Won over $1 MILLION Fishing Like This!!! - John Cox

Scott Martin

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    Inside the head of WORLDS SHALLOWEST Fisherman. John Cox allows us to tag along to show you how he fishes shallower than any other professional angler. He has won over 1 million dollars doing this kind of fishing.
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    1. loadthebowl

      and he didn't catch one fish

    2. Jersey47

      It seems to me, that Mr. Cox would benefit from having a Minn Kota Ulterra instead the Foretrex. He could use the remote control to raise or lower the trolling motor instead of doing it by hand.

    3. fishing with jordan

      he’s almost my neighbor that’s where i caught the bass on my page

    4. Kyle Jenkins

      Are certain bodies of water or times of the year better for this style of fishing?

    5. David Lessard

      What is ur pb?

    6. Edren Ibarra

      What size of trailor donyou recommend I use for a 3/8 chatter bait

    7. J. T.

      I fish Tamaha weekly.

    8. Random Username

      You just called me ONE and I identify as TWO. Thanks a lot Scott!

    9. maverick lewis

      Mr Martin as you already know, you will not be able to please all the people all the time. We know you meant no harm.

    10. PlayCJ

      Do you have to have a bass boat to fish a tournament? Could you bring a flats boat like a hell’s bay?

    11. Kenny Haworth

      Thanks for video

    12. austin lejeune

      Hey, you know. This guy, you know, like the word you know, if you didn't know. Haha good stuff. Fun to watch him navigate waterways.

    13. NNYFamilyGuy

      Wow really starting in on Scott about "fellas# omg I wouldn't be offended if he said ladies on every single episode from here on out!! Jeez just zip it and watch the friggin awesome videos 👌

    14. Sean Wyers

      Your coming back to us okie’s! Yes my wife and I met you back at the classic on grand a few years back, your an awesome angler and stand up guy. God bless hope to see you at Kerr

    15. Mitch Conner

      I'm from Oklahoma and I've never heard of many bass being caught in Kerr lol good luck they like sending you guys to some tough places lol

    16. Tony Madrigal

      Very informative and actually very easy to listen to him in spite of all the "Ya knows". LOL!!

    17. Pc Principal

      I like to fish shallow in the summer , but I wouldn’t be caught dead in the back of a creek in the winter

    18. Lee Yarbrough

      No denying cox , he is a master at that shallow stuff it’s crazy how it does that all year. Good video , gear the flat bottom

    19. BassGeek

      Man that's some cool info!

    20. Check Mate


    21. AbouTheFisherman


    22. AbouTheFisherman

      This is a super interesting video! Wow!

    23. Jerry V

      Scott, your videos are legit and so is your attitude. Keep sticking them 😎💪🇺🇸

    24. Jake Schisler

      Years ago while we were camping where there were strip mine lakes around, I was out walking around one lake in early morning. At an edge I looked down the bass were on their bed, this water was crystal clear, I could see many large bass. I tried different lures not like the ones we have in today's world. They weren't even interested at all. This was in Illinois back around early 70's

    25. Josh Arnett

      Scott love ur stuff, I wanna challenge ya to a back woods off the bank fishing day. No boats no cameras. Just good ole fishing

    26. Rodney Hanbaum

      Another cool video!! Thank You!

    27. David Hodges

      John Cox is a class act plus a great fisherman. Scott you're okay as well. Awesome video, thanks for sharing.

    28. Oh Ok

      Fellas > everyone

    29. Notpumpgas Anymore

      Won a million dollars fishing like a rabid beast!!!!

    30. Fishing With Dog

      I can definitely see fish being back there but it looked like he was so far back in the creeks and it was so shallow that only small juvenile fish would be back there. Or atleast fish that would not produce bags capable of winning FLW or BASS events. Guess I am wrong though

    31. Edren Ibarra

      Take a shot everytime he says you know.

      1. Edren Ibarra

        What size of trailor do you recommend for a 3/8 chatter

      2. Scott Martin


    32. Jeremy Pickett

      I bet he matches the million dollars with the amount of times he says “ YOU KNOW” throughout the video 😂 You know? Good video though.

      1. Scott Martin


    33. Fire Turtle Adventures

      I like this guy's style! He really needs a Chris Morejohn designed skiff. A hand built Conchfish 16 would get him further up those creeks than he could ever imagine.

    34. Jillian Ohmart

      John Cox needs a kayak. Not during these tournaments but what he does is so much the special ability of kayak fishing. Lot more stealthy for when you are way back there.

    35. Travel Agency

      This guy is such an inspiration I can’t even explain it.

    36. Nelly's fishing Adventures

      Those are the water I love in a kayak

    37. 1964krazyeric

      Just saying I miss the fishing crew an the videos of everyone talking fishing .

