You Wont Believe What Happened On His 21st...

Reece & Ray

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    All I have to say is.... my girlfriend is the BEST!!!
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    1. Aimee Palafox

      Now I want sushi 🍣

    2. Chantelle Khan

      wow shout out to the people who paid for their dinner... now you guys gotta pay it forward

    3. nayelli 17

      I was SURPRISED when you showed your friend😂 I follow her on tik tok and Instagram because she creates art which I do too😊😍 I Love that she creates her art on clothing, purses and shoes 🥰💖💖

    4. Nikola0s Alcoser

      Rayleen wears a whole lot of makeup. Dam girl chill out on the tone of makeup.

    5. Debanhi Loera

      i thought he was older than me 🤣🤣🤣

    6. Fabian Ramirez

      Is that your pops in the video at 6:09 ??? We need a q/a with him and Reece

    7. тAMIko JAjo

      Aww Thanksgiving baby. Rayleen ur such a good gf. Wife that sista yo

    8. Melodie Nicholson

      Btw your beautiful without makeup 💜

    9. Melodie Nicholson

      Your girls are too cute 💜😍. Happy birthday even thou it's late lol. He's a great father figure. 🥰 Keep up all the great work ya'll

    10. Alize Chang

      they all look faded lmao 😂

    11. Melize 23

      Y’all be lit 🔥 😊

    12. Lacy Tellock

      Didn’t see lil jerz at all?

    13. Marla Harris

      Rayleen is extremely beautiful without makeup. I love watching this because I actually learned who he really is through watching theses video vlogs. love you guys xoxo

    14. Abel Gutierrez

      Lmao Rays dad is a whole ass mood !!😂🤣 he said :Fuck Jordan and I don’t even like him ! 😂🤣🤣 legend!! Lmao

    15. Brittany Trent

      Rayleen is so beautiful with or without make up and she has such a big heart!

    16. Daphmine Faustin

      Wait Reece your birthday is on Nov 25th?

    17. Sophia Larae

      It’s so crazy how different Ray looks without make up like she looks like a completely different person and I wouldn’t recognize her but in a good way bc she looks better without make up lol

    18. Narali Moreno

      nobody gonna talk about the guy repping the chivas shirt, i fw it 😌

    19. Jesselyn Montano

      Has anyone noticed how her friend Jenna looks like Tiffani Amber Thiessen (She played Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the bell)? Facts or no? She's beautiful!! But Happy Birthday Jordan!! Rayleen, you are amazing for this? Cant wait to see more of you guys!

    20. xoxo joss

      Ewww the mom 🤮🤮🤮

    21. justnena

      Aw Ray reminds me a lot like Makeala from the banks family 🥺

      1. Ivonne Salinas

        Sameeeee thought it was just me

    22. Zynasia Hamilton

      Wait what? I thought his name was Reese?

    23. Lovelylou _

      “Idk I talk a lot” ...meeeeee

    24. Samantha Saavedra

      Ray resembles juicyyjas! Like the comment if you see it. Soo prettyyy

    25. Princess 512

      why TF Justice with no shirt ? LMFAO

    26. Cherry C 74

      Where was little Jerzi

    27. Latita Mokone

      What's the name of the song yall used when showing his party

    28. Nicole Styres

      Happy Birthday Reece! Sag kids 🥳 mine was the 27th 😁

    29. Jayden Martin

      omg what is the song playing in the background? 😍 is it released yet?

    30. D E L I L A H RoSE

      aWWWWWWWWW ok but im at the part where those random people payyed for his birthday dinner :(( thats soo sweet , i love when things like that happen cuz it shows me the world hasn't completely been ruined but happy late bday and ily guysss

    31. Stephanie Hernandez

      Rayleen so beautiful 😍

    32. Sophie Brown

      I'm in luv wt ray she's real one

    33. Amber Rubio

      her dad 😂😂😂😂 “man fuck jordan i dont even like him to be honest” lmfaoooo that’s how you know he likes him frfr

    34. Celly G

      Happy belated birthday 🥳

    35. Ethan & Kenzi

      🚨 HEY EVERYONE 🚨 We are a fairly new couples channel, we just hit 800 subscribers and are looking for some feedback on our videos! 😁

    36. Marcela Gee

      Y’all give off good vibes! For sure my new favorite YT couple ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    37. TheBabyMomz

      What song is playing at 5:36

    38. Maria De Graça

      BIG 21 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

    39. Mani Powar

      Happy Birthday 🎂

    40. Maria Andres

      Damn scary without make up in this video

    41. Mariana Garcia

      shoutout to the dude wearing the Chivas jersey

    42. Maria Andres

      Raylene your eyelashes are ridiculous-way too big and fake looking. please girl down size like 2-3 sizes. They swallow up your eyes.

    43. Merissa Peterson

      Happy Happy Birthday 🎊💓 Ray looks so pretty 🤩

    44. youngmula408

      What song was that playing threw the montage lol

    45. Blee Bay Area

      This fool justice is the only one greeting his brother without a shirt on while everyone else all in clothes 🤣😂...

