazy good ?

    57. iodedonpepto

      Imagine being this fucking smart

    58. Mike Fraser

      Sometimes when I take a shower, I can't remember if I shampooed my hair yet.

    59. Arnieus

      I can't remember my own games.

    60. Rich Waters

      I can't even remember the first 8 moves of a game I just played an hour ago. Can someone ask Magnus for me?

    61. Samuel Pearlman

      Magnus are genius

    62. Josh Holliday

      I can't remember what I had for breakfast half the time...

    63. Ioanpaul Pop

      Bravo ba!!!!!!

    64. bragee

      You cannot either define this thing as "memory". This is something beyond

    65. sehhi vooty

      This guy deserves his title.

    66. Roger U.

      0:39 "This is the 24. (!) game from Sevilla, obviously. Yeah! Not one of the games... the 24. Hilarious.

    67. Nils Petras

      Well if you show the best known positions in all chess history, of course he remembers... give him a random game of some grandmaster tournament 10 years ago. And yes, of course it is his job. It is like asking a sports commentator if he recognizes the most famous moments of world championship history in his sport...

      1. sehhi vooty

        i can't even remember my login for

    68. Afdal H.

      I can barely remember what I ate yesterday, LOL

    69. G

      How was he able to guess a game with 4 moves?

    70. Matete Mphanya

      So Carlson is an alien. Cool

    71. Boaz Sachs

      Magnus Carlsen was sent from the future to kill Jon Connor but decided to pick up chess instead.

    72. Jeff Camp

      This is absolutely incredible, totally blown away!!

    73. Marcello Ditta

      I don't even remember how I got here

    74. Dimitrios Arvanitis

      He is the kind of guy that remembers all that... but he always forget where he put the car keys...

    75. ashliski

      And I can't even remember what I had for dinner 2 days ago

    76. TheLomotion

      1:32 EXCUSE ME SIR

    77. Fredrich Risebrandt

      I just couldn't stop smiling in pure awe through the entire video, what an amazing man!

    78. The Goat

      Is this fake HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?

    79. Christopher Williams

      "This is the 24th game from Seville, obviously." Obviously.

    80. Goratch the mule

      Wow this guy is so good he could one day be the world champion

    81. Jiří Mohl

      Find someone who looks at you like David looks at Magnus.

    82. Earth Water

      Just mad. Wow. Glory of humanity

    83. Andrew Tuma

      i can't even remember my login for

    84. D M

      That is insane.

    85. Aenima Lewis

      Magnus looks at the chess board like how we recognise past famous sport matches

    86. Try Hard

      Bro how is this possible

    87. Tomás Cisneros

      There’s proof this is scripted.

    88. Michael H

      OBVIOUSLY the 2nd position shown was from the 24th game of the Sevilla WC match between Kasparov and Karpov. OBVIOUSLY!

    89. modolief

      Just ... wow.

    90. ricardo morillo

      where's the sherlock holmes chess game?!!!

    91. matthew baxter

      This why I'm only rated 1400

    92. jayna reynolds

      It does indeed seem fantastic. However, anyone with a normal undamaged brain is capable of instant recall just as Magnus's performance here. It has to do with the connections between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. In Magnus's case, the photographic memory lies within a natural genetically enhanced frontal lobe that enables conscious direction of the vast reservoir of memory. Fact is, we all mentally absorb everything we've ever seen, heard, smelled or felt and it is duly recorded in our subconscious mind. As astonishing as this sounds, it is true. Our frontal lobes are like a valve that allows only a microscopic amount of our subconscious memory to be utilized by our conscious mind at any given moment. Think of it as a focus mechanism. And therein lies the secret of the savant mind. The simplest way to gain conscious control over the frontal lobe to enable total recall is

    93. Mugen

      Meanwhile I forget the names of people I just met

    94. Dmitriy K

      3:45 Any lip readings in the comment section?

    95. Smokebonde

      Btw, Garry Kasparov is not from Azerbaijan. He was from the Soviet Union, his mother was Armenian and his father was Jewish. He never associated himself with Azerbaijan whatsoever.

    96. Joe Smith

      Curious, anyone know who makes that board?

    97. dcoog anml

      moves a pawn and a knight Magnus: “it’s gonna be Anand” 😭

    98. jonavuka

      magnus face when they show him the harry potter position LMAO

    99. Smiley Trashbag

      nice outfit! The guy in the suit looks dapper too.

    100. aodhan odonnell

      You have to laugh at how ridiculously talented carlsen is