$10,000 On High Limit Slot Machines & 2 Handpay Jackpots | Live Slot Play In Las Vegas At The Cosmo

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    1. invader

      Don't play at clubs where there's old people an losers walk around an see what there playing ..an pump the machince 500 max if pays shit move on never chase it

    2. Lydia Cabrera

      Watching during the COVID-19 Pandemic from Azusa California. I just about died watching you put in all those $100’s into the slot machine. I am a sore loser. I’d cry if I lost $1.00 & complain for a year about losing my $1.00. 🤣😂Have your ever won big?🤔

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    4. kueh salak

      A machine is bad luck when you just first spin give u free games.

    5. Lisa Marando

      Luv your videos...show me the power of your bonus!☺

    6. telega

      NG!! Love your videos bro!!

    7. Madhavi Basava


    8. 온누리시온샘

    9. Lynn Murphy

      Good luck

    10. FLY NAVY


    11. William Johnson

      How were you able to build such a bank roll to throw ten's of thousands of dollars away without a blink? Oil money?

    12. Jeff W

      Wow, 8k in 4k out, let's 🍾 🥂 🎉 🍾 🥂 🎉 🍾 🤣🤣🤣😂

    13. Hfxjgf Hfdkj


    14. Cvetanka Johansen

      Vonces Ape

    15. Nirmala Masih

      Good luck to you.🌹🌹

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    17. Patrick Gatson

      He got stuck can't break even 😎

    18. Maxwell Lakin

      Thank you for the video NG! 🙂 Where are you playing? Best of luck and good vibes for a powerful hand pay.🎉

    19. DaRk HoRsE

      Better to go coin pusher!! 3000 and nothing? That’s gruesome!

    20. Zach Ellison

      NG, I know you've said you won't vote Trump but Trump is helping Armenians so you know. Just check out what he's done in the past few months, let alone years. Also California Will raise Your taxes as of January to 62%, thanks to Gavin Newsom. PS he legalized pedophilia in San Francisco just a few months ago. That is what the Dem. party IS doing. Sincerely yours, Zach. A Big Big Fan

    21. Jason lim

      if you chnge bet like that ...nothing happend

    22. Mrssea Sea

      Good job!

      1. NG Slot


    23. SportCardCollector959

      Another awesome upload my friend one of these days I'll have to stop up at the boat and try my odds and get a couple videos out of it

    24. Sparkling Slots

      My friend I don’t think it’s a good idea to play quick hits if you’re not going to max bet because if you get a lot of quick hits you won’t be eligible for progressive jackpots especially if you have money to max bet why would you bet $15.00 . Take care my friend ❤️

    25. Etelvina Souza

      Me. Encanta. El. Juego. De. Cacinos. Por. Favor. Pongan. Juegos. Al. Aire. Libre. Si. Se. Puede. Gracias.

    26. Martha foreverpink

      I don't believe you.. do play a lot money...👎

    27. shirley Anderson

      Your crazy for putting so much money in a machine like that

    28. shirley Anderson

      On that machine just hit the stary and stop button all the time if you wait to get something you want every get anything

    29. BIG T&A SLOTS

      Great bonus NG! You and Stacey's High Limit Slots are my two favorite channels!!! Hopefully you guys can do a collaboration one day!!!!

    30. Paul Mann

      cresswell hawes

    31. Vasilios Tentoglou

      You are the best Neric

    32. Adriana Gomez

      Este hombre es millonario? Cuanto gasta por dia con las tragamonedas? Qué locura !! Que manera de tirar dinero !

    33. pey man

      you lost $2500 and i lost 01:33 my time now.what a bull sheet man!

      1. Madhavi Basava


    34. Jessy Gidharry

      You are wasting your money

    35. james ray

      How are u able to record in Las Vegas casino when they don't allow it no recording or photo taken inside gaming area security will stop you and throw u out if caught some cases take camera and video equipment I got escorted out when taking photos in gaming area in vegas

    36. dewsterman

      That was a nose picker session! Glad you came back most of it!

    37. Tony T

      $4000 now take your ass home!!! 😂😂😂

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    39. Carmen Virginia Aldana Molina

      cómo hacen para ganar tanto y tan rápido quiero que me den el truquito

    40. Michael Phillips

      Man that first game was brutal

    41. Michael Phillips

      NG let’s see the power of your bonus!

    42. EGS Cell Phone

      All this time I watched this and u didn't win . Ng u owe me money lol

      1. NG Slot

        I show the reality of casinos and after all of that it was not bad ,almost comeback

    43. EGS Cell Phone

      At 1:12:00 I'm saying u would've been better off not going. And with too many close bonuses. I bet that casino reeks of farting guests.

    44. tell it like it is

      I know it's just money but that's a lot of money

    45. tell it like it is

      I would cry if it's my $6,000

    46. Just Karen

      Nice playing NG -I love your videos especially the longer ones 👍 good luck in the future

    47. Brenda Myers


    48. Jett Rink

      I like you NJ and thank you for these enjoyable videos... but you're playing as recklessly as the Democratic Party.