    46. Riia

      So happy y’all had so much fun ❤️

    47. Tatum De Jongh


    48. Ayda&Sofiiane

      *Really thought he was older* 😆😆 *Take care of yourselves guys and stay safe* *Greetings from Germany* 🇩🇪

    49. Sapphire Beau

      J Cook swinging his jaw at 6:22 looks scary 😂

    50. Ilaisaane Mahe

      Rayleen looks so much older then Jordan , he look like a kid haha

    51. Kierra Patrick

      I want to start off by saying happy birthday to the Big 21 YungReece and again the natural beauty my girl Rayleen love you both so much 😍❤️

    52. Valentina Gonzalez

      Rayleen low key a young Lauren London! Stunning!!!! Bendiciones 💗

    53. Hope Banks

      I’m so sad juju and des wasn’t there 🥺❤️ but Rayleen is so sweet for this!😩

    54. Ashmir Kaur

      Omg I was under the impression he was like 22 years but thats just shows you his maturity level. Happy Birthday Reece!🥳 Sending love from Sacramento❤

    55. Maggie Aguilar

      Y’all are the cutest!!😍😍😍

    56. Loni Padilla

      Corona is still killin people, hope y'all stay safe.

    57. Monse Espinoza

      “Man fuck Jordin I don’t even like him” 😂😂 some shit I would do 😂

    58. Maegan Jagmohan

      Dammm ray is soo pretty without makeup

    59. megan gould

      I can already tell they’re gonna be a world know couple, I love them so much!😊💗

    60. Click YT

      Can we talk about her friend

    61. alyssa king

      Bruh his birthday is on my brothers bday that’s funny

    62. Destiny

      Love y’all together ‘ Ray is just flawless with or without makeup !! Much love from CT ❤️

    63. Travis Bruce

      Love you guys loads

    64. patricia nicole

      aww why wasn’t popcorn there?

    65. Lul Hyphy

      y'alls channel is my favorite and the only couple with some wholesome content. YALL GETTING ME THRU MY SOLITUDE CAN'T WAIT FOR ALL UR FUTURE VIDEOS

    66. Stephanie Arriola

      5:55 the dude the hat is so fine😍 i need he’s @😫

    67. Basir Noori

      That’s crazy Reece is only 2 years older than me lol


      Less makeup please!😩

    69. dolores lolla


    70. Natalia Ordonez-Chavez

      I love this!!! Rayleen you're a natural!

    71. Nelly Pastrana

      Ray looks beautiful without no makeup. Glad you enjoyed your birthday and that you actually thought drinking sucked because it does lol... Happy 21st birthday. Good job Rayleen 👏 👍 👌

    72. Emma Rose


    73. Ruby Gomez

      Were in a pandemic!!!!

    74. CL A

      Love u guys ♥️ #proudmama♥️

    75. kiara R.

      So Corona left in Arizona good to know

    76. Kristie Nicholson

      Happy 21st BirthDay!!!

    77. Kayla S

      Happy birthday Reece!! And rayleen you did an amazing job! It looked poppin’ 🥳😜

    78. Joceey Coronel

      There is no way Reece just turned 21 I thought he was older

    79. Frenchy Veliz

      Rayleen is a natural with the camera!! Seems likes she’s been vlogging for a long time

    80. Jacky C.S


    81. Thanni Eliza

      Happy 21st birthday Jordyn. I love how yall relationship are. Be blessed.

    82. it's sharifa

      can yall do what i got for my birthday video

    83. May Gee

      Isn’t jenna from tiktok!?

    84. Maricela Mancilla

      Such a vibe❤️

    85. Alyssa's playlist Inmyfeels

      Been watching lil j since he lived back at home with the fam❤ u j and ray i widh u guys the best!!....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!❤❤❤❤....#GETLITTYTITTY

    86. Marisa Rose

      covid who

    87. e m

      6:26 love the rep🤩❤️💙🤍

    88. Slip/ Slide

      Please tell me Jenna is single😍

    89. Emily Ramirez

      Rayleen and Jerzi should do a playlist or make-up video together !😄

    90. Simply Jaeda

      can we get a skin care routine!!

    91. Lizbeth Cardona


    92. Selena Garcia

      What track is this of his called ? During the party ?

    93. Ashlynn Davis

      My birthday is in November too , Happyyyy 21st Birthday 🎂🎉. Rayleen did good 🙂🙂🙂

    94. Gianna Hernandez

      “Reece falling” “ima stay right here” I was rolling. Your party looked so lit. Rayleen you did so good. Love y’all 🥰❤️

    95. Unknown

      damn he young he was literally 19 not that long ago wow i thought he was a lil older but happy late birthday

      1. Grisel Griselda

        Dude I know

    96. Stephanie Ch.

      Rayleen’s lowkey beautiful with no makeup on 😍😍😍

    97. Mae Alonzo

      Happy 21st birthday Reece...

    98. TarahJDoll

      No one: Rayleen: H A P P Y B I R T H D A A A A A A A A A A Y!! 😂😂😂💖

    99. Iris

      Hope you had a nice birthday Reece. And good job at the surprise party Rayleen. Love you guys.

    100. Gaenor Bays

      Rayleen you don't need make up hunny, u are a natural beauty..