I Found Something Scary


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    This is the greatest egg of All Time

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    1. XxConnection UserxX

      I wonder how it feels how to use those

    2. Calvinosaurus

      If someone asks why God allows hell to exist, show them this video.

      1. Calvinosaurus

        @Affinity The people who use this stuff are degenerates.

      2. Affinity

        Not sure what context this means

    3. a youtube watcher

      charlie. please, I’m trying to eat

    4. wheatbread

      I can smell him through the screen when I first saw the thumbnail


      Bruh bruh wtf

    6. Tyler Dent

      Seeing the realization of this video as of today. Not disappointed

    7. Acerola Orion

      guys im goin in ima search up a splorch in use

    8. Zafrie

      Guess what, it finally came...


      U will learn more if u go deeper charlie

    10. Ryder Rogan

      Where’s the video of it coming

    11. Glenn Quagmire

      Any updates?

    12. Rad gamer


    13. Ben Parker

      Still waiting for the moist meter review on this

    14. Dr pepper

      Charlie hasn't seen the Auto Truck Fuck Machine.

    15. eleanor's tears

      bro how is this still up but coco isn't?

    16. Quiet Blake

      I have been scarred for life...

    17. Sarapol

      How do you get those out

      1. Dude Guy Man

        Nah you just wait for them to explode

    18. dark pasta

      Wait if aliens can have sex, this can be my time

    19. Float the Folf

      I understand fetishes and all but this is why people hate furries. I’m not shaming it or anything it’s just most people would turn their back immediately thinking furries are disgusting and like having eggs payed inside of them.

      1. Ryder Rogan

        Ew furry

    20. Escargot hat Studios

      he looks like jesus if he was a mix between a werewolf man and an alcoholic dad who decided to leave his kid and become a youtuber

    21. Troy Welch

      The slime coming of those hands

    22. It Me Dedgun

      Has he gotten one yet?

      1. datcoolkid mooshay

        Idk 😞

    23. VoxFoxClips

      How THE FUCK did I find this video in the search I was doing? I typed up “Aurora Woods Incident” and this video was in the top results for me. The Aurora Woods Incident does not relate to this AT ALL... yet this video is JUST AS DISTURBING... 1) Go for a nice search into a creepy pasta. 2) Find an oddly unrelated video by Penguinz0. 3) The eggs. The slime... it’s unbearable. 4) *Stand Among The Actions That No Man Could Have Created As Sirens Scream Your Name.* [Aurora Ovipositor Incident, August 2021]

    24. PancookiePlays

      My degenerate ass was expecting something actually scary and when I heard ovipositor I just couldn't believe it.

    25. Butter Doug

      I actually gagged at the eggs, those things are fucking nasty/

    26. XxterpzxX

      You get it yet?

    27. GMD IcY


    28. GMD IcY


    29. MarcBerm

      All these ovipositors... Where can a guy get a regular old plumbus?

    30. Hulkツツ

      imagine being a 10 years old and watching this video lol

      1. RoxStarFoxy Productions

        I have seen to much

    31. Your Dose Of Random

      When will it come in the mail

    32. R D

      You should do an erotic novel reading. Your monotone voice really suits the graphic over explaining of sex

    33. The Peepee Paralyzer

      I though this was gonna be serious BUT HOLY SHIT THIS IS SCARY

    34. Uncle Nate

      Bruh wasn’t this the same company in All Gas No Breaks Midwest furfest video?

    35. aye yo

      Charlie cut ur hair now

    36. Shane Threlfall

      Imagine your dad accidentally opening that parcel 📦 😂😂

    37. Shane Threlfall

      It’s 03 : 00 and this is what I’m watching 🤦🏻‍♂️ worse 3am challenge ever

    38. xLabRATx

      I already knew what they were thanks to hentai ayy

    39. Lc Blyat

      "I saw something scary" yet he watches 3 am challenges ( definitly not for leisure )

    40. Just Max

      was he able to obtain the splorch though? That's my question.

    41. Dirpex

      Give us an update:0

    42. luke harris

      I was eating spaghetti while watching this, big mistake

    43. sunny scootering

      How big is it thow 5 inch

    44. Imrich Kaslik

      Ovipositors are actual organs of insects (wasps, crickets, katydids) used to deposit eggs deep inside wood or soil etc. Ovum is egg in latin and I think "positor" is quite self explanatory. I never thought Id use this knowledge in real life

    45. Miles

      Grease me up, baby!