    38. 1964krazyeric

      I was and still am stoked that so many great FLW fisherman went to BASS. The great anglers that stayed will clean up this year. I'm not taking anything away from John, but the competition is seriously diluted. Congrats to John Cox, but I still wish he had gone Bass with you all. I miss Dudley and will not watch him on any MLF, but will on KGup.

    39. Get the Net

      John is the smart one..he saves by not having to purchase and use electronics. No Humminbird needed. Going to find a tin rig! Great video!

    40. Justin Trimble

      My kind of fishing try to get where no body goes or is scared to go smart tactics but I’m in a kayak Jon Cox you sir are insane and I love it hope to see you smash the league this year

    41. BMD #1

      FWIW- I didn’t see him catch a fish.

    42. Ra Lo

      Good stuff guys! 💯

    43. Cody East

      Where's James

    44. Jeff Stahl

      Single dad of three I love the fish but I don't have a lot of extra cash. what are the best rods out there that'll give you the best bang for your buck? If you have some you don't use anymore I'll pay for the shipping lol thanks for all the great videos Scott keep up the good work!

    45. jimmy england

      I cannot wait until the term it comes to Kerr lake that's riding my home hopefully I can meet Scott Mark for the first time and get something signed by him

    46. Joshsinglefooter

      Dude I watch fishing and hunting to get away from all of that stuff. Dont bring that here let scott speak naturally. He loves women. His mom is one! His wife is one! His daughters are! Go away attention seekers!

    47. brett kilmer

      Scooter!! When your on Lewisville in April thinking how tough it is, and the lake sucks, remember back to this video! Your welcome!

    48. Johnny Boone

      Why do Bass come up shallow if they are not spawning? They are looking for a food source to ambush. The 10 largest Bass I have ever caught have been in less than 3 feet of water.

    49. Loftis Jason

      Cretliner Pt 20 watched on a ranger sponsored KGup lol

    50. Ethan Aschenbrenner

      I got all warm and fuzzy inside seeing all those scratches and scuffs on his boat

    51. Heavyarms7777 _

      So much for freedom of speech everyone getting butt hurt cause you said fellas literally shaking my head

    52. Buck Mountain Taxidermy

      Jon Cox is a great fisherman!It's only suitable he won the first tourney of the year!If he doesn't win,he's always close!Happen to notice?He's deadly!😄I like his fishing style!To heck with a few scrapes and dents!He's in it to win it!👍Congrats Jon Cox!!

    53. Brandon Wade

      Great video ya know, I definitely learned a lot ya know, all my life I've enjoyed fishing shallow water ya know, I'll fish deep too ya know but fishing shallow with a jig or pit boss is where I'm comfortable ya know. Thanks for the video Scott ya know

    54. Anthony Lawson

      Scott just wondering why cant you start in a jet boat and fish the whole tourney it .Cause I remember the Opens outlawed it because of Ott.

    55. Sean Gilliam

      he fishes like i do.

    56. bent rodguy

      what the message here that scott wants everyone to know , is fish your strengths, do what your most comfortable doing, and dont try to fish like , person......xyz,,,,,ok to learn new tricks and skills, but apply them to your area of expertise!,,,awesome video

    57. Bigtape

      How about say- What up people! Wait there my be CATS watching better not.

      1. Scott Martin


    58. linbooma1

      Block those idiots please that got but hurt for saying fellows!! Same people that get butt hurt over hey guys!!

      1. Scott Martin


    59. Moddertutorial1

      Dont fall into the politically correct bullshit

    60. Willie Dehart

      Because I live in Heavner Oklahoma and I was wondering if you would go fishing with me at Wister Oklahoma

    61. Willie Dehart

      What day is your tournament

      1. Scott Martin


    62. dj myslinski

      That video was priceless! Amazing what that man has accomplished the last couple of years! Thanks FELLA

      1. Scott Martin


    63. Rusty Lee

      Thank you for giving us a little behind the scenes look at how things go on. As mere mortals we have no idea how things work. God bless.

    64. Tim Royall

      A million dollars won, just in last few years. Yet, reportedly he wasn't good enough to get invited to fish the BPT. I think those guys were afraid he would wear them all out! JC is nothing but a winner!

    65. Tim Fontenot

      Cool shit 👍.

    66. Fisher of Men !

      Awesome video!!!!

    67. The Outdoor Dude

      Hands down my favorite way to fish. Grew up on a creek off of major lake but really far Upstream. There are giants that call those Creeks home!

