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    1. Pokemon Dude

      divorced beheaded died divorced beheaded look out here comes survived

    2. simple channel out there on youtube

      Henry offers you an honey promocode do you accept? 7:13



    4. Yuan Justin Perez

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    5. Mej Gantala

      Imagine youre a girl and then some stranger semds you "I want to salvage your pritty duckys."

    6. Daily Dosage


    7. Jojo

      No one gonna mention he said Italy at 9:53?

    8. T_Playz Person

      I love how when Henry's mom is teaching him stuff, there are 2 toys of girls with their heads decapited

    9. John smith

      when will you post your next video

    10. Eva Apostoli

      We like Henry VIII bc, we like Six the musical

    11. mario yu

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    12. Beelzebub Crumpethorn

      2:49 *Famous Last Words*

    13. sophia ydio

      20:16 so he's gay and European ?

    14. Roblox sherif

      Just me but the vid was made on May forth so you know what that means May the forth be with you

    15. Ampol Domingo

      O-O FUCK

    16. Egu Taro

      Did oversimplified just reveal that he’s gay!? 6:04

    17. testaccount

      Godly pig

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    19. Kennedy Li

      He’s gonna smash French guys wooooooooo in the face woooooooooo gayyyyyyyyyyy

    20. Will casson

      I appreciate the wonderwall joke for the musicians

    21. Againdark x6489

      0:10 Plot twist: that's him wearing a mask so none can see his mouth.

    22. Statistics Discussion

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    23. zu jonczyk


    24. D1n1s

      This person makes history fun

    25. Pasghetti Jeff

      IM IN THIS

    26. Berline Dieudonne

      Mom: your a freaking man with a chill face from roblox

    27. Bambi

      On which site can Honey give me a promo code for waging war?

    28. BredDoge

      I just love the part where Henry went like: "Please Guys! I'll keep it cheap." ***How?*** "I've got... A promo code!"

    29. Stellan Ragaop

      6:06 what am I looking

    30. K's Corner

      Oversimplified: "Anne Boleyn." Me: "GREW UP IN THE FRENCH COURT-"

    31. Bajra Aarya

      Bruh, I didn't get any promo code for the financial burden of war , honey you are a disgrace

    32. Christine Vinion

      theres a promo code for every thing these days

    33. Sarah Shai

      HOW OLD ARE YOU!!!!!!😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲👴👴👴👴👴

    34. Lhaurence nate

      I just got rickrolled by someone in 17 - 1600's

    35. Duncan Welker

      18:37 I'm sorry, 57-72,000 people?!?! That's, quite a jump.

    36. Skydive

      bluegh LOL

    37. Tavern Burner

      Fun fact the name Auther is cursed. No king has held the name since the one during the dark ages.

    38. thatcoolkidid

      2:49 BRO

    39. Agent Cartoon

      A random person: Exists Henry VIII: T R E A S O N

    40. Vaders Elite 17

      If you watch to the outro part and get to listen to the music you a legend!

    41. redstonerory

      If I ever go to war I will be sure to use honey, thanks oversimplified

    42. Bad German Man's stuff

      This guy is like Christian Weston Chandler of history

      1. Literally God


    43. TrainRider Railfan - NYC Subway History & More

      I would love to save money, but something about Honey seems oddly suspicious. Like, they save you money on everything, and you don’t have to pay them at all? Something’s not right about that.

    44. Raven Carlton

      This was brilliant!

    45. ACYNTAYM

      4 years of vids and only 24 vids?!?! YEAAHHHHHH

    46. Antonio Sáez

      1:52 ok he’s born 2:00 wait why did he say he was not 3 years old. HES BROTHER WAS BORN BEFORE he said literally 1:52 and when he as born he’s brother Arthur would be 5 years when he prince Henry was born

      1. Antonio Sáez



      18:17 when your little brother plays with your legos

    48. abaha

      1:10 idk why but I thought he was gonna say sus

    49. Pjole x

      He reminds me a little bit of the Mad King of Game of Thrones

    50. Pineapple

      this helpful. me learn about him in humanities

    51. Buji Bhattacharya

      Make a video on the war of roses

    52. Iris Oscuris

      Let me slap your pretty duckies around, Lady Anne.