    46. Scottie Hutchens

      Thought I recognized the Primal Hardware logo from All Gas No Brakes 😀

    47. Merriam Weebster

      You know it’s really bad when he says something is scary

    48. rankoss

      This is degenerate

    49. dog


    50. dog


    51. dog

      moby hugs

    52. Pink

      the guy who challenges yt policy

    53. Level 100

      What, a ruler to measure your height?

    54. Daniel D

      ...what the actual fuck?

    55. Majin

      lmao wtf

    56. KWF9

      5:54 If you haven't watched yet, skip here to be confused

    57. kipuri

      about time

    58. WellRest ·

      Normal person: EW AN OVIPOSITOR Charlie: my dissapointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined for not knowing about ovipositors

    59. August BN

      Has this arrived yet? I am on the edge of my seat

    60. HeyItsJonny

      Wow, that was a wild ride. 👏

    61. Sky Dragon

      This guy is the middle finger to KGup policy😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    62. Justice1 YT

      “So the other day I was hanging out with some friends, shootin the shit. Dudes Being men, were talking about sports, rock and roll and butthole.” - Moist

    63. God

      Y his mouth not sync up

    64. iTzBeast

      *Don’t cap, you hungry af right now*

    65. Conn0rized

      Use an ovipositor as a slingshot to shoot eggs.

    66. Julius Steele

      Your a meme

    67. Its me Danté.

      "Thomas had seen enough... it was time for him to go now."

    68. Malerie

      too many moves n groves on them toys.. lmao no thanks I like human ones😂

    69. Jeffy Man

      POV: You are searching the comments to find some salty Christians

    70. Matty C

      I couldn't watch the whole thing, Its turning me sick lmao

    71. 1,000 years ago

      So THAT'S what the Plumbus is for!

    72. The Left Airpod _

      0:02 I'm stealing that

    73. Cryptixx

      Yk when i read the title i wasnt expecting this.

    74. A dude named H E N R Y

      Bruh he has been using this white shirt his whole life.

    75. Wool Ly

      How they gonna ban Leafy, and this dude’s fine 😭. He truly is Jesus

    76. Charlie Jones


      1. Termina


    77. Anikka C. Ojala

      I remember you saying tht your sad you didn't get your dads tall gene and whats worse is you look like you would be the tall slim type. I am the short one out of my girlfriends and second shortest in my family im 5"6 and my bestie shes 5"11 and my other bestie she is 6"2. Im always looking up.

    78. A very naive Oddish

      Ooooohhhh fuck i saw this on that one guy who went to a fur-con

    79. yay_toast

      Excuse me whilst I delete my search history

    80. Donovan Scott

      Holding my custom glow-in-the-dark Krubera as we speak ^^ be jelly. Be VERY jelly

    81. Uncharted The Protogen

      I know more about Bad Dragon lore than I know about Fnaf lore

    82. Skippy Dinglechalk

      Update now I need to see it

    83. Emily Green

      my asexual ass stumbling onto the video: me 3 seconds into the video: send help

    84. Fru v

      I found this after looking up the Aurora Woods Incident. I barely watch Charlie.

    85. Gio H

      Sure hope this doesn’t awaken anything in me

    86. Otto Muenz

      >He doesn't know

    87. Simon Poulsen


    88. Simon Poulsen


    89. Anaya Powers

      Can you stop being mane to jay

    90. Storm trooperhelmet

      Welp ur late pyro did a video on these a few years ago.

    91. Ashwin Kumar

      Alright, that's enough internet for today.

    92. Connor Jensen

      how had Charlie heard of Bad Dragon penis lore, but not ovipositors?

    93. Chef BraydenT

      If i get the splorch im turning it into a fucking egg canon

    94. Michelle Tuband

      The fact that I possibly know the oviposition fetish longer than Charlie makes me feel like a Vietnam veteran.

    95. J R

      Im confused. Is he going to use it on himself?

    96. TSP_patシ

      This guy is saving 2021

    97. chris rasnake

      Pressing "Hide Under Your Bed" sends you to the Urban Dictionary page for 'lame' if anyone was curious.

    98. ALimations

      why am i here

    99. King Dynam

      it's been 11 days, we still don't know if he got it

    100. jake b

      this is for everyone who liked the alien movies