    68. Joshua Bentley

      Scott, I love your videos and watch almost every one. No offense but this is one of my favorites. Could you ask John if he wouldn't mind coming in the comment section and answering a few questions? I have a question for him. John how do you manage your fish when you're fishing spots like these? I know these fish don't replenish hardly at all. Do you just have a weight in mind when you start the day and get out when you reach that weight? Because I'm assuming you probably do, but how do you ever know just how many fish you have and build a game plan around what you think is there? Thanks for a great video Scott and John!

      1. Scott Martin


    69. Kolton McMinn

      Scott if you got a 7’6 Heavy behind you let me get it. Need me one! Lol

    70. TN BASSIN

      John Cox is a super nice guy who used to show up and fish a few of the monthly bass tournaments on the St. Johns River. I used to live in Deland and had a lot of success fishing shallow in tournaments as well. I moved to TN recently near Cherokee Lake and it fishes way different. I hope FLW holds a tournament here on Cherokee Lake this year. I'll have to look at the schedule.?

    71. Gavin Archer

      The word "fellas" have always included women too.... it has always been an old traditional generalization. Don't let the "Politically Correct" nincompoop nit-picking dictate how you naturally speak.

    72. John Schultz

      If I took a shot for every time this dude said you know I’d have alcohol poisoning forsure

    73. William Laumius

      Is it just me or is there more ads this year?

    74. Dave C

      I love to fish shallow too and I love weightless texas rigs in FL skip em around

    75. m t

      This would not be a fun day of fishing for me.

    76. Rusty Wells

      My advice John is to try not to look at any computer screens or phone and tablet screens your eyes will be good until you're to old to fish the tournaments!

    77. james amaro

      Awesome tournament cox. Stellar video editing.

    78. Donald Touchton

      Enjoy Beeeyatches.!!!whooohooo.!!!

    79. Stephen Graves

      Well said!!, great video as always! Cheers!🍻☕☕

    80. Greg Hall

      Great vid! No offense, but you'd love kayak fishing.

    81. Big Bassin

      can i get a "Ya Know" counter on John Cox

    82. Big Bassin

      fellas is a gender neutral term!!!! With my smart ass id perpously say fellas @Scott Martin

    83. Doc Phillips

      Great video, good tips. Scott watch those satellite maps some are rather dated. Good luck to all this season.

    84. Jerred Wayne

      You dont need to change how you talk to please the easily offended. We all know you dont mean any harm by it. Fellas fellows fellers

    85. Michael Neu

      I agree, do what you do, cause not only are you more comfortable but your confident in your technique. I always try to make the long runs and get away from everyone on most of the Florida redfish tournaments I fish. BTW sightfishing is by far the coolest way to catch fish!! 🤟🤟🔥

    86. Tracy Knox

      Scott martin is one of my favorite anglers good luck this year on tour love your channel buddy God bless

    87. MuahMan

      Fishing shallow and fishing cover is always way more fun then fishing open water imo.

    88. Brandon Kyle Mckibben

      Hey Scott how do you feel about the latest video that Andrew Upshaw put out? Seems like some good stuff that we all needed to hear. Hate to hear it of course, but the truth needed to be said cause I had no idea what all happened there.

    89. John Crawford

      Glad to hear this type of fishing gets you out of bed.....now find something that gets you away from the table. That being said you’re a good one! Jc

    90. KuhChuck

      John needs a river jetboat. Look up some vids. Guys use them to skip over gravel bars and even jump log jams.

    91. Rick Lovall

      How can anyone dislike this video? Must be the guys that fish this creek and don't like him back there. Thanks for sharing these tips! Good stuff.

    92. Sei 5

      John make me feel honored to own a crestliner myself. Gotta love that dude he not afraid to do things different.

    93. Showtime533 Cook

      I love this! Never seen do this kinda of fishing, especially from a professional. This is the real shit!

    94. Kevin Grace

      I freaking love John Cox. How about his stage song at the end of the Tackle Warehouse FLW tournament so bad ass as he's walking up on stage they're ripping Hail To The King by Avenged Sevenfold. That was the icing on the cake.

    95. Dustin Johnson

      John uses his boat little different than most pros I think crest liner need keep him supplied with plenty boats you don’t see that brand boat on the pro circuit an he is just as nice in person as on these videos I met him at Sam Rayburn my home lake on boat ramp couple weeks ago great fellow

    96. David McCallister

      Oh PLEASE!!! To hell with the political correctness b.s.

    97. Dean Williamson

      John needs a KGup channel. That’s my type of fishing

    98. Rangernation46

      He’s a shallow water specialist :))

    99. scarecrow46

      where is trash talking james

      1. Scott Martin


    100. Mark Hausner

      It offends me when you don’t say fellas.

      1. David McCallister

        Mark Hausner AMEN It offends me to hear people crying about what offends them and it offends me to see my heroes catering to the pc garbage