    53. Safwan



        Like you

    54. Catherine of Aragon

      What a jerk.

    55. Qaspi

      History test tomorrow feelin good

    56. Emy Emi

      "anyway, here's wonderwall".....

    57. Lee Valley restorers


    58. Roberto Delan

      1:17 amgous


      2:29 I guess the toys on the right belongs to Henry

    60. Carmen

      six fans? o3o

    61. Nora Lemer

      Can you do something related to Hungary?

    62. Graig Timoh

      THIS MAN Loins on fire X_X

    63. Librandu

      2 wives were beheaded. Not a big deal to name him a "wife-killer."

    64. Bowtiepie

      Wait didn't you say his mother die but after that said that he made his mother pay taxes?

    65. Jülide Subaşı

      23:25 And tonight we are LİVE

    66. Helen and oliver Auld

      Dis gud and on may 4th

    67. i smells like a pineapple

      How is this 1 year old i remember watching this yesterday

    68. MatiMatiYT

      MY parents everytime they look at my KGup channel 1:16

    69. Entity

      Fun fact, "the person who didn't use honey"'s father punished punished him/her severely.

    70. Catseye189

      I love the dorky horses!

    71. Chloe Bacher

      I guess you could say he had a lot of BUM BUM BUM Ex-wives

    72. Meeta Verma

      Henry VIII has all those qualities, that those psychopath in all those murder cases and cult stories

    73. Leila

      Love how Henry got married in a random persons back garden every time lmao

    74. janice samsing

      Get your face mask & watch the cartoon.

    75. IzzyElla

      This is a great way to teach history!

    76. Mr Danger Bunny Plays

      Yh lol

    77. The Nerdy Cousins

      If you pause at 6:05 , you get RickRolled

    78. The Nerdy Cousins

      Did anyone else notice the beheaded dolls behind Henry VIII’s mom at 2:30 ?

    79. The Nerdy Cousins


    80. Clarence Is cool

      Lmfao 6:04 is never gonna give u up but with a medieval twist to it haha

    81. Md Belal Ahmed

      0:47 two of the toys have their head separated in the right side

    82. Cari Robinson

      Please consider covering some of the famous queens in history. I really enjoy your art and humor.

    83. The Epic Lad

      Anyone realize on 6:04 where henry actually rick rolled us

    84. Kidsinmybasment ,

      "the battle of flodden" My town in Scotland has a hero and he was the man who waved the ragged scot flag as he was the only Scottish man to survive (that I know have)

    85. Hermonie Granger

      "A chin that could hut a home runl😭😭😭

    86. Annacat

      Well, we know now how “blood Mary” became a thing

    87. Wai Melody

      Love it .I like when Henry was learning music

    88. Treeman001

      “Anyway heres wonderwall” had me laughing

    89. Gacha Mally

      Sweeeeeeeeeeet home Alabama. Poor maryyy Wait nvm he said nope

    90. Follower Of Duck

      imagine being alive and able to say that you’re henry’s ex-wife ultimate flex of the fifteenth century

    91. CJ Sinclair

      Just buships barrels even his own mother

    92. CJ Sinclair

      Is this the start or is this a part 2

    93. Qulatez

      I farted at 22:09 lol

    94. REP96

      Notice how Henry’s toys at :50 have their heads removed...

    95. Nathan

      Henry VIII is like the kids and his wife is like the kid's toy

    96. Rudol Von Stroheim

      The Pope: “The Church will decide your marriage’s fate” Henry: “I AM the church”

    97. Ttv-snipe2034

      23:19 “two kills on the board right now just wiped out tomato town”

    98. Purpler Ink

      No one wants a waist over nine inches


      Man henry loves chopping off heads what a weird hobby