Fishing the AMAZING West Coast of Florida - SMC TV 20-7

Scott Martin

19 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

    Captain Brock Horner and I take on the west coast a Florida and catch a crazy variety of fish!
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    1. chris B

      Hit that spot every time I go to SW FL!!

    2. Nic Richard

      Love your videos!!!! Im waiting to schedule a trip to okeechobee pretty soon hopefully

    3. Tim Damico

      I just got back from Sanibel / Captiva... Man that RED TIDE was bad! Lots of DEAD fish.

    4. jaxwild11

      What a crazy awesome day!

    5. Verlisify

      I was like "Oh I know where that is from the thumbnail. Guess my hometown secret is out now"

    6. James Terrill III

      That area is my favorite love Charlotte harbor area

    7. Russell Morris

      Another awesome episode of SMC. I have not done much saltwater fishing but I definitely want to. Looks like so much fun.

    8. TL Bombsquad

      Had a vacation planned to Florida in 2020 and COVID screwed us hoping to get back down soon!

    9. Kevin Wells

      Happy New Years Mr. Martin and family. See you in 2021.

    10. Mark Schneider

      Son ! Another Epic video ! Love your stuff !

    11. Adam Porter

      Love the Stump Pass thumbnail that place is awesome

    12. theodore Dow-man

      I'm thinking about moving to Florida. No I'm not from NewYork...... I'm tired of North Carolina and all of the lunatic joe biden supporters around here....

    13. Tyler Mims

      when are you posting the one with DC on lake mitchell

    14. Domenick Spavento

      Best wishes to you and yours for a safe and happy New Years.

    15. John Holtkamp

      @Scott Martin will you be coming up to the bass pro shops Spring classic in Springfield, Mo?

    16. Adam Smith

      What a great day in the salt. Thanks for Sharing this. Warmed me up here in Buffalo N.Y.

    17. Amusing BD

      Your fishing got me to a lot of pleasure , Thanks for shearing, nice fishing.

    18. Marino Cappelluti

      That SMC intro just gets me hyped 👊 🎣

    19. Charlie Scott

      Hey scott, I heard you was switching to skeeter? Is that true?

    20. Philip Thomas

      Fishing in Florida is nothing like fishing in Canada’s lakes except maybe the musky oh and world class walleye in Lake Eire 👍🇨🇦

    21. Preston Mire

      Salt water fishing is so much fun when I was 12 and 14 year olds my dad and uncles would go down pecan Island Louisiana go shrimping catching reds and flonders awesome video the Scott Martin show

    22. Mike over cash

      Such a great place to fish

    23. Gauthier_Fishing

      Thats so cool!

    24. Roguex Infid3l

      My HomeTown!!!!! Englewood has a fantastic fishery🎣🎣🎣

    25. Caleb Foster

      Dang I was hoping for one of y’all to catch a 24”+ bull red.

      1. Caleb Foster

        @Scott Martin we got them here in Louisiana hahahaha

      2. Scott Martin

        I know me too

    26. Rogbass

      To watch you fish with fellow competitors, family, friends really shows just how universal the sport of bass fishing really is. Like golf in a way. Can play till your old old and when your just old enough to hold a club or rod. Scott your so important to the Bass fishing industry. And the SMC shows prove just that. Thank you Sir. Finally some salt action. Lol. Liking that guide a lot. Glad he wore his phone number. Lol.

      1. Rogbass

        @Scott Martin honest words come easy when you see the truth. Happy New Year 🎊

      2. Scott Martin

        Thank you so much for the great comment and the kind words I really appreciate it!

    27. Fish Daddy

      Solid, enjoyed that one for sure👊🏻

    28. Redneck'n Buck

      Jest checking Scott, when does bass master elite start?

      1. Redneck'n Buck

        Ok because bassmaters KGup was putting out last years one a few days ago and I got scared you didn’t go. Lol

      2. Scott Martin

        First event is the first week of February

    29. chevyboy2676

      love fishing turtle bay west wall of the harbor lucky to have it as my home

      1. chevyboy2676

        @Scott Martin yes cant handle living any place else ,love the content as well love the show side of things as well little more variety.hope the martin family has a great new year as well.

      2. Scott Martin

        You’re lucky to live there!

    30. Check Mate

      My Subscription Notifications Have Been Jacked... Tell Us How To Fix.😭 SMC Is OnMucho🔥💪💥

      1. Scott Martin

        Make sure when you turn on the notifications you hit all

    31. EliteGB

      Beautiful place!! Crazy good fishing! I seen that live bait I was like they are gonna Jack em up!! Unbelievable! I mean you said trager that's living the dream baby! Scott 💪

      1. Scott Martin


    32. Cole V

      Stuck at work = Binge watching Scott Martin 🔥

    33. Hoosier Fat Bassin

      Guides like a fish whisperer, that would be so awesome all those different species in one day

      1. Scott Martin

        Brock is the man!

    34. Ethan Eveler

      Awesome videos I love the SMC week keep up the good work.

    35. Patricia Guenzler

      Awesome assortment thanks for the video

    36. Joshua Shearer

      Looks better than the chattahoochee for sure... Like 3 inch vis right now

    37. Hydra Scorez

      You should do your go to tackle

    38. Aiden Wysocki

      That a great show today man oh man tripples allday boys

    39. Gavin Davis

      I wish all of the episodes were posted on KGup!! I don’t have discovery channel lol

      1. Adam Smith

        I dont either. Really enjoying these.

      2. Scott Martin

        Well there you go 👍🏻

    40. Stanley Shelby

      Hoping for a reply...the rod/reel combo used was an Ol' Salty favorite rod 7'3" medium heavy with a 4000 series reel, or am I wrong?

      1. Stanley Shelby

        @Scott Martin Thanks for the response 👍...really surprised me. Another great video Scott and good luck with the upcoming tournaments.

      2. Scott Martin

        That is correct great set up works well for so many different things

    41. Richie _k_68

      Great video water was nice and calm you both spanked them !! 💪🏼🎣🎣

    42. Keith Hancock

      You need to come to the mosquito lagoon and hit the flats for reds, snook, trout, black drum, tarpon. Get you a good guide with a boat that floats in like 10 inches of water. Have him push poll you throughout. Amazing seeing schools of hundreds of redfish in a foot deep of water! The best fishing there is!

      1. Scott Martin

        I really do want to come back there and fish for those big rats!

      2. The Reel Tanner

        its not like that anymore sadly. theres still some good fishing, but not like the good ol days.

    43. Jesse Hillis

      I never get to fish the salt. Its amazing to see how many species you can catch in one outing. Its mind blowing!! Awesome episode mr. Martin!!

      1. Jesse Hillis

        @Scott Martin you are very welcome. Thank you very much for taking the time out of your day to comment back to me!!!

      2. Scott Martin

        Jesse thank you very much!

    44. The Fishing Expat

      Those reds fight so hard, I used to catch them all the time growing up in Florida. I’m living in Germany now after the Army but watching this makes me want to make a trip back home

      1. Scott Martin

        Very strong!

    45. Outdoors 19

      I love your videos

    46. Dan Briggs

      Your videos are awesome! Do you watch any of the Australian boys channels? Brooksy and Cavy. Pretty nice content lately

      1. Scott Martin

        I haven’t watched in their stuff I’ll check it out now

    47. Boy who gets mistaken for a girl


    48. Ryan Spangler

      dude these videos are awesome. keep killing it! Go SMC

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks bro

    49. Backwoods Hunting

      Best fishing KGupr

      1. Backwoods Hunting

        @Scott Martin how long did it take you to grow your channel

      2. Backwoods Hunting

        @Scott Martin you are the hole reason I start my KGup channel

      3. Scott Martin

        Thank you very much!

    50. Jacobashleymark Vlogs

      First one

    51. McClain Gorsh

      How was your Christmas scott

      1. Scott Martin

        It was great very low-key but great! Thanks for asking

    52. TheReelLeviT

      I can’t wait to stay at the Roland Martin Marina in April!

      1. Wes Hall Fishing

        @Rowdy Broomstick i just remember the hole in the boat. Can’t remember who did it lol

      2. gary30229

        Okie burger

      3. TheReelLeviT

        @Scott Martin Nice, thanks!!

      4. Rowdy Broomstick

        @Wes Hall Fishing I thought his camera guy did that, didn't know if he did it

      5. Wes Hall Fishing

        Lunkers was with him if I remember correctly. It was after he wrecked his boat and tore a hole in the side of it.

    53. Copeland Dennis


    54. Paige Fortner

      Have a you got one of the new googan swim baits

      1. Scott Martin

        Not yet..

    55. Jake Curtis

      Love your vids Scott

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you!!

    56. Paige Fortner


      1. Scott Martin


    57. Paige Fortner


    58. Kyle Knotts

      Hey mr Scott how was your Christmas?

    59. Isaac Sadowski


      1. Isaac Sadowski

        @Scott Martin Do you have any good tips for winter fishing

      2. Scott Martin