INSANE Indoor Mini-Golf TRICKSHOT Basketball In Mansion


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    Sponsored by House of Highlights. 🚨 $100,000 HoH Showdown This FRIDAY 1PM ET! ➡️
    Today I made a mini hoop golf course all around the Bucketsquad Mansion! Like this video if we should make another course!
    Make The 0.1% Chance Trickshot, WIN The PS5
    INSANE Mini-Golf TRICKSHOT Basketball
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    1. Jordin Pittman

      Jesus and God love u

    2. Jordin Pittman

      Jesus and God love u

    3. Illusion Vert

      Jesse mmg who is probably 100 pounds can’t even hit a golf ball In the 100,000 $ tournament Papa hold my beer

    4. JaCaiden Overstreet

      Whos here in 2021

    5. Hunter 02

      Stop saying knickers kris 😂

    6. damian lillard

      3:34 jesser makes the coffin dance song when he hit the wall

    7. Brock

      4:19 does James have an accent lol

    8. Funkeyz

      Jesser this is not getting hurt this is mini golf

    9. Fco De La Riva

      Why is james in this

    10. SlyFox 4

      What was the thumbnail though

    11. boyj da goat

      0:28 stop the cap jesser

    12. thomas gpsdfgsd

      This series, chopped and hide and seek....all 🦰🦰🦰🦰🦰

    13. Re Energizing

      James is such a strange looking individual...

    14. Luke Jeffares

      I dont think their mothers approved of this

    15. Mekejo Mpuru

      I thought this was golf

    16. Psn p


    17. Ani Butler


    18. Camaji Logan

      ty im been waitin SO LONG

    19. Alex Village

      0:28 did not age well

    20. Lukas Likes Sports and games

      Umm mmg won anyway lol

    21. Caleb Kendall

      He’s not in the 2hype picture for KGup

    22. Nathan Diaz

      Jesse: "This is golf, MY SPECIALTY" Me after watching the golf tournament: uhmmm u sure about that

    23. laflection

      All I hear. Noooo Nooooo Nooooo...... YEEEEEESSSSSSS! HOLE IN ONE! me: 🤨

    24. laflection

      Your specialty. Cough cough last place cough cough. TJass is the best golfer. Mmg got a lucky shot but he is still my favorite

    25. Robert Carr

      ik im not the only one who gets nothing but sprite commercials

    26. Matthew Hardee

      u lost

    27. Breezi TV

      Y’all notice how it says sponsored by house of highlights? KENNY’S EMPLOYER?! KOT4Q TO 2HYPE CONFIRMED

    28. Angel Nogueras

      Im sorry but Jiedel lowkey garbage

    29. Angel Nogueras

      Who is here after MMG won

    30. Ohio state Fan

      Lol u lost but u did really good

    31. Hoodie Calxb

      That MMG joke didn’t age well

    32. mikewabrown

      Bro I love this lol

    33. Applebob1

      Who’s here after MMG won the 100K

    34. Luke Meyer

      Anyone here after MMG one lol

    35. Tony Massin

      Jesser got first

    36. cshk7

      Bro I can teach you golf

    37. AnomalyFanRy

      Who’s here after Jesser got last?

    38. Harrison Batt

      lol he lost so bad in the tournament he was so bad

    39. Cyclo Vision

      Papa won let’s go

      1. Cyclo Vision


    40. Robert Henry

      Does anyone else think James is just the weirdest human ever? Or just me

    41. Justin Richardson

      You should do this vid in the 💯 thieves cash app compound

    42. Tyler Curran

      What happened jesser 6’5 245 king mmg won let’s go

    43. yo alex

      Is JIDEL getting skinner

    44. boisy idaho

      accually 6,4 145

    45. Moses Jackson

      Jesser mmg is 6'5 245 he will make u look small

    46. JayneverAgianBroke• TV

      Dam I ain’t been keep you an I rally been over summer so watch I had miss not love ❤️

    47. Arlene Hastings

      Love your videos jester!

