reacting to AWKWARD minecraft tik toks...


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    reacting to AWKWARD minecraft tik toks...
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      My discord name is its.just.austin

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      I am the 178,008th viewer

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      Diamonds are forever

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      4:30 wtffffffffff lol

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    10. drippyz YT

      Fun fact: Randumb is first

    11. luke blaesing

      Welcome back to a..... TIKTOC ViD

    12. Sophia Lerma

      clickbait lol xd

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    14. Jaba animations

      Lol has anyone noticed it says #fallguysfunny

    15. Silkzyybtw

      Me: spending 30 mins looking for the video randumb blurred so i can see Also me 30 sec later:OOOOOOMMMMMGGGGGGGG btw link for the ppl that wanna see

    16. Monks

      Everyone: Absolutely NO ONE: Randoms Fans: SHOCK YOURSELF YEAAAAAAAAA OOOOOOOOO

    17. KyleKelsey Hill

      you really want to get shocked wow lol

    18. cHiCkEn NuGgEt check me out

      6:41 these are called “Kalimbas”

    19. Enzo

      Helloy everbodyyyy

    20. deesiv

      where tf are you

    21. Neil Munjal

      minecraft = betterthan fornite


      R&umb : this is gonna be some horror movie me : well when u put it that way ... aahhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhh stop the vid right there. Also me: starting the vid 1 sec after the other

    23. Skye Atkins


    24. ռօbօɖʏ

      react to this fortnite one:

    25. aazuerobel

      I love how at 4:31 the most nasty thing pops up, yet he still watches it.😂😂

    26. SCP BIG Lave


    27. duh im Jacky

      U should watch trillmpd or what ever his name is TikToks they are funny

    28. EpicGamer Gaming

      Can u make 20 min vids by adding two vids together also make a tiktok react channel

    29. Adam Simmons

      i asked my mom for a laptop and she saiid no i said but isny mom stand for made of money?

    30. Rowan Heyns

      The last one was him opening the fridge to see the light randumb

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      Subscribe to toad and reptile boy on KGup it’s not me I want to be nice have a good day he will post actively soon

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      We no want to hurt u

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      Bro the shrek one I was just like wtf

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    38. Mr Redhead

      7:13 my friend used to say that lol

    39. Cooper For president

      4:39 I swear to God

    40. MellowArmy

      Play among us

    41. Christian Aguilera R

      3:57 NNNEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZZUUUUUUKKKKKKKOOOOOOOOOOO-channnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    42. ItsHoodieBTW

      The Shrek one tho

    43. Fly fn !

      This is a joke but if you hate scary stuff then don't look in a mirror

    44. Asher Lindskog

      8 diamonds in kazs old base on the craftnite server!!!RANDUMB LOOK HERE

    45. Andrew Hunt

      I like how he puts girls with tight clothes on the thumbnails for the simps

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    47. Zydrex

      Which minecraft video is it, I want to know which video i swear if you actually send a link

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    49. Ya Boy Peyton

      Ducky linked his cords in his most recent vid

    50. Anthony Scalise

      We randumb doesn’t know the Herobrain summing thing

    51. longlive34

      Ducky went in creative mode in Minecraft go to his recent video in craftnife

    52. Trixie999

      Randumb the instrument was called a Kalimba Like so he can see

    53. 사토Sato

      Hello, I’m Korean. Please advertise on YouTub

    54. Adam Grice

      randumb ducky was on creative on craftnite on the narvin mission at 3:10

    55. InFaZECLAn1

      Yoooooooo randumb, ducky was cheating in episode 45 3:05 he was in creative trust me!!!In Craftnite like so he can seeee

    56. Linn

      Ducky went into creative on craftnite

    57. Adriel Cruz

      Ducky went in to creative mode on craftnite

    58. ᴊᴏʜɴ ッ

      ducky went in creative at 3mins to get diamond and iron

      1. ᴊᴏʜɴ ッ

        he insta broke iron with iron

    59. Myst Insan3

      wow randumb nice ad revenue 10 mins:( we know you can do better than that!

    60. skymonkey pro

      Ducky went into creative at 3:08 craftnite 45

    61. jay38463

      If you wanna know how to get shaders, it matters what update you're on. Search optifine on google and go to downloads look at the version that you're on you have to play the version that you wanna install optifine on. Next step search epic shaders idk, press the download and if it has this page and it doesnt take you straight to the download press skip at the top right corner, before you do anything make sure that optifine looks like cup of coffee thing, if it doesnt download jarfix, okay next step go onto optifine and it says install when you are done installing just press ok and it will close it down, next step, the shaders probably has a zip file but put it on your desktop so you can drag and drop once you are done open minecraft and go to options and then video settings and then shaders (you will see shaders if you got optifine if you dont reinstall it) it says at the bottom left corner shaders folder click on that now the zip file that you have on your desktop drag it into there and it will automatically put it in there i would say BLS for 1.16.3 is the best its the only one that works, so now you got it press on it and it will reload minecraft go onto your server/survival world and then boom shaders.

    62. Velocity Clan


    63. Jack Hale MTB

      Hi randumb ducky went into creative on the server in his latest video

    64. Enzo Tan

      3:30 i dont get it

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    66. Exotic Jacks

      here’s a l for laughing | | | | | | | | _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _

    67. Call9ine11

      someone link me the vid, i want to see the blurred out things lmao

    68. Rabid Ripple

      Big ohh fat ohh juicy ohh LLLLLL

    69. lo pan

      Please do this you could make a ton of diomonds

    70. lo pan

      You should build a casino for the craftnite server

    71. Niemand pizzat die Hütte

      Who are the Skype people

    72. It'z MirandaGamez

      Fun fact: The first person actually doesn't comment

      1. Josiah Young

        Y would you say Something so controversial yet so brave

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      Get the 35k likes pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    77. DarkDankFang85

      u can break bed rock in 2 ways a mod that lowest in to be broke like wood picking mining ob or tnt thing



    79. jacob forster

      The instrument is a kalimba I use it all the time

    80. David Clubb

      Fun fact: there is actually a first on a video

    81. quote

      Like I wanna see him shock please!

    82. Cinna Piggy

      Randumb: I hate scary stuff Me: But you made the Red House Horror Story!

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    84. Marzo

      Guy’s if you want to see Randumb suffer leave a like on the video

    85. its vik

      yo ran if you type /tell and the username you could whisper to them anything

    86. OGs Blur

      The instrument is called a kalimba

    87. juliet Osadolor


    88. loopz Is hokage

      You should greif formula saying with saying here’s A Dumb kit with green carpet and a emrald for greifing KaZ

    89. Fag Bag

      6:42 thats a Calamba

    90. EFIN-_-

      Haha 😂849 loser

    91. Neil Waite

      Getting a girlfriend: 😢 Changing the thousand number in the likes 😁

    92. BlameItOnProxy

      The instrument that u keep seeing is called a calenba drum

    93. Vaughan Cameron

      That instrument is called a calimba

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    95. Thatchaselife !

      Was sup peeps

    96. xclusiveツ

      Pls gift me a skin or the battlepass my epic is fredoblixky

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      What the fuck is going on in 4:50 lamo

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      I was the like number 666