    49. Charlie Figueroa

      show me the power

    50. Yris Gonzalez

      Bendiciones y adelante bonito

    51. Tarun Thakkar

      It’s fun watching daring play.

    52. clifford watts

      What ie he saying

    53. Tricia1964

      Wow ! What the heck do you do for work that you can spend that much money at a casino

    54. Ken Miller

      How can I get a job like yours ?


      A go and try hercules i now you going to win a good price

    56. Zelio Ferreira

      Ganhei gratidão gratidão


      I want to play too i live in Ensenada

    58. Tyler Miller

      Kinda hard to see the detail but I really like that necklace you have on. And that's a chunky bracelet.🎰🤞🙏

    59. Carlos Velez

      You are the best brooo jajaja

    60. Sherry Chaffin

      Love that music after u got pass 1500...

    61. Beaver Hunter

      “Show me the power of your bonus”? What in the asalamalakum?

    62. Bhing Letada

      You ever play $5 & 10 machine ?

    63. barbara tarantino

      Let the machine play! Stop stopping it!

    64. Kempi MC1

      I like it nice

    65. Ngẫu Hứng

      Good MV. Thank you for sharing.

    66. Rebecca Hayashi

      Wow about time to hit, I was getting to think Vegas was too tight

    67. rafael d'Angelo

      NG you are the BEST! We all love watching your channel it's the best one! Can you find a WILD STALLION machine? the bonus on these is awesome especially at the level you play! God Bless you!

    68. Graciela Fernandez


    69. Ruben Torrejon

      The casino broke me.

      1. Ruben Torrejon

        NG Slot yes but sometimes people like me I can’t play for fun , I like yours video

      2. NG Slot

        Ruben slots are money maker for casinos, you must play just for fun if you try to win at casino you will lose whatever you have

    70. Waya Weayaya C Ali

      NG I asked a slot tech if rapid fire spins gives you more wins and the answer he gave was you will lose more due to the slot machine not having its full turns.... He said it may won some of the time but in the long run you will lose.

    71. Lotería Nueva York


    72. Gerson Perdomo

      You won't believe me but I watched it all from the beginning to the end 👏👏👏💸💸💸💸

      1. NG Slot

        Much appreciate it GERSON !

    73. Saadat Jafarova

      Hello NG this video suits me because you have on all my favorite games😃😍🌹🌹🌹👍🏼👍🏼👏👏👏

    74. Gerson Perdomo

      My friend you might be a Rich person to be playing like that

    75. Gerson Perdomo

      You play as a wealthy person my friend, I play also, but not in a big cities like that, Right here where I play in a gastation the limited is 5 dollars

    76. Amelatta Todd

      I dont know why you wasted 2000.00 on 1 machine

      1. NG Slot

        Amelatta you forget one important thing ABOUT MY BETS. It is the same if people play $50 on machine with $1 bet

    77. Chi Thai


    78. mzztender

      Great video I really enjoyed watching you play

    79. kenshy may

      Yuo have want big problem how yuo luce your money.

    80. Samantha Sau

      Hi I am ur new subscriber. I hope u will win BIG. Good Furturn 🥰🥰

      1. NG Slot

        Thanks and welcome Samantha !

    81. Joy Bingham

      Like the way you take I understand everything you said. I love gamble like you my friend. My name is joy from Hawaii. Good luck my friend. Be safe

    82. Christina Burcell

      Max bet?

    83. Christina Burcell

      Thats crazy that you charge 5.00 to subscribe

    84. songbird372 P

      Doesn't make a diff NG, becausr the machines not associated with Card!🤷🏾‍♂️

    85. Beautiful Tragedy

      How do you not have to get a handpay?

    86. Beautiful Tragedy

      What a hungry casino. Omg. Can I borrow $500 so I can try? Lol

    87. Karen Carr

      So I'm confused ? Says $10,000 high limit handpay but you didn't get that ? Misleading

    88. Lucy N

      Awesome video NG Jan astvats misht jackpot tah kez

    89. calmeblondy

      show me the power of your bonus.... NOWWWWWWWW

    90. isabel beltran

      You should try different games like triple dimond or money bag or triple 777's

    91. Debbie Archuleta

      I wish all the luck

    92. dave rahul

      Probably a playtika game

    93. Hxneyluv ii

      just wondering...js it brazilian accent.. so 😎

    94. jeanette wylie

      Can't understand a word your sayin but, your still good at this. Nice to see your stayin safe too.😊

      1. Patricia Wallace

        @Joe Black yyyý

      2. songbird372 P

        U have to know him,Understood every word!😂🎰

      3. Joe Black

        I know right. I still enjoyed watching tho :)

    95. Queen Orlise


    96. سوزان USA

      Hi from USA Good luck 😉

    97. Tristan bert

      I hate you...I'm addicted to these videos now and giving me the itch to go lol...

    98. Rhymes With Carbon

      omg if that 7 double drops: 500 * 5 * 8 .... $20,000!!

    99. Brandon Boyer

      Where's my stimi???

    100. december storm

      Whew! That was intense! I watched the whole episode. Everybody loves you! I hope you play China Shores again. It's my lucky game.

      1. jeannie gallegos

        Love watching your games

      2. southsmaiden