      1. Arlene Hastings


    48. Kiterstu

      Jesser where's the cocainer

    49. Billy Muller

      Don’t trash talk papa meags... he gonna slap yo cheeks

    50. ćhïïł bøī

      Bro 😂, kris's face when jesser said he beat him by one point 17:36

    51. ćhïïł bøī

      Is it me, or were they purposely missing there shots on the last hoop???

    52. Violeta cerezo

      Only ogs remember This song here lemme sing it "yum yum num num num yum yum num num" Who og remember this

    53. PxnDaxz

      Why is james trying to be funny

    54. AJ Evans

      I have never seen Jesser hit a real golf ball. Go papa meags 🤣

    55. Thinking’Out Loud

      These are my fav videos from dem

    56. Jackson Payne

      Bud Papa is 6’5 245 mans must’ve forgot

    57. _ shhhawwnnn

      we need more of these vids fs


      Bro he is stronger then you bot

    59. Daniel Radparvar

      God bless y’all I give u all a blessing to become wealthy,rich,happy, and have a great life

    60. cojack indy

      React to morgz who can gain the most weight

    61. Morgan Reece

      This is how many people who are ready for jessermas 👇

    62. Datz Crazy

      15:48 PAUUUSEEEE

    63. Ibrahim Sajjad

      I miss this series

    64. Patterson Jonsena

      Nobody: Jesser: I WILL BE IN A GOLF BATTLE FOR 100,000

    65. Durain Sewap

      React to junya

    66. Andy M.

      R.I.P Six Pack By December.

    67. JayCoit3

      10:47 Jesser really SUUUWHOOOPPPP Curry drained that shit

    68. jynxjacob

      14:33 moochie should've automatically won

    69. Zamar Semper

      Nobody: Me with my headphone on: Jesser's intro: Ladies and Gentlemen!!!! My ears:💀

      1. JCTHEKING15


    70. Josh Doerfler

      Naw papa meags isn’t 100 EVERYONE knows he’s 6’5 240

    71. Jesse Tennant

      MMG IS 6'5 245 LB's

    72. Xander Ikusz

      MMG will rock you

    73. ClanlessCody

      Happy thanksgiving everyone!!

    74. Sam JP

      Jesser called MMG small lmao but he can’t even get the six pack by December lol, ly tho jesser

    75. Cute Fish


    76. Cute Fish


    77. Delecia Dallas

      Jesser get a new camera man!!

    78. Vickram Singh

      I am not downloading some random useless app

    79. Easton Jenkins


    80. Torin Miller

      Jesser 3.3M subscribers Sponsored by House of Highlights. 🚨 $100,000 HoH Showdown This FRIDAY 1PM ET! ➡️

    81. Sky X

      Jesse Gilmore

    82. Teagan Coleman

      Can this comment get 1K likes?

    83. Gavin Cioffari

      Upvote for another 2hype eats 100,000 calories

    84. galactic coconut

      Jesse should do a series named the road to becoming a hooper hooper

    85. Nicole Mckune

      What got me dying was when James missed a shot and Kris said Retire and then he missed the same shot as well

    86. Coltin ?

      No one: Kris: OH YES!!

    87. Soy Saucing

      Why is janes so dang clumsy

    88. Soy Saucing

      Why is james always messin up jesses house

    89. Ron Perez

      Nobody: Jesser: If you hit me in the right spot. Zack: It's all about the touch.

    90. Zmission

      Ladies and gentlemen!!!!

    91. Trace Tarkington

      honestly luv jesse but it's sad to see how his channel has changed he's not the same

    92. Ruthless

      Isn’t Jesser the guy from 100T

    93. Quinn Murphy

      Papa is 6’5 245 not 100 pounds jesser

    94. Qtyjfasiclipz

      Sick content

    95. Scorp

      Literally 99% people will not see this but, god bless you and stay safe during these hard times p.s I’m so close to 1000 with notis💫

    96. ISO

      Ur underestimating tjass he be in top golf

    97. The GOAT

      2HYPE and a House of Highlights collab is one step closer to a KOT4Q 2HYPE collab

    98. Hanzo On Ps4

      jesser its almost decmber wherse the six pack

    99. Santiago Laguna

      7:35 wtf did he say

    100. Jack LaMonda

      Ummm MMG is 6'5 